Adding up the money and expectations for Lamar Jackson moving forward

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In the aftermath of the Lamar Jackson press conference announcing the biggest contract in NFL history, Luke Jones and Nestor react to words of the quarterback and whether passing for 6,000 yards is realistic in Todd Monken’s offense. And there was the part where he asked to be traded out of Baltimore.


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Luke Jones, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t TAS Baltimore and Baltimore positive we were taking the Maryland crabcake tour out on the road I used to have I do I have some instant lottery scratch I they were in my bag because I spent Thursday afternoon in beautiful Middle River was it Essex. I’m not really sure we were at MC falls oyster and Rio, we spent some great time with Glenn McFaul as well as my friend Terry Cook, who was in the same competition that Luke Jones was in 15 years ago around here, as well as Pete Kurinji came out. We’re going to get state fair next week with our friends at window nation 866 90 nation one reminder buddy about that as well. I’m wearing a State Fair Sharpe having their crab cake, we’re going to be joined by cfg. Bank president bill we del as well some other great guests are going to be Kingsville into 21228. Back in our original homeland where we began Baltimore positive Thursday afternoon, this guy, I heard him on the radio and the television and the interwebs as I was making my way to Essex or Middle River or when they around they’re called su Creek. And the Lamar Jackson press conference was on this TV that TV ESP and everywhere. The green shirts sort of reminiscent of five years ago, Luke Jones was there. He’s the real reporter here at wn St. And dude, I think we all wait for the purple smoke. And I’ve been joking about the purple infinity eight sideways going to, you know, I don’t want to say it was an uneventful press conference. But you were there. I wasn’t there. But I mean, it feels to me like when they do these things. Now. It’s a big black backslap. It’s a big everybody from the organization’s in there to, you know, it’s not really a press conference from from what I used to call the press conference. Well, I

Luke Jones  01:42

mean, it’s a press conference, but ultimately, you can ask the questions, but if the individual who has the podium isn’t going to really answer a whole lot, it is what it is. Right? I mean, you know, you can’t get storm the storm the stage with pitchforks and torches or anything like that. I mean, right off the bat, very first question, Lamar was asked, Hey, eight weeks earlier, you had asked to be traded by the Baltimore Ravens on March 2, of course, he tweeted it out three and a half weeks later. What changed? I mean, it’s, it’s obviously accountability

Nestor Aparicio  02:12

for that. I mean, I just think he’s a kid he’s never had to really answer. He’s got a statue. He’s got $200 million. He’s won one playoff game. And the story now the team’s on the hook. And they have to go with theirs. They have to win a Super Bowl. I mean, you’re gonna ask the questions after the games and San Francisco, LA, whatever. But like, all of this is over with now. Now he’s the guy with a little bit of the target on the back to say, All right, we paid you now you have to, you know, you’re no longer the running back. You’re no longer the 32nd draft pick, you know, you are the highest paid man in the country at what you do.

Luke Jones  02:49

Yeah, I mean, the that’s the burden that comes with a $260 million contract, or let’s be clear, any quarterback. Basically, any young quarterback not named Patrick mahomes. Right now is going to face that same burden. Jalen hertz, got to a Super Bowl, but he didn’t win it. And people in Philadelphia will remind him very quickly of

Nestor Aparicio  03:08

that if Barsky all the time, that’s 40 years later.

Luke Jones  03:11

I mean, that’s just that’s, that’s reality. And really, over the last 20 years, I mean, Tom Brady was kind of the one guy that didn’t get those questions. And even he had a 10 year period where he didn’t want a Super Bowl,

