Who will be willing to pay Lamar the most – and pay the most for Lamar?

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Leonard Raskin and Nestor lament the end of Ravens season and wonder what is ahead for Number 8 and his agent and Steve Bisciotti and Eric DeCosta.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:01

WNST Cassie Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into the offseason all of a sudden we’re gonna be doing the Maryland crabcake tour. locally. I’m putting a date together with State Fair. We’re gonna be a drug city in a couple of weeks with my dear friend Calvin stadium. It was my middle school musical director. I got a chance to see my fair lady last week. And you know, brain of Spain stays mainly on the plane. The offseason is begun here are all things Owings Mills, the letter Raskin joins us now he’ll be joining me on said Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at window nation, I put some dates together. And I didn’t have a date this week letter because I thought there’d be a barbecue tour stop in Kansas City weekend. And I you know, I didn’t have a lot of confidence and I actually picked against them. But it really is amazing how close they came to winning and how resilient the team is. And tip my cap to John Harbaugh, who I don’t have a lot of personal respect for at this point. But certainly respect the football acumen of they made a game out of it. I mean, it really, really did. And that play of going over the top and the ball getting slapped down to 14 point swing. I mean, that’s his freakish thing as we’ve ever seen in January, there was an Anthony Mitchell going the other way, right?

Leonard Raskin  01:16

Absolutely. I mean, this, I was stunned. I was I didn’t think we’d win. I thought we’d have a good chance I thought we’d cover. And as again, we’ve talked often I’m not a gambler, so I didn’t bet it but I believe the spread was eight and a half going into

Nestor Aparicio  01:33

that was a low spread. I thought a lot of things would have to go well for them to keep it to eight and a half. Yes,

Leonard Raskin  01:39

I thought they’d cover and if I was a betting man, I’d have bet on the ravens and taking the eight and a half and would have cashed a check. But again, another story for another day. Now as far as the games concerned, I thought they played an amazing game. I was I’m always amused and we’ve talked about this before at the people because I’m a Facebook watcher and and the people that that thought Greg Roman called a terrible game, John hardball should be fired today. That not using timeouts at the end of the game, cost them the game, and all these ridiculous things that people that don’t know what they’re talking about feel the need to talk because they feel the need to talk. I was upset they didn’t win because I didn’t think there was a chance in hell they would win. And then when they were close to winning, I was actually thinking it might be a great win. We’re looking for a flight

Nestor Aparicio  02:33

to Kansas City because I want no no no, I

Leonard Raskin  02:35

was I hear ya. I hear. I made I made the mistake. I made the mistake New Year’s Eve of putting out the let’s go to the NCAA Football final in California during the beginning of the fourth quarter of the Peach Bowl. And jinxed the Ohio State Buckeyes, you can get your chickens before they hatched. Absolutely. So farms, that’s what you should have done. And so I chose last that I wouldn’t do it during the game. And I was not going to buy tickets to Kansas City until the hay was in the barn as our friend likes to say. So I did not and watch the game and right out of the box. It looks bad. And I’ll tell you I’m not a huge fan of Chris Collins worth I think he’s okay. A lot of people hate him. I don’t hate him. I think he does a decent job. I just not a huge fan. But after I think it was the first quarter they came on camera and if you recall, it was really funny. He said I’m not even gonna pay attention until it’s 17 to nothing. The games over the weekend were wild the comebacks were insane and and so they played a darn good game and and I thought that Huntley channeled his inner Trevor Lawrence and thought he could get over the top with a six foot six wingspan reach. And unfortunately I think if I’m not mistaken, Tyler is not six foot six.

Nestor Aparicio  04:16

Mr. Ohio State Linda Raskin. So for JK Dobbins to not get the ball Oh, no.

