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Orioles look for bats to awaken at home against Guard


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As the Orioles bats went silent over the weekend in Houston, Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the fatigue of a long June and the let down after an emotional week in New York. Now, here come the first-place Cleveland Guardians with the kind of bullpen Baltimore could use down the stretch.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We are positively into a homestand into a week of baseball. You’re Luke Jones about to join us. He will join us again on July 12. We’re going to reconvene for the Maryland crab cakes were presented by our friends at the Maryland lottery, the Gold Rush sevens doublers we will have these at Pappas and Parkville this Tuesday, and then we’re gonna go a little Fourth of July respite come back on July 12. We are putting together the Maryland oyster tour in September so I’m really looking forward to that. Our friends at Liberty pure solutions, making our water crystal clear as well as Jiffy Lube, multi care, keeping us tuned up and out on the road and oiled up for a good series here with the Guardians ahead rough weekend for the Orioles down in Houston and we talked about the Yankees a little bit over the weekend. Looks about George slip before a start. We’re going to be Pappas in Parkville. On Tuesday, I have a litany of great guests stopping by old friends in New Fourth of July week. We’re going to be at the Heritage fair this weekend. So we’re looking forward to that. I had a bucket list interview this week with with I’ve two guests that I don’t want to spoil the second one yet because I want to make sure he joins me later in the day. But I had Greg Hawkes from the cars. One of the surviving members without realizing he was from Howard County Appleton he was a ticket taker at Merriweather for the who, and for Tom Jones back in 1970 71. And later performed there as a member of the cars were had a front row seat in 1984. And also saw the Beatles at the Baltimore Civic Center. And you’ll appreciate this I’m just gonna plug this piece and I want to say something nice about Coco’s and then we’re going to talk about the Orioles and the guardians to wash out all that we get some rural farms gonna clog and get a wash taste to that whole. But Astros thing oh man, my cousin’s an Astros fan. She grew up here, going to Baltimore accent she roots for the Astros. She’s, I should bring her on this week. She’s a mess. Go goes had an issue over the weekend, and they lost their power on Friday. And look, you’ve been to Coco’s on occasion. You’ve had the delicious crab cake there. You know they have this big refrigerated things that they keep all the crab cakes in and they’re always hundreds of crab cakes and making those big softball 11 ounce delicious crab cakes that they have over there. Not to mention to coconut shrimp that I’m that’s my my jam over there. Um, power goes down on Friday, and then Saturday. It happened again. So she just got back up running and she’s like, Oh my god. Marcela puts out a thing ad on Facebook that our power’s out and we have 600 crabcakes here. 25 bucks to crabcake come get them. And I’m like, let’s help Marcel and I shared it everywhere and whatever. She sold out of crabcakes in two hours on Saturday, that’s the power community. And so bravo to everybody that saved Marcela. Small business can have losses like that, who wants to waste grab gates on a hot weekend. So all of that stuff worked out. Luke became an uncle this week as well. So we’ve just had good stories of triumph. They beat the Yankees. And then I had a try if Greg Hawkes did the show, and then they’re playing Saturday night at ramshead. And there’s still tickets available to go here and a whole evening of cars, music, but Greg Hawkes and a band called Eddie Japan. So I you know, I’ve had a good week. Whether it’s been nice, but the baseball over the weekend, dude, I mean, we’re having a good time here. When you when I left things that cost this high five and everybody’s mu in scoring 17 runs all the memes are all these Oriole tough guys beating up on Yankees and little three stooges in Little Rascals memes and stuff. My favorites are always the Julia Louis Dreyfus and Jason Alexander the Seinfeld ones are my favorite but with Oreos, Yankees, but the only thing and this Astros thing over the weekend. It was rough and the bats need to awaken and they’re coming home and there should be optimist. We’ve got a lot of fans there this week. Joan Jett is coming in man.


