A year after major changes at WNST, I’m very happy and here’s why…



“The only discipline that lasts is self-discipline.”

– O.A. “Bum” Phillips.


A year ago this week, I famously made some massive changes in my life and here at WNST.net & AM 1570. At the time, as you might remember, my wife Jennifer was bald, frail and fighting for her life after battling a rare form of leukemia, the effects of chemotherapy and radiation and in the early recovery phase in the aftermath of a June 26, 2014 bone marrow transplant.

At the time, the moves to reduce my staff and increase my radio responsibilities were considered by many to be “controversial” or “desperate” or somehow inexplicable even though I wrote ­– from my heart – more than 8,000 words in two blogs about the changes. I wrote a lot about happiness and my journey in life and a unique calling to do sports media in Baltimore as my life’s work from the time I was 15 years old.

With the aid of my former employees ­– who fanned a social media assault on me and WNST and my sponsors even as my wife quietly spent the following six days in the hospital in a dark room fighting for her life after the firings – my reputation was being smeared and relationships were being poisoned by the very people I spent years of my life trying to nurture and feed. A year later – and after unearthing many truths that weren’t as clear last August, as well as seeing the world with far more clarity and unfiltered information – I can assure you that I made the right decision.

As a matter of fact, I would say it was the best decision I’ve ever made – downsizing, rightsizing, reorganizing and getting back to doing what I do best and what makes me happy and why I berthed WNST to begin with in August 1998: opining, reporting and talking about Baltimore sports.

I abandoned doing something that wasn’t profitable, didn’t make me happy and didn’t appear to hold out any hope of growing.

I did something that I’ve been doing since January 1984 when I got my first sports newspaper internship: I adjusted and changed and learned and grew.

It’s been 12 months since I’ve blogged about my business, my station or my work/life situation because I’ve been too focused on re-building a fantastic company and my personal brand via a daily regiment and lifestyle that works for me and my family. I also did a little 30-city MLB tour and swabbed thousands of people for the bone marrow registry along the way this summer and threw a May 14th gala with Chuck Pagano for There Goes My Hero that many are still talking about around Baltimore. We’re also working with the premier golf tournament in town with Ruth’s Chris at their Sizzling Classic on Sept. 21st to benefit a charity that was personally involved in helping my wife survive leukemia in 2014.

I’m also doing the finest and most comprehensive radio interviews and conversations of my career with distribution greater than my mind could’ve imagined when I started in the newspaper and radio world. It’s by far my best work and I hope you’re enjoying it at WNST.

Inspiration, passion, energy, commitment and a sincere follow through have never been an issue for me. This is the sole reason WNST came into existence in 1998. This is how I birthed a sports radio station from a small AM brokered radio show on a big band radio station in afternoon drive time in the early 1990s. There’s always been a


  1. How can you have a sports talk station and no calls from listeners? I clicked on to read your opinions about Flanagan and it took me to 7 pages of you bashing former employees and listeners. It was you who held auditions to find the next WNST host and handed us stuttering Thyrl. Very disappointed in a man claiming to be about happy and life and writing so much negativity. I expected more from you Nestor.

  2. Hey Nes, the Gettysburg Address, one of the best speeches ever written, was 272 words…just sayin’.

  3. Nestor you need help….seriously. No one cares about what you have to say .No one listens to 1570 anymore. You can keep writing about how successful you and your radio station are but we all know better.
    I only read this for a laugh and I wasn’t disappointed. The reason people don’t like you is because you say and write this crap.
    I used to listen to WNST all the time until you fired the only one worth listening too. I can’t stand to hear you on the radio. And one things for sure…. I’m definitely not gonna support a cry baby like you. Smh…get a grip. There’s way to many options out there to listen to a bitter amateur broadcaster like you!!