Leonard Raskin  04:22

Yeah. And down on that goal line I loved. I loved the call to as I call him, Captain Picard. Patrick Ricard. That was a beautiful call. He walked into the endzone the past missed them that that would put it all to bed. You wouldn’t even be talking about it. But but the past missed them. So now you got to get it in. And I’m getting it in with Dobbins and Gus. That’s what I’m doing. I’m getting it in with Dobbins. I’m getting it in with Gus. I’m not having Huntley who again, my thing is, and I don’t know how big is he? He’s not a big guy. No, he’s

Nestor Aparicio  04:58

not. I said to my wife. I I was in a room with a year and I was I ruined this year. I think I want Yeah. Was he small man? My wife,

Leonard Raskin  05:07

this is my big. He’s not the guy I want. He’s not the guy I want behind center doing a quarterback sneak on the goal line. I’ve got Dobbins, I’ve got Gus, but I’m not gonna blame him for the call. I mean, my goodness, the kid tried, he jumped over the top, he didn’t get far enough because it didn’t get enough push. And what the heck, they’re knocking that ball out and it goes right to Hubbard, right in his hands. And

Nestor Aparicio  05:35

back now I thought Mark interesting will catch him. He would

Leonard Raskin  05:38

have caught him except the block in the back. They didn’t call.

Nestor Aparicio  05:43

interest was chasing for 30 yards and there’s five of them and one of them and what do you guys get to turn around the block the only guy and they

Leonard Raskin  05:49

didn’t? They didn’t. They blocked him in the back when he got past him. And that’s how he scored and so they look they probably would have scored but they didn’t block them. But my goodness, how great would it have been had that ball gone into the endzone? It was 14 point swing. It was the ballgame. That’s it but from the beginning of the season, to the end of the season. We gotta say that defense stepped up. They played ravens defense, they they the Bengals had 234 yards of offense in the whole game. Well, one of the issues

Nestor Aparicio  06:27

they took the they took the air out of the ball there. I mean, they were all the possessions in the game. I mean, he’s an incredible one pawn. I mean, that’s somebody’s punting the ravens, right? That’s how we’re gonna win that game.

Leonard Raskin  06:39

And people were screaming it was you know, not not that Huntley didn’t win the game. But that had been so much better with Lamar. I don’t know how much better they’d have been last with Lamar. I don’t know. It’s hard to say because Hundley played a damn good game. That kid ran everywhere. He threw some nice passes. Yeah, he threw an interception. I get it. Lamar throws, interceptions, burrow, throws interceptions. You can’t play well, you could play a perfect game, but that’s what you have to do to win sometimes. And the game was two turnovers short one short field and one touchdown. 14 points. The defense was stout. They stood up. Tucker did his job. punter did his job one punt, right One Punch Man the whole game. I mean, it was it was a darn good football game on a darn good weekend of football. My goodness, Jacksonville.

Nestor Aparicio  07:34

We thought this guy’s dropping passes. I mean, the dolphins that the regrets teams will have in the Vikings last home game and the products after a really promising year. So yeah, all that being said for you. And one of the reasons I like having people like you and let Raskin is our guests from reskinned globally manages money, and the American dream and financial planning and advice and beginning of the year and all that this is the beginning of the fiscal Bashaud a year. Right. So

Leonard Raskin  08:02

well, he actually started it last week. It actually started last week with $100 million

Nestor Aparicio  08:06

contract well, and it’s $600 million from you and me and the taxpayers, right? Yes, yes. That was sheis for 575. Gave him 600 million to keep it here. So

Leonard Raskin  08:18

I didn’t quite see the deal. But what was it was it you don’t have to pay rent at MIT for 10 years or something?

Nestor Aparicio  08:25

No, no, no, no, no, it’s 15 and $100 million. And it’s been described. You can go watch my piece with. Yeah, I’ve done several pieces on and I’ll continue to do pieces. Yeah. There’s a guy named Neil DeMoss, who was written about stadia for 30 years. He’s written books on stadia Oh, it’s

Leonard Raskin  08:42

absolutely a talent sized field of schemes field. Yes, yes.

Nestor Aparicio  08:47


Is his website. I had him on in the beginning part of it. And he really follows every one of these not just every deal that happens, right? follows the Money Follows what’s been said where the money is gonna go. This Nashville deals unbelievable. The Buffalo deal. They were drawing it up. Did you see the parking lot? Yep. So all of this money that’s going to this? We don’t have to do that. Because we did that 30 years ago, right? We have these two stadiums

Leonard Raskin  09:10

have two is the optimal word.

