The connection between McFaul’s and legendary Orioles Iron Man Ernie Tyler

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Local restaurant owner Glen McFaul tells Nestor about his grandfather and Orioles legend Ernie Tyler and his connection to Ironhorse Tavern on Cromwell Bridge Road and the new McFaul’s Oyster & Reel on the Middle River deep in the heart of Essex.


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Glen McFaul, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

We’re back at W N, st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive or positively. I don’t know where we are in Essex. We’re Middle River I’ve I’ve got two different I’m a former Councilman that swears we’re in the seventh district of Essex. Where me false we’re not the Iron Horse tavern we’re here at the oyster and real got the new sign up the oils are trying to choke one away so brought to you by the Maryland lottery did hit some home runs today. I do not have the home run Rich’s a scratch offs, I have the instant lottery. throwbacks had a $20 winner at the bar here. The 50th home run that the Orioles hit this year, they’re up to almost 40 Now, there’ll be $50,000 winners so that could be coming up in the next week or so. John morons, but tell us about that. Whether they should 866 90 nation put this on the road in places like his place. This is Glenn McFaul. I’ve known him for a decade ish. You’re sort of the neighborhood tavern for wn St. Always have been you send us a million lunches back in the day. My wife got cancer then my wife got cancer again. And next thing you know, we’re neighborhood people and we’re in your bar once in a while having a burger with that delicious bacon jam on the top out on the deck. Watching the Eagles fly out over the Loch Raven. How in the world did you find this place? In essence what lets me and Sue Sue Creek

Glen McFaul  01:12

we’ll see. Growing up my father and my mom they had a spot right on frog and mortar Creek. And so we always watch where’s that right that’s right down. That’s this

Nestor Aparicio  01:24

it’s on metal rivets all metal river.

Glen McFaul  01:25

So we’re coming out of Middle River here and there’s a lot of little

Nestor Aparicio  01:28

creek. Google these places because I never heard an a frog Creek

Glen McFaul  01:32

and that’s frog in water Creek frog

Nestor Aparicio  01:34

mortar Creek. It’s right here. I’m 2.5 miles away. Okay. It’s across from bullies on the bay. All right. Gotcha. All right. Cool, awesome sunset code. I got a

Glen McFaul  01:42

shout out to Edwards bow yard. Alright, so we had our spot over there. And we were there and we kind of grew up around here. And we come out of Middle River and this is one of the spots right when you get to the Baltimore Yacht Club which is right to my right here out here. You would see oh, that’s that’s the spot where dad could really pour it on. That was a six mile per hour kind of spot where you went from going six miles per hour or less to letting him do it to let him rip. Okay, and getting the trip going. Getting getting going toward the bay and out into the bay and moving along. Yeah, so that was always the spot. You see the


Nestor Aparicio  02:18

boat, that’s what you’re going to tell me you grew up on the boat a little bit, right, fair enough.

Glen McFaul  02:21

And got an opportunity all the time with my dad’s friends and family to go to all sorts of different spots. And we went all over the Bay crab and we do a little crab and a lot of a lot of fishing. waterskiing waterskiing a lot of tubing, all that all that good, fun stuff. But this was the area that we came out of every time and so growing up here in there, we always stopped when it was too bad to go out there was too bad to go out there into the bay. Go to the bar. This is this was the safe harbor right here. So cake. And you come up here and you get a couple of crabs. And then you know you have your parents would be having a good time. And

Nestor Aparicio  03:01

so I grew up in Colgate East Point area. This was the beach everyone in my neighborhood went to but I mean we got a little older some folks who go up the gunpowder or some people would go up on the up in Hunt Valley to what the hell is it called? Where the world Farms is that they had that swinging the row? Yeah, the beaver dam beaver dam right. Right. So a lot of kids we got a little older went to Beaver Dam. Yeah. Went to drink beer when we were you know 1516 Like that. Right? Come down. You’re trying to make out with girls from Essex like that? Yeah. But Rocky Point was the place in his 70s where my family on a Saturday or Sunday, we would pick up fried chicken or whatever and go down Pierce Papst Shaffer, gender, and my family pavilions that porters and rocky point

Glen McFaul  03:50

so so so rocky point when you’re coming down 702 And instead of taking a left on Holly neck to come down us you go straight right. And to the right, right.

Nestor Aparicio  04:05

Would beach I don’t remember the name Wildwood but everything was Rocky Point and porters. Is that still? Is it still called that or am I not since?

