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The many directions DeCosta can go with pick No. 14 Luke

Our old NFL draftnik and historian Dennis Koulatsos joins Nestor for an annual evaluation of the Ravens’ draft class and needs heading into the spring.


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Nestor J. Aparicio, Dennis Koulatsos

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn St. am 5070, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. We’re positively trucking on here in a Kentucky Derby week in a post draft week a pre NFL schedule we can certainly the Yankees are coming. The Yankees are coming, the Yankees are here, and then there’ll be gone and they won’t be back as often as they usually are. We got baseball on the brain post NFL draft on the brain, but it is our 25th anniversary here at wn St. And we’ve released a cool documentary it’s called No one listens. everyone hears my friend Greg Landry was instrumental in putting it together. I forgot his name on the credits when I put it out on Thursday night so I want to give him a shout out of tasks and transfers. And a lot of folks out there have old VHS old media of different kinds DVD God bless you if you had one of those picture discs things I don’t know what to do, but But Greg can transfer all of that and bring it back to life. If you’ve had a child with a wedding you with a wedding birth of a child any of that kind of old stuff. That’s on sell you Lloyd so you cellophane sell a Polaroid wherever it is instamatic. He can make it automatic for the people and digitize it for you. We’ve been doing the Maryland crab cake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery with our friends. I’ve been given these PacMan scratch offs while I was at Green mount bowl. in Hampstead last Wednesday, Carroll County watching the Orioles and the angels telling the history of the horse racing industry and then the future of the horse racing industry. I mean, it was an enlightening couple of hours of conversation with Alan Forman and David Richardson and I highly recommend that you give it a listen. also spent time with the RE vignarajah as well as Sheila Dixon before it fails. And Alicia and damy I am going to be the emcee of the crab races at Lexington market. This is what you get when you’re 25 years into this. You get to be the emcee. They don’t want me to be a crab jockey. I am so lousy last year, and PJ Seraph kicked my ass he’s defending champion I have cracked out now and I will just be a community representative. That is Colossus is walking the earth out there somewhere after this draft he hasn’t been on in a couple of weeks. Last time I had you on Jackson holiday wasn’t up yet. Then he came up and he’s out. The capitals were in now they’re out. Um, have I had you on since Rubenstein bought the team? Have you been on the list? It’s only been four weeks man. I mean ADAP stuff happening fast around here including documentaries. How are you? How are things Baltimore for how’s your draft car?


Dennis Koulatsos  02:40

Yes, things are going well it couldn’t afford a Baltimore but I’ve got to talk about Lexington market you know my deep ties to the market. My dad got restless soul had Mount Olympus in there. And I remember the crab races very, very well. And I’m glad that you’re no better person that can think of natural than you’d emcee the event. You know what

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:58

I’m gonna have to ask the folks at least Alicia is in on this that she’s looking for people like you who remember the glory of the original crab races and crab derby. It is the 16th it is in the afternoon. I’ll tell you what that is this is you know from from my heart. The last two of the last three Fridays. I’ve walked into Lexington market back my car up onto the dock, grabbed my stuff, brought it in setup, tried to figure out where we’re going to set up in the new place because we want the old sign in it that we really can’t get the fade Lee’s neon in because it’s a little higher. The new space they have there. I’ve been there three times now in the last month feels like I’ve been there a million years it feels like old and old gloves, like old furniture. And more than that the place is really vibrant man. Like if you show up there at 1231 o’clock on Friday, you will think the markets been there. 100 years clean, active. All the stalls, lines, food, the smells, the sound of the market. It’s all there for you. I want you to come see it and come down one Friday with me next couple of weeks when the Orioles are home and come to the show for an hour just tell some stories. It would be great if you do it before the crab Derby but like the new markets pretty cool and it’s three blocks it they moved it a block closer to Camden Yards for you. So it’s even a fragrant block closer. But

Dennis Koulatsos  04:25

Baltimore deserves a great market. The markets its historic has been in existence for many, many years. I know that you have deep ties to a desire to and it’s an iconic place it’s truly unique place one of a kind and I do encourage all of our listeners to pay a visit and I will certainly come down and say hi to some old old friends now as we’re all getting up there in age. You