Nestor Aparicio  09:13

Well, the $600 million. The word is it’s a little bit of a slush fund, like sort of the Ravens can do whatever they want with it in the stadium as long as the stadium authority is amenable. But yeah, well the fact in it, when it’s not Billy Joel and Stevie Nicks.

Leonard Raskin  09:28

The fact is money is fungible, is what So money is not particular, right? I mean, if I have a million dollars, and it comes to me, let’s just say from the government, in the form of a, I don’t know PPP loan. And now, the government says you have to use this for payroll, and rent. And these are the only things you can use the P EPP for payroll and rent? Well, that’s great. I use that million for payroll and rent. But that means I don’t have to use another million dollars for payroll and rent, which I can now use for marketing, or expansion or whatever I want. Because basically, dollars row, of course, but anything the point is anything. So what the what the city state may have just done is give Steve a shoddy nice way to pay his franchise quarterback. Because we just paid Lamar. Because the fact is that if that’s 600 million to do with as the stadium requires, Steve doesn’t have to use 600 million of his own money for the stadium. Which means he can use I don’t know, 250 of it for this guy named Lamar. That’s a little bit

Nestor Aparicio  10:59

of 40 million a year for 15 years kind of sort of improvements to the stadium, right? Which right improvement to the stadium means a way to make more money. So offset, the first thing they’re gonna do is rip the press box up, right? And no offense to me, that’s not the Chad steel Memorial press bus. That’s just, they have this great seating at the 50 yard line that they’re letting Luke sit in. And you know, they’re gonna show the stadium improvements might be a bedding emporium and the parking lot it might be what you should have Philadelphia with that live entertainment. Super bar.

Leonard Raskin  11:32

Right. My point is my point is the money is fungible. So whatever they use it for, isn’t something they have to use other money for, that they might have already thought about. We want to do these things, which means then that frees up 600,000,040 A year for 15 years to do whatever the heck they want with it. And however you slice it and dice it for contracts, it’s $600 million of profit. That’s all it’s, it’s, look, it’s the same. The stadiums are the same as I don’t want to get political. We’re not going to get into politics. But it doesn’t matter Democrat Republican what I’m about to say foreign aid, foreign aid from the United States takes taxpayer money from low income folks, and gives it to wealthy leaders of foreign countries who abscond with it. You don’t usually see foreign aid going to help the foreign poor, it just doesn’t work that way, our tax dollars that you and I pay in and work our butts off to pay. The government feels free to shift that money anywhere they want. And it goes to rich emperors and kings and dictators and the like in other countries that we hope to spread amongst the people which doesn’t get spread amongst the people. So here Steve has 40 million a year coming in free profit. That means he doesn’t need to spend that money on something else. which frees up that money to pay his star quarterback. And man the national media is going wild from Lamar should have played with a knee brace to good for Lamar not playing with a knee brace to Lamar has played his last game in Baltimore, to Lamar might sign in a week and Baltimore to what teams would be willing to pay Lamar. And I heard over the weekend, the Jets will shell out big money for a quarterback.

Nestor Aparicio  13:39

Well, he doesn’t have an agent. So what does he do? Does he get on the phone with Joe Douglas and talk money? Is he part of his offseason talking to six teams who else sharing money with them? And then Eric has to go in and figure out well, there’s three number ones and there’s a two and I’ll give me one of your backup safeties, because I need one of those or whatever, or give me your wide receiver.

Leonard Raskin  14:00

When you’re your own agent. He’s put himself in this position. This to me, and again, what the hell do I know? But to me, this whole deal for Lamar in the offseason comes down to one and only one question. Does Lamar want to be in Baltimore? If Lamar wants to be in Baltimore, he can put all that aside. Meet with Eric Steve, whoever he needs to meet with and say this is what I want. They can say this is what we’re willing to give as his own agent, he can negotiate whatever the heck he can get. And if he wants that, my hunch is he’ll get that this is not the year for him to be out playing in the in the agent world necessarily unless I strongly underestimate the young man’s talent because he could be talking to the Jets, Houston Tampa, whoever you know if you thought if you think to his played his his last game, Miami, whatever, and, and be looking for what kind of contract they’re willing to put together for him. And what are the Ravens do about it? The only thing they can do is franchise them to block it right? That’s it or sign them.

