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And here come the first-place Cleveland Guardians


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Over the last decade when they’ve gathered to discuss mostly Browns and Ravens football, legendary Cleveland radio host Munch Bishop has been quite modest about the amount of on-field success of the Guardians baseball franchise. As the upstart “Guard” arrive at Camden Yards, Nestor aims to measure how that Cleveland ownership might be paving the way for the Rubenstein philosophy in Baltimore.


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Munch Bishop, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are W and S T, Towson Baltimore. Baltimore positive we’re positively into a beautiful week homestand after getting their asses kicked in Houston over the weekend, but we got off to a great start. We’re gonna be at Pappus on Tuesday through in the Maryland crab cakes were last crab cake tour before the Fourth of July, coming back on the 12th had fade leaves before the Yankees get here that night. All are brought to you by the Maryland lottery your friends Gold Rush sevens in the doubles. We get $20 winners last week over Coco’s. And by the way, I did Coco’s we had a crab cake emergency over the weekend we had the the heat and the AC went down over Coco’s and Marcella gave a shout out on Saturday 600 crabcakes biggest my head wiped out 11 ounces. A little bit more bigger than my head. I probably don’t have 11 ounces up here, over Coco’s, and they wiped her out. Big thanks everybody made that happen. Also our friends at Liberty pure solutions, keeping our water crystal clear. We’re learning more about that and our oyster tour later on in the year, as well as Jiffy Lube multi care getting us out on the road. I’ve been on the road to Ohio many times our dear friend John Martin from the Maryland lottery, big old school, one time tribe now guardians fans, we talked a lot of Cleveland baseball here. But you know, it’s not often I get to reach to real experts and people in high places in northern Ohio. This guy has hosted Sports Radio there longer than I’ve been doing it here. I’m in year 33. Here we are 26 years into wn St. We’re 40 years into my crazy media career. Our friends at curio wellness and foreign daughter put us up to doing this 25th anniversary documentary you go check that out. Much My story has been told here in a way that only people like Bill Murray and Jeanne shock and tell it you are your own entity and legend in the land of cleave. It is always good to welcome you back but very rare that I welcome you back when the Cleveland baseball team as a seven game lead. middle of June in Major League Baseball this is you’re more stars than we are in Cleveland for baseball really? Well.


Munch Bishop  02:05

There is no doubt. But you know, it’s not just the seven games because it’s still early. And I’m one of these guys. Okay, they’re up seven. That’s very, very cool. But something to me even more important. Esther is right today. And this was just unfathomable to Benny is this team is what yeah, this team is 23 games over 500 That is just simply amazing. You know, you do the old maths they will think oh five harder than the rest of the way they’re gonna be in but they just continue to win. They find ways to win. They got each other’s back, savor every every game in addition to your Ramirez and quad and nailer there’s another hero. It’s amazing because of studying pitching has not been good. Except for just, you know, lively has been getting people out with his 8889 mile an hour fastball. You got Logan Allen likes to serve up homeruns but still is winning games and you’re gonna see our ACE during the series, Mr. Tanner by me so it’s going to be a lot of fun. You know,

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:04

earlier in the year John Martin from a lot of rizoma to my Bieber and you know, maybe Cleveland or trading and maybe he would be an Oriole. We’ve lost Bradish we’ve lost wells, we’ve lost means again, we lost Batista at the end of last year and that, you know, they went a lot of games here and we’re always after you get your ass kicked in October and you guys are familiar with that that’s happened. You examine this and say how are we going to be better? They go out and get burns and burns has been fine Rodriguez has been very good. This is the best version of the Orioles much that I have ever seen. Now, you know I go back to Grich and Baylor and Coggins in Bumbry 7273 74. I have a little category on the new website at Baltimore positive we’re going to call remember that time and it really young old timers in the parlance of John Steadman, or in your case of Pete Franklin, you know it or Charlie Ackerman, in my case, how young of an old timer Are you? Like I When did you get on radio first and then what’s your first Cleveland Indians? Baseball? Paula Vito? Where did you come on to the train in Cleveland baseball, because we suffer here right Luke was born the week that the Orioles won the World Series in 83. That’s how long it’s been that you know, Luke was born that week, and hasn’t experienced that nobody hears experienced then on the baseball side, we can get into the football, the browns and modellen do all that but just on the baseball side of things. As bad as we feel it’s worse for you. But it feels like at least you’ve had some fun the last 30 years you know,