Nestor Aparicio  03:24

wacko one year, and if you ask people on the street, he was a bum that got overpaid, that didn’t do much at the end. You know, what I mean? Like, that it’s amazing to me really is over the body of the work, you know, over 50 years of my life, seeing players who deliver and pet players who are paid and then might deliver. And right now Mars might I mean, and he might, he might two or three times I don’t know. But at this point, the conversation has now changed over the last 10 days, I think we’re in it, you and I are going to have a different expectation. I’m certainly going to be holding him accountable whether Jack’s deal wants me to or not every Monday morning and columnist here on the radio. And that’s not just me, that’s everybody who’s got purple anything a purple Flamingo on lawn, it’s now like, you make it twice as much as Flacco ever made. So like here and you’re 20% of the cap. And there’s all of that, right. So like the pressure that any Eddie Murray Chris Davis picked pick anybody that made money, who was a star in this town and the burden of winning a championship, it’s going to be on him and the Roger was going to have it now. Everybody wants him extended. He’s been here three weeks. Well,

Luke Jones  04:31

I mean, you mentioned about Flacco look, the caps gone up. money’s gone up. That’s always relative. Right. So let’s be fair about that part, at least. But the pressure is there. There’s no question about it. And let’s be clear, Mr. Jackson’s not the first and will not be the last quarterback who hasn’t won anything in January to get paid because if that was the standard, very few quarterbacks would get paid as I just mentioned, a guy named Tom Brady did the bulk of the winning over the last two decades in the NFL. foul when it comes to the pinnacle, so there’s always some of that and you’ll find Hall of Famers with Dan Marino got the one Super Bowl lost and never got back again. I mean, that’s really hard to do. It is it is. So that’s where but to your point, and I do agree wholeheartedly, the pressure is on, not just Lamar, let’s be clear about that. It should be the entire organization at this point, Nestor, they have not gotten past the divisional round, in over a decade now. 2012 was over a decade hardball

Nestor Aparicio  05:27

and the cost have been here longer, you know, and right. I mean, and they are so tech, so So and that’s not to say that making anyone a scapegoat. But the standard needs to change at this point. I

Luke Jones  05:40

mean, there are no more excuses. And I wrote this at Baltimore This week, I’ll continue to say this, as we get closer and closer to the season, your franchise quarterback under contract, new offensive coordinator guy that’s going to place more of an emphasis on the passing game than in the past. Although certainly, I’ll continue to push back on the notion that they’re gonna throw 45 times a game, but they’re gonna throw more than they did in the past. I wholeheartedly believe that they have new wide receivers, they have all but one starter returning on the offensive line. They have one of the two or three best tight ends and all football and two young tight ends behind him who I think showed promises rookies, they have two very formidable running backs, I just rattled off every element of this offense that you should feel really good about on paper, doesn’t mean they’re going to be the best in the league. But everything I just laid out, are all the elements that should be in place that come January, you can go toe to toe with any other team out there. And of course, defense factors in and I’ll remind you, this is a good defense defense on paper, especially with having added rakia Cena at corner earlier this week. So every element is there for them to not just make the playoffs, but to then make a deep January run. And I said to you, as we talked earlier in the week, you asked me where I see this team right now. I think they’re absolutely a divisional round team. I think they’re a top four team in the AFC. And then after that, we’re gonna have to see because to your point. Everyone on this roster, every active player at this point other than Justin Tucker, who no disrespect, but he is still the kicker and still only so involved in what happens over the course of a 60 minute game. Everyone’s legacy is kind of lacking in that way. And you just mentioned it even Eric Koston John Harbaugh. It’s been a long time since they’ve tasted late January winning so

Nestor Aparicio  07:30

the pressure is definitely Humphries in the run and Ronnie Stanley’s do who have been here. I mean, they’re getting to be 30 year old gentleman who are very wealthy who they you know, they sit watch the playoffs like you and I do every year lately. Right?

