Rumors of a front office shakeup in The Warehouse..

crab baltimore positive sm
crab baltimore positive sm
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I’ve never been one to spread or start rumors, but I’m hearing whispers — and when there’s smoke, there’s fire — that there’s been a minor (or maybe even more significant) shakeup in the Orioles’ front office on the “non” baseball side. At or near the top, with a longtime insider and Angelos confidant…

We’re following the story and will have more information — if there is any to be had — later in the day…

A few other random notes:

* Incredible story in The Sun today about Michael McCrary and his injuries and the toll they’ve taken on No. 99.

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It’s great to see the NFL actually getting more pro-active in treating the injuries of the players who have given their bodies to the game. We all love football and our Sunday afternoons, but the one part of this job that’s really been eye-opening has been the human side of the league and how many good people there are who play the game and what they go through and sacrifice to entertain us and to make money for their families.

The best example would be seeing our pal Spencer Folau, who is now an official member of the blogosphere on Spencer is always running out of our meetings to get “treatment” on his back after so many years of playing in the NFL. I can’t wait to see what he was to write/say in regard to post-career pain.

It’s a tough game — always has been, always will be. And injuries are going to happen. It’s just a good thing that the league and new commish Roger Goodell are paying more than just lip service to the epidemic of post-career injuries, both physical and mental. Goodell has called for a meeting of the minds of doctors and trainers to get more information and education. VERY good move, Roger!

* Does anybody still watch the NBA Playoffs?

* Does anybody even know the NHL Playoffs are going on?

* Does anyone want to join me for an ice-cold Miller Lite at Edgar’s downtown on Friday afternoon. Happy hour starts at 4! We’re going to shoot some pool, drink some beer, listen to some music and have fun before an Orioles game (whether we go or not!). As always, if I get free tickets, I go…

* Wouldn’t baseball be better if there was TAILGATING before games?

* The Sopranos is the best show in television history. Real, honest, crazy, disfunctional — kinda like REAL life. Wow, what a season this has been! I don’t want to kill the drama for anyone who didn’t see this week’s episode (and I just watched it last night), but the gambling thing, the demons, the money problems — it all sets up for a massive series finale in a few weeks!

* Is there anything better than Comcast ON DEMAND? Just click and watch! (One day soon, is gonna work that way!)

* I will blog more about this later, but I saw a great piece about the economic impact of the Kentucky Derby on the state of Kentucky and the beautiful city of Louisville. It was an piece that said that the state sees $218 MILLION in impact because of the Derby. I don’t know what’s worse: Angelos’ mismanagment of the Orioles or the state and the DeFrancis mismanagement of the middle jewel of the Triple Crown  here in Baltimore. The Preakness is two weeks away, and NO ONE in this city or state is even the least bit excited about it. What a shame! Because we’re about to lose our local “Super Bowl” forever.

* Last but not least, is ANYONE — and I MEAN ANYONE outside of Peter Schmuck, Drew Forrester and Jim Hunter — even MILDLY surprised that the Orioles are three games under .500 this season? Reality has set in and it’s only May 2!

When does training camp begin?

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