Munch Bishop  04:44

well, you know what, have had some fun but there’s been a lot of suffering. Think about this. And I actually you know it was going up to the delicatessen to get some baseball cards as a young kid and ripping them open hoping to get a couple of Indians in that pack. I do remember rocky Calvi Those poor homerun game against your very own Baltimore Orioles sitting in a basement my dad the man cave at that time was to lounge chairs put in the basement because we didn’t have air conditioning it was nice and cold and he would he

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:12


bunker and eat his chair in front of the television and that was life in the 60s and 70s in his country right and carry

Munch Bishop  05:19

the TV downstairs and put tinfoil on the antenna so you can watch the games. But you know it’s funny because you think about it he has been have a lot of fun. Well, I have had funds since the move to Jacobs fields a time now Progressive Field, but you think about it okay. 60s 70s 80s first couple of years the 90s There was nothing but losing and I remember walking back hand in hand with my dad the ex marine and factory worker told I make are saying that. I love going to the games. I appreciate it. But what would it be like if they won? And but that was it. That was your team. That’s what you got along with?

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:57

What’s your first memory it was the first team you saw what year much?

Munch Bishop  06:00

She thought the first game I saw had to be around 6061 My dad played triple A ball. And you know how everybody hates the Yankees? I don’t hate them. I have a respect for them because my dad used to take me to see the different pitchers that they had to see what he for to see the flame thrower. Reinder and and I remember seeing you know mantle I remember seeing barrel you ready for this? Coach first bass track down he was a player coach Ralph how called on a pinch hit and pitches a homerun and my dad just looked at me and said, That’s what greatness is. So I had to remember never


Nestor J. Aparicio  06:33

forget that. I saw Frank Robinson as the Cleveland manager in 74 certify now. He was gone from here before when he played my cousin and all that. But I saw Hank Aaron play on the 29th doubleheader as a Milwaukee brewer in 1976. In your Memorial State, like you don’t forget those things. And when the Phillies came in here last week much I had my Pentax camera in 83. So I have pictures of the of the Oriole, a bird and the Philly Phanatic at a second base Memorial Stadium. Like I have those memories that at 55. And then wait and 30 years, we got a new owner, you know of the whole history of the Angelus and all of that. But in the new people have treated me worse than Angelo’s, to be really honest with you. But what Hey, oh, believe me my eruptions coming my crack. It’s always coming. But in the case of Cleveland for you, in all sincerity, I, I go back to Len Barker and Charbonneau and, you know, like, you know, all of that Thornton, you know. So, the modern era for you what, what is the brand of the Guardians, much like the DC football team and other teams that had trademarks that were disputed, at the very least, if not offensive? In some cases? How is how is that for a guy your age, you’re wearing a guard shirt, you’re down. I mean, you, you were the first one to sort of say, Look, man, we can put this down and change our name. But the whole image because I use the I word by accident, or the T word because it was a sort of fun. And Major League and like, that’s my and you know, I love your town. And you know, I love the history and the red jerseys and, like the blue shirt, like all of that, right? And, and even when John Martin comes on and speaks into the pain of 95 and 90, I was in the locker room in Cleveland, right? Like, I remember it all. I feel for the fans, all of us who are fighting the Yankees and the Dodgers in the big money a baseball to say, when you’re in first place in June, don’t urinate on that, that for old guys like you and me. It’s this rarefied air. This is a Christmas gift.