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:45


know that old cola sign that hung over the front that had signage in it as you would come in off the package street side on the backside. I you know for me it was like If I hadn’t go back and see it one, I have a picture me and Don Mohler in front of it. And I know that your Olympic Mount Olympus was in that area too and faintly stole in the back. But I have very few memories. And I did feature my grandmother in the documentary she’s in in in one slide. My mother’s mother was not my mother’s father because I didn’t really like him all that much. And I have pictures, but you know, it’s okay. Um, and, you know, I featured her in just that one slide and after pictures, and I have less than a handful of memories, you know, I mean, I remember her being at the Bob’s Big Boy on Merritt Boulevard, where we had my first communion in second grade 90 right before she died with a big tank of oxygen. You know, she was an emphysema person. But I remember vividly walking into Lexington market with her and falling in love with this pink elephant on the wall. That was like a decorative thing. And she wound up buying the whole set for me and decorating my room in my grandmother’s room. But that’s the only like memory I have for like moving and doing well. Was it Lexington market so it is amazing. I don’t know like about memories and when I came into you, but you’ve you’re the first person I’ve had on the show Dennis Glasser. So we’re going to talk drift who has actually seen the documentary. Like I haven’t talked to my wife this week. And she was running around Charleston and Savannah with her sisters and her mother and having fun and eat food doing all that. She knew I had the draft I had baseball and like I went to New York and disappeared for a day. So like tell me do tell I didn’t know. Like you didn’t send me any feedback what you watched it. Because

Dennis Koulatsos  06:47

you know what, as you said, there’s a lot going on between the Orioles, the NFL draft and life in general. I was able to view it and it was again full of chock full of history chock full of great memories, and you are an iconic broadcaster. You’re the one you’re one of one in Baltimore broadcasting history. You’re walking What I tell people out there is no one better nobody better. And you represent the city like nobody else does Napster. So kudos was a very it was very well produced documentary. And I encourage all of our listeners to take a look at it’s definitely worth their time to look at it. For sure.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:22

I tell you what was worth a look, this weekend was in and out of the draft with baseball on the brain and baseball as a backdrop. And just to throw this in again, we went unrepresented this weekend at the Orioles games, because they haven’t allowed me a credential I’m under review, whatever that means. Go ask. I don’t I don’t even know who to ask.

Dennis Koulatsos  07:43

So you’re just like the NFL, you’re under the hood. Now they’re there look, at least looking at it.


Nestor J. Aparicio  07:47

Well, there’s a 36 minute documentary there, which express why I should have a press credential. And then I’m a real media guy. And the John Steadman said he’d send me anywhere on the on the world. And if that’s good enough, you know, oh, you know what we’re dealing, Greg Bader passing judgment upon me, I shall laugh in their face. But nonetheless, we did not have a representative Friday night, covering the game because they only allow Luke in the seat. And Luke was covering the draft. So I mean, it’s been a long, long time. And I think back even the my father in the early 70s, when your family came to America, from Greece, and your father came, and you mentioned 70 234. It’s been really since said, 6970 71, where the football and the baseball team have collided in this sort of a way with prosperity. And it’s really, it’s a beautiful thing to see where we have decisions to make. And the draft really took a backseat the baseball was made with Kimbrough blowing games, and the Yankees coming in. The draft was a little more quiet, they picked glade but the offensive line will not be quiet once they have to go play football. And these picks come off the board. And I mean, we stand a little bit on the outside saying you must really like the offensive lineman you have Eric will

Dennis Koulatsos  09:09

circle back to the draft momentarily but Sunday and Astro I fished at the Susquehanna with Ken Penrod and we brought up your name because he brought up bill Burton. And I believe Bob Burton was a writer for The News America and then we talked about

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:23

the evening sun but go ahead the evening somebody we talked about, we talked about Bill

Dennis Koulatsos  09:28


Burton, Lefty Cray, and, and we talked about you as well. So Ken Penrod, sensel regardless, he’s doing real well, but we caught a small amount on the Susquehanna Sunday.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:37

Dennis. When I did the tour of the crabcake tour, two summers ago, the original 30 Day crabcake tour. I made a point that my wife and I would go to Ocean Odyssey if you don’t know where ocean Odyssey is, you’ve passed it a million times. It is right on the on the east side of The Bridge in Cambridge you pass the bridge along bridge where there used to be a smaller bridge below and you pass it you used to go paths used to suck on a chili dog outside the tasty freeze. But this was this isn’t Cambridge. So you go into Cambridge and you have red lights at that first red light when you pull into Cambridge if you were to make a right and you wouldn’t you would wind up going to some of the best crab picking facilities. And we’re all the boats on the Choptank let the crabs out. But on the left there’s crab Odyssey, ocean Odyssey excuse me ocean Odyssey. And it’s been there 50 years great crab cake, great fresh seafood. True Blue. They only serve Maryland crab meat. They’re so taste better for sure. But the bridge right where the bridge lets off is the bill Burton bridge used to be the 50 bridge when you were a boy. And I was a boy with my father’s would drive us across that. They built the bigger bridge. They made the lower bridge a fishing pier, you’ll always see people fishing off of it. It used to be the main pier. And that is the bill Burton bridge. Bill Burton is a legend. It was a colleague of mine, he was very kind to me. And I swore to Greg Landry, that it wouldn’t take me a day a week to regret things that aren’t in the documentary. And you’ve just reminded me that I did author, the bill Burton fishing report as a special correspondent on a handful of occasions. And I found one of the clips of me bragging about what was going on with your captain buddy Harrison was saying that the large mouth perch, I’m making that up. I don’t I know there’s no such thing. We’re biting in the seneca creek. I’m making that up. Like, I had to write a fishing report. And I don’t know a bobber from a weight. I didn’t know