Luke Jones  07:44

Look? Yeah, right. I mean, it’s not just Lamar. I mean, Ronnie Stanley got a top of market deal at the time. Mark Andrews, I think third best deal at the time. Marlon Humphrey, one of the top deals at the time. So on Smith, row, Quan Smith now Yeah, I mean, so you have plenty of guys who fit that category. But at the end of the day, there’s one guy who is the highest paid player in NFL history for the time being, of course, that’s going to change whenever Joe burrow gets his deal at some point, presumably this offseason, but it’s you know, this is this is why you get that check that that expectation that pressure comes with it. And I think Lamar at Lamar Jackson understands that I think he does, and ultimately we’re gonna see how this plays out. But everything is in place now. There was nothing terribly earth shattering about Thursday’s press conference. I wasn’t really expecting that. Lots of talk about not worrying about the past and you know, the trade requests and all that which look

Nestor Aparicio  08:43

up there and says he never wanted to leave and he requested a trade very publicly and through manure and a coach’s face in the middle of a press. Like all that happened a month ago. It really did. And I don’t want to say I mean Powerball is a big boy he’s been used like a pin yacht and shall continue to be your friend he’s used Egret

Luke Jones  08:59

and he’s used players in the past to I mean, there have been players thrown under the bus so

Nestor Aparicio  09:03

thing is like yeah, and and relatively itchy sleazy on the borderline of sure we’re not going to have accountability. And we’re gonna save one thing in March and do another thing in April and back in December, that guy in Pennsylvania can commit fellatio upon himself and you know, like all of these things right? that have gone on I’m holding the sign and eat the money pay the man the Twitter feed SpongeBob like, I just this play foot. You know what I want to do? I mean, and this is me, like washing out and all of this. Honestly, I’m happier watching the baseball team right now and watch people just be excited about the baseball team. After 30 years it feels a little more fresh to me. Then whatever press conferences and if he’s going to come to practice or if he’s not going to come to practice or whatever, because they’re not playing until September and I you know, after all of these years, the highs and lows of contracts and time for play and time for pays. bellick would say around here And the draft picks and like all of that, I, I used to be more elated about it when it was more front facing, but the press conferences have become literally like Saturday Night Live skits for me watching them on a screen not being a part of it after 30 years. It’s bizarre all of its all of its staged all of its performative. I mean, clearly Chad sat with Lamar and said, You’re gonna say you’re talking about nothing, because he doesn’t have an agent. I don’t know if his mother would given that advice. I don’t know if he would take Chad’s advice. But whatever that was, was it was just the scripted. You know, you asked me to put it on the radio. And I’m like, I’m more interesting. Pete Kurinji. And I Are you and I are more interesting than running 45 minutes of just Bucha. Yeah. And what else to call it? I mean, I like I watch it, and I didn’t clean anything out of it. Other than they’re never going to tell you. They don’t want to tell you they paid him. We’re all about, you know, it’s like a Mark McGwire congressional hearing you know what I mean, it was? I don’t know, I think the fans deserve a little bit more than that. When you asked to be traded six weeks ago, you can say something beyond like, I never said that, or forget that. I said that, you know?

Luke Jones  11:12

Yeah. But I mean, as I pointed out at the time, it’s not the first guy who’s done that and ended up staying here in Baltimore. Certainly, you were very level headed. I

Nestor Aparicio  11:21

must say, kudos to you.

Luke Jones  11:23

I mean, like I said, Ray Lewis wanted, it wanted to be traded a long time ago, and also became a free agent a long time ago. And we’re prisoners to the moment and look, that’s not to say that I was 100%. Nothing to see here. But it was really one of those scenarios when he requested that trade. It was shocking for three hours. But then as you thought about it more, you kind of said, well, you know what, him saying that really isn’t all that terribly different than the Ravens giving him the non exclusive franchise tag to begin with. I mean, it was the same same deal. And here. Yeah, one of the things he did talk about over the course, the press conference on Thursday, was flat out kind of thinking, maybe this is what’s best for Lamar to have an opportunity to go out there and see what his market would be acknowledging it wasn’t pure, true free agency because of all the other variables attached. And we’ve talked about that. And we don’t need to rehash all that at this point. But it was an opportunity for him to at least seek what other potential interest is out there. And I think it was pretty evident that it was tepid at the fair. That’s probably the nicest way I could put it. Now, if he was a full blown, unrestricted free agent, that would have been different and we’ll see what that would have been. I don’t think it would have meant the Watson deal for him. But I think he would have had teams more interested than they were but ultimately, it came down to they got it done. He dismissed the notion that Jalen hertz contract had any meaningful impact but I’m I’m not buying that. I think the timing is just too perfect. You know, what, 10 days after Jalen hertz reached his deal with the Eagles. Lamar Jackson reaches a deal with the Ravens that’s for a little bit more. Right. And it’s got a good first year payout, good three year payout? I think it’s a it’s one of those deals that I think both teams or both sides can absolutely, we call it a win because ultimately the best scenario for the Ravens was ultimately Lamar Jackson returning because what were you going to do start over at Johnny Unitas reincarnate was not guaranteed to walk through that door. So you know that that’s a heck of a chance you’re taking. And on the flip side, Lamar did not get the Deshaun Watson full guarantee. But he still got a very fair top of market deal that whichever when you’re talking about the circle of elite quarterbacks, wherever you want to rank one through seven or eight, whatever it is Lamar somewhere in that group. He was next up, just like Joe burrow, and Justin Herbert will be next up after that. And that’s how it works. And