Munch Bishop  08:44

You know, I’m gonna take one step back, then I’m gonna get into what you’re hitting me with here is that my very first sports cast ever. And this was kind of actually formally was August 15 1979. And I was the new guy. So the morning show host said to me, okay, so you’re giving me a little preview on the Ohio State offensive line, and we’re talking this and that. And we’re talking a little bit of Indians and reds because it was in Columbus, he goes, but I’m going to hit you with the toughest one yet, just to see if you’re up to the pass the muster, who plays in the World Series and who wins? And I looked at I said, Well, that’s the easiest question you’ve hit me with. It’s going to be the pirates and the Orioles. And the pirates. Rita were a World Series. So I apologize. She would all the great people in Baltimore which I do love your city to. So it goes back to that I will apply

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:34

love and never apologize to me grant Jackson never none of these guys I knew. I had David Parker on a couple of years ago and he’s feeling off as well. He none of those guys those bumps any of them at normal reign over his wife. And you know what, every time we hear we are family here. It’s almost like Sister Sledge is banned in the state of Maryland is certainly involved.

Munch Bishop  09:57


I can imagine. I can imagine He scarred by

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:01

45 years later or anything you know

Munch Bishop  10:03

you should be an even with your Baltimore Orioles I remember like yesterday and again being a baseball card collector and being a sports guy people say much What did you get your formal training? Well the summer of first to second grade my dad we for he would take off for the plant would always leave the boxcars open for me in the morning paper. He come home from work I say Dad, do you know what? You know, there’s oil for Salus did today there’s you know what Nellie Fox did? Or do you know what? Louisa appreciate, by the way, Louise and Nellie were my favorite Keystone combo of all times we used to take make my dad take me to CNY guarantees

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:38

you read the box scores and 6061 62 first question would be did Aparicio steal a base last night and chances are again, if


Munch Bishop  10:47

you love C, you’re the same way as me, you need to look at those little things. But you know, and I remember the 420 game winners that you had like yesterday, and you know what, man, loving baseball, and really being a fan of your city? Is that not as bad as you? But you know, I always kind of glanced towards the Baltimore Orioles to see what they’re doing too. And for quite a while. It’s like, whoa, haven’t been doing a dang thing. Then, of course, we had the great playoffs with you guys in our cities. And you know, I remember guys laying down bumps and run into we’ll play on down the line. It’s been a lot of fun. But you know, I look at your squad today. And I look at our squad today. And you mentioned about the Guardians. Well, they’re still always going to be some folks that are like, well, you know what, no, they’re not the guardians or the Indians. They don’t care. I mean, you go to the games, there’s probably if people are wearing gear, I’d say overwhelming majority are now wearing guardians gear and a new hip thing is their city connect jerseys with the CL E. And you’ve got the the Guardian Statue holding the bat, you’re seeing a lot of those around. But you know, going back to my dad, and my dad was one of these guys, like I said he was a Marine, he was a plant worker. And he told me from day one, when I started following the team, he goes, you know, and he showed me a pennant for the 40 World Series that had a just a bold, proud Indian Chief Audit with the headdress. And just like a good serious look on his face. He goes, this should be the logo. He goes, Chief Wahoo is stupid. I don’t like it. And you know, that was for years. So I’m going to be blunt. I did not like Chief Wahoo either. I had no problem though. With the name Indians. To me, it was not a demeaning name. But if they need to change it, then so be it. I can go with change. Okay, as long as just not flat out stupid. And you have some folks that were being pre emptive. And you have some folks that write checks for the team that say, You know what, maybe you should think about changing the name, there are still people in an uproar if that’s the case, they need to get a life, okay. And there’s still people that have won over because they’re winning. And there’s people who have been won over because they keep working on the logo and keep working on merchandise. But right now, for the most part, a team 23 founder or 23, overnight 23 Other anybody complaining because of the name, well, you know, they can go somewhere else, they can move to the state up north of this height too, because the bottom line is they’re just not happening in any way, shape, or form. People are embracing this team in a big way. Because you know what? This team who’s a superstar in this team. It’s Jose Ramirez, Steven Kwan may be knocking at the door. nailers, a very, very good player. As I mentioned, every day, somebody else steps up. And there are a lot of fun, and they play for each other. They go, you know, the old 90 foot round truck. But when they’re on first base, they’re not thinking 90 feet, they’re thinking I’m not going to second I’m going to third or maybe even I’m scoring at times a little reckless, because they have been putting runs on the board. But you’re gonna love them. They’re fun to watch. And you know, I love watching your team too. So, to me, this is going to be one of the most fun series of the year in baseball.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:49

