Unitas vs. Cuellar in KOBS today


We are getting down to the nitty gritty in the Toyota Live Web King of Baltimore Sports contest. Today is Johnny Unitas vs. Mike Cuellar. Needless to say, we expect the Golden Arm to be victorious but the next batch of contests are pretty serious.

Art Donvan vs. Frank Robinson

Eddie Murray vs. Jim Palmer

Ray Lewis vs. Gino Marchetti

Jim Parker vs. Jon Ogden

Cal Ripken vs. Raymond Berry

These are all interesting debates and will be debated at length next week.

We are strongly considering changing the voting “view results” as this contest gets closer to the end.

Based on the amount of traffic on the site (a lot of people every day) vs. folks actually voting (not a lot), it’s not a total shock that many folks are NOT voting daily because many of the matchups have been “walkovers.”

This will not be the case next week.

But over the past few weeks, I’ve received many emails from folks who’ve said that seeing the results has discouraged them from voting. They figure, “what’s the point when the HOFer has 200 votes already and the opponent has 12 votes?”

I agree.

I will be hosting the Comcast Morning Show for Drew on Monday and Tuesday and then I’m training off to the All-Star Game in New York on Tuesday afternoon to do reports from the field for Rob Long’s show that evening.

Obviously, we feel like the KOBS contest has produced appropriate winners and awesome debate for the radio, but moving forward we want to make sure ALL of the WNST.net users and listeners feel compelled to participate in the voting process.

As one staffer said last week: “When you vote for the President in  the fall you won’t see the results  AS THEY HAPPEN during the day. You get the results at the END.”


But I’m keenly aware of every idiot out in Baltimore sports land who will be sending comments that we’re “rigging” the contest if “live results” are not available.

Trust me, sometimes it’s a joy to be involved with WNST but people are quite mean in the real world.

The story of the last few years of WNST is that I’m damned if I do and damned if I don’t.

All I really care about is “getting it right.”

So, we’re really going to try to get the best voting/viewing system possible together before next week because we really want this to be a legit operation and we’re very sincere about finding a true winner.

Stay tuned…

And plan to vote the next few weeks!

P.S. It would be nice if the Orioles could win a game soon…