Nestor Aparicio  15:16

It’s not blocking it. No, no, they franchise in first get the writer right. They franchise him first. And then they say they give him the ability to co negotiate which Okay, that was Ray Lewis in 2008. But

Leonard Raskin  15:29

that’s right, right. And they did it with a bowl where I think back in the day and Suggs back in the day, and none of them were happy about it. But they all stayed here. So so in the Mars case, being his own agent, I just didn’t get the order, right. So they franchise him. And then he knows his status. And then he can go talk to five other teams or whoever he wants to talk to. And if if nobody wants him and the deal doesn’t work out. He probably holds out preseason, he probably holds out, you know, all the camps and all that nonsense. And then he shows up day one, and you hope he’s good. And by the way,

Nestor Aparicio  16:05

and by the way, they’re they’re gonna fire Greg Roman, right. Like that may have happen by the time anybody hears this, right. The new offensive coordinator, what’s


the first question he asked when he shows up? Who’s my quarterback? Who’s my quarterback? Right? And they can’t answer that right now. That’s an unanswered question. And I don’t know the rules. But if he’s on your own team, they can be negotiating with him right now. Right?

Nestor Aparicio  16:26

Oh, yeah. I mean, at any point they signed ro Quan Smith last week, right. But

Leonard Raskin  16:29

I’m just saying I don’t I don’t know the offseason rules. If it’s like a blackout period or a stop time. There’s no stop time when he’s your own player.

Nestor Aparicio  16:35

There’s a start time for free guys tagging. Right. Right. Right season begins in March or whatever.

Leonard Raskin  16:43

Something can be talking to him right now. Between now and the Super Bowl, he could be signed. And it could be huge news for the talking heads all over the country.

Nestor Aparicio  16:53

But it doesn’t feel like that’s the wait. It feels very strange right now. It feels I don’t know. unsettled. And it feels weird. When hardball talks about him. It was weird that he wasn’t there. It was weird that he issued his own press release. It

Leonard Raskin  17:06

was weird that he wasn’t there. To me. I don’t think Dobbins traveled with the team when he was hurt. Maybe the race and I don’t know, you know better than me to the Raymar travel with the team in Pittsburgh last month. I

Nestor Aparicio  17:17

saw him in the locker room when the ravens to the Ravens let hurt players travel. She just had a thing time guys stand on the sideline and street close. Sure. Okay. So it was his choice? Nah, you know, they’re going to say we sent him home to be able to play in Kansas City. So this is the BS. This is the BLK the Bs is going to be? We didn’t want his knee to swell. But the truth is they didn’t want him there. I don’t think I just think they felt like

Leonard Raskin  17:44

it made him want to talk action to the national media.

Nestor Aparicio  17:47

I don’t I think he has been checked out a little bit here the last couple of weeks and

Leonard Raskin  17:51

said, Yeah, but you just said For instance, his press release. And people are saying, well, agents don’t release their I mean, players don’t release their own press release. You do when you’re your own agent? No, no. But if the nobody else’s do orchestrated,

Nestor Aparicio  18:06

that the Ravens would have put the statement out on ravens.com. And it would have come in white quotes in a little purple box. And it would have said that’s the way the Ravens do this. This, the Ravens did not know about that.

Leonard Raskin  18:19

But the point is, the point is the Ravens aren’t playing their game with him. He’s made it clear that he’s playing his game with them. And they’re gonna have to figure out if they want him. He’s gonna have to figure out the only question I think that matters is does he want to play here? And he said all the right things up till the last couple weeks, and if he wants to play here, I think he has the opportunity to be paid ridiculous, generational changing wealth. And, look, it’s not what was he playing for? 23 or 30 million right now. Okay, so it’s not like 23 million Isn’t life changing? Okay, let’s face it. That’s life changing. But it’s not 250. And maybe he’ll settle for 200 guaranteed and 280 all in or something silly. But they just got 600 million from the city state. Maybe the ravens are done with him. That that’s the other question. There’s two questions. Does he want to be a raven to the Ravens want him to be a raven? Well, and