Much mashup is here from the land of Cleveland has been my friend for going on three, four decades now. He has done sports radio in the Cleveland area. Since 1979. As he has documented i i went on the air December 13 1991. So you got 12 years on me

Munch Bishop  14:04

to age wise too, by the way. Well, that’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:07


okay. You know, I mean, I’ve had a great week here. I’ve had Greg Hawkes from the cars on there. Really? Yeah, I know you’re old school music guy and Thomas Dolby hooting, the blowfish has been a really good summer here in addition to just doing sports that we’re having fun in crabcakes and doing our thing and you know, I guess out in Cleveland for you, you’re still doing what you’ve always done and what you’ve loved to do, which is talk about the local teams I mean, that’s been your life much like my life here.

Munch Bishop  14:35

Hey, I gotta jump in on something real quick. You know two of the cars or cars or Cleveland guys reco Kasich of course the the frontman maple Heights High School in the late great Denny or Valley Forge High School, what are the karma schools? And I’m a huge crab Craig guy too, so I know that we don’t eat anything to not pandering in any way shape or form but

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:55

I’m gonna Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. How am I going to argue Carly? You can’t right I’m here by the way no case okay here and then he downgraded to Cleveland out there but we claim okay stick around here as well for you with this

Munch Bishop  15:11

oh what okay go but I’m glad to talk rock and roll too you know and I know you won’t mind mentioning the game I’ve had program directors before who definitely are a thorn and most people side I joke that I have more fingers than I’ve had good program directors and 44 going on 45 years I only have seven fingers but the bottom line is I think guys be very you weren’t you didn’t talk sports in that segment you talked about this band this and that. I’ve heard Dan Patrick go on for a segment about Tom Petty during the day when Tom was still with us. So you know, rock and roll sports they go hand in hand. We


Nestor J. Aparicio  15:48

have rock and jock he’s known Yeah, years ago I served

Munch Bishop  15:51

a spark to term sports rockers. That’s what I call it my listeners. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:56

right, well, there you go. So for you with the Cleveland experience now on what the Guardians represent where the state what the state of the stadium and where the Browns are and what the Cavaliers have done and what Ohio State Where’s Cleveland baseball right now and I mentioned this because Tito Francona was the star of the franchise right? You have manager that’s a star. And the last time we want to hear Joe Altobelli was the manager was the year after we’ve left, right well, so in 83 and Earl Weaver was in the booth with Howard Cosell being hazed by cosell in the seventh inning about URL not when Hey URL How’s it feel to watch this to your after you let me know lost his mind. So we’ve watched that many times when the bus trips all the way up to Cleveland over the course of time putting all the videos on because that’s all we got is game five October 16 1983 is the last time it happened here. We’ve had hell here with Angelo’s we have this like resurgence in a way that I saw it in Cleveland when the Jake was built 90 Because I went there before the Jake and then I went there with a Jake was built and and then two or three year period 9394 9596 Not only the browns, ravens ngModel and all that both the baseball franchises and I see the the guardians will make sure he’s the right word. You know the Guardian, I always want to use the wrong word. I see the Guardians like 30 years later, really sort of living in eating in the modern era that Orel Hershiser Eddie Murray Ramirez Lofton by, got that experience launched modern Cleveland baseball and sort of when Ripken was going out here and 21 It’s sort of ended. The boob pow Brooks. You know, Frank, all of that went away for 20 years here. You guys have been in World Series your competitive Tito was a part of this Tito leaves

Munch Bishop  17:55


be World Series by the way since the change over to the ballpark three,

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:59

right and game sevens in a real I mean real chance to win LeBron has happened there in the same way that Ray Lewis happened here in the Ravens one year. We know we know what it tastes like to have a parade. But on the baseball side baseball, not in your town because Cleveland still football was the original Garden of Eden there. But baseball for some

