I wonder if Ozzie Guillen shouldn’t have whipped this picture out in Miami today?


For those with any sense of Major League Baseball history, Baltimore Orioles history or international politics and baseball this shouldn’t come as a shocking photo. After all, some of us have fond memories of 92 hours in Havana, Cuba in 1999 chasing all of the stories, politics and baseball unfolding as Fidel Castro sat circled by Bud Selig and Peter Angelos for an afternoon of lord knows what the hell was going on.

Was it international relations?

Was it sharing the joy of beisbol?

Was it Angelos looking to buy beachfront property post-Fidel?

Were the Montreal Expos a possibility in Havana if the walls fell?

Who knows…

But I know this: if Ozzie Guillen got taken to task for saying a few respectful words about Fidel Castro then how the hell can Bud Selig be meting out “punishment” after attending a weekend of cocktail parties, backrubs and pleasantries in Havana with the man in green?

Hypocrites. All of them.

But didn’t we already know that?

I guess I’ll get my press pass taken away from Major League Baseball as well after this blog…



  1. I was reminding everyone about this yesterday. If Angelos and Bud the TOOL can lick Castro the murderers you know what why can’t Guillen exercise his free speech and not get suspended for it? Its all BS! MLB is BS.

  2. I wonder what the Marlins’ and MLB’s reaction would have been if Ozzie Guillen had instead told Time Magazine that the US should normalize relations with Cuba (couched of course with typical Guillen expletives).

  3. What Ozzie said was doubt, but what happened to the 1st amendment and freedon of speech. Political correctness is killing this country. We need to grow up and stop having temper tantrums everytime someone says something that “offends” someone. We need to learn to laugh at ourselves.

  4. Not agaisnt this article, but the Marlins suspended Ozzie, not MLB.

    Where’s the FTB photos from Opening Day ??

  5. Mike from Carney – true, but Bud Seilig as Commissioner has said on the record he approves of the Marlins’ decision.

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