Luke Jones  04:21

Yeah, I mean, there should be optimism. I mean, no one should be panicking over one series over the weekend. I mean, it was ugly. I agree. We talked about it in a whole segment. But at the same time, this is still a team that’s 20 games 20 plus games over 500. And we’re not even to the Fourth of July yet. You’ll sign up for that every year and feel great about it. So I think the biggest takeaway from the weekend is the need to turn the page very quickly because this is a Cleveland guardians team coming in that I don’t think there were very high expectations for the TITO Francona era had come to an end and I think whenever you’re talking got about a manager that’s led you to pennants and deep, deep October runs and all of that, that there’s a question as far as, what is it going to look like especially in a market like Cleveland where they haven’t spent money and you wonder about that, but Stephen Vogt has come in and has done a really nice job as manager. And I think the biggest thing when you’re looking at the Guardians, and yes, you know, they have some bats. Jose Ramirez is a well known name around baseball at this point in time, Josh Naylors had a really nice year for them. But you look at the pitching, but you peel it back, peel back the onion, their rotations, not impressive on paper. Right. And, I mean, you look at the pitching matchups for this series, even I mean 365 Okay, Logan Allen has a five to three era Carlos Carrasco has a 540 So it’s not the rotation. But look at their bullpen and look at the bullpen numbers and obviously, it begins with Class A there they’re closer who is another Felix Batista kind of dominant ninth inning arm that you just feel great about. But it’s not just him. Their bullpen has been that good. So in a way it does kind of remind you of those Cleveland teams going back to when they played the Cubs and the World Series, what eight years ago at this point in time where they tried to shorten the game and they could turn the turn it over to the bullpen in the fifth or sixth inning and feel great about it the rest of the way so their bullpen has been outstanding. And they played they just played really good baseball. We’ve We’ve spent so much time talking about the Orioles and Yankees and the Al East race. I mean, Cleveland, I mean, they’ve separated from Minnesota. Obviously the Royals have really come back to Earth after a fantastic start. Detroit isn’t awful, but they’re not good either. And obviously, the White Sox are horrendous. I mean, Cleveland has been the very clear class of that division. And I mean, they go into this series with a seven and a half game leads. So you know, they’re in way better shape than the Orioles are Yankees as it pertains to the division and winning the division. So, you know, the overall point that I made, I think it was the eighth inning on Sunday, as the Oreos for getting swept in Houston is you better be ready to turn the page because this is a Cleveland team that’s playing really good baseball. Now they just disposed of the Blue Jays who, by the way, I mean, the Blue Jays are just a mess. I mean, I mean, they’re crumbling at this point in time, but they took care of them and let’s go fleece a good baseball team. I mean, it really is. Yeah, yeah, maybe maybe. I mean, I don’t know if they’re gonna be what but but this is a good team in Cleveland coming in and like I said, it really begins with how great their bullpen has been look at their bullpen splits compared to the rest of the league. It’s silly what their bullpen is doing cannot last for 162 games. Yeah, it’s probably fair to ask that. But where they stand right now, which is a record that’s a little bit better than the Orioles and Yankees you know, they’ve quietly overtaken the Orioles and Yankees for the best record in the league. So, but their bullpen has just been outstanding. And it’s really covered up any other deficiencies they might have.

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:10

Yeah, John Martin from the Maryland lottery comes on all the time with us. And I kid him he’s guardians, he grew up he grew up honest in Cleveland, but really big sports historian like when I start talking, because we don’t want to talk lottery scratch offs to talk about megamillions talk about winners talking about their Olympic giveaway, all the stuff that we do cash, pop all the new games, but when I get him going on baseball, and I did this week, so it’s great segment because he was talking about 54 World Series and, you know, the drought and his lifetime. And I brought you up as though like you were born two weeks before the last time we won, they go back even further. If you don’t count LeBron, you know, it’s certainly from the brown side. It’s hopeless there. And then, and I talked to John a lot about baseball because we do run riches all the time. We always put a little baseball like how the team’s doing. We’d like to keep it topical. So it’s not boring lottery talk or boring sports, gambling talk or whatever. But the beeper thing for him was like a sort of an inside thing in March and April, like, hey, maybe thinking you know, we’re gonna get Jackson holiday for beaver some, but the notion that things have gone perfect for them, they have not. And if you think the Yankees are big and bad, this a team played 650 Ball two, and they’ve done it for a while and they’ve done it without everybody as well. They thought their rotation would be better. And they’re also a franchise like us, like Tampa, like the Yankees before they got you know, Gerrit Cole back last week, that things haven’t been perfect with pitchers or young pitchers or devastating losses to their own Kyle Bradish.