  4. Nestor – First I have to say how happy and relieved I am that your wife is getting better and that your Mom is still alive and kicking! As you know, I have followed you since the beginning of AM 1570. Like you said most people have no idea what goes into running a station/being a talk show host/being a professional member of the media etc.. When you made the switch last year, I was concerned that it was not the right decision. I was wrong! You & your family’s health and happiness is more important than anything else. As you have demonstrated, if you are happy in your life and calling you will produce a much better product.
    Nobody will ever understand your passion for WNST/AM 1570 because it is not theirs. They log on/listen/read/tune in when it is convenient for them, or it is as you say just a paycheck, however it is a big part of your life’s work. Those types of customers/consumers/employees are in every profession. It is a sad state of affairs where people think that they are owed everything and do not have to work for anything. I would not want those types of people working for/with me either. As far as I am concerned you either want to be the best and are willing to do what it takes to get better and service your customers/consumers with a quality product or service or your not. The lazy ones are the ones that badmouth those that are the hustlers. I chuckle at times when I talk about you to some of my colleagues and they start in on what a hack you are. Then I find out they have never met you and/or they are getting their information from 3rd parties.
    You do not need advice from me, but if you asked I would say let go of what your former “friends” say about you. If they were your friends they wouldn’t say the things they did, you are better off without them! I continually follow you and WNST (even though I am a Redskins fan) from Pennsylvania, I wish you the best and I hope our paths cross again someday.

  5. Nestor….Here’s a news flash for you: You’re a washed-up, bitter, has-been and your “product” sucks. After reading 2 of your 7 page manifesto, I’ve distilled the following: You’re not nearly as happy as you claim to be.
    Happy people don’t spend thousands of words bashing former employees and passive aggressively airing dirty laundry.
    Successful business owners don’t lay claim to a company’s success while pointing the finger at everyone else and absorbing themselves of responsibility when that company fails. You can’t have your cake and eat it too….
    I started reading this article in hopes that I’d see something new or insightful. I should have known better. The thought that Nestor could move forward and take an objective look at a situation seems to be as elusive as quality content on WNST but, seeing as how he has a penchant for making EVERYTHING about Nestor, and letting long ago grudges every aspect of his work, I can’t say I’m surprised by his latest long winded waste of cyberspace. I guess I should have known what I was in for before I started reading….

  6. Everyone is glad your wife is better. You definitely married “up” I agree with Tim NATC, you MUST let the past go. It will consume you forever. There is a Latin expression that translates into “Don’t let the bastards win” As long as you post about them, they are winning. The truth will always win out. The fact you are still on the radio, making money in itself shows the world you were right. I will give you an “atta boy” Now let’s move on, it is time.

  7. Nestor,

    Very happy your wife is doing so well!
    Read this only because it was referenced on Drew’s Morning Dish.

    My opinion, your station is just awful now. Unlistenable! Just horrible.

    Good luck.

  8. I also was referred here via the comments section at Drew’s Morning Dish. VERY disappointed at the airing out of all the dirty laundry.

  9. All I got from this is more proof that Nestor is a very small person who likes to hold grudges and paint himself as a victim. Peter Angelos once called him a “very unimportant person”. He was right. The funny thing is that Nestor is everything he’s ever accused Angelos of being, and he doesn’t even see it.

    I was interested in seeing what was written here from comments written at Drew’s Morning Dish. I noticed that Drew, who was fired for not bringing in enough sponsors, has as many if not more sponsors than WNST.

    It’s clear who was really keeping the station afloat. Look at what it was before the firings and compare it to now. Who wants to listen to someone complain and talk over whoever is being interviewed and make everything about himself, and then hear it replayed 3-4 times a day. What a joke WNST has become.

  10. Found this diatribe from looking at DMD, but I had to read it because I used to respect you. From your latest blog posting, I have lost respect for you and your station. Drew, Glenn, and the other staff your fired have said very little regarding their firing other than they were called into your office, told they were done and that was that. Their stories were pretty similar compared to your 2 blog postings about sponsorships, motivation, etc.

