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After solid first week, we make our Week 2 NFL picks at Hollywood Casino Perryville


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It’s been 20 years since Nestor Aparicio has unleashed his weekly NFL picks on the Friday Football Frenzy. So far, a 10-6 start against the spread even has Hollywood Casino Perryville Sportsbook manager Christian Horton impressed but only until they kick off again on Sunday.


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Nestor Aparicio, Christian Horton

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S T, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive I’m gonna start saying welcome home. It’s our 25th anniversary around here. If you’re following along or friends Acurio wellness are sponsored our 25th anniversary on number 24 our barn and purple shows if you have some pictures I’d love to see those out on our Facebook. We’re gonna be a Friday we’re going to be failures in Lexington market compensate President Dr. Anthony Jenkins joining us as well as head coach Larry Stewart from the Eagles program we our 10 year flagship of compensate Eagles so we’re looking forward to another school here and other basketball year all the good stuff going on over there as well as we’ll be at the nest on Friday night. We’ll also have Maryland lottery scratch offs to give away there and our friends at WIN donation at Jiffy Lube as well. And then next Thursday, we’re Coco’s doing the Maryland crab cake tour in Lara Ville. One thing we’re doing here each and every week is picking football games. So those of you know sports wagering legal download in the app, our partners at Hollywood casino are having us up on October the 15th. It’s my 55th anniversary, our 55th birthday celebration with more than that the Ravens taken on the Titans will be up there for that game. And I know Adam Jones is gonna be there on Thursday night this week as well. It is Adam Jones weekend we’re celebrating him there’s a dear Adam Jones note out at Baltimore positive as well. Christian Horton joined us last week for the inaugural edition of make a fool and Astro and make it bad picks. At the end of the year. I brag a little bit last week that I had been pretty good at picking football games historically here many many years ago, but it’s been I don’t think I’d pick games this century. I think the last time I pick you up maybe the beginning of this century, but 20 years since I pick games every week on the air on the website, since we’ve had a website 2006 I haven’t picked games. I started picking games last week. A little nervous during those one o’clock games because I’m thinking man, you know I didn’t like the lions on Thursday night but who did and then I found out well you know Christian like the lion so Christian orange joins us now. He is the sportsbook manager of all things Hollywood casino in beautiful Perry Ville up on the hill in Cecil County. Just get across the bridge go out there. Come join us great music. Got the strikers posse up there and a couple of weeks my favorite reggae bands lots of things happen. How are your picks last week you want to review? Are we okay? I’m I’m a week ahead. So I gotta beat you up a little bit this week. I know I’m gonna go for 12 this week. I know that’s gonna happen. I was tennis six last week. You were eight now. We’re off to a decent start now you pushed right.


Christian Horton  02:29

Yeah, and I bet I mean, it’s first week, the NFL so it was kind of you’re seeing what we were rolling with. And I was kind of really a gamble. You know? But now you know week two you kind of got the established team and you know you kind of have some some numbers that go off of where you come back here. Your pics Yeah, we

Nestor Aparicio  02:45

know Cincinnati stinks we know Pittsburgh I think because they stopped last week Right? I mean the Giants stunk right i mean that manner teams are really stuck right the bill stunk really? Yeah, they did. Yeah. So I mean, bills chiefs chargers Bengals I thought they were playoff teams what happened here last week Christian

Christian Horton  03:06

Oh, I think they were going to get some a lot a lot of home underdogs you know, especially the the Bengals you know versus the browns. They haven’t been fun fact they haven’t been the Browns I guess in the past six meetings. So you know, they were kind of just rolling off for that first first game you know Joe burrow you know he’s coming off the the injury hadn’t played all preseason or practice so you know, I think that’s why they looked a little rusty the Chiefs I think they just got you know, they had the injury book you know, especially with Travis Kelce you know, Chris Jones and you know, the lions came out and showed that they they’re for real so I think it’s just a week one blues and they will figure it out especially those those main teams

Nestor Aparicio  03:42


well these points spreads get made and we’re gonna get to these picks right now you can come see Christian, tell me what’s going on Hollywood and a good way for them to wager with you Mobley are just coming up and having a good time. It’s a great Casino. It’s a great little place free Park and easy to get through great lodge next door. Get a nice meal there and a sports book. How have the Sundays look? How was the first weekend?