Luke Jones  09:47

No doubt about it. And look, this part of the dialogue here is pitching injuries or it’s part of the sport. I mean, it really is. We talked about it a lot you and I’ve spent entire segments kind of talking about that. So yeah, I mean when you talk Got beaver. And I mean, it hasn’t been a perfect season for Cleveland. But like I said, their bullpen has just been so good. I mean, their, their starting rotation on paper doesn’t really impress you statistically, it doesn’t really impress you. It’s not horrendous, but it’s certainly not. Were you looking at them and saying, oh my gosh, I mean, their top three starters are unbelievable. How are you going to navigate that? If you face them in the postseason? I mean, they’re not that team. It’s just that their bullpen has been amazing you know, with Class A and go down the list that I’m they’ve got three or four other relievers who have sub two era. I mean, you have guys with a one, one something era in the bullpen and missing bats and getting outs and holds and saves and all that. I mean, well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:40


the goal is to avoid those risks. Because if you’re ahead, you avoid those guys, right? I was

Luke Jones  10:45

just gonna say, if you’re not leading in the sixth inning, then oh, this is not the kind of series you want to navigate. And, you know, we mentioned this a little bit with the Philadelphia series. I mean, the Phillies have, much like Cleveland outstanding bullpen where they have four or five guys where, you know, probably three of those guys could close on other teams. I mean, that’s kind of what you’re looking at. But you know, I mean, this Cleveland team, again, you look at the record, and you say, how are they so good? Because don’t get me wrong. I mean, Jose Ramirez is a fantastic player nailer. You know, they’ve got Steven, kind of the throwback as far as a contact hitter and all that, that you just don’t see very much of it in a modern gate game. So it says other offense stinks. Let me be clear about that. But what what when you’re looking at what the secret sauce is what really has made Cleveland so great this year, again, the bullpen numbers in terms of, you know, whether you’re talking just era, or getting nerdy or with wins above replacement, and when probability added and all those different things. I mean, their pen has just been so good. I can can that lasts for six months. I mean, that’s always a question with pitching at this point in time. And to your point, you know, it’s not as though they haven’t had some injuries, you know, particularly to their rotation, you know, with prominent, you know, prominent pitcher going down. So, you know, what we’ll see, but again, you better you’re in, you’re down the runner to go on into the seventh inning, you’re not feeling great about your chances. I mean, you just aren’t so, you know, I think if there’s something that does stand out a little bit, I mean, Cleveland has been they’ve been good on the road, but they’ve really been amazing plan at home this year. You look at their home road splits. I mean, it’s I think they’ve lost nine games at the ballpark formerly known as the Jake all year. So but they’ve, you know, 23 and 17. On the road, they’ve been perfectly fine on the road. So it’s a good team. Again, you kind of look at their makeup, you looked at where expectations were new manager Terry Francona retiring. I think there was a thought of, okay, you still have Minnesota, Kansas City, no one thought they’d get off to the start. They did. But now they’ve obviously come back to Earth. You know, I think people were wondering about the Tigers a little bit with some of their young talent. What was that going to look at? look like? I mean, I don’t think anyone thought Cleveland was going to be terrible. Let me be clear about that. But, you know, I don’t think anyone was looking at the the guardians and saying, Oh, they’re gonna be the class of the division. They’re gonna be up seven plus games, as we’re approaching the Fourth of July. So, again, their pitching has been good. And they’ve got a plus 104 Run differential. That’s not fluky. You know, when you’re talking about run differentials in the triple digits in late June. You know, it’s not just that you’re getting lucky in one run games. And you’re fortunate that, you know, the balls bouncing all know, they’re good. I mean, they’re good now. Are they 100? Win. Good.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:41

