Art Donovan gets better with age..

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Like a fine wine — or an ice cold Schlitz — Art Donovan is a treasure that just keeps improving with age!

The older he gets, the more stories he accumulates…

You can hear them all tomorrow, but I’ll just say we had a helluva crowd at The Port tonight and Art Donovan still commands a room and still REALLY loves people. He looked great, sounded great and was in high spirits!

I wanna thank all of the sponsors — Miller Lite, Equipment Solutions, Blue Dot Heating, Jerry’s Toyota, Towson Travel and the Hyle family at The Port — and all of the people who came out!

It was a joy for ALL of us at The Port to share the evening with Art, and a pre-birthday bash in his honor. He’ll be 83 on June 5th!

I think he honestly had more fun than ANY of us. He’s really a swell guy!

I’m glad we got to share some time together and some laughs, especially with John Buren joining in the fun.

In some ways, I feel like a carpetbagger. I think when most Baltimoreans think of Art Donovan, they think of him being on Ch. 13 with Buren. He made it even more fun, and it was good to see him out for a night of media goofiness, storytelling and laughs!

A night in Fallston with Art and John? Geez, I would have PAID to see that 20 years ago.

To be hosting it was an honor! Hope you tune it in today or tomorrow!

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