Christian Horton  04:05

Oh, two Sundays where it was packed, very busy. We had a lot of customers in there watching the games, betting on the games. And the sports are in the restaurant there. We show the Sunday tickets. So we push people in there to watch the Sunday Ticket. You watch any and every game. We have about 100 Different TVs in there. So you can watch all the one o’clock games all at once.

Nestor Aparicio  04:25

Vegas. I mean, I went up and had dinner watch the Orioles play the padres a couple of weeks ago, late at night with an old friend of mine. And it was kind of quiet. It was a Monday night it was 10 o’clock at night. I did it on purpose. It wasn’t knots in any way. There are people there. But just the experience of watching the game there’s better than in my living room. It really is.

Christian Horton  04:43

Yeah, no 100% is nice TVs, you know, like you said just just like Vegas. And with us, you know we’re small property. So you know, we’re much more low key but when we have people in there, it’s more lively, unlike big casinos. So that’s something that our niche that we are We we have people coming forward


Nestor Aparicio  05:02

I look so I’m old school I know you can wager on all sorts of exotic this and parlay that what we’re doing here just for our purposes and talking some football and promoting our friends in Hollywood casino just picking games picking games picking spreads 10 Six against the spread last week for me fishing was eight Nate let’s get going here with some pics because we’re kicking off Thursday right up the road right Phillies got this game. They look okay last week certainly good enough against your against the hoodie and the Patriots. I’m making me a winner in that particular game. Seven points spread now. Vikings I mean, you talked about it last week you picked correctly on the Vikings game? No Dalvin Cook saw him running around though feeling ah, you know, like Vikings look like they have some work to do.

Christian Horton  05:46

Yeah, no, I agree. I’m gonna go with on Philly on this one. Philly looked good are despite the rain in New England, whether they look good, you know, I think they’re gonna Jalen hertz is going to show why he’s gonna win MVP this year. So I’m gonna go with Philly. Especially the Vikings. I think like I said, they just have stuff to figure out with their whole team and kind of find their identity with them. So I’m gonna go with Philly on this one.

Nestor Aparicio  06:06

Question. Did you put in the code hertz for MVP? Did you do that already? Oh, yeah. 100 100% 100%

Christian Horton  06:10


I think hertz is gonna win it. You know him losing Superbowl last year. I think he’s gonna have a chip on his shoulder. Especially with the fumbles and interceptions. He’s going to come out and have an MVP year.

Nestor Aparicio  06:20

All right, I’m gonna be with you. I’m gonna I’m gonna spread the seven points. I don’t feel good about that. I think the Vikings get bounced back but I don’t love them on the road here this week at all. I’ll take the Eagles and I’ll spread those seven points to Sunday and we’re gonna pick the Ravens last because we did it first last week. Bears Buccaneers bucks or three point favorite at home against the bears. Buck certainly showed up showed out last week. I mean nothing to not like Baker Mayfield to think that they’re going to be awful in any way. I’m gonna take the box and spread the three points on the bears this week.

Christian Horton  06:50

Yeah, I’m right there with you. I’m gonna take the Bucks also um, I love their defense. You know, they’re just a great rendering group. Like you said Baker Mayfield he showed why you know he’s gonna have a reduction year and I love the Bucs also on this one especially against bad Bears team I thought they would have this this will kind of be bigger but Justin feel that think he has a little more work to do to to make that team better.

Nestor Aparicio  07:12

Falcons given two points to the Packers at home this week. That down in the Georgia Dome i for me I still don’t know what to make of these teams. I haven’t watched a whole lot of teams that didn’t play great competition in week one I’m a little shocked the Falcons are an underdog at home I I’m inclined to take the two points at home with the Falcons


Christian Horton  07:33

Yeah, no I liked I liked the two points with the Falcons too especially in being at the Lana Green Bay kind of shocked me last week though they Jordan love played well especially against the bears so you know what could be in a robbery game but indoors you know, it’s it’s different. You know, I think outdoors happened last week, so I’m definitely gonna roll with Atlanta too. And see what they do with the young guys.

Nestor Aparicio  07:54

We got to look at the Houston Texans here last week. Maybe some things to recommend on their defense for sure. offensive line did not look good at all. We’ll see how the Ravens pass rush bounces back against Cincinnati this week. Colts a point and a half they’re getting going down to Houston to take on the Texans. I am inclined to take the Colts here I thought the young kid flashed him stuff last week as well. I think this is a good spot for the Colts being a favorite on the road to steal again then I could have won a lot of games but I think they’re gonna win this one in Houston on Sunday.