Munch Bishop  18:21

unknown reason for some unexplainable reason. Go ahead. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:24

but but Baseball, baseball and Cleveland’s never fully blossom because you haven’t won in the modern era. But I always see it as sort of underserviced in some way because they’ve never really spent money. And I think that when I put in Luke on to talk about cleveleys Like, well, they never really spend money there. And I guess the fans here are wondering with Rubinstein All right. Are we gonna sign hunterson Are we gonna sign rock? We’re gonna give him $300 million. What happens to burns at the end of the year, and Cleveland’s been one of those places where even in the early days with Lofton and those guys they signed those guys early to kind of lock them up. Cleveland hasn’t been a long term place you go make your money with the Mets or somewhere else if you’re you know if if you’re Frankie, right? Well,


Munch Bishop  19:09

you know, like Jose Ramirez definitely locked up here for a while. You know, here’s what’s interesting, Nestor and it drives me crazy. When people mentioned the money thing, flashback during the Tino era until this you know this year is far from over. Don’t get me wrong, but all this team does is win. And I know it’s simplified and don’t get me wrong. I was pushing for them real hard to sign JD martinis to be the d h this year that he definitely would have helped his team they will snake bit last year when they grabbed Josh Bell paid him big money. So they spent money makes it a note paid him big money. They spent money and they just went south in a hurry. But the bottom line is I even had people say to me here we know what don’t like Aslan don’t like Watson, but they spend money and he goes Wait a minute, but they lose that you know Okay, last year, they won, but they lose consistently. And all the Guardians before them, the Indians do is win. And this is boron

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:08

94 wins in 16 102 wins and 1791 wins in 1893 wins in 1820 Doesn’t matter. 2021 tough 8082 That was sort of the weird year just getting reopened. 92 wins and 22. I mean, like, I look at it in think like, you should have 31,000 in the butt. And I’m old school, you know, and I know it doesn’t appeal to people of color. It’s certainly the with the $15 beers. And with all of that, and sort of where we are with the meaty thing, look, much the stench of the ownership that we have here have had here over 30 years. I mean, it got rid of Ripken for for 20 years here, right. Like he didn’t want to be a part of the Brooks died barely being a part of it. Right. So like this new thing we have going here, Cleveland kind of thing going. And when I see it, it feels like it’s still the number three brand in your market in some way, even when they win.

Munch Bishop  21:06

Yeah, you know what? No, I will say this. And I’m going to salute the folks in a big way. You had 100,000 People in the attendance, just about 30% 37,000. Now, in this ballpark. You had over 100,000 people this last weekend for the Blue Jays, you had sellouts Friday and Saturday. You had rain yesterday and you still had close to 27,000 or earlier in the week, you average die in the mid 20s. against, you know, for the for a Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday series. That was a lot of fun. So the people are responding in a big, big way. You know, what does that winning does that. I mean, before the Blue Jays the mariners are in pretty good team. And I’m curious how good they really are. When you see their lineup with two guys over, you know, 220 or 250. But the bottom line is that people are responding to winning. They’re responding to the type of guys on his team. They’re responding to an excite called guardians baseball, guess what that is that is running out. You know, they get an infield mode to be aware of in his series coming up, they get at least an infield hit every game because of hustle, they get to avoid double plays because of hustle, stealing. They steal a little too much because they get caught up too much. But I guess the more you steal, the more you’re gonna get caught. When people are responding to this team, you might say finally not winning cures all ills.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:40


