The sign says ZERO TOLERANCE…


Like most of you, I’m watching the Steelers-Dolphins debacle, and if the announcing crew had ANY stones at all — Jaworski, Kornheiser and Tirico — they’d be calling this the disgrace of all disgraces that the NFL is allowing a "playoff eligible" football game to be played in these conditions.

Wanna know what separates Tony Kornheiser from Howard Cosell?

Cosell would be BLASTING the "powers that be" about how these players are being exposed to career-altering damage. "A disgrace to the National Football Leagues, an embarrassment to Roger Goodell’s good name. Just poor judgment exhibited by all involved!"

(I can hear his voice saying that!)

I’m amazed by a lot of what I’m seeing tonight, even though it’s CLEAR that Pittsburgh is the team getting screwed. And after that hijacking of a Lombardi Trophy vs. Seattle in Detroit 21 months ago, I’m not gonna shed a tear about the Steelers getting boned.

The game is 0-0 right now, early in the third quarter, and I’m wondering aloud a lot of things you can’t help but think if you’re watching.

1. Would OUR stadium in Baltimore be THAT empty given the same circumstances (weather, Monday Night Football, first place, etc.)?

2. Would we, as fans, allow the winless Miami Dolphins to come into our joint and play in a noiseless, half-empty crib on national TV?

3. What will our crowd be LIKE on Monday when the Patriots are here? (On its best behavior I hope, but given the p.m. drinking status and the team’s record and I’d bet the "over" on drunk morons booing the first 3-and-out…just being honest but I hope I’m wrong!)

4. Isn’t Joey Porter even MORE annoying as a winless loser in a Dolphins hat, jawing to the very fans who embraced his weak act for years in Pittsburgh?

Last, I also wanna plug the Bud Light Monday Night Live show we did tonight with Kelly Gregg from Piv’s Pub. It was really a fun night with a nice crowd, people who were truly excited to meet Kelly and Kelly was his usual "aw shucks" self, without ego or pretensions.

Every autograph request was met with a hearty and heartfelt "YOU BET!"

It’s been about four years since Kelly Gregg has done our live show (he was barely a starter the last time he came), but we were thrilled to have him come out tonight and be so super cool, even playing a pretty good practical joke on me before the show began.

Tune in and find out the details…