    You expect fired employees to say thank you? Not sure what world you’re living in but most fired employees do their best to trash their former employer. But is seems like they have come out pretty well and doing radio, blogs, offering trips, getting sponsors no thanks to you. Seems like they are doing the very thing you said they weren’t.

    Why would your listeners know anything about the radio business? If I run an IT business would you know anything about my business? I highly doubt you would. We don’t need to know about the cut-throat radio business and really we don’t need to care about it.

    You’re the one who came up with the game show contest and put wannabees on the air. Are you really shocked when a wannabee 40 year old guy who listens to sports talk can’t name the depth chart of the Ravens or the starting 9 of the Orioles, or understand the infield fly rule? And then when you crush their dreams you expect them to not feel disdain for you.

    Very few are talking about you and your little station or your Alexa ratings because your new format matters little. Every now and then I listen to NST to see if anything has changed since you went solo. It hasn’t. You still do your little fake laugh, drone one about your dealings with the Orioles, how great the Ravens are in the community and then bring Luke on to talk about whatever it is he knows. Then I get to listen to it again and again when you repeat it.

    It’s your station, it’s your life, it’s your happiness. If you’re happy great. The rest of us don’t need to a 7 page diatribe on how happy you are and that you are going to write another book. I didn’t buy your any of your books before and I won’t now.

    Maybe one day you’ll change your scroll on your site about Purple Reign 2. It’s been a couple of years since the Ravens won the Super Bowl and the holidays have come and gone a few times.

  11. It is your station, your company, your life. You are acountable first to your family and second to yourself. I listened untill i moved to York.

    Loved the blog.

    Do what makes you happy and true.

    Enough said.


  12. So glad to see that you are happy in your new life.

    Too bad your new format stinks. The only reason people have read this 7 page self slobber-fest is to get a few good laughs. The old NST was great when everyone except you was on air all day. Half of the people who commented only know you posted this is because it was brought up in the comments of DMD (Drew didn’t mention you or this blog in his dish) and people visit that daily for quality content.

    I hope that you have an epiphany and get some help on air before the station goes belly up. When I was searching for this article on the WNST website I laughed at the ‘WNST Staff Writters.’ Brian Billick hasn’t posted in 10 months. Chris Pika hasn’t posted in 11 months. Gary Quill hasn’t posted in more than a year. I’m sure Dennis Koulatsos is a nice guy, but he’s a car salesman, not Mel Kiper III. Luke is the only good content you have, and it won’t be long before he parks his car off Hart road walks into the station and walks back out twenty minutes later with a knife in his back. Then Luke, like the rest of those who have come and gone at NST will go produce quality content elsewhere, while you continue to sit here and talk about how great you are rank baseball stadiums.

    But hey Nes, if you’re happy, I’m happy.

    Cheers to another great year

  13. Some perspective would probably be of benefit as it’s not common to spend that much ink letting the world know you’re happy on its own, and much less to do it while ripping others apart. Maybe a different forum for each would make it look truthful, which it’s not. And you’re not either.
    Totally and completely into yourself is what someone who’s never heard of you would take away from someone who uses I or me as many times as you do after reading this as you spare no opportunity to credit yourself or track your own personal timeline.