Our biggest problem here much Bishop joining us here for Cleveland our biggest problem the bullpen right now and then the starting rotation over the last two weeks losing all these pitches to Tommy John surgery. I could do an hour on the epidemic of I mean, you and I remember what you’re telling me John pitch now everybody’s Tommy John 1516 year old kids. Yeah, it’s crazy. The bullpen that they’ve amassed there and the obvious deficiencies in the starting rotation that that Cleveland has. Yeah. And well, we’re trying to look we’re always trying to build the perfect team here. We have an offensive machine here. They can’t even get holiday to the big leagues. They just brought curse that back. They have all of these first round draft picks that are performing. They have Rookie of the Year candidates like all of that, but the injuries to the pitching have depleted the pitching and we’re we saw the Yankees last week we saw the Astros do a little bit of shoving over the weekend at them. You get a really good team there in Cleveland. And the bullpen is something that I think we’re going to see the next couple of days that if you get behind big problems come sixth seventh eighth inning against the against the legal guardians,

Munch Bishop  23:44

you know, and even sometimes in the 15th the bullpen has been magnificent. And here’s what’s crazy. You do your homework. Well, you don’t do homework. You just watch the game on a daily basis is that Shane Bieber comes out. I know. It’s just too out. He’s gonna go and son of a gun. You know how you look for things. I go, this is the Cy Young Shane Bieber. Well, after two outings, he’s gone. Tristan Mackenzie has been just, you know, not pitching good. But he’s been a warrior. He needs surgery. He needs to be out for a year. He’s still in a rotation may had

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:14

a no enter two weeks ago. And then he’s got Tommy John surgery. Yeah.

Munch Bishop  24:18

Is that insane? I mean, so you’re going through the same thing. I mean, Carlos Carrasco was signed to do some heat up some Indians of the, you know, middle relief. He is been a starter, but I’ll say this, Bybee, Logan and Ben lively. I mentioned names. They have been very, very, very good and they’re waiting for Gavin Williams to come back. He’s rehabbing now he throws but the bullpen is a lot of fun. You know some of the guys I shudder a little bit when they come in. Just named remember Tim Herron and the veteran Scott Barlow. They’re a coin flip lately, but my golly, Hunter ganas been moved to the pen. He has been lights out and you get a love of He’s a rockstar in Cleveland Emanuel Closs a oh come on come on man. He well, he is just specially they had the cameras on him when he’s walking down the stairs to come out of the bullpen comes out of the crowd and the crowd just goes insane. It’s like making the boys taking the stage.


Nestor J. Aparicio  25:15

Well they took the stage as well. I saw him a few weeks ago much Bishop Mrs. Rock and rollin here. Before I let you go and you know we do some we baseball talk and we don’t do a lot of MBA here and you know I’m asleep on all that at this point. A football thing I’m not asleep on and just take a little siesta. Little June little July siesta. Bring me up to speed on the woof woof brownies and where they sit in the cosmos for you in you know, the quarterback who had some criminal allegations. The franchise always sort of been dusting off the last five or six years. I like to coach sometimes I like the players. Sometimes you like the direction and then they come out and play and the Ravens are always the better franchise and I don’t and I believe me, I have my own issues with the Ravens at this point. But to give me a nickel to bet on or against the browns, I have to bet against them. And probably I don’t believe in the quarterback. I don’t believe in that kid. Well,

Munch Bishop  26:18

you know what? Number one you asked me where they fit my Cosmos near the bottom, which is a damn shame. And I’m gonna be blunt. I know that on your show that I can I’m saying it’s not Nestor, but they have an O F two owners actually Jimmy and Dee who pretty much embarrassed the city every time they open their mouths they have owners that have tried to shove Johnny Manziel on us now of course to shame Watson as I call him as the quarterback of the team. That’s true. I’ve talked to some NFL people I’m talking GM some player personnel they were laughing so much just off to the side we’ve got over under on games played by under shame at six and most of us are taking under on that one this season. There are some likable guys I wish I could root for them and I did cheer for them last year I’m probably I didn’t watch one second. While the shame was still quarterback Sooners. Flacco came on board. I was watching the games again listening to them intently but the bottom line is is that you know they’ve got some Lego guys which makes it a damn shame teller. But Tonio good dudes, Amari Cooper. I just love watching that guy play Nick Chubb. When he comes back, how could you not like him? Miles Garrett is a good good man Denzel Ward, my Buckeye brother. But for the rest of this like, you know what? I’m tired of guys telling us how great they are. They’re getting picked apart by a rookie quarterback. My Buckeye brothers CJ Stroud last year. You know what? Knock off the nonsense and just play I haven’t heard one Guardian say to share how good they are or how they’re doing it or 23 over you know, you have guys getting jobs on on the Cleveland Browns that are told us how great they are? Nah, you gotta you gotta finally walk the walk.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:55