Nestor Aparicio  13:54

Josh and to where Joe Flacco was being Next up, being next up is better in April of 2023, than it would have been in November of 2022, than it would have been in March of 2021. than it would have been in in his MVP year, which was four or five years ago. That was so $15 million a year ago for quarterbacks like literally right. And that’s part of this and when he says and again, I mean, I think he’s been telling white lies his whole life and has never had to have anybody like me really asked me questions and say, That’s bullshit. And here’s here’s the proof, right? Like, that’s never happened to him like and it’s never gonna happen to him because he’s so handled at this point. And now he’s got enough money to be handled right. But so if I mean I’m I broke down the press conference and went through everything and said, Well, that doesn’t feel right. If I were a lawyer in a courtroom and say, That’s not accurate. You’re going back on what you said. There’s there’s none of that there’s not any of that. But the the bargainer and him and the businessman and him and him saying I’m good for now, right? That would have been true 2020 and 2020 if they would have brought wreath on the deal and given him 33 million or 35, whatever that number would have been for being the MVP. At this point, even after two injuries, he could still say, I’ve got a $34 million a year quarterback, I’m a $52 million year quarterback, even though I haven’t played the last two years in January, even then all have the checkmarks that would go against him, even though I didn’t Trump Cincinnati, like all of that. I’m now a $50 million quarterback. So when burrow gets 63 Or you know, we’re Herbert or might be Richardson with the Colts beaten up to Jimmy or say two years now if they go win 13 games, right? Or it might be Trevor Lawrence. I don’t know, whatever this next class is. Lamar now comes back as a 28 year old or 29 year old says, Well, I want to play off games back in 24. And still top a class that dudes Why am I getting 50 So that’s the for now Park. But your astute observation and this I want to let everybody know how dead on you are about this. It’s like, he signed the deal. He’s Next Up Next up always gets the most money. And Joe told me that 10 years ago, and Joe said, that’s why I didn’t sign in nine or 10 or 11 or 12. And that’s why I was like, Well, I was gonna break my leg. I mean, how you can not make the playoffs two years in a row be ready to play. You can Sass your team, Sasha coach, do all this and still get to $160 million. So that’s how valuable Lamar Jackson is. He’s maker break, he’s user lose, they couldn’t give him away. I mean, they told him to go walking, they couldn’t get an offer on him. So then they competed with themselves, which in April of 2023, it’s now it’s here. He’s a top a quarterback, this is what we have to pay him. And if he’s pissed, we’re pissed. He gets hurt, whatever. Where are we are two, three years from now. John’s got a job. Eric’s got a job Steve’s got a franchise is worth a couple of 100 million dollars more. And we rolled the dice and we gave it a chance. And at least back on May 5, Luke and Nestor went on the air and called them a playoff contender. Because they are I mean, and they’re not without him. So they had to do this. And that’s really the pilot. They had to do this. They didn’t have any the Ravens didn’t have any choice. And that’s why I think Lamar one, even though you and I’ve had an argument, we continue to have that argument. I saw the numbers. Lamar is a big, big winner here. Because Lamar can come back at any time and saying I don’t want to play anymore.