    Lots of folks in Baltimore would like to work their way up like you did, but none of them would want to be known as a bridge burning, ideal scenario presenting, backstabbing and mostly lying man that you are. Citing personal experience is far from necessary but there is a difference between having integrity and saying you have integrity and anyone that reads you knows where you stand; those who deal with you may feel differently. If so, you’re just the kind of jerk who would blame them for it instead of understanding how you rub people (some perspective would be beneficial).
    In regards to the talent you hired and never developed its pretty significant if you don’t realize it. I imagine you don’t because you think that somehow you developed these guys into what they are today and you had no role whatsoeverin doing that. Your coaching tree is empty beacaue you had nothing to do with these guys being as good as they are today, which is a matter of opinion….mine is that they’re mostly pretty good-some better than others but that’s a radio roster. I’m sure you know what a coaching tree is, you know everything about sports despite only choosing to talk about yourself. All you ever asked of these inquisitive and more or less motivated people is to sell your company. No sales dept existed and so your entire staff had to do their jobs and sell. And what exactly did sponsors get for their profits agreed to support you and your station? A rush through the door for for every pizza shop, tire store and plumber? You are just full of it altogether if you really think these guys are supposed to be motivated by you and your dream/product. People work for money and more opportunity and you provided neither, yet you expected them to struggle and accept it. I never listened to your station although often interested in hearing the content and that’s becauseI couldn’t. The signal was too weak. It’s ok, I knew I could listen to whatever I missed the next day because you had no programming.
    It’s impossible for you to not burn every bridge that you cross and lie to people outwardly and openly about who you are and what you offer. That is not the profile of a likable person and it’s too bad because your energy and passion and intellect if properly directed could make a sports site or station or concept real, and yours isn’t. All the experience you’ve had is definitely at the very least an interesting series of stories, but you just can’t realize your role is not of hero or brilliant boss, it’s of fool or egomaniac or narcissist. That’s not how I’d like to be known.
    All that aside, I think it’s a wonderful thing that your wife has survived and even though you are exploiting it like PT Barnum, I’m glad you still have her. Standing next to your spouse is not only honorable but proper too and if that’s all you have passion and motivation to do, then it’s not that bad at all.
    I have only come to this site to read your other-dissing, self aggrandizing, hate venom filled paragraphs of bs and don’t come here unless other sites tell me you’ve got something to say. I guess that’s not so bad….bad guys are very popular in wrestling. Just want it to be clear that this page is not in my regular rotation.

  14. First time here in months, only because I read the laughs on DMD, a quality blog. Delusional, narcissistic and self absorbed as ever. Drew blows you away and I am quite sure his nany sponsors love his work. Don’t go away mad, just go away.

  15. DMD >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WNST

    This guy is a self absorbed clown, this is my first time on this pathetic website in months because I had to read for laughs! And 1570 isn’t even one of my presets anymore! But cheers to your success!

  16. Nestor: Congrats to your wife and her health. Excellent news. However, on the radio front, it’s a different story. I was a loyal everyday listener for many years. Even before Drew and Terry’s morning show. I didn’t even listen to other sports talk stations because nothing was as good as NST. Then the big format change came and that was the end. I tried to listen, I really did. But when I started hearing repeats of what I’d already heard, I switched. And when I heard discussion of an Orioles game only to realize that you were discussing the game from two nights ago (because you weren’t on the air live to discuss last night’s game) I switched. And when you became the only host on the station, I switched. I haven’t listened to NST for many months now. It’s not a radio station anymore; it’s a one-man podcast.

    I know you think you are the greatest on-air talent around, but I listened to NST for the other hosts, not you. I honestly never enjoyed your style of hosting. In other words, all the former employees whom you bashed in your blog were the reasons I tuned in. They must have been doing something right to bring in listeners. And by extension, you – as the owner – were doing something right by having these hosts on the air. So kudos to you for giving me all those years of a good sports talk station.

    I cannot speak to the financial concerns of running a small radio station. It must be a very difficult thing to do, as you have to fairly pay the on-air talent, keep the advertisers happy, and bring in revenue. It’s not easy, I’m sure. But if the station failed economically with the talent you had, then you – as the owner – must share some of the blame. You were the one in charge. Are the hosts the reason you couldn’t sell more ads? Are they the reason your signal would start to crackle and fade when I hit exit 20 (Reisterstown Road) on the beltway? When a business fails, everyone plays a part, but you cannot praise your own hard work and diligence and talent while avoiding responsibility.

    Lastly, it shows such a lack of class to attack your former employees the way you did in this blog. Successful people move on in life, and they do so graciously. They don’t bad-mouth former co-workers, bosses or employees. They keep their mouths closed and let their current product speak for itself. You are apparently unable to do that.


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