Well, hey, it is the seasons close. And you know, around here, ravens rev it up against the chiefs to open the whole season, kicked the whole thing off on the road. A couple of things much on the rock’n’roll side, I do have to point out that I did sit with Eric Singer of Kiss at game five of the 1995 World Series. In the upper deck. Kevin and I were there as the night before our move the team like literally the next morning was the morning the tarmac happened. And I was in Cleveland. I stayed out in Parma right after about a Ford plant. And I’m Eric Singer. We were you know, cold. It was a 95 World Series. It was 30 degrees. Everybody had blankets and Arizona 97. Right. Yeah, I mean, it was this was cold. So but I did I did sit there with Eric six. So there’s my rock and roll Cleveland rock and roll royalty. You tried to drop the cars on me there. And I never met Michael Stanley and I feel like uh you know, I’m not proud of that because I know he was a real icon there. Okay, a couple things. I don’t school enough to have come to Cleveland, many moons ago. First time I ever came early. Of course he was his guest for the LA game. You don’t want to talk about that the drive game. I did go back a couple of different times with the Oilers off games and whatnot. I remember struck around the clock remember strock around the clock went on strike came up as like a girl and he was our first offensive coordinator right and Baltimore right as as Raven. So give me there was the dogs and benefit minnifield Dixon and all that and then there was strock around the clock. You had LeBron, you had a lot of sensations. Give me where the Flacco thing fits in Cleveland lore with SIPE and all of the other Bernie the Flacco thing from the outside and Joe came on and did an hour with me, you know, a couple of weeks after it’s over with dude, you have people in Baltimore rooting for the Browns like the Flacco thing is sort of an all timer like almost like a movie in the six weeks it lasted.

Munch Bishop  30:00


Joe Flacco was amazing. The receivers said he was amazing. The linemen even said you know what they say Flacco can’t move that how are we protecting them? How are we gonna keep them upright? Through a few too many pics and the bottom line is people try to blame the Houston Texans game on him. Well, you know what? When your defense put you in a three touchdown hole, what do you have to do? You have to come out slinging the ball. I know he gets charged for a pick but one of the pick six he was hammered as he threw a ball and floated up and was picked away. His this was a fairy tale. This was a real life. Just special, you know, rainbows all over the sky over Cleveland Browns stadium. Flacco not only was a very good quarterback for the team, he was a very, very good man, not a single mention about him playing for the Ravens when he was here. We do remember him beating the team with the checks the year before leading game winning drive. But it was just amazing. Amari Cooper, well, it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:59

hard to convince people here of this, and this comes across as anti Lamar, but it’s not. He did things Lamar is still dreaming about doing. As a quarterback for you several times. It wasn’t luck. It wasn’t. You know, I’m Nick Foles. I’m going to take over the Eagles for six weeks and win some games. What Joe did here, and I wrote a book about this 12 years ago now. I am just glad that he had and, look, he’s wearing a coach helmet now. So you know, there’s that cuts here a little bit, you know, let me hit you with this. But he was a special guy. I want people and I’m glad that the resurrection of Joe Flacco and Cleveland shined a light on I won’t say his humanity, but he’s decency. His decency is to thank

Munch Bishop  31:52

you. Thank you for and I’ve got to hit you with this too. And this has just been a great you and I love sharing this on your show is that there is no doubt the Browns fully intended to bring him back. I know that Kevin Stefanski and Ken Dorsey. They made like a quick jaunt out to the LA area under the guise of checking on the progress of the Shane Watson and his progress there from his surgery. Well, they really went out there to put on a fire because Watson said he did not want Flacco on this team. Look at Derek other dogs barking for you. Now he didn’t want Flacco on his team because soon as he threw a picker did something stupid people will be clamoring for him and he knew that Flacco was more important and more liked than him mainly to not only was he a good quarterback because he was a decent man. So hence why Joe Flacco is no longer wearing a large helmet. You can think to shame for that. Well, we’ll