Christian Horton  08:22

Okay, yeah no I’m gonna go with Houston on this one with it’d be in a division game they’re going to have a little more spirit in them the to go out and win both young teams you know Anthony Richardson on the cold side you know it’s tough it’s a tough pick but it’s yeah, I’m gonna I’m gonna go with the quotes on this one

Nestor Aparicio  08:41


lines at home against the Seahawks they are a six point favorite Seahawks late a turd I thought they were gonna be better they cost me one of my losses last week and I guess that’s why the the numbers interesting on this six point favorite home for the lion’s mane dude I’ve been doing this a long time they’re not six point favorites at home much in Detroit. But it smelled good what they did the other night certainly their offseason to smell good. That place is going to be an inferno that that is going to be a tough place now the lions got it going that’s gonna be a tough place to go in there and when I am okay with the six point spread on that I’m going to take the lions at home and spread the points

Christian Horton  09:18

yeah I’m right there with you with the lions also like the Lions defense love their offense golf show that he’s he’s actually you know, improved you know they have armar Saint Brown who I like also so I’m definitely what the tutorial This one also

Nestor Aparicio  09:36

sorry, but that was muted Tennessee Titans. Well, when you cough on the air you have to pay new like that. Tennessee Titans are three point underdog at home to the Chargers who didn’t put their best foot forward last week. I mean, I I just shocked at the Chargers after the whole offseason playing at home to lay a turn against the dolphins the way they did. Maybe the dolphins are better than we think they are. And they went through that last year as well. Chargers will The road three points in Tennessee i i can’t find a reason to like the Titans right now. I’ll go ahead and take the charger. So to win this game on the road,

Christian Horton  10:07

yeah, like the Chargers also in the bathmat game. I don’t think Tennessee can score with the Chargers any solid parts put up I think 34 points last week. So I just I think they have a tough time competing with the Titans only I think 16 points. You know they don’t have much offense with Derrick Henry and the hospital so I definitely liked the charges outscore him and covered the three


Nestor Aparicio  10:30

nothing more disappointing than the Buffalo Bills to their fan base. You know, Rodgers gets hurt. And then they go after instinct to join up for 58 minutes. wind up losing. And now they have all this this feeling this week all the Bills fans are going to get nine points favored over the Raiders. I’m wondering whether the bills really get back on track after this or not. I can’t imagine they’re going to lose this week. That’s a huge number to lay on a team that did not look good on Monday night.

Christian Horton  10:59

Yeah, no, I agree. I’m definitely I’m moving towards the Raiders. I think buffalo they have some chemistry issues going on there whether you know who’s the main guy and who’s the leader and they’re you know, they lost their there’s offense coordinator two years ago on Brian deaf ball. He’s the head coach of the giants now and you kind of see Josh Allen being very streaky. You know, last year he threw 17 interceptions, you know, Monday night three interceptions. So I think that’s kind of the death of Josh Allen. We’re gonna see so I’m going to take Oakland with the points for sure.

Nestor Aparicio  11:27

You mean Las Vegas?

Christian Horton  11:28


I’m sorry. Sorry.

Nestor Aparicio  11:31

People sometimes I call the Colts Baltimore as well. Christian Horton is here he is in Hollywood Casino. Berryville we’re picking games. You’re gonna be picking games every week. And I’ll tell everybody the best way to get involved to pick games and to wager with Hollywood Casino.

Christian Horton  11:43

Yeah, you can come to our retail location at Hollywood casino Perryville come in bed with us. You could do single bets parlay bets where you get more bang for your buck. You could do player props, certain data score touchdowns, I mean anything and everything that you can possibly think of we most likely have. So it’s kind of whatever you want whatever unit you want to do if you just want to pick winners, you can pick winners. If you can’t make it no property we also have our sports book online that you can do and you know kind of wager there and sit on your couch and bed there and bet live while you’re watching the game. So that’s all the options that we have for Ben.

Nestor Aparicio  12:17

We got more one o’clock games chiefs at Jacksonville this a game of the week for me, I mean, ravens Bengals for sure. I’ll be watching that but chiefs at Jaguars chiefs getting three points in Jacksonville. Boy chiefs need this game. And I told you last week watch out for Jacksonville. I think there were 1112 13 Win team. I don’t know if this is one of them. But the Chiefs getting points on the road. I’m inclined to take the Jaguars at home here.


