Thursday, October 6, 2022


Another shot of spring cleaning addition after you get vaccine

Catonsville family attorney Lou Weinkam discusses spring sports on the field and a family security checkup after the vaccine.

Lou Weinkam with advice on great pizza in Catonsville and protecting your deed

Lou Weinkam with advice on pizza and protecting your deed

Using end of the year to make sure your house is in order

The lockdown and the fatigue of COVID is real. As we head into winter and time at home, this is an ideal time to examine your will, trusts and re-examine the future in the aftermath of the pandemic. We sought out Lou Weinkam in Catonsville for some solid advice.
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Solomon’s wisdom says Burrow vs. Jackson is the best show in town

Former Bengal and Cincinnati resident Solomon Wilcots joins Nestor once again to renew the latest round of Joe Burrow vs. Lamar Jackson in a Sunday night shootout in Baltimore for leadership of the AFC North.
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