Torrey Smith says goodbye to trademark look


Ravens wide receiver Torrey Smith has said goodbye to his trademark look since his days starring at the University of Maryland.
The 24-year-old had teased cutting off his dreadlocks in the past but officially changed up his hairdo on Sunday as fans provided mixed reviews. The 2011 second-round pick had been pulled down by his hair in the past, prompting fans and media to ask whether he should cut it off to prevent slower players from catching him.
Smith broke the news via his official Twitter account by writing, “Just a lil change…same face and big cheesy smile.”
The receiver explained that he was simply growing tired of the long locks, but fans will hope the haircut doesn’t have the same impact it had on Samson in the Bible. Of course, the possibility of the new look making the already-speedy Smith a split-second faster is a scary proposition for opposing defensive backs.