Christian Horton  12:45

Yeah, I’m right there with you with the Jaguars. I love the Jaguars team, the young guys you know full energy. I think they’re gonna kind of take the heart when the Chiefs beat them last year and the the playoffs you know, they kind of they hung around with them for a little bit until after halftime. You know the Chiefs kind of blew it open. So I like to excavate at home with what this points to.

Nestor Aparicio  13:03

By the way, I don’t think I picked the Raiders bills game I’m with Raiders I’ll take the I don’t know they’re gonna win. But I’m gonna take those nine points just to make sure we do that four o’clock games. We’ll get back to that ravens game we’ll do that one last 40 Niners at rams boy the 40 Niners you go across the country and beat the Pittsburgh Steelers in a historic way. I called all my friends in western Pennsylvania this week and I encourage all of our raving fans to do the same thing check in on how they’re doing up there. See how the kids are going back to school see if they can ship you down some some panties or some you know, superhero keys or something like that but certainly the Pittsburgh situation I don’t know if they’re that bad but boy the 40 Niners you go on the road you play like that in week one going across the country there’s something like now they are an eight point favorite going down to LA not much to recommend the Rams either.

Christian Horton  13:54

Yeah, no no I’m not big on the Rams. They’re kind of in a rebuild even though they did beat the Seahawks pretty bad. That kind of surprised me. But yeah, I’m I’m not what the Rams on this one. I’m gonna definitely take on the 40 Niners they played row. defense played well often played well wasn’t big on 30. And 30. really showed me that I was I was wrong. And I really liked their team a lot.

Nestor Aparicio  14:15


You did that the whole end of the year last year? I mean, how can you like how do you like a seventh round draft pick? You know what I mean? i How do you say he’s going that this is going to work? And it’s working so far?

Christian Horton  14:26

Yeah. Especially after being after they had three quarterbacks, you know, in one year, you know, so it’s a lot of pressure on him. But I think he’s shown that he can grow with the pressure,

Nestor Aparicio  14:34

I think and 49 or two and spread the eight points. They’re also four or five. Nobody look worse than the New York Giants. You know, I sat and watched that for all of an hour and then I put the wham documentary on because I’m like it’s 24 enough and I’m not gonna sit here and watch this. I don’t even like these themes certainly don’t like anything about the Cowboys winning I don’t like happy happy Cowboys fans one night than happy jets fans and now it’s been a crazy week your giants are on the road in Arizona making a long trip out out there against really these are two bad teams from what I can tell and the Giants five and a half point favorites on the road. What there’s not much to like them

Christian Horton  15:10

Yeah, that’s a tough that’s a tough game right there. You don’t know what you’re really getting with that game. But I’m personally I’m a home team person. So I’m going to take Arizona with the points especially in being home. They kind of shocked at the commander’s last week you know, they were out in front for a little bit before they they got beat so I’m going to take Arizona on this one. I think the Giants they’re just trying to figure it out also with the drama with Barkley in the offseason that’s tough for them so I’m going to take Arizona on this


Nestor Aparicio  15:38

we pick 10 games and we’ve picked all the same except for the Houston Indianapolis so we’re either gonna go down together or we’re going to be 13 and three together before it’s all over Christian origins here from for Perry Ville and the Hollywood casino picking all these games you can be doing that every week the chats go to Dallas jets feeling pretty good about themselves in some ways. Not so good about themselves in the fact that who’s our quarterback? Nine and a half point favorite cowboys look great last week. Jets didn’t look bad. Certainly not defensively. I don’t know if the Jets get nine and a half points. There’s a point in that where I That’s enough to make me take it I’m gonna take the jets and nine and a half this week.