Great. You know, I

Luke Jones  13:42

think that’s still to be determined, again, is that bullpen going to continue to excel at this level to this degree? That’s a fair question. But, you know, again, this is a team that it’s worked for him all year, shortened it to a five or six inning game and then turn it over to the bullpen and those guys have been fantastic.


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:59

Luke Jones is here he is both tomorrow. Luke at an all of the social medias of ravens are kind of quiet right now. Let’s kind of keep it that way. We’re quieting down the crabcake tour after our stop at Pappas and Parkville on Tuesday for a couple of weeks. As we get up on the Fourth of July, the weather’s heating up you and I get a whole turn on Rubenstein and trade deadline and pitching and people can go listen to that you and I did a whole thing on Willie Mays last week on the crabcake tour over Costas as well. And a little bit of the history of baseball and we kicked out nerded out on that and I’m sure we will nerd out again before July 12. When we gather at fadeless for another crab cake down there. thumbs up thumbs down for you on the weekend and on the hitting and on the prescription for getting this a little bit better with the bats and we wouldn’t have said that on Thursday with 17 guns, even the crazy ninth inning they had on Friday night but the Saturday, Sunday thing we mentioned fatigue this and they’re been playing a lot of games. They’re playing stiffer competition and they were on the road and in a dome and blah, blah. Everybody’s wearing orange. I didn’t notice that including my cousin. Yeah, hot and cold thumbs up, thumbs down. We’re always wondering this with the outfield and decisions they’re going to make with Matteo and Westberg and nagging injuries. And when do you give rutschman a day off and DTH him. And you know, how long is O’Hearn going to keep this going and Santander we were two weeks ago, like what’s up with him and then he just hits home runs. And so all of these guys that does that streakiness the mountcastle is famous for that hazing. A lot of these guys are famous for being streaky and to bats can carry them through the next eight days. And they could just go six and one you know, before the weekend’s over and everything because they’re capable of that I don’t have to pitching if I’m believing in the pitching more and more times through the rotation without Bradish and with Povich and guys I’m still questioning as to whether they belong and urban how long that’s gonna last and Suarez who my Venezuelan brother I don’t claim out too vague anymore because he’s a cheater we need to get into that took the hour and a half of talking baseball without accusing the Astros of cheating. thumbs up thumbs down on hitting right now and what you want to see done with the lineup. I

