Orioles doing good things..

From the nasty@wnst.net mailbag:


I was at the game on Weds night in the 3rd row behind the O’s dugout with a friend, his girlfriend and my kids.  We had a great night.

In the 8th inning B.J. Upton hit a screaming line drive foul which nailed my friend’s girl right in the hand.  She was in pain.  The ushers came right down and took her to an office where she was met by the O’s team doctor.  He examined her and recommended an xray and then made arrangements at Mercy.  Luckily, nothing was broken.

The next day a rep from the Orioles called to check how she was.  The rep then offered for Debby to come to Thursday night’s game and pick two lower box tickets to any future game.  When she showed up on Thursday, the rep gave her a couple tickets and an autographed baseball from the O’s.

This was some of the the nicest treatment I have ever seen from a pro sports franchise to one of it’s fans, especially considering that she wasn’t seriously injured.

Since WNST seems to relay all of the negative anecdotes about the O’s I was wondering if you’d mention this obviously positive experience on the air.

And here’s my question: Is it possible that the O’s just treat you like crap but treat everyone else pretty good? Just wondering.



Dear Buddy:

Well, I just mentioned it and will ALWAYS mention ANYTHING positive about the Orioles when I know it’s true…
Here’s a few more:
* They allow you to bring your own food to the games…
* They’re allowing Virginia Tech students into games free all summer…
* They have cheap tickets for students on Friday nights…
* They brought T-shirts to Drew’s kids Tuesday night…

I dunno…I’m sure there’s more…and it’s OBVIOUSLY super personal for them with me, but they have no shortage of people who are pissed at them, believe me. As a matter of fact, I’m still looking for the first person outside of Peter’s law firm who has EVER said anything in defense of the way the community has been treated by this ownership group.

So, no, I’m HARDLY alone in getting treated like dirt by the Orioles…

BUT in addition to pointing out when they’re improving (which was the WHOLE reason for the request of the press pass by me for this season, to see if it had actually gotten better over the past three years!), I will also be honest about how they treat me, the others in the media, how they do business, what they do in the community, how their players treat people — ANY people, media, fans or otherwise — and how their owner continues to make poor decisions, both on the field and off, that really don’t matter anymore now that MASN is lining their pockets for what amounts to a Wayne’s World-cable-access looking network with bush-league just about everything, short of Gary Thorne and Jim Palmer!

And we’ll also point out how the heritage of baseball in this community is at stake, how the business of Baltimore (and more specifically DOWNTOWN Baltimore) is at stake with the demise of this baseball team and MLB, in general.

My platform is WELL-documented and well-supported!

As Drew always says: "We’re either going to bury them or fix them — it’s THEIR choice?"

But we will not accept the way they do things and the arrogance they continue to uphold, despite having less than 10,000 in the ballpark most nights.

Doing nice things for their fans should be COMMONPLACE, not extraordinary…

All we want is for baseball to "get well" in Baltimore so we can all start going back and having some fun!

I’ve been to several games already this season — and I can tell ya, ya ain’t missing much if you’re not there.

They’ve sucked the joy outta baseball for me!

But I’m just one — all of those countless empty green seats should clearly illustrate that I’m not the only one they’ve kicked around on the road to the top of the financial charts and the bottom of the AL East.