Luke Jones  17:19

Yeah, the one thing I’ll say to what you just mentioned, as far as waiting and the cost of business doing up, keep in mind going up. Keep in mind, though, if he had signed now he remind everyone he was not eligible after his MVP year for his deal to be touched at that point. It’s after three years. I mean, that’s part of the collective bargaining agreement. So So you have that just pointed out for everyone. But you have that if he had signed at that point in time, and let’s just the easy comparison that we’ve talked about is Joe Flacco, right, let’s just use that as a very easy comparison. We know the money’s different, because it’s a decade later and all that but if he had signed in 2021, yes, the average annual value of that deal would have been smaller. But When would he have been looking at already going back to the negotiating table next offseason, three years is when Joe Flacco was back at the table, get an extension because the Ravens had to work the deal and you kind of look at how this deal was structured in the same way. So I’ll remind everyone, yeah, you can say you can wait and the price will go up and Joe Flacco was a unique circumstance Joe was never anything remotely close to being a regular season MVP just wasn’t Lamar Jackson was unanimous NFL MVP and made a couple Pro Bowls. So playoffs, we can talk about that legacies of being different, and Lamar still chasing that part of it. But for Joe, it truly was the perfect moment in time for him. That Lamar, hypothetically would have been post 2019. But like I said, CBA wise, wasn’t eligible yet. But

Nestor Aparicio  18:49

for him, because he would have gotten less money, right? I mean, to some degree, it is, but it’s costing us 20 million last year. Like

Luke Jones  18:57

right, that’s that’s the thing, because everyone talks about waiting, because the price goes up, but you never get that time back. And you’re also when you Wait, what are you also doing, you’re also denying, you’re delaying your next bite at the apple. So the difference of what I’m trying to explain here is if Lamar had signed as a 24 year old, he would probably be going back to the table next offseason for another extension at age 27. Now with him having done this as a 26 year old the way this deal was structured, you’re talking about his next bite at the apple either with the Ravens or if heaven forbid, this thing goes sideways is age 29, age 30, somewhere like that, so you always have to think about that. And you have to think about it in terms of he paid played for well below market last year and incredibly well. Extraordinarily below market two years ago. Is he going to make up that earnings? You know, that money over the long run? I think at the end of the day, Mr. Jackson is Yeah. Well, I don’t know. I don’t know if he did long term but the point is is he’s doing mighty fine for himself. And that’s where, at the end of the day, we can keep talking about this, and we’ll talk about it through the lens of how this team is doing, you know, and what this team is doing in terms of getting to the playoffs and, and doing something in January, but through the lens of his long term financial security and really maximizing the transcendent talent that he is and setting up his family for generations and generations. Yeah, I think he can, everyone can sleep well on that front at this point and and not worry for him. But, you know, we’ll see how this plays out. You look at the deal and how it’s structured, you know, with a PFT had the numbers late on Thursday afternoon, Cap number for this year, 22 million cap number for next year, 33 million cap number for the year after that. 43.5. So those numbers are not outrageous. Those numbers are are favorable. When you’re talking about having a top shelf quarterback. It’s after that that you’re going to be talking about. All right, 74 point 5,000,074 point 5 million after that. So those are the two years that you kind of look at and say, yep, this is a three year deal. $456 million, basically. And then you see what happens after that. And if he’s still playing at a high level

Nestor Aparicio  21:17

one, Lamar, one, three $156 million. Lamar God is 20 million back next year. And from last year, and Lamar is good. Now Lamar has got to go win. Now the Ravens have

Luke Jones  21:31

to win. And I will just say this, if you want to say Lamar won, that’s fine. He didn’t win in terms of what he was asking for all along. But at the same time,