Luke Jones  16:27

mean, look, I’m not gonna sit here and say thumbs down when the numbers are what they are, right. I mean, this has been one of the best offensive in baseball, and I know we’ve talked about the walks by the way. Adly Richmond’s walk rate, go look at it. It’s on the rise. And he’s continued to produce and all that. So that’s normalized as I thought it would. But they slug and okay, they didn’t hit the ball over the weekend. Blanca was really good on Saturday, and he’s having a really good year. And friend, Valdez who I understand hasn’t had the dominant year statistically, we know what he’s capable of. So they ran into some good pitching. It’s not an excuse, but it’s part of it. And I thought over the weekend, yeah, they didn’t have as good of at bats. I thought there were a couple of times where they took a called third strike. And you could see it the hitter wasn’t pleased. But the K zone suggested as a strike, man, you know, so you’re gonna have some of that. I think, you know, in our previous segment, I made the point that as they’re navigating this uncertain time with their pitching in terms of what’s going to happen trade deadline wise with the rotation with the bullpen. I think they do need to lean on their hitting a little bit more in terms of what can be done. I mean, they obviously tweaked the lineup a little bit against the lefty on Sunday, they had a rutschman lead off. You know, in recent weeks, we’ve seen Jordan Westbrook lead off against left handed starters, somewhat and dropping gunners to the clean up spot. You know, I’m not opposed to tweaking the lineup. I also don’t think that’s necessarily an elixir. And I don’t think Brandon Hyde views it that way. Sometimes it’s just to change things up, you know, just do something for the sake of doing it differently. But, you know, as this lineup goes, you know, I mean, they obviously lean so much on their MVP candidate and Gunnar Anderson and Adley rutschman. They’re all star catcher. I mean, that’s the state and the obvious mountcastle is had a good year, Jordan Westberg, you know, hit a home run up, you know, cup long ball over the weekend, and you know, saw that so that was good to see. The outfield. I mean, it’s just for me, it’s just can you find a little more consistency. I mean, Santander has had the monster June hit the long ball. Mullins has swung the bat better the last couple of weeks. That’s been good to see. Austin Hays quietly, even though he hasn’t regained an everyday role, nor am I suggesting that he should or needs to. Quietly he swung the bat. Well, since coming back from the aisle. I mean, you think how disastrous His start was. And meanwhile, Colton Couser was looking like Babe Ruth at that point in time. And we’re saying, Hey, Carlos is a starter. He’s his bench player now. But since he’s come back, and obviously they pick their spots when he’s played, but go look at the splits. He’s been good since coming off the aisle. Yeah, the guy that I keep waiting on is Colton Couser from the standpoint of when you look at the peripherals when you look at the batted ball data, the Statcast all those different things, which that’s not the end all be all let me be very clear about that. But it is an evaluation tool to look at and say okay, is this guy close to breaking out? Is this guy hitting into some tough luck? You know, what’s it looking like walk wise What’s it looking like contact rate line? How

Nestor J. Aparicio  19:33

was he getting pitched in April versus how he’s getting pitched Sure. Sure. That and that’s been talked

Luke Jones  19:37


about in terms of you know, off speed stuff as opposed to fast balls. I keep waiting for him to not have a stretch like he did in those two weeks in April because that was very extreme. how ridiculously red hot he was at that point in time. But every time he has a good game, it’s like okay, I’m waiting for him to get going. But then it kind of you know, it reverses and you know, just see a little bit too much swinging missed, let me be clear, I’m not at all suggesting I’d send them down to the minors or anything like that. But I do want to see a more consistent, I do want to see him find a more consistent level here over the next two to three weeks because he’s got the power bat to do it. And he draws walks, plays really good defense, I think that’s something that has kept him playable on a mostly everyday basis is because he defends so well. And obviously Mullins has had his issues to the point where Mullins isn’t an everyday player at this point in time and we’ve seen him rest against a lot of lefties. But you know, you’re just like to see a little more consistency, obviously the the news late Friday night. Heston curse dad is going to be caught up again, I don’t think that’s necessarily means he’s going to play every day because we’ve seen this with him and ours, right? They get caught up and we say, oh, maybe they’ll provide a spark and then they don’t they don’t play a whole lot. So, you know, I think that was just a product of Muay Thai had been called up, you know, during the Yankee series because of the Westberg hip issue, stemming from Juan Soto mysteriously running into him on the base paths. But you know, Westbrook’s clearly fine, as he was one of the few guys swinging the bat over the weekend. But, you know, Can you can you mix, curse that in there? Can he give you a little bit of a spark at some point, if he is going to play at all? I mean, I’m not expecting him to play every day. And we’ve talked about his defense being a factor in that equation. But, you know, I just like to see a little more consistency from the outfield. Because, I mean, I think everyone sees the talent there. I mean, there’s proven guys there are unproven guys with good, you know, minor league resumes and, and well, well thought of prospects, all of that. But, you know, it’s still been a little less consistent than you’d like other than I guess, recently. Sometimes they’re just going nuts with the long ball. So. But overall, I mean, I can’t sit here and quip about the offense too much. I mean, again, who else in baseball scored 400 runs already this year? I mean, it’s just, you know, I know, on a on a day by day basis, yeah, you’d like to be more consistent. But that’s baseball. And I’ll continue to remind everyone, what run scoring has been like across baseball this year, you know, it is not a good run scoring environment. In fact, it’s been, you know, I, I’ve looked at the league average numbers just a couple days ago, I mean, other than two years ago, which if you remember offense was was down two years ago, and you go all the way back to like 2015. And that was in the midst of like, shift mania. You know, you won’t find offense being much worse than it’s been this year over the last 10 years, save for a season or two where it’s comparable. So relative to the rest of baseball, this Orioles offense has been outstanding. So I’m not going to sit here and say a thumbs thumbs down just because of two games over the weekend. But they better be ready to hit because you know, the tough pitching, definitely going to have their their hands full, especially if they get into that Cleveland bullpen in the late innings. And it’s a close game. So they definitely need to be ready to jump on the Cleveland starters because you do not want to be dealing with Class A and the ninth inning or any number of other guys that they’re going to, you know, Steven vote is going to send out in the sixth seventh and eighth inning. I mean, like I said, you have a lot of one something era is in a bullpen, you know, you’ve have your hands full. But you know, with this offense, it’s just a matter of get back to doing what you’ve done all year, which is you know, hit the ball. Again. It’s not perfect every night. Never is you know, that’s baseball, but I’ve talked about a team that’s eclipsed 400 runs over the weekend. You know, I’m not gonna sit here and give it a thumbs down. That would be crazy. Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:42

