Wednesday, November 25, 2020

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Reghi discusses impact of Lebron and passion for football in Cleveland

The one-time, longtime voice of Orioles baseball on Home Team Sports at the turn of the century returns to discuss the impact of Lebron and Black Lives Matter on sports and how the passion for football in Ohio is burning hot with high schools suiting up in the midwest.

Munch Bishop asks Nestor about Ravens chances to win a Super Bowl amidst emptiness

Cleveland and Baltimore. Browns and Ravens. It always brings these sports radio icons together to discuss the good, bad and ugly truths about three decades of a sports rivalry steeped in mismatches.

Rod Woodson states the obvious: Art Modell belongs in Canton

9:34 p.m. --Rod Woodson just talked about Baltimore and about Art Modell. "Without Art Modell, old school owner. And I hope the voters get this right -- by putting Art Modell in the Hall of Fame, he belongs there." With that...

Rod Woodson, in his own words, on WNST

I've known Rod Woodson, the man, since 1998 when he joined the Ravens after heavy recruitment from then-defensive coordinator Marvin Lewis. I had already watched Rod Woodson, the player, for a number of years as a Pittsburgh Steeler and a...

OUR BIGGEST CIVIC NIGHTMARE: What if Art Modell never came to Baltimore?

So today let’s pretend that Art Modell never moved the Cleveland Browns. Let’s pretend that there are no Baltimore Ravens and that the team never came and that the NFL continued to ignore Baltimore as a home for a...


Here is a primer on all things Canton, Pro Football Hall of Fame voting, the politics, the rules, the history and most importantly “Where Art Modell stands” in his lifelong quest to be bronzed and rightfully enshrined amongst the...

Mailbag: A postcard from Cleveland

FROM THE MAILBAG: nestor: by the way, made the trip to cleveland last weekend. found the town and 99% of the people to be great. unfortunately there was one dude about 7 rows behind my 2 sons and i that...

The afterglow of Cleveland

Talk about snatching victory from the jaws of defeat. With just over a quarter remaining in yesterday’s key divisional AFC North matchup, the Ravens were 14 points down on the road, the Browns fans were coming to life with a...
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Attempting to explain how the Pittsburgh Steelers are still undefeated

Will Graves of The Associated Press in Pittsburgh says there's plenty of Thanksgiving with yins in the Steel City as Roethlisberger and Tomlin want seconds with a depleted Ravens unit.
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Our favorite Hall of Famer discusses COVID effect on Ravens and how defenses attack Lamar

Hall of Famer Rod Woodson catches up with Nestor on about his passion for teaching the game of football around the world. And the weirdness of being stuck in middle of the Baltimore and Pittsburgh rivalry.

McPhee joins growing list of Ravens’ positive tests before Pittsburgh game

The veteran outside linebacker won't be able to play in the Pittsburgh game, which is still scheduled for Thursday night.

Grieving the loss of the Calvert Hall and Loyola on Thanksgiving Day

A tradition unlike any other, the cancellation of the Turkey Bowl makes this a silent pigskin holiday pausing a passionate local rivalry. Former Delegate...

Andrews: “People are starting to count us out, and that’s fine”

The Ravens tight end says his team is feeling plenty of urgency to turn the recent struggles around.