Trembley suspended for comedy show in Seattle

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While I thought it was funny — Dave Trembley doing his best Piniella-Weaver tantrum in the first inning on Tuesday night in Seattle — apparently Bud Selig and the boys at the MLB office weren’t laughing. Today, Trembley was given a two-game suspension by the poobahs and will miss tonight and tomorrow night’s games at Camden Yards against Toronto.

Bench coach Dave Jauss will serve as acting manager for a few days and those who are “done” with Trembley will get their wish for at least a few days.

By the way, it’s kinda crazy they could suspend Trembley when he was RIGHT on the call.

But who says MLB is fair?

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Apparently, the reason he was suspended wasn’t necessarily the outburst as much as admitting to the media afterward that he continued to manage the game from the bench.

Aren’t we in a silly era when they still “throw out” managers who we all know are managing by proxy somewhere?

Trembley apparently declined an invitation to sit in the press box tonight. I suppose he’ll manage by “text” from somewhere in the owner’s box with a shrimp cocktail, a crab cake on crackers and a tie on next to Andy McPhail. Getting suspended is a respite from the fray and as evidenced by the display below, that might not be a bad thing…

Anyway, here’s a funny video from Seattle shot by fans behind Trembley over the dugout…


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