Dennis Koulatsos  11:59

left. I didn’t have aI back there to write it for you. So you couldn’t you couldn’t just hit a button, a computer, which is hot garbage these days, which is another story for another day. But you know anything about Bill Burr at all. I used to read his articles all the time. Now personally, I don’t know anything about him. But I was a I’ve been a lifelong fisherman. So I did a lot of his articles. What

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:20

was boy? And this reminds me of my grandmother because my grandparents watch the news at their house and I would go over and on a Friday night. Donnie and Marie was on give you the era share Donnie and Marie early 70s. Right. Sure. Good times. Right. So good times. Just on Tuesday night. That was a Friday night but I I’m with you willona I’m


Dennis Koulatsos  12:41

happy to don’t just say good time in general. But you’re right. It’s a good great segue. Good times. Happy days.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:46

The vernal Shirley. Right. All right. And I know I’ve lost my train of thought now. I was I was gonna say something about you gave me something about an early 70s reference, Bill Burton, Bill Burton. So I was over my grandparents house and they would watch the Saturday and Sunday News. And on the weekends, they would have a fishing report at channel two. And this is the old professor Kurt snooker Professor cools fun school. Right. So this is Channel Two Zeeman would be the greatest guy to talk to about this. They literally Bill Burton had fish. He had magnetic fish that he would put on the state of Maryland. And he would put a red fish, yellow fish, gray fish, white fish, and he would tell you where the fish were biting on the water. And I’m five years old, six years old. And here’s the thing about Bill Burton and if you knew anything about Bill Burt at all, he always had a pipe. He looked like the Gordon’s fishermen right? He had a beard. He had a he looked like a rug. He looked like he was casting jaws. He could have been the other guy with Richard Dreyfus and jaws when I was seven years old. Nothing scared you more Jaws when you’re seven years old, and fish in the water. You go to the ocean city. But Bill Burton was on my television screen when I was a little boy at my grandparents house with a fish. And now like 1011 years later, 12 years later, I’m like 1819 at the paper. I’ll never forget this Dennis. Jack Gibbons, called me into his office shuts the door at midnight on a Sunday night because it’s we had all of our meetings. I didn’t go to work till 11 o’clock on Sunday night. So midnight Sunday night the door shuts and in walks Bill Burton who I only met a handful of times because our hours didn’t jive sometimes bill would be there at seven in the morning and I’d see him lefty too, because they were early morning people, their fishermen they got out of bed early, and I’d be leaving at seven or eight in the morning to go home and sleep putting out the evening paper. And I got called the office and Bill Burton is sitting and it was it was a little table in Jack’s office with the class office just like you saw and All the President’s Men and Jack like literally said you’re gonna be doing The fishing report and I’m like, Jack, I don’t know anything about fishing bills like how you do. Bill had away with him and he had a quiet stately way about him and, and you know the beard and I’m like, Mr. Burton, I used to watch you on television with the red fish in the blue fish. And I mean, I was that kid for all these people. So I hope if nothing else comes off on the 25th anniversary documentary that that kid that you see on the 1986 87 press pass with my face on it with the Oreo cadential and all of those pictures of the rock and roll that I was approaching Bill Burton, to write the fishing column with my name on it, and I didn’t put in the damn video. So now that you got me on all that, how do you feel about Nate Wiggins status Colossus?