Christian Horton  16:15

All right, I’m gonna go against you on this one. I’m gonna go Dallas I love Dallas his defense with Gilmore on the corner he had to pick in the first game you know just Mackay Parsons off the edge you know they just have really great guys and I’m not sold on sack Wilson yet you know he kind of had struggles in the beginning and kind of figured out at the end but I think they’re gonna put pressure on him and they’re gonna blow them out and kind of show them that the Cowboys is the team to beat this year and then I’ll see

Nestor Aparicio  16:41

if I mean to win Oh starts a beautiful thing but when you start beating teams up and beaten other teams up cuz I mean, they’re expected to win big their nine and a half point favorite. We’ll see how the Cowboys do at home I’ll take the Jets commanders commanding a good start to the new era there we had Tom Libero on this week talking about the the end of the Daniel Snyder administration. They go on the road now out to the thin air of Denver, the Broncos a three and a half point favorite at home. In this game commander’s looked pretty good last week. I mean, there’s a point here where you may want to take the three and a half points.

Christian Horton  17:15


Yeah, no, I’m gonna go to Denver on this one. Especially it’d be in the Mile High Stadium. You know, Denver is a tough place to play for many teams, especially East Coast team going over there. I like Denver a lot. I think Russell Wilson is going to show kind of a better week than he did last year or last week. And so I like Denver.

Nestor Aparicio  17:33

I’m gonna take Washington and that which we finally got some difference of opinion. These four o’clock games are gonna separate whether you were I make fun of each other next week. 820 game on Sunday night football. I’m going to be with the Baltimore Beatles down at Merriweather that night monitoring this on the phone. So Kix is getting together with my child’s play boys on Sunday nights. Nobody knows I’ll be there. Patriots at home. You got the hoodie going on. A dolphins coming in. It’s two and a half point underdogs in this one. I’m gonna I’m gonna go with the fish. I’m gonna go with the dolphins in this one on Sunday night football.

Christian Horton  18:05

Yeah, no. I’m gonna go against you on this one. I have to love the Patriots. I was actually actually in the game live in attendance this past weekend. I love their defensive defenses. It’s really tough. We’re gonna have tough times contain the Tyree kill, but I think we can do a good time good job at doubling him and making sure that he doesn’t he doesn’t break loose. We’re going to cover the two and a half. So I’m gonna take the Patriots on this one. One of the tight game.

Nestor Aparicio  18:28

Did you dry off yet?


Christian Horton  18:30

Oh my god. No, no, my Tom Brady jersey is so wet and everything. It was a great time though. But growing up in New England, I expected that you know, and it was kind of great just to go back and you know, experience that weather again, because we don’t get that out here in Baltimore. Much you know, so it was nice.

Nestor Aparicio  18:44

It was nice right to have him come back. I mean, he’s the greatest player of our lifetime of our generation. No disrespect to Peyton Manning or literally every lowest pick anybody want to have to have him come back. I mean, that for as a fan for you living down here. That’s a nice thing to go back up there and oh, that crazy horn

Christian Horton  19:03

Ah, yeah. Oh, third down. Yeah. No, it was great. It was a great experience. The people came out the fans. Enjoy Tom Brady celebrating them how we need to because we haven’t gave him the proper celebration that we needed to when he left for Tampa Bay, especially with him when it’s six Super Bowls for us. You know, people don’t realize you know, 22 Super Bowls in your lifetime is is great. But you know, for us to win six, you know, kind of we needed to give them that. That great. Send off. So it was it was cool. It was great.

Nestor Aparicio  19:33


John Harbaugh was finding out how hard it is to win to market our football double double double saints going to Carolina in the earlier game. They are going to be playing concurrently. Saints are three point underdog in Carolina. I’m not sold on the Panthers bro. I’m gonna go ahead and take the three points with the saints on the road.

Christian Horton  19:53

Yeah, I’m right there with you. Carolina young team. You know, Bryce young still trying to figure it out. I think he’s I have tough time in the NFL, you know with his small stature. The Saints defense is really tough you know so you guys depend on them to rush the passer you know break up a few passes. Derek Carr, hopefully performance I did last week. You know, he had Michael Thomas and Chris Alawi, you know had really big a game so I’m right there with you with the saints.

