Who the heck is George Sherrill?


That’s exactly what I was wondering when I heard the announcement the other day that George Sherrill will be the Orioles closer this season.

I heard this on WNST a few days ago, read about it online and then began to investigate.

If I’m expected to cheer for the Orioles this summer (and I’m GOING to cheer FOR them this year in spite of their dreadful ownership), I suppose I need to figure out who some of these new “budding stars” are.

This morning I found an outstanding piece by former Baltimore Sun baseball man Richard Justice, who launched this piece on Sherrill this morning, which told me a LOT about the next 9th inning man for the Birds.

I had no idea he was 31 and has gone through such hardship.

As Justice writes: “He has four career saves, doesn’t throw very hard and is about to celebrate his 31st birthday.”

If you think that makes his story odd, you haven’t heard anything…

Makes it easier for me to root for him in 10 days…