Crystal balling this out and we’ll talk about it on a daily basis as these games unfold at the bottom of the rotation this week, and they try to get Rodriguez right. If I’m betting and I’m not a better I’m not a gambler on this stuff. I’m betting they’ll rebound at home this week. I I have found them to be relatively resilient, and meeting challenges and the Yankees challenge came to them. It came to them on Wednesday, last week, you know, and they they answer that three weeks ago, the two smartest guys in the room you and me got together and looked at the calendar and looked at the competition and looked at where they were and looked at where even means was and where Bradish was going and certainly once they went not when Bradish was throwing no hitters in May when each June in ARM SORNA year we are I I think they’ll bounce back I’m I want to be the guy this week for all the haters out on YouTube who’ve been clicking and liking that I’m the bad guy here. You know, I think they’ll go five into this big I mean I just think they’ll come back and and the fans and the Joan Jett and the giveaways and the wine shirt like all this stuff they that home cooking for them them, helps their pitching helps their bullpen helps their hitters. I think they’ll play better baseball this week. That’s my prediction. They’ll look more like the team we saw on Yankee Stadium last Thursday for a couple days this week.

Luke Jones  25:13

I mean, I, how could you bet against that? I mean, we have to, we’re coming up on we’re about officially two years out from when they really started playing well, in 22. And they don’t lose a lot. We have two years of evidence at this point of even when they go through a stretch, like I mentioned in our previous conversation, you know, we’re coming up on a year when they had that stretch, where, what they lost two out of three to the reds, and they went to Yankee Stadium, and it was ugly. You know, they lost the six out of seven, and I was on vacation at the time. And every time I opened up social media, all I saw was, oh, the sky is falling, the season’s over, this team’s gone coming back to earth, all that. And then they they got themselves right back to the way that they’d played, which was playing really well. So I think they’re gonna be fine. Does that mean I think they’re gonna go seven and no, either. You know, it’s baseball again, you’re gonna lose some games. You know, what happened over the weekend against Houston is what happens to every team over the course of 162. And, for me, I think where it feels a little more fluky was the fact that burns and Grayson Rodriguez both got beat, right? I mean, if it had just been the bottom of the rotation, like for example, look who pitched against the Yankees, right? The Yankees series. If that had happened to them in that series, then oh, my gosh, the pitching the pitching the pitching. The starting pitching is just not good enough. And look, I’m not let me be clear. I’m not saying that it’s fine the way it’s presently constructed, either. But they lost with Bernie, you know, because I saw some people saying, well, this is really starting to catch up to him with with Bradish. And, and means and wells. Like, wait a second, Corbin burns and Grayson Rodriguez pitch this weekend like this happens, you’re gonna lose some games, all the more reason they get they need to make some pitching upgrades, because you can’t expect burns to be perfect every single time. Although it’s been really close to being that consistent. And you know, Grayson Rodriguez got knocked around on Friday night, it’s going to happen. But, you know, it was just one of those series where it stunk. I can’t say it anymore. The series started. I mean, it was lousy. You know, I can’t sit here and say that anymore. At the same time, it was three games and