Nestor Aparicio  21:40

nobody in the market thought he was worth it. And if they want to talk collusion, and I believe me, I think these 32 people are I mean, they’re dirty sold humans. I mean, I’ve been amongst them I’ve I’ve watched the act up close real up close in my phone up close, especially with the guy that owns this team. And, you know, this is this is the cost of doing business for a business for for a $6 billion business, to put on a face to put to make sure that they’re competitive, to make sure that for the next five months, we believe there’s hope, and art modell would always say they’re in the business of selling hope, eight months a year. And we now had, I want to ask you this, because and if you’re done with Lamar, I’m done with Lamar, because it’s a weekend and I want to talk a little baseball with you. And as it relates to Adley rutschman. Because I’m with Pete Kurinji who’s no buddy’s dummy, me Pete’s run UMBC for 32 years World Cup, he knows how money works. He knows how contracts work. He you know, he he’s brought all these kids in, he understands compliance. He understands all of that. And the first thing is grown man says to me is why haven’t they extended Adley yet? I mean, it’s like that he’s been here a minute and a half. That’s gonna be the next fire right? Like Lamar was the fire. Now I’m hearing extend Adley rutschman. In May. He’s been up a year. But this the baseball thing. This is interesting, because unlike Lamar, where they couldn’t do it after the MVP, this is going to be the next battle drum the next big contract is going to be whatever the Orioles do, and there’s no salary cap, there’s none of that. And the future the franchise like it really brings into focus the baseball season and how good these guys are, because they’re on fire. I mean, as an entity right now, Orioles baseball is a stock. It’s a good stock right now. You’re on a good beat.

Luke Jones  23:26

Yeah, it really is. And I mean, whether that’s going to translate to pack ballparks is another conversation. But the interest level no doubt. I mean, there is. I mean, my goodness, that afternoon finale in Kansas City. I mean, I think you made the comment that was like a whole season in and of itself that they ended up winning at the end. But I mean, it’s, it’s so exciting to have this kind of a start. And again, we can talk about the schedule, and we’re gonna see, you know, things are gonna change now they’re gonna play Atlanta, they’re gonna play Tampa Bay, you know, they’re playing Pittsburgh, which who would have thought playing the pirates would be a notable series like pastors have be about it, but certainly didn’t see that coming. But you know, they’re, they’re gonna, the business is gonna pick up in terms of the competition, they’re gonna play. So are they going to continue to play, you know, in this neighborhood of 667, approaching seven under ball? Probably not. But you beat up on the teams, you’re supposed to you hold your own against the tougher teams and win some series, you know, you’re gonna lose some series as well. But just so you’re not getting into those stretches, where you’re losing eight of 10 You’re fine. You know, and you’re and you’re keeping yourself in good position. And I think there’s still plenty of questions on the starting pitching front. And we’ve really seen that look up for a while and not so great. After that, and, you know, kind of up and down the bullpen. Kansas City finale notwithstanding.

Nestor Aparicio  24:47

I mean, it was eight to one at one point and Pete and I started talking to Pete and I talked towards the pitching God by the time Pete left. It falls it was they were losing. And I’m like what’s going on here, you know?

Luke Jones  24:59

Yeah. Yeah, exactly. So yeah, on the pitching front, there’s there’s still improvement to be made. Let’s put it that way. Well, the

Nestor Aparicio  25:07

thing is the next. That’s another Lamar conversation because everybody’s expecting him to be Jim Palmer. Right?

Luke Jones  25:13

Yeah, yeah. And I mean, he’s, he’s looked really good at times. And other times he’s looked like a rookie. So you know, you heard that. But hey, Dean Kramer, who looked great. Last year. Now it looks not great, really good for the bulk of last year, he’s really struggled to start off the year. It’s tough. And I don’t say that to be wishy washy. But, you know, success in the major leagues can be very fleeting. So it really is that marathon scenario, but they’ve got to pitch more consistently with some of the tough cop tougher competition coming up. But, you know, this line up with their ability to work counts and do the things that they do steal some basis. Certainly power, you know, and it’s not even as though you’ve had everyone really clicking offensively. Yeah, but but