Glen McFaul  04:11

I think I think we’re good. They’re

Nestor Aparicio  04:13

Cedar Point. well made. This is what I’m saying. I grew up in Colgate and I grew up you know, relatively poor me. Maybe some people had a little boat or went fishing once in a while and I’d see people hanging chicken necks.

Glen McFaul  04:24

That was our ocean. Man. We didn’t get it. We didn’t go to the beach and stuff. It was the bay. So instead of going to Ocean City, instead of going to wherever you got on a boat in the water. Yeah. My dad committed us to Saturdays and Sunday. I guess I

Nestor Aparicio  04:37

knew people that gotten boats. But one thing that shocked me I got married 20 years ago, my wife came here and she looked at the maps and the Google Maps she’s like to so much water here. So many boats here largest estuary in the whole world in the world. And Billick like fell in love with it right got a giant boat and been sold boats and did all that pretty short. And I think for outsiders to come here and say, My God, how would I move to Maryland and not have a boat or by on the water? Right? Or like that and growing up here? First off, I thought everybody had crabs. I didn’t know crabs were only like a thing we had your thought was like pizza, everybody. And you realize how provincial it is. But you also realize like, it’s a missing part. And I see people hanging out, all of these bars have done so well. Right, the water bars, that because there’s so many boaters who want to access these places on weekends, and they’re such to your point destinations, right. And you got to hold the one of them here to tell me years ago, right,

Glen McFaul  05:37

right. Well, just this past, I mean, we just opened at the beginning of January. But it took a year to get this thing built out. Right? Well, we haven’t even gotten to a year yet. We haven’t. We haven’t gotten to that point. We’ll come back and we’ll celebrate the first year anniversary but that we haven’t even gotten there yet. So we literally haven’t been open to the public to where we expect what we’re going to have

Nestor Aparicio  05:59

a boat drive up yet, right? Literally,

Glen McFaul  06:00

we had we’ve had boats crushed through the ice. They came in they wanted to be number one. They came right through and came in. But we’ve had a few people since a couple of weeks ago, we had the nice breaking weather. We were we all thought it was gonna just in Maryland, just switch to summer. And then fall happened again. Yeah. So we’re at where we’re looking at the credit. So we were doing the Maryland crab cake tour. And you guys have a nice crab cake up the street, right? I

Nestor Aparicio  06:24

mean, I give me the like the story about the menu here. And the oyster and real concept. And obviously I got to this in the first 30 seconds. By the way, let me fall here where it falls. You grew up on the wall, you love the water and you build this beautiful, old sort of it was old Sanders corner. Right, right. And so that

Glen McFaul  06:46

place was built kind of in the name behind it and everything was kind of built on my respect for my grandfather, Ernie Tyler. So the Iron Horse being that it was a train right up the road called the mom Powell railroad that the Native American Indians called those trains iron horses. So with Rick and taking the the opportunity to salutely to pull my grandfather from a game

Nestor Aparicio  07:15

Senator Ripken not much privacy challenge give him a hard time.

Glen McFaul  07:21

Well, I mean, and Cal invited him to be his honor guests up there in Cooperstown and, and Ernie ended his streak as the umpires attending attendant never missed a game for 55 years. And, you know, after that game, did another three years or so, but so Ernie, the Iron Horse cow column, the real like a real iron horse, you know, he thought he had a you know, in a great shriek as well. And I always thought that was pretty cool. And Ernie was always very humble as you know, you’ve met you know, me, you met him a bunch of times. But Ernie was a real humble guy and, and but I don’t know

Nestor Aparicio  08:00

the whole story because I I broadcast from your place during a period of time where I wasn’t on the radio. We brought Flacco into your place Justin Tucker pit I have all those pictures. They were in the book. And they were preparing to I’m gonna give you a copy of and I came with your place and every time I would go in, I said to you the bathrooms around the back behind the bar all ran off the porch, and I would always see all the Ernie stuff. And I really didn’t know the whole connection that you’re earning his grandson

Glen McFaul  08:26

right as old as grants now right there

Nestor Aparicio  08:29

Jimmy was the Oreo home club acid 10 In Freddie Tyler, this is back when I was a real media member back in the day. You know, Freddy was always the visiting and I always thought the visiting job was so much better because he the Yankees would be in one day One day it’d be you know, Jose can say the next day be George Brett the next day be Kirby bucket and you know, Friday

Glen McFaul  08:50

job in 1984 and had that job all the way up until just last year when they gave him the new opportunity to be the Orioles clubhouse manager.