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:28

turn the road against the good team when you’re tired and right. I mean, all of that. Yeah.


Luke Jones  27:35

I definitely and again, I I don’t want to say this because it comes across as just making an excuse, at the same time. They’ve had so few off days over the last month plus that I think it would be naive not to think that there’s a little bit of that. And I haven’t said that to you during the Yankee series, that little bit of sloppiness, with the defense, you know, a little more than we’re accustomed to seeing I feel like that’s maybe something that’s shown up a little bit is maybe some mental fatigue there. You know, and it’s not just let’s be clear, I think you have a lot of teams around baseball that this is the kind of the time in the schedule, the All Star break, you can see the light at the end of the tunnel to get to the break. And you know, you get those four days and all that. So everyone’s battling that. So I don’t want to make this a thing that Oh, what was the what was me with the Orioles? And you know, Major League Baseball is not to get no none of that.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:27

But by the way, Ron isn’t Henderson aren’t getting time off probably burns neither right like so a bunch of those lineup going, you know, so they’re, they’re not going to get that rest in their own mind that a lot of guys, Matteo saying, dude, I’m

Luke Jones  28:40

off for a couple days. Right. Right. But But even those guys, I mean, the mental it’s not quite as mentally taxing. I mean, that’s more Yeah, that’s a fun thing. Oh, three, Star

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:48


game. It’s more mentally taxing trying to get family tickets in and out? Oh, sure.

Luke Jones  28:53

I mean, right. But I mean, the baseball part of it. Right. Right. But, but But that said, I don’t know how you can’t look at the schedule and say, I’m sure that’s part of it. That’s it’s part of it. I’m sure they’re probably sure they’re tired right now. You know, Brandon Hyde even said that after the the Yankee series, you know, it was the Philly series. So on Sunday afternoon, last week, last weekend, when they crushed Zack Wheeler, you know, one of the things Brandon Hyde said was, our guys are tired. Like, I could see it coming when they’re walking off the field back to the dugout. I mean, you can tell they’re tired. They’re trying hard. They’re playing hard. But you can tell they’re a little tired. So now that said, One, you know, they’ll be off on July 1, right? So, you know, they’ll get through this week, and they’ll have an off day. Does that fix everything? Or is that the the end all be all? No, of course not. But yeah, you’d like to get into a stretch of baseball, where you’re on average, having a day off per week to 10 days, you know, like, you know, a little more normalized schedule. So I think that’s part of it. But again, that’s not an excuse and I don’t those guys aren’t going to use it as an excuse and that’s why to your point, your predict chin which I wholeheartedly agree with. I think they’re gonna bounce back here. You know, I think Cleveland is really good do I think Cleveland is some unbeatable juggernaut? No, but you better get an early lead on them because you do not want to be navigating that bullpen trying to make up a runner to I mean, because lots of teams have tried and failed, you know that the numbers speak for themselves. It’s why they’re 20 plus games over 500. And in late June, but you know, between them, Texas, who gets Scherzer back there on a little bit of a winning streak here. But overall, the rangers have been disappointing. You know, they’ve been sub 500. So now this is this is a week that shouldn’t be intimidating to the Orioles whatsoever. But you hope the weekend served as I mean, not a wake up call that might be too strong. But just a reminder, a gentle nudge to say hey, yeah, things went really well against the Phillies and the Yankees in good job on that. And you prove some people wrong around baseball, but it’s game humbles you very quickly, doesn’t it? I mean, it absolutely did over the weekend for them. So turn the page, get home, sleep in your own beds. And I think they’ll be fine in the context of the President and winning some series and not going into some big tailspin. We’ll talk about the pitching and trade deadline and all that we’ll continue to talk about that we’ve still got five weeks to go. Even if they make a trade, we’ll say okay, what are they doing next? Right, because that’s just the nature of it. But I do truly feel this team has earned more than the benefit of the doubt as it pertains to okay, you got swept it stunk. It was ugly. Maybe a little embarrassing if we’re being honest, but they’re fine. I mean, they really are. Yankees lost the series. They’re fine. Get home, start playing good baseball again and take care of business against a good Cleveland team. Because if you don’t, then probably you know you’re gonna have your feelings hurt again. And then concerns will start to mount a little bit more. Big week

