Come out to Piv’s today…and other stuff

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Just prepping for the pair of games today — we’ll be at Piv’s from 1 til ? doing a fun Corona promotion. Come out, wear a little purple, watch a little football, drink some $2 Coronas. I’m happy because it’s getting my lazy ass off the couch.

I gotta tell ya, I thought LAST YEAR’S way of watching the playoffs was a lot more fun.

I got a sick reminder yesterday when my wife and I did the obligatory “putting away of the holiday crap” in our storage area. And there, lying right in the front part of the unit was a BIG box full of 12 strands of purple rope lights that we bought on line exactly 56 weeks ago. These are the giant 20-footers that you can wrap around windows.

Well, when the Ravens hit the 10-and-whatever mark, we got on line and found a discounter selling purple rope lights for like $10 a throw. We bought a case of them, wrapped our place so it looked like Greg Brady’s bedroom in the Johnny Bravo episode. (For the ladies, the glow would be more of a “lavender” — not quite like the club level at the purple palace.)

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But I digress…

Hard to believe that it was exactly 52 weeks ago today that we all had that disgusting feeling in the pit of our stomachs as we stared at the afterglow of these “lights” all around us, the morning after the Colts’ loss. The morning after the Irsay family came in and beat us in Baltimore, perhaps effectively ending an era of great Baltimore football memories.

Cause moving forward now, it’ll never be the same.

The “Post-Billick Era” has officially begun and the franchise is again — sorta — 0-0 again. It’s a fresh start, really.

Soon, Ray Lewis, Jon Ogden, Mike Flynn and Matt Stover will be gone as well.

Just like when Art Donovan, Lenny Moore, Raymond Berry, Jim Parker and, even, finally, Johnny Unitas moved on. (You can fill in any team of choice as to if/where/when Ray Lewis will put on his version of the Chargers’ uniform. See Junior Seau…literally and figuratively!)

We are truly ushering in a new era of Ravens memories. And once again, just like in the winter of 1996, I’m watching Brett Favre try to win a championship and I’m counting down the days ’til the April draft and wondering when the Ravens will ever be any good again.

And I’m hating on the Cowboys. And I’m rooting against the Colts. And I’m wondering if San Diego will ever get a championship in anything. And I’ve developed quite a “nasty” little disdain for Tom Brady and his gang of “perfect” Patriots.

You know what I’ve found out over the past few weeks, sitting on the sidelines watching these other teams and fans and coaches all have fun and go through the ride that we’re all familiar with and purple with envy about — this really fun, cool civic thing that brings people together through football?

I’ve discovered that I really love football. I love watching it, talking about it with people who can teach me things about it and I love looking forward to next season. (Even though, I’m not holding up much hope for a playoff run in ’08, to be honest).

I’m looking forward to seeing and meeting and knowing the new coach. I’m looking forward to the combine in Indianapolis. I’m looking forward to the draft and mini-camps and dramas. And I hope to god we find a quarterback…

Hope to see you at Piv’s today where the football memories continue…

P.S. Anyone who comes up to me at the bar at Piv’s today and offers to “continue this conversation” with me…I’ll buy ya a Corona.

What the hell, right? They’re only $2…





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