When is the NFL schedule coming?

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Once St. Patrick’s Day rolls around, I don’t think a day goes by when someone doesn’t ask me or email me about the NFL schedule release.

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It’s absolutely a “state secret” in the world of the NFL. The league guards it, protects and doesn’t leak an iota of information ANYWHERE.

I’ve often wondered why, but when I see, hear and feel all of the fervor and anticipation for it, I realize that inaccurate leaks would cause a crazy effect on hotels, airlines, people’s lives, etc.

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Honestly, aren’t you one of those people who plans your entire LIFE around the Ravens in the fall? Weddings, holidays, weekends and “what Sunday are they home?” kinda questions all revolve around whether the team is home or away.

For me, it dictates what CITY I’m going to be in and when, so it’s super intense for my calendar and I wait for it as much as anyone. My life literally revolves around it!

My moles tell me the schedule is coming next week. They never release it on Monday or Friday, so I gotta start on the lookout on Tuesday.

Here’s the breakdown for 2008 (outside the AFC games vs. Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Cincinnati):

HOME: Jacksonville, Tennessee, Oakland, Philadelphia, Washington

AWAY: Houston, Indianapolis, Dallas, New York Giants, Miami

And if you’re interested in booking a 2008 Purple Roadtrip with us, send me an email to get on the interest list at nasty@wnst.net.

But, again, even my moles don’t really know what’s going on because the league office doesn’t leak a word to anyone. Not coaches, owners, NO ONE!

Every year from the beginning, in 1996, I’ve taken great pride in scooping the marketplace on the schedule launch. I work really hard at it and the Ravens work REALLY hard to make sure I don’t get it. It’s like a big cat and mouse game, and I’m already getting hazed by my friends in the organization.

Either way, it usually is “officially” released at 1 p.m. on the NFL Network and nfl.com.

Some years, I’ve had it at 9:30 a.m. But recently, it’s gone down to the wire since the Ravens know how badly I want to get it first because I know how BADLY YOU WANT IT FIRST!!!

Last year, we sent the text with the schedule at 12:37 p.m.

(Ya know, the competitive fan in me just comes out sometimes. I love when that happens after all of these years.)

I hope to continue to get my own “leaks” around the league and we’ll definitely be getting you the schedule via the WNST text service as soon as humanly possible.

But you can be the judge! Join our text service and I promise to get it to you first!!

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