Nestor Aparicio  25:57

they’ve been moments comes up with the bases, loaded hits, you know, like, that everybody in the lineup feels like a threat. I mean, even Frazier when he’s in there, I mean, it feels like that. Oriole magic thing that like maybe Dempsey will get the hit tonight, even though he’s eight through 14 with runners in scoring position, you know, I or whatever it is. And, you know, I mean, it hats off to Brandon Hyde for managing through all of this. And certainly, I think we’ll all agree, and this goes back to your original sin of the offseason, which is they didn’t try hard to get their pitching better than try really hard, you know, they sort of RAM will get by will be okay. And there’s been 30 years of that. So, and I just keep saying to people, and I have no internal belief that John Angelos is going to open up his checkbook, or that wants to or feels like he’s bright, you know, I have no idea what’s going on there. Because that guy lies. If I sat with him, he would lie to me is Oh, man lied to me out of the barn. Every time I every time I play. I mean, it’s just like, your serial liars. So even spending time with me trying to hold them accountable. It just drills him into further lies, like they’re going to open their books, or like, we’re going to buy a picture when the time comes. Or hey, when the battle by the arms during the battle that bullshit for all these years, like, here we are, they’re real, they’re on it. They’re not well managed. I’ve met TJ Brightman, I’ve, you know, but on the baseball side, Elias didn’t say I’ve got three prospects for this guy, but it’s gonna cost us $8 million this year and 22 next year. Are we in? I don’t know. That’s, that’s their whole payroll this year. Right? I just said 30 million, that’s 25% of their payroll. Right. So all we gotta say for rutschman we got we Yeah, he is he is gonna hit us over the head. So all of that they don’t have a lease. So I keep going back to fundamental grownups stuff that I think about and say, are they going to win a world so people were asked me they’re gonna win the World Series? I’m like, Nah, but there’s pitching. But maybe if do Hall maybe Grayson Rodriguez if they blossom and it becomes McNally and and Palmer in the 60s? You know, I I’ll buy into any of that. But they are going to need to make a move. They have the right general manager to do it. I’m not sure they have the right owner. I’m sure they don’t have the right owner. Let me Oh, stop. They don’t have the right owner now whether they can get away with it this year or not. But they’re going to need more if they’re going to win the World Series. And we’re going to say this for four months, right? We’re gonna say this right on up till August 1, or maybe even August 31. Given waiver wires? Yeah.

Luke Jones  28:23

Well, there is no more waiver. Right. Fair enough. That went away. Right, right. No, no, it’s funny, because I mean, I mean, I think

Nestor Aparicio  28:31

100 year Sorry. Yeah. Oh, absolutely.

Luke Jones  28:34

I just like I said, Because I even caught myself on that last year. No, because I was

Nestor Aparicio  28:37

still by a pitcher August 28. That, that that’s still that’s still possible in this sport now?

Luke Jones  28:45

Well, I mean, you know, I go back to what we talked about a couple of weeks ago, when they faced Eduardo Rodriguez. I mean, you know, you look at someone like him who’s still under contract for a couple years, I mean, making making serious dough, but it’s not stupid money, where you would say, Oh, I don’t want to do that, because he Johnny, living up to that contract.

Nestor Aparicio  29:05

Keep in mind, there’s only one guy. Now,

Luke Jones  29:09

I understand that, but I’m talking as though I’m the owner, or as I’m the general manager, I’m looking at it from through that lens, someone like that. Probably going to be available because the Detroit Tigers are not very good. And I’m not really looking, you know, as much as they looked like they were on a similar track to the Orioles in terms of a rebuild and getting that chip turned around. You’re seeing how

Nestor Aparicio  29:30

well the other somebody’s gonna have him. He’s gonna be pitcher for somebody in September, and probably somebody in October. And he knows that even though he’s having cold days in Detroit right now. Right, like, so. We’ve watched this a long time, you’re going to be playing with him or against him at some point. Right?

