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kenyan drake

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Three was not a magic number for Harbaugh and Ravens in hideous loss to Colts

At the clock struck four ­– and with the dreaded and departed Colts of the Irsay family proving peskier than we thought – it was the Orioles who whittled their Magic Number down to three. And it was the Baltimore Ravens who needed the magic trey that never came from the foot of Justin Tucker to win the game. Read #ColumnNes here.

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#ColumnNes There are no bad wins over Bill Belichick in Foxboro

But don’t bury the lead in this one: Lamar Jackson (still) might be the best player in the National Football League and his “value” as a Most Valuable Player continues to soar as he does things no one has ever done at the most valuable position on the field and the most difficult position to play in all of sports.

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