Sunday, December 3, 2023
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Nestor Aparicio

Telling the whole truth about the uncertain future of the Maryland Stadium Authority and Camden Yards and the Angelos Family

Follow the money. Wait for the real ink on the lease not the words of a man who lies regularly. Former Maryland Stadium Authority chairman Tom Kelso joins Nestor for a long-awaited, deep dive on everything about the $1.2 billion of your money that Steve Bisciotti and the Angelos Family are getting to keep their sports franchises in Baltimore. Ask someone who knows all the answers and you get them. Listen and learn. It's important!

Are we getting ripped off by billionaire sports owners? (Of course we are…)

It's been three decades since Baltimore went "all in" on the promise of sports to revitalize a downtown community. Neil deMause of Field of Schemes tells Nestor that this Angelos family money grab and its parity clause benefit to Steve Bisciotti is the same in every city for American sports franchise owners. Socialize the debt; privatize the profit.

Who says you can’t go home to Dundalk?

When the Maryland Crab Cake Tour comes home to Dundalk and one of your best childhood pals is a fellow DHS Owl Class of 1985, the green and gold pride starts to beam. Nestor and pal Stan Jablonski talk about community stock, science and traveling the world to see and appreciate their mutual love of their hometown in a new light.

Finally unearthing my 1990 late night KISStory dinner chat with Paul Stanley as “End Of The Road” KISS goodbye comes to Baltimore

Nestor Aparicio wanted the best and he got the best! As a kid who worshiped all things KISS in the 1970s musical coming of age, he interviewed Paul Stanley twice as a music critic – once at The News American as a 16-year old in 1985 and again in a late-night, by-invite personal sit down with the legendary leader of the hottest band in the world at a makeup free 1990 chat on the "Hot In The Shade" tour. It was a great chat when the groupies weren't beating on Stanley's hotel room at the Dulles Hyatt.

Getting the rub on how Curio can help your aches and pains

Our continuing education series on cannabis and CBD hits home for Nestor when he asks Wendy Bronfein of Curio Wellness about topicals, balms and rubs that replace the smelly, old world ways of Ben Gay when he's sore from a workout.

Getting some rest for Lamar and 9-3 Ravens at bye week

Luke Jones and Nestor assess the play of Lamar Jackson and his limited weapons after Ravens find a way to beat the Chargers on Sunday Night in Los Angeles.

Charging into Ravens bye week after huge win over Chargers

Luke Jones and Nestor recap an impressive defensive effort by the Baltimore Ravens in a 20-10 victory over the Chargers in Los Angeles on Sunday Night Football.

Relentless defensive effort leads Ravens to 20-10 win over Chargers

The Baltimore defense forced four turnovers and frustrated Justin Herbert and the Chargers for most of the night.

The Legacy of Lamar Jackson vs. other NFL quarterbacks

As the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by The Maryland Lottery, Window Nation and Jiffy Lube rolls toward the holidays, it's always great to have Weis conversation with local authors like John Eisenberg, who recently wrote "Rocket Men," a history of what led to the opportunity for someone like Lamar Jackson to change the quarterback game.

Let each fellow join the Dundalk High chorus

The Maryland Crab Cake Tour has traveled to virtually every community in Maryland at some point since its inception but there's no place like home. Nestor finally gets current Dundalk High principal Paul Satterfield to drop by Costas Inn and give him the facts on his ultra modern high school and post-COVID life and learning for kids this century in East Baltimore.
About the Author
Baltimore Positive is the vision and the creative extension of four decades of sharing the love of local sports for this Dundalk native and University of Baltimore grad, who began his career as a sportswriter and music critic at The News American and The Baltimore Sun in the mid 1980s. Launched radio career in December 1991 with Kenny Albert after covering the AHL Skipjacks. Bought WNST-AM 1570 in July 1998, created in 2007 and began diversifying conversations on radio, podcast and social media as Baltimore Positive in 2016.
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