Vote for your favorite hopeful in King of Baltimore Sportstalk

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We’re almost halfway through our first round of tryouts in the “Coors Light King of Baltimore Sportstalk” competition, having six more competitors in the studio on Tuesday. Today, we’ll have our only female competitor, Christina Tarleton, plus five more hopefuls: Chris Stoner, Ryan Sebring, Marco Romanell, John McKay and Tom Clayton. All of their blogs are now viewable in the blogosphere below. Most of our contestants for the Cruise Lady/Royal Caribbean trip to Bermuda from the Port of Baltimore have been blogging regularly about current sports events and you can follow their writing as well here at

I’ve been very encouraged by all of the nice, competant people I’ve met in the last five days and I’m looking forward to three more days of “getting to know you” auditions between 2 and 4 p.m. each day.

And, obviously, if you missed any of the auditions you have two choices: you can watch their five-minute monologues at wnsTV or listen to the tryouts in the audio vault to the left.

Hope you’re enjoying and feel free to vote early and often for your favorites. We will announce the Top 3 votegetters next Friday and they will receive an automatic bid to the second round, which will be held the week of May 4th at WNST.

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We will have two live shows to showcase the semifinalists and finalists:

Wednesday, May 13 at Donna’s Tavern in Dundalk

Wednesday, May 27 at Padonia Station in Timoniun

Every site account has the ability to rate each of the King (or Queen) of Baltimore Sportalk contestant’s blogs. You may grant up to five stars for exceptional quality, or as low one star for poor quality.

At the completion of the rating period, on the evening of April 22nd, we’ll tally the ratings and calculate the top three highest rated blogs. The formula will take into consideration the following:

  • Total Rating Clicks (Each time a rating is clicked)
  • Total Stars Granted (The sum of all starts granted)
  • Average Star Rating (Total Stars Granted divided by Total Rating Clicks)

Stay tuned, we’ll be announcing the top three contestants shortly after the completion of the rating period!

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