Nestor Aparicio  20:18

Steelers hit home on Monday Night Football bump up up. Cleveland Browns making the bus ride over. The Browns are a two and a half point. underdog in this game. The Steelers stunk last week. The Browns played well at home. Boy this is an enticement to take the browns and the think they’re going to be to win. Oh on Monday night. The Steelers did oh and to and then of course we’re going to talk about this ravens but Bengals game and this is a huge week for the AFC north and certainly, you know Steelers look like they stink. The Bengals look like they stunk the Ravens look like they’re banged up there. I mean, this is the Bermuda Triangle of this division. I’m gonna go ahead and take the Browns for two and a half points just because it gives me a chance to root against the Steelers a little bit. But I’m not convinced the Browns are real. This is an opportunity for them to show something. Yeah,

Christian Horton  21:06

this is a tough one to be honest. I’m gonna go with the Steelers on this one. I think still is come back and show kind of what they what they need to be. It’s going to be tough with Deonte Johnson hurting his hamstring. He’s out for a couple months. You know so I think they’re going to have to work the pieces but not J Harris and Jalen Lauren and kind of work the Russian attack and I think they come back and win this week against the browns.


Nestor Aparicio  21:28

This Bengals game at three points. It sounded one way at three and a half it starts to think well, you like Justin Tucker, do you like the Ravens? Do you like hardball? Do you like Lamar on the road? Are they going to figure this out and the Bengals were awful in the slop last week? Tough game I would just say this for the division and I just went against myself picking the Browns but only pick them the cover Miss Steelers could still win the game. If everybody wakes up one and one on Tuesday that wouldn’t shock me. I mean it really wouldn’t shock me that that would be more of a hold serve at home if you’re Pittsburgh hold serve at home if you’re Cincinnati after losing in Cleveland last week. I’m gonna go ahead and spread the points on the Ravens this week. I think the injuries are something for them. I think the offensive line is a problem for the Ravens. I think the running game is a problem for the Ravens. And I think we’re gonna see Lamar Jackson run around and do what Lamar has done in previous years. Because I don’t know that they’re going to throw the ball 35 times or have success doing that. I’m worried about this is a bad spot for the Ravens this week. I think it’s Cincinnati.

Christian Horton  22:31

Yeah, no, I’m right there with you. Definitely a bad spot with JK Dobbins going down you know, he looked good until he ultimately got hurt. So they’re just going to try to figure it out with their one game I’m not sure Justin Hill is the the RB one that you’re really looking for and to hand off 10 to 15 times a game so I think like you said Lamar was gonna have to be Superman again and kind of figure it out but um, yeah, I like Cincinnati with this one. I liked him to bounce back with Chase and burrow getting back on the same page and burrow finally getting that game action that he needed to feel comfortable again.

Nestor Aparicio  23:00

We talking about Lamar throwing the football without Linder balm without Stanley without Dobbins without down in distance maybe without Mark Andrews although I think you’ll play they only wanna throw so much and I think no matter what they talked about it all offseason all these wide receivers I show me the game where they’re going to throw effectively in a lot I don’t believe that’s going to happen. And I love a flowers game. I mean certainly difference maker there for them. I’m worried about past protection. I’m worried about offensive structure, some stability and all the things they planned on doing that are a lot different to do if you don’t have Ronnie Stanley JK Dobbins and and Tyler Linder bomb in this particular game. I’ll take the Bengals to spread the points and the Ravens the losers we already got 16 picks in on 10 and six, your eight Nate certainly catch me this week. Looks like we differ on four different games here. Houston, Dallas, Denver, New England are your ways to beat me this week. Christian Okay.

Christian Horton  23:55


All right. I’ll be I’ll be looking forward to it.

Nestor Aparicio  23:57

I can’t separate myself too much this week, because we haven’t picked up much. But this is gonna be a fun fun activity during the course of the year. And the best part of me from week one. Is it like I gotta I built a little padding in you know, I’m forehead so I can afford to have an awful week this week. But I feel like I’m coming into my own this week. I want to I want to have 11 victories this week right along with you.

Christian Horton  24:18

Okay, sounds good. Sounds good.

Nestor Aparicio  24:20

All right, put your money down. Get up to Hollywood casino in Berryville. We’re going to be there on the 15th of October doing our Tottenham event there. That day breakfast. And in in Cecil County on the 15th great entertainment. They always had the dually pianos going on this weekend. The Flying ivories were back up at Hollywood casino and then all month long. Surreal is going to be there next weekend. Classic Rock on the 22nd and then strikers posse, who I’ve seen with John Spurrier and Odette Ramos many times. Strikers Posse is a reggae band. That is the 29th a bad alibi there on the 30th doing a whole mix of things. It’s the Hollywood casino in the sports bar. Christian Horton is the sports book manager up there and he will be friendly to you just don’t trust anything he says about the Patriots I am Esther we are wn sta and 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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