Andy McPhail is talking…


But only, of course, to the “official” outlets.

Today, an interview with Andy McPhail appeared with Hal Bodley, who was a longtime USA Today reporter who now has apparently switched over to the “management” side, writing a column for

But, when you start the season 6-1 (I’m going to pretend that yesterday didn’t happen), you get flattering pieces written about you.

There’s some stuff about George Sherrill, some Trembley quotes.

Nothing too special, but another example of “sleeping in” journalism.

Andy McPhail has been in Baltimore for 10 months. I’ve tried to reach him through various means. I never get a return phone call.

A shame…

All we’ve ever tried to do at WNST is help the Orioles.

I’ve got my cap on tonight!

Orioles in Tampa (they can actually win!)

Capitals and Flyers doing their 1980’s retro mating dance.

The Blast won last night and can close out the round tomorrow night in New Jersey.

I’m seriously considering doing the Nats-Braves games tomorrow at 1:05 (weather pending, of course). John Smoltz is pitching for Atlanta. I always liked Smoltz. He used to do my radio show every week when I was syndicated. Well-spoken, nice guy, knew a lot about the game and liked talking about the game.

If I go, I’ll shoot some wnsTV and show off the park a little.

Plenty of good sports this weekend, when you take Yankees-Red Sox and The Masters into consideration as well.

Grab the potato chips, order the pizza and pick up some beer!