KOBS: Wes Unseld vs. Chris McAlister voting today…

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So, we’ve had two blowouts in the first two days of the competition. It’s not a surprise to us, especially when you’re pitting Hall of Famers against non-HOFers.

At least, the best and most popular stars are winning. We’ll see how easy it gets in a few weeks when it’s HOFer vs. HOFer and legend vs. legend.

Today, is one of our more interesting first round matchups: Wes Unseld vs. Chris McAlister.

Unseld was a major force in his early years as a Baltimore Bullets, while McAlister might be the best cornerback we ever see in Baltimore. While CMac’s many immature tendencies have come to the forefront over the years since the 1999 draft, he continues to play at a high level and is better than many think. Any team in the NFL would’ve loved to have had McAlister on the edge over the last decade.

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But McAlister is not going to Canton.

Unseld went to Landover, won a championship and is firmly enshrined in Springfield, Mass.

Voting ends at midnight tonight.

I think this one will be close!


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