Am I the only one?


The Ravens coaching search has cooled significantly over the past four days after a week of a flurry of actvity.

So, now after the wait, we’ve had the weekend to watch football, root hard for the “adopted” teams of our choice and watch as candidate after candidate to be our next leader shows up in our living rooms.

Am I the only one who EVERY time I see Jason Garrett, I wonder: “Hmmm…Is THAT the guy they’re gonna pick?”

I can’t be the only one who was thinking that earlier today with Jim Caldwell, or even now when I see Steve Spagnuolo and Tony Sparano. Even Jim Mora Jr.’s face yesterday gave me a thought to wonder “What if?”.

And in the next 48 hours, Mike Holmgren could be leaving Seattle and Tony Dungy could be waving goodbye to Indianapolis.

Congrats to Norv Turner’s bunch in San Diego. Beating the Colts on the road is impressive enough, but doing it crunch time without Phillip Rivers AND LaDanian Tomlinson? WOW!

This whole exercise feels kinda futile, after you watch how Tom Brady manuevered that offense last night.