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Maryland Crab Cake (and Brewery) Tour Day 2: Hellas in Millersville and Pherm in Gambrills

Drinking and eating Anne Arundel County on Day 2 of Maryland Crab Cake Tour

The second day of the Maryland Crab Cake Tour presented by The Maryland Lottery, Goodwill, Window Nation and the Restaurant Association of Maryland was a late afternoon stop at the bar at the highly recommended Hellas in Millersville and further down the road in Gambrills at Pherm Brewery en route to see J.D. Souther and Ramshead On Stage in Annapolis. It’s all a part of the community love to kick off 31 crab cakes and 31 breweries in 31 days to celebrate 31 years on Baltimore airwaves and to promote local business and Restaurant Week all over the state from September 16th through 25th.

Follow along through all of our social channels at WNST Baltimore Positive and the hashtag is #CrabCakeTour as we make our way all over this beautiful state with fun tales of the road and celebrating summer life in Maryland. From Oakland to Ocean City and Cambridge to Cumberland we’re exploring new crab cakes and beer joints and stuff along the side of the road before football season.

MD Crab Cake Tour Day 2: One more time with that Hella’s crab egg roll

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