Nestor Aparicio  19:18

this is where I talked to Luke very early in the morning on Monday about this so I I’m a little more lucid at this point. 2019 What was their big title they put on the shirts big trust, right. Big trust, right? Yeah, yeah, trust did not mean like a trust on a truck. It meant trust with a tee right? That’s that’s what it meant. Right. I don’t know my street lane, Mark and Mark Ingram, Lamar and marking rust. It was trust. Lamar and Mark Ingram each other right? Yep. Yep. Yep. There’s no trust here. Between the ravens and Lamar. The trust has been broken.

Leonard Raskin  19:54

I don’t know. Have to assume so. But I’m not sure. You know, the one thing I did find Strange last week I was hearing hardball say he wasn’t monitoring the Mars workout and recovery. That Lamar was kind of over there with the trainer’s rehabbing and working out and I was thinking to myself self, why would you not check in on your

Nestor Aparicio  20:23

letter admitting you’re not communicating with your quarterback?

Leonard Raskin  20:26

Yeah. Is that Is that normal? That it’s not nothing?

Nestor Aparicio  20:29

Normal of John’s countenance answers. Cadence and Johnson. Johnson he dishonest that at its core. You know, like, literally, he’s standing up there. Yeah, sure. Whatever. It’s gonna pitch. I gotta tell you to try to pitch it, which said to me, Oh, my God. This is

Leonard Raskin  20:49

during the game during his game day interview. I actually enjoyed his responses. People were blasting him for being so abrupt. You liked him admonishing Melissa Stark. He didn’t monitor he answered the questions perfectly fine as a pissed off head coach. What’s he supposed to say? We’re not playing? Well, we’re not doing well. I’m not playing great. We’re not playing great. We’re gonna fix that. No, I think he did a great job. She has stupid questions. To which he answered perfectly directly, without a smile. answers to the questions. I thought that was great. The world hated it. I thought it was perfectly frank and perfectly fine. I know that they’re in the

Nestor Aparicio  21:33

business of selling tickets and selling enthusiasm in the last Right. Like, Oh, guys, I’m no offense to you and me. Yeah. But you know, I all of my people that I have on the show on a weekly basis, you’re here. Yeah, we’ve all seen the deterioration of the energy and the passion around their brand. You would agree with that. Right? You’ve spoken Some? Some Sure,

Leonard Raskin  21:55

sure. But they can pull that back. A win. A win over the weekend would have pulled that back. I don’t disagree with you, but they people want look, people want winners. That’s it. They’re, there are so many fairweather fans. It’s It’s unreal. And you put together a deal for Lamar if he wants and they want. And you bring back a strong defense. JK Dobbins Gus Edwards, and a half decent receiving corps. You saw against the Bengals, how they win. And in the last few games, I think they could have won more had they stuck to that more. Man they can they can run the ball. They can dink and dunk. They got a big over the top pass. They got a quarterback that can run. And the question is, who do they want? The problem is they want just enough, just enough to not get a draft pick where you’re going to take a quarterback. And the question I guess if they don’t want Lamar is Who do they want? They want Tyler Huntley leading this team in 2024 or 2023. Four, is that who they want? Or Who do they think they’re gonna go out and get? I mean, let’s let’s not be the Cleveland Browns. Right? I mean, they locked up Deshaun. Watson, the we would agree I think the stupid his deal?

Nestor Aparicio  23:24

Well, I think they’re arrogant enough to think they could do this again. And I think they’ve also and I talked a lot with Luke about this. Yeah. They call this an experiment. John called this an experiment. And then it was a revolution, right? It was an experiment. That was a revolution. I don’t know what it is four years from now, four years later, but I think four years later, they’d say, this is problematic running our quarterback in the linebackers for his health, whomever he is in December. This is problematic for recruiting wide receivers, right? Because we you know, like it just is we’re not gonna get wide receivers playing. So, and this is really problematic when he gets hurt, because the minute he gets hurt, and you could say this for every other franchise or Josh’s family gets hurt. They can’t win. Right. So Miami, Miami was very fortunate hurt because of the style of play. Yeah, but But having said that, let’s go out to Arizona. Okay. Arizona. He Kyler Murray ran the ball, didn’t run into anybody ran into the 25 yard line and blew out his knee.

