EPISODE 273: Singleton talks pandemic baseball, race in America and support for cousin Doc Rivers in NBA

    2019-20 Season One
    2019-20 Season One
    EPISODE 273: Singleton talks pandemic baseball, race in America and support for cousin Doc Rivers in NBA

    Big – and positive – changes are happening here at Baltimore Positive this month as we begin our amazing merger of three decades of WNST.net with our new brand this fall and you’re going to love what is about to happen to this website.

    We’re about to bring forward a wide variety of guests and thought leaders and topics as we navigate all of the aspects of life during a pandemic and what it means to vote in our country. Because we haven’t been able to sit down and eat a proper crab cake at Faidley’s at Lexington Market or have some chicken and waffles at State Fare in Catonsville with our guests, we have been doing one longish episode rather than our customary three shorter blocks of conversation.

    The most important message we want to send to all of our friends and listeners is to exercise your right as an American citizen and vote this November.

    Nestor chats with former Baltimore Orioles outfielder and longtime Yes Network broadcaster Ken Singleton regularly about the Yankees and baseball and the woes and ills of the sport at WNST. But this chat had little to do with baseball and more to do with how sports is reacting to the pandemic and civic change in our society.

    And if you didn’t know that NBA head coach and leader Glenn “Doc” Rivers is the Chicago cousin of Singy, well you’re about to hear a fascinating tale of playing baseball on the South Side in the 1970s and what family means to Ken Singleton.

    Clearly, we voted in June. And we hope you are ready to vote again in November!

    We are all in this together and this is a time to educate, unite and keep each other safe. But we also have some extra time to read and learn and educate ourselves in many ways.

    We will continue to produce high-quality, intelligent conversations with wisdom from wise leaders as our citizens try to readjust to this pandemic during the summer at Baltimore Positive.

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    We’ll try to keep you cool.