Tuesday, March 28, 2023
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Maryland Crab Cake Tour tastes Koco’s with Mayor Brandon Scott

Maryland Crab Cake Tour tastes Koco's with Mayor Brandon Scott

Sharing a delicious Koco’s crab cake and conversation in Lauraville with Mayor Scott

The Maryland Crab Cake Tour taste-tests the Koko's Pub crab cake that Mayor Brandon Scott swears is the best in Baltimore!

Crab Cake Tour Episode 1: The Faidley’s of Lexington Market story

Nestor Aparicio is on the road in The Free State in search of the perfect Maryland crab cake. His first stop is the originator, Nancy Devine, who began mixing up her now world famous jumbo lump crab cakes at Lexington Market in the 1980s. Let her tell you about her mustardy delicious concoction...

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss crab cakes and a real Opening Day for Orioles

Bill Cole and Nestor discuss crab cakes and a real Opening Day for Orioles

Fried or broiled? Mixing crab cakes and baseball means summer in Maryland

As Opening Day approaches, Bill Cole joins Nestor to discuss how debating the local delicacy and your favorite restaurant concoction serves as a recipe for summer fun.

It is almost time to harvest and eat the local 17-year cicadas

Todd Schuler and Nestor began with a Super Bowl conversation but it inevitably wound up coming back to food and tailgate menus. A crawfish and crab debate led down the ugly path of cicada recipes...
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Latest News

It’s time to Play Ball

As Opening Day looms, our longtime Orioles insider Luke Jones gets Nestor pumped for Opening Day and a real Orioles season of hope and questions. First up, the new rules and new schedule format and how it might help the Birds' chances of getting to October baseball.

Would it shock anyone if somehow Lamar Jackson wound up in Miami?

JT The Brick tells Nestor that he believes Lamar Jackson will end up with Miami Dolphins

Who is Ken Francis and why is he calling NFL teams?

Amidst the madness of the Lamar Jackson non-exclusive franchise tag and the aftermath, Nestor Aparicio and Dennis Koulatsos debate what happens next in the Lamarathon. And a free promo for The Entire Gym.

Making sense of Lamarathon and all of the drama

Mike Tanier of Football Outsiders takes Nestor inside the upcoming NFL Draft and how other teams are viewing their quarterback options with or without Lamar Jackson. And none of them are trying to get $200 million guaranteed and get a team to give up two No. 1 draft picks for that right.

The Hit It Big season is here as Orioles go to bat

Seth Elkin of Maryland Lottery tells us the about 50th Anniversary partners like Costas Inn, hosting the Maryland Crab Cake Tour on April 5th to get ready for baseball season and a chance to play Home Run Riches.

What if Lamar Jackson had an agent like Leigh Steinberg?

Super agent Leigh Steinberg joins Nestor after his client Patrick Mahomes' second Super Bowl title to continue the debate about the value of a sports agent to a player like Lamar Jackson in this free agency and franchise tagging period.

Ravens agree to one-year deal with veteran receiver Nelson Agholor

Baltimore finally added its first outside free agent since the start of the new league year.

The legend of Penn State beyond football and stickies

Spending a March evening in State College waiting on Bruce Springsteen and watching Nittany Lions fans prepare for basketball March Madness, Nestor noticed the wrestling thing and asked the longtime basketball color voice of Happy Valley Dick Jerardi to explain "We Are" and talk Big 10 basketball, Bob Baffert and Kentucky Derby hopefuls.
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