D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction Orioles 12-Game Scorecard (Games 13-24)


During the 2013 season, Drew Forrester and Luke Jones of The D&L Window Tinting Morning Reaction will provide the “12-Game Scorecard” for the Orioles, rating the club in 12-game increments in a number of categories and looking ahead to how Baltimore will fare over the next dozen games on the schedule.

(Editor’s note: The latest 12-game increment ended on Saturday, meaning Sunday’s loss at Oakland wasn’t considered in this latest scorecard and will be included in the next one.)

To hear the full explanation from Monday morning, click HERE.

1. Should the Orioles have been better or worse than their 9-3 mark?
Drew: Worse
Luke: Worse

2. Most Valuable Player/Least Valuable Player
Drew: MVP – Manny Machado; LVP – Orioles second basemen
Luke: MVP – Chris Davis; LVP – Ryan Flaherty

3. Biggest surprise
Drew: The continued struggles of the starting pitching
Luke: Chris Davis’ improved patience at the plate

4. Best thing about the 12-game stretch
Drew: The fact that the Orioles went 9-3
Luke: The production of Nate McLouth and Manny Machado at the top of the order

5. Twelve games from now…
Drew: It will be last call for Pedro Strop.
Luke: The Orioles will still be looking for a fifth starter.

6. Record in the next 12 games (*Sunday’s loss at Oakland, three at Seattle, four at Los Angeles Angels, three with Kansas City, one at Minnesota)
Drew: 7-5
Luke: 6-6

7. Stock rising/falling over the next 12 games
Drew: Rising – Matt Wieters; Falling – Pedro Strop
Luke: Rising – Nolan Reimold; Falling – Nate McLouth

8. Grading Buck Showalter in games 13-24
Drew: A
Luke: B+