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:59

ahead. Fourth of July right around the corner or his home all week. Fighting for first place could be in first place. But again, the week’s play well, simple as that plays well as they did last week. We’ll have that happen. Luke will be out of the ballpark all week this week. The baby’s here Uncle Luke is back on the full time beat against the guardians and the Rangers this week. We’re going to be on the beat at Pappas in Parkville. On Tuesday, I will have the Gold Rush sevens. doublers to give away at Pappas Parkville. Our next show after that will be July 12. We will not be down if at least this Friday. I will be taking my wife in her foot in a boot up to hooting the blowfish to see them perform up at Hershey on Friday. Speaking of that, Mark Bryan is here this week. Thomas Dolby Whose show is down at Anthem in a couple of weeks lot of summer tours, and I had a real bucket list visit on likely visit with Greg Hawkes of the cars the original keyboard player from the cars one of the surviving members of the Rock and Roll Hall of Famers. He has put a band together called Eddie Japan they’re playing on Saturday night data ramshead naps last stuff going on and heritage fairs happening this weekend. I’ll be a part of that as well and big concerts and just it’s summertime around here. Make sure you’re keeping those wise conversations. First and foremost. I know we got some hamburgers for the grill over the weekend. Who easier to cook outside when it’s 98 degrees outside or order Coco’s crabcakes when they’re 25 bucks and their freezers are going out and all that stuff that happened last week, but hopefully a good week ahead here. Get some folks out and checking out our stuff. And let anybody know if you’re ready. You’re taking what you’re hearing and seeing you’re at Baltimore positive. We have big plans ahead for football season certainly and new website to Jessica if Alice joined us last week over Costas talked about our new website, and about things we’re doing there also was joined by Chris Emery. It’s like a radio disc jockey week at Chris Emery last week. John Patty of WPA L is going to be a my my cohort at Pappus on Tuesday, Linda Raskin is going to stop by Steve Elliot we’re right in the area where le Family Chiropractic life is on my old pal Barry Stitz from My Little League teams in Eastwood Little League in 1978 79 one time super soccer star with a blast and spirit. Now the the soccer coach there is the archbishop Curley. And you know, when I started looking at stats, I started to do research because it’s not often you invite a childhood friend on you google him and he’s got a bio and all that stuff. He’s in like Hall of Fame’s like all over the place, too. So I’m really gonna bust his chops because he’s been running for me. So, uh, Barry stencil, join us at Pappus on Tuesday, so a lot of great conversations, music, sports, old friends, new friends crabcakes and on a daily basis. Luke Jones got you covered at Oriole Park at Camden Yards each and every night on the X or the twitter whatever. There’s there’s an old WWE reference right there you go. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore. Big thanks to our friends at Jiffy Lube and liberty pure solutions for putting sand on the road in the crab cake tour as well even though I’m getting the chicken franchise at I’m gonna learn how to say that franchisee over Pappas and Parkville back for more a Baltimore positive stay with us

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