Nestor Aparicio  09:00

So Fred is the Orioles clubhouse manager is he is now He’s your uncle cousin. Would you say He’s


Glen McFaul  09:04

my uncle. So my mom, first of all Laven. She has five sisters and five brothers. And everybody’s still alive. Everybody’s doing well. And Freddie is one of the younger brothers. And Freddie is the clubhouse manager for the Royals. And Freddy is a great

Nestor Aparicio  09:25

baseball family. Man you grew up in more family we

Glen McFaul  09:28

grew up in. We grew up in it. I have so many unique stories about beating or getting the chance or opportunity to be in the dugout and get Floyd rapers first place go up first.

Nestor Aparicio  09:40


Were you the kid that would go over there without a camera or do you have pictures of some of it?

Glen McFaul  09:44

There was no camera. No cameras cared.

Nestor Aparicio  09:46

I mean, oh, my father died. Right? My father died 92 his first year candy bars open. And all these years but 31 years I’ve been on the radio and I have all these pictures of me and my dad. My dad and I have pictures of us eating cake at parties. The world or whatever, my dad and I went to ballgames 20 3040 times a year, every year we took the bus. It was our favorite thing to do wasn’t a special thing. Going to the Orioles game wasn’t special. We did it all the time. It wasn’t like what some kids their dad only took them once a year on Father’s Day or whatever. There’s an economic thing. My dad and I went to the ballpark so often. I never took a camera, like and if I took a camera when take a picture of us, you know, I was taking a picture of Cal Ripken or Eddie Murray or Rick Dempsey or whatever. I don’t have any pictures of my files. My my grandmother Sadie.

Glen McFaul  10:36

Tyler told me he’s like, look, all these guys are the same as your dad. Same as me. They

Nestor Aparicio  10:40

put your pants on the same way one leg at

Glen McFaul  10:42

a time. So you know, you know, don’t don’t get all crazy about it. You know, it’s and so when my grandmother was the chef for the royals for a long time, she has a couple of World Series rings as well. And she got to get I would go down and take all of her food down with Ernie in a in a pretty much a family truckster wagon back in the day. And we would go down there and deliver the food to Memorial Stadium and take the food in there and then they they take him into Did you

Nestor Aparicio  11:10

always try to get on that assignment so you could go and you know, I was

Glen McFaul  11:13

just up the street. So my parents live right and they they moved up from 3030 jump shot. They moved up from 33 frisbee Street. And my parents, my parents when my dad met my mom, they moved out to Forest Hill. And they convinced my grandmother Ernie and Julianne to move out to Forest Hill and get out of get out of Baltimore. And so they were hanging out and the next thing you know, Freddy is playing for Bellaire High School and is in the same county as Ripken. And I have like you seen his 70s Right. Yeah, this is late 70s. And so so that so by 78 Ernie, sorry, array. Ernie had Friday at Bellaire High School that was his first year and he played in the all star team with Ripken and I have that paper and a bunch of stuff that kind of shows it because my uncle or my grandfather he keep all that stuff to my mom to keep so no one would mess it up and I get it and this guy like ripped in sign it you know

Nestor Aparicio  12:18

what do you do with it? If you got a restaurant you put it in walls, right? Yeah. Anything off the walls at the other place because I haven’t

Glen McFaul  12:25

sold out other stuff I couldn’t fit over there. Didn’t want to didn’t want to include in the story. But there’s the story behind all that is basically just a really strong family.

Nestor Aparicio  12:35

Oh, I think is a question. I mean, I know your family for the

Glen McFaul  12:38

taller family has a really strong family. And like my dad was he was always like, Well, I’m just glad to be a part of it.

Nestor Aparicio  12:47

But Klamath Falls here he’s got crabcake tell me about the menu here and maybe a little different or same similar.

Glen McFaul  12:54

Well, we have a different chef and both chefs are awesome. Chef Luxembourgers taking control of the Iron Horse.

Nestor Aparicio  13:02

So this right here I see you can see on the side and we get I get an argument about this all the time. Like I was a captain Larry’s last week she’s like we will fry we’re boiling it that’s all he was gonna fall apart whatever. And I grew up poor with claw me and my mom would make some mayonnaise and mustard and a little bit Jao and

Glen McFaul  13:21

down here we have Chef Jason Horvitz and Chef makes an incredible crab cake. This is more of a what I can what I consider a true traditional somewhere in the middle of of Tillman or Maryland crab cake came from very this they all stem from the pancake and and they were never built up really monstrous but what you get in there hopefully is the flavor and and all that good stuff

Nestor Aparicio  13:48

I’m gonna have one if once I start eating you’re gonna have to talk because my mouth I’ll talk I’ll tell I’ll actually give me a little Pacific go here to so I’m very appreciative of this