Nestor J. Aparicio  32:46

see how that turns out this week. Joe 4140 title how the Old Joe is Joe’s timeless ageless as is much bishop in Cleveland much time buddy how to find you what you do. You’re much on sports everywhere around the world, but tell them how to find you out on the interwebs and listen in find you and get in the React part of postgame for the Guardians this week. Atlanta cleave Thank


Munch Bishop  33:08

you my friend. You can get me on x at Munch Cleveland. Facebook is much Bishop. I do write sometimes daily columns for an E Oh sports insiders. It’s Annie ENEOS sports insiders and also appear on w h BC. News Talk 1480 So having a lot of fun and just enjoying the summer and heading off on a little vacation at the end of this week. But I’ve never that far from my homeland. Listen

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:38

your tastes pretty good this year and whether it goes three games up or down this week. We got taxes coming into this weekend. Joan jets are squirter on Friday. She’s playing with Landis Moore said we got my hometown festival the heritage fair is in this weekend. I had Greg Hawkes from the cars on that’s happening on the air this week. You got like Hootie the Blowfish is playing up in Hershey. I had more Brian Moody on last week. So like a lot of rock and roll a lot of baseball happening. But this is my pledge to you. And you know this because of how much fun I’ve had and I really, I almost came to Cleveland for the the the Eclipse and I didn’t I should have

Munch Bishop  34:14

because you’ve been in my backyard with us. We were in the best viewing area our little city west of Cleveland a by Lake it was like the best totality path to a magical experience was an incredible Yeah, you know what I was one of these guys saying? Okay, great. There’s 50,000 people come into Northeast Ohio. Actually, there was a few 100,000 Why would they do this, bro, as it was happening? I was blown away. It was magical. It was mystical. And it was just worth every second to still be breathing on this planet to view that that’s how amazing it was. And that was one of these guys that was shoulder shrugging before it happened.

Nestor J. Aparicio  34:51


Well my wife went up to northern New Hampshire the Canadian border and saw it and where I was, you know, I was here with the cat I wanted to do it didn’t add a lot of work was One of those days and then everybody that saw it including my friends, Bernard and Cleveland and other people that are out there, they all invited me I could have gone to Treme on to my favorite breakfast place on earth and had breakfast that morning. Breakfast lunch, grumpy if I give it away everybody don’t don’t tell anybody you know, I mean um, I’ll tell you how much Bishop is you know much Bishop is out and the land to cleave and we will I hope to get out there I was just gonna say heart The heart for people like you that have suffered. If the I keep want to say that. If the Guardians win the world series I’m going to feel the best for people like you that have been suffering because I did that with the Cubs. I did that with the Red Sox. I certainly did that with you with Lebron when you finally won I call that I hailed all I did all of that stuff. It’s fun for long suffering fans to win and I want us to win too. I went every Luke Jones and every my kid anybody that was born too late to see 83 and Scott McGregor and Cal Ripken and Rick Dempsey. But you know, you’re next in line I would say so good luck to you guys. And we’ll see at the end of the week,

Munch Bishop  36:09

we don’t we’ll definitely swap domiciles here when the Orioles and the Guardians play for the ale championship take care of money.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:17

I gotta get out to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame soon enough at some point they’ll put sticks in when they put sticks in is when I’m coming. He is much Bishop he’s out in the land to clean they have rock and roll out there with a pretty good baseball team we’re gonna see here in Baltimore all week long looks at the ballpark covered at all. We’re talking baseball each and every morning here at Baltimore positive and once a week Rock and Roll Hall of Famers rock and roll royalty crabcakes it Pappas in Parkville on Tuesday, all of it brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery I’ll have the Gold Rush sevens doublers as well as our friends at Liberty pure solutions and Jiffy Lube, multi care. I am Nestor we are wn st am 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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