Leonard Raskin  24:30

Josh Allen runs all over the place and enjoys running into linebackers. Like full speed ahead. He’s one hit from knocked out and who do they have behind him? I don’t even know mahomes has been very fortunate to stay healthy. Okay, now he’s a phenom. But without him who’s Kansas City got

Nestor Aparicio  24:53

to using the run 1214 16 times a game like you guys are doing that.

Leonard Raskin  24:59

I get it. Lamar didn’t get hurt running the ball. He got hurt, trying to pass and outrun a sack. He didn’t get hurt running the ball he got hurt because he got chased down from behind and landed on by whatever. 280 300 pound guy who popped his knee out. That wasn’t a passing play. That wasn’t a running play. Look, I hear you everything you’re saying. I get it. Walter Payton ran into linebackers. The dude was small and he crushed people. And I don’t recall him getting hurt too much. There’s like a linebacker running backs. Life is not long in the league. We know that. I don’t want to be a Lamar apologist. That’s not my goal here. But my point is 25 runs a game. Yeah, maybe too much. 10 to 12 what I’ve seen, he knows when to get down. He knows when to run out of bounds. He’s played the game smart. He got hurt on a passing play. And all these people that because they didn’t win the Super Bowl, want to get rid of him? Kind of stuns me

Nestor Aparicio  26:03

is a question What are you gonna do if he’s not your guy? And this is his negotiating stance, which

Leonard Raskin  26:08

is That’s exactly right. Play without me. You can’t win without me who is your quarterback? If not me? It’s not. I mean, Tyler Huntley is a good kid. He played good ball against the Bengals. He gave everything he had, and he just had one half a yard not enough to win that game. But I don’t think he’s your 17 game starter? I just don’t think so. He he looked good against the Bengals. I don’t know what happens in a full season. You’re gonna pay him a million dollars a year to be your starter? I don’t think so. So let me

Nestor Aparicio  26:43

time to talk about this. And I know you’re managing money and managing the new year, you could find letter asking at rest in the global.com. You can also find at the front of Baltimore positive property what you do just in nutshell, because sometimes I say financial money in America, I have been it’s been very impressive watching you work over the last year, year and a half. Is that to what you really do do?

Leonard Raskin  27:05

Yeah. So we, we sit with people at the core, look at everything you’re doing with your money, help you understand how to make the most of it, protect it, grow it, enjoy it, and pass it on. And people are lied to. We want to talk about whether or not the ravens and Lamar in this game. People are lied to by the government. They’re lied to by financial institutions, they don’t understand what they don’t know. And as a result, people don’t profit and prosper with their own money. We help people understand that and help them prosper so they can do the things they want to do that matter most to them and their family. That’s what it’s about at its core.

Nestor Aparicio  27:47

Simple. Like I like the largest guy gets 1,000,000,003 out the main he wins. You take care of things and take care of things make sure it works turn money into happiness and confidence and and absolutely and being able to sleep peace

Leonard Raskin  28:02

of mind. able to understand it and and enjoy related I

Nestor Aparicio  28:08

appreciate you man and I know this is the weirdest time you get to watch the movie while he this week and next week. And as I told my wife this is the strangest there’s not a one o’clock Sunday kick off again until September 10 So very very strange to wait eight months for that letter rescue get Befana Rascon global.com as well as on the front of Baltimore positive.com Giving wise advice just like our friends at wise markets as we have had the Maryland crab cake tour last week he and a Coney Island hot dog up and White Marsh had a great great chat of smile and thinking about Andy as well as Mike shoe from WJC joined us and my pal Nick Fisher from last markets and the honey go location. You’ll be hearing all that all week long. Luke is in Owings Mills. We are figuring out Greg Roman and John Harbaugh and Lamar Jackson in all of the offseason activities for the Baltimore Ravens. We are W nsda and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking Baltimore positive

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