Glen McFaul  13:57

that’s that’s a good one to drink with that

Nestor Aparicio  13:58

you’re the guy Mr. House ready to get on my camera that gets off my camera in the middle of the shop. I just wandering out into the Sioux Creek fire I think

Glen McFaul  14:07

so yeah, so the some house made chips and ice cold beer, certain things that the chef at both spots do exactly like those traditional McFaul stuff and then they all have their own kind of flair on on each

Nestor Aparicio  14:21

spot here so well for you with the other place to

Glen McFaul  14:24

crabs to this is a whole nother thing. We brought crabs. Okay, so we have an incredible setup for our crabs here. And we’re bringing crabs nonstop into into the picture for until you know Marylanders normally stop eating crabs what round November

Nestor Aparicio  14:42

Well, I mean late October but but November December you still get

Glen McFaul  14:46

awesome crabs but I’m just saying they kind of like they’re like

Nestor Aparicio  14:49

you right you get out of the mood once you get to go back to school a little bit. I don’t know the Orioles. We can get to oral baseball and the players since I’ve been here they’ve given up eight consecutive runs. I feel like I’m Bad luck down here and so you gotta get some better Mojo. For those. We’re gonna take a break because I want to eat this crab cake. Klamath Falls for telling stories about the mental game yet, or again.

Glen McFaul  15:09

You know, I haven’t I was supposed to good opening day and then we got caught up with some stuff here and you’re running restaurants. I got running to restaurants. We just had a surprise little baby boy so Oh, look at you. Well, you know, we have fought for so

Nestor Aparicio  15:22

long. I’m gonna get cherry cook in here. He’s bartender, my Facebook friend. Terry tried out for my king of Baltimore sports many mountains. I’m gonna let him tell the story. But Terry, and I’ve been friends. And he moved over here months ago. And you guys have been open since about Christmas. Right? Yeah, yeah. All right. Well, so soft opening

Glen McFaul  15:40

since three days before New Year’s to be to be right. All right. So you hear that New Year’s we had a great band. Everybody came out and kind of knew that we were kind of getting rolling. It was a nice, soft opening New Year’s.

Nestor Aparicio  15:52

I haven’t even walked out onto the deck here at checkout. So go check it out. It’s a beautiful space. I would call it a new space and an old place we’re down in is this Essex or Middle River.

Glen McFaul  16:03

Sioux Creek. We’re in Sioux Creek. We’re gonna sue creates what’s Baltimore, Maryland?

Nestor Aparicio  16:09

It just says Baltimore to one shoot, what is it? 21222221? What are we gonna wait to 21? We’re 21. That’s what I figured. Well, Todd Schuler is on my Facebook page here. Former Councilman Schuler, the recovering councilman, who says to Me, you’re in Essex, because you’re in 17. And,

Glen McFaul  16:27

by the way, we are in Essex. There’s no doubt about it. We’re proud of that. But the bottom line is we’re right on Sue Creek. All

Nestor Aparicio  16:35

right. So two people say Middle River, two people say Essex. They said it borders

Glen McFaul  16:40

mental. It’s mental River. We’re on Middle River. I

Nestor Aparicio  16:42

said, we’re off. We’re off a mentalist, and a guy from Dundalk would never want to accuse you of being from Essex. Trust me. Yeah. Well, you know, it’s like a highland town guy seeing your work that way. And by the way, we thought we had Ronnie Brown today from the Tampa Bay Buccaneers of Dundalk High School spares point guy, we’re gonna try to get him in a couple of weeks. He had a team meeting today. He’s trying out for the Buccaneers. He’s one of those camp hopefuls and he’s a Dundalk kid. He wants to shepherd and I’m gonna wish him well. He’s running back so I want to give him some love for on behalf of the owls. I’ll sing the Dundalk alma mater as a good Hall of Famer. We’re, we’re on Sue Creek. We’re MacFarlane oyster and we’ll come on down. It’s all brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery. I’m giving the scratch offs away. We had a $20 winner here a little earlier today. And I’ve been wearing the wacky hat that Eric gave me and a Harley gave me from wind nation. 866 90 nation you buy two you get two free five years. 0% financing. I’m gonna I’m not gonna wait five years Ditas crabcake I’m gonna take a break Terry’s gonna come up and we’re gonna talk to baseball and football some more Ernie Tyler’s story shimmy towers, stories ready taller stories and a crabcake on this tour. We’re back for more in Essex, Middle River, Sioux Creek and McFaul. Stay with us

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