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Louis Angelos

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The Peter Principles (Ch. 9) – Albert was not the Belle of Baltimore

Dinner with Fidel Castro in Havana, breakfast with Albert Belle in Baltimore and many years of losing ahead for King Peter as the Great Orange Malaise sets in on a generation of awful Orioles baseball led by poor ownership.

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Dear John and Louis Angelos: Are you a Rocky – or a Bullwinkle?

The sons of Peter Angelos got a “Dear Orioles” letter from Nestor back in July 2018 encouraging them to step forward and run a legitimate local baseball franchise. Now in the aftermath of the Kevin Brown suspension fiasco at MASN, any sensible fan would realize what we’re up against as a community with a born-on-third and thinks he hit a triple Fredo with a penchant for punishment like his old man.

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