Saturday, April 1, 2023
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Nestor Aparicio

What if Lamar Jackson had an agent like Leigh Steinberg?

Super agent Leigh Steinberg joins Nestor after his client Patrick Mahomes' second Super Bowl title to continue the debate about the value of a sports agent to a player like Lamar Jackson in this free agency and franchise tagging period.

Where and how are we getting the games in the future?

Longtime sports business and media insider John Ourand of Sports Business Journal talks crab cakes and the future of sports media with Nestor as the regional sports network model implodes around Major League Baseball. SUMMARY KEYWORDS crab cake, people, crabs, john,...

What was the first summer of your baseball life?

Author John Rosengren takes Nestor back to baseball in 1973 with his new book on a special season for Major League Baseball, the designated hitter and memories to last a lifetime.

What is the next step for Lamar Jackson and Ravens in this mysterious contract tug-of-war

Luke Jones takes a deep dive with Dennis Koulatsos on what might be next for Lamar Jackson and the Ravens in this mysterious contract tug-of-war as the non-exclusive franchise tag sits on the former MVP quarterback who refuses to hire a professional agent.

How to pace and brace your expectations during this Lamarathon season

Luke Jones and Nestor lament the fatigue of the ongoing Lamar Jackson contract talk all over the country as NFL owners and teams appear reluctant to show Number Eight the (guaranteed) money.

For the love of Warren Moon and the new Oilers blue Heritage Ford line at Koons Baltimore

As the daily fatigue and intrigue regarding the Lamarathon continues for Baltimore Ravens fans, Nestor Aparicio sounds off with Dennis Koulatsos on all the NFL free agency news, new cars and old quarterbacks.

How to analyze the “value” of Lamar Jackson with the King of DVOA

The smartest football analytics guy we know Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders provides his DVOA on Lamar Jackson and the value of his quarterback play to the Ravens – or any potential suitor in the NFL.

Can the Orioles really win a World Series again and what did Steadman think the first time?

When Nestor discovered a treasure trove of 1966 World Series heirlooms in the Shrewsbury hometown of his partner Luke Jones, it was time to wax nostalgic about the World Series, the Orioles and the WBC and all that could be once again. Can Adley Rutschman and Gunnar Henderson bring back that old black and orange magic?

Willard did all he could do to reignite Fear The Turtle in Season One

Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the aftermath of nice March Madness win over West Virginia and the ugly exit to Alabama as the initial year for head coach Kevin Willard can only be measured in positive terms for the health and future of the basketball program in College Park.

Taking the charms of State College to the mat and onto the floor for Springsteen

He finally made it back to Happy Valley for some glory days. Leonard Raskin and Nestor discuss the joys of college sports on Big 10 campuses that aren't just about basketball in March.
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