Get off of Perlozzo, already


Geez, it’s a GOOD thing I don’t have a radio show anymore!

One, the Orioles would "have" to let me have a press pass at that point (although we BOTH know if I announce my return to the airwaves tomorrow morning, which I could do because I own the place, they would find another excuse to lock me out).

And two, I would be RAILING on the radio about "accountability and character," two big buzz words for me.

In ALL of this hand-wringing about Sam Perlozzo’s job security, not ONCE have I heard any criticism of Danys Baez or Chris Ray or any other PLAYER in regard to why the team is losing ballgames in putrid fashion the last three days.

On Sunday, a pitcher who hadn’t thrown more than 71 pitches was getting near 100 pitches — and THREE Opening Day starters are ALREADY on the DL, probably all gone for the season! Mike Flanagan and Jim Duquette spent $42 million in the offseason, ostensibly, to win games with the bullpen when the team has to get two outs and has a five-run lead.

Danyz Baez is being WILDLY OVER-paid to get two outs, and couldn’t do it.

Chris Ray is being counted on to be a closer, and can’t throw strikes, or cover first base in a timely fashion.

Aubrey Huff is a disaster with the glove.

Miguel Tejada looks disinterested, and clearly is NOT a leader of any kind. He looks like he’s BEGGING to be dealt somewhere before July.

And last night, Melvin Mora ran the bases like the ghost of Jeff Stone!

At what point should the PLAYERS be held responsible for winning and losing games?

They’re ALL being paid to perform. When they don’t — and do things like give up five runs in an inning, or strike out with the bases loaded, or don’t cover first base on a groundball or run in situations that are ludicrous — shouldn’t the blame be given to them, instead of the manager who believed in them enough to have them out on the field?

If Jeremy Guthrie’s arm would’ve fallen off in the ninth inning at Fenway, THAT would’ve been Perlozzo’s fault, too, then?

Geez…fans are insane sometimes, with "red herring" criticisms!

Perlozzo didn’t throw the ball or miss the ball or steal third!

Perlozzo has 25 players. It’s his job to use them ALL. The bullpen is his alleged "strength." He went to it, the PLAYERS lost the game, and he’s picking up the pieces while everybody who REALLY contributed to the loss — the players — offer "no comment" and shout at each other in the dugout.

No offense to Jay Payton (I honestly think it’s GREAT that somebody besides me is PISSED that the team sucks!), but that act last night was WEAK.

Talk it over in private. Take it up in the clubhouse or at the hotel, not on field, in the heat of the moment, which only serves to embarrass him, Mora, the other players and leaves the manager answering media questions (and looking constipated while he does it) while everyone else "hides" in the trainer’s room after the game.

A little accountability would go a LONG way in this organization.

But then again, the OWNER of the team isn’t accountable or possessing an iota of integrity in regard to criticism or information, so why should the employees (re: players) be any different?

 The Orioles always seem to reap what they sow…