Luke Jones  29:47

Well, and that’s where I’ll go back to where the farm system is right now. I mean, you have guys at triple A right now who are either ready for the major leagues and there really isn’t a spot for them or There’s someone who’s going to be ready very soon for the major leagues, and there isn’t really a spot for him. So something’s going to have to give at some point. Now, I’m not saying that means a trade next week or next month or even that necessarily at the deadline, because, again, that’s the most I’ve ever

Nestor Aparicio  30:12

had in your lifetime. By the way, let it’s a

Luke Jones  30:15

good thing. Yeah, it’s a good thing. I mean, the fact that they have Colton cows are raking at triple A, the fact that they have Jordan Westberg, who has been at triple A now for getting close to a year, you know, he’s had a year worth of plate appearances and looks like, at the very least, he’s ready to, you know, find out how good of a major leaguer he’s going to be I mean, you have guys that are kind of wasting their time we talked about this with Kyle sours before the most recent recall for him. So you know, it’s part of it. But that’s where it does factor into what you were talking about in terms of, there can be some trades to be made, especially for pitching, but there will be a financial element involved there. Even if it’s not lucrative, it it’ll be something right. So we’re gonna have to see how that plays out. But in the meantime, you do have a lineup that, you know, one through nine, not everyone is raking. And you know, we’ll talk about Gunnar Henderson. But I’ll remind everyone, even though he was batting 190, entering the weekend, 366 on base percentage, so talk about a kid who isn’t swinging the bat terribly well. But he’s getting on base and finding a way to still be productive. So I look at that. And as much as some people say, Oh, he’s hitting 190, and I’m really concerned about that. He’s gonna start hitting now that doesn’t mean he’s gonna be a 300 hitter. But he’s gonna start hitting better than he has. And we saw him homer in Kansas City. But once he starts hitting, even if it’s not crazy, that on base profile that he has with that is going to make him a very valuable player. So even guys like him that haven’t really gotten off to a blistering start by any stretch of the imagination. You know, it’s still guys are being productive. And they’re finding, you know, even if it’s sacrifice flies, you know, we’ve seen the occasional sack, but here and there, guys are finding ways and you know that it’s not easy. They’re not blowing teams out. I mean, even even on Thursday, when they had a chance to blow out the Royals, we saw how that played out, but they’re finding ways to win. And again, it’s not they’re not blowing up the scoreboard with sixth and seventh round victories like the race had done for the bulk of April but they’re finding ways to win games and I think for a young team that has add some extra value as the year goes on that that confidence level grows even more

Nestor Aparicio  32:32

love challenges. My dude he is Baltimore Luke, I love to give him the weekend off but the Orioles won’t allow that sort of thing around here. We got Derby weekend, Mother’s Day, and three in I’m spending some time at Adams cheap on Saturday morning, Mike bordick might be your pal is coming up to sign some autographs and help out with the chsp feline Association. If you know me, you know I love my cat once you know Luke, you never talked about your personal thing, but I know how much you love your cat. So this is your opportunity to plug for Chesapeake feline Association and Adams Jeep on Saturday morning.

Luke Jones  33:04

I love my cats and for anyone who was an 80s kid like me and loved he man and the Masters of the Universe. My cats are named Cringer and Orko two of the characters from he-man So I have to credit my brother on that one. He named him but uh, definitely a special part of my life. I’m

Nestor Aparicio  33:21

not gonna lie. There’s no question about that for all of us. We love our cats. So he has a great weekend out there Luke and I’ll be back after next week as well. Merillat crabcake tour let me plug away where to stay fair and wearing the shirt Kingsville on Friday, we’re gonna be at the local in fallston on the 23rd I am working on dates inhale for Bellaire. The mucho Cousteau people got back to me. I’m really looking forward to that, especially on Cinco de Mayo. So if everybody has a great, great weekend enjoys the Derby, all the activities are French Chaucer doing a big street party and island town. Want to send everybody over to see Brian if you’re not doing that for sure. And of course you can find me NASA Baltimore And Luke is Luke at wn St. dotnet on behalf of the Maryland lottery and our friends at window nation. Oops, see, it’s a fair next week and we’re gonna be here all the time because we are wn St. 5070 We never stop talking. Baltimore positive

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