Dennis Koulatsos  15:46

I feel great about Nick. Nick begins he was high in my draft for it. I think he fits with the Ravens do very, very well. You can’t coach speed and Nate Wiggins has plenty of speed to burn. He’s a sticky corner. With a high ceiling. Like a rookie as a rookie. As a rookie. Sometimes it develops sometimes they don’t, but they could have done much worse. The draft was different offensive lineman we saw a significant run earlier in first round and old linemen. So I thought Eric, the caster made the best pick at a position of need, right the best player available at a position of need was first three picks. I didn’t think he reached too far. But he had three viable corners sitting there for him. When, when it came time for the ravens to turn in their dance card. And I thought he bet he picked a very good prospect and with with the podcaster. They’re doing great things, the Marlon Humphrey and being injured last year somewhat. Stephens on the other side, I think it was a very good pick. Well, Dennis,

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:44


I if I would have had you on last week, we have talked in a couple of weeks, you would have talked about addressing the offensive line, right? I mean, that would have been where your head would have been in all of this from the beginning. And I think it’s where my head is and where Luke and I talked a lot that now we’re like, really on to the kid from Washington and saying, they gotta get a starter out of the draft probably sooner than later. I think there’s no doubt they’re happy about it. And listen, when you’re picking 30th Things are good. These are the good times despite the offseason bloodletting they had with coaching, with talent with losing first round picks like Patrick queen that you’d rather continue on and have those players be a part of your team. But much like we talked with the baseball team, if all of these guys are going to the Hall of Fame, including Jackson Holliday and Colton Couser, they’re not going to be able to sign all of them in a mid market team in baseball, and football, it’s a salary cap and baseball, it’s the poverty cry, right, and the $15 beers and, and how much money you can squeeze out of it. In football, it’s level set differently. But it’s also level set differently that you don’t get the best corner in the draft, you get the third or fourth best corner in the draft. You don’t get the best offensive lineman, you get the 10th best offensive lineman because you’re just in line in that way. And it speaks to Lamar making a lot of money them up against the cap. And him probably thinking, Boy, he’s or Cleveland, the guys they have that they already have starters in their team because they’re living on Ronnie Stanley right now, Dennis, this is the offensive line. We’re going to talk about this until the minute we see it out there functioning, because it’s not Zeitler and Mozes. And it but it is Lindenbaum. And that’s great. And we addressed that two years ago in the draft and I didn’t say why am I said good. I I liked winning championships with Matt Burks. You know, I know how important centers are. There’s

Dennis Koulatsos  18:46

a couple of things here Nestor and I think the biggest story that may be somewhat still under the radar is the signing of Derrick Henry and impact on this offense. Right. This was the biggest story in the NFL when the Ravens signed Derrick Henry. What the impact of Derrick Henry signing on the offensive line is this. It’s a much easier to run block than it is to pass block particularly for younger players such as Linda Baum and Rosa garden, and Elan, Ben Cleveland. And Andrew Vorhees. If they fire off the ball. This is still going to be a run first team with Derrick Henry. Hopefully that sets up the pay plan at play action pay plans with Lamar Jackson. Right. So I do think that people do forget the addition of Derrick Henry is going to somewhat change his offense. I don’t expect the ravens to execute as many RPLS as they did in years past with Lamar Jackson. I think he’ll be more apt to tuck the ball back in, take it out and throw it to one of his receivers. And we saw them resigned that extend Rashad Bateman, they’ll they’ll you’ll need somebody receivers in this offense. You don’t have to have five number one draft picks at wide receiver, which is what they did last year and gotten bucked within the game of the championship game of course, but I do think the addition of their Canary dictated to them that they didn’t they didn’t need to invest a ton of assets in the offensive line. It

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:08

was fascinating you mentioned that because if we think of whatever the transplant from Roman to mungkin would be, and Lamar obviously is the middle of that, and then you bring in Andrews, you bring in a Quality Center. I’m gonna my pieces that were here when Monken got here, what mungkin is, has come into and Ronnie Stanley, which is hope he bends but doesn’t break, we cross our fingers. And they’ve really allocated the assets to the running game, which Luke is on the other side of that much like I was probably on the other side of Lamar than He is in regard to whether you’re really going to win a championship with that style of football. They’ve now moved away from that style of football, and they brought in a big giant pinball of a man to really attract attention in their backfield. Andrews was sort of the horse that they never got out to run last year, but that tight end position has been such an important part of lumbars. Binky I mean, really the audit the pinkie going back to Shannon Sharpe and this and Todd heap and tennis pitta, right that we’ve had tight ends in this offense. The wide receiver things always been a little off track, never been able to make it work. But it feels to me like they’ve retooled this thing. The way mungkin would want it to be retooled, and I love the oxygen you’re giving King Henry because I’ve talked about this from the beginning. And no offense, the Dobbins or the injury or what they even tried. They use draft resources they use the second round pick on Dobbins, and he could have been should have been would have been Keaton Mitchell and all the other things that they’ve had to do the last couple of years after rip his knee up down there and that junk and fedexfield and Landover under the Snyder administration. The big back thing that’s the that’s the focal point for me of the offseason, and I like it and I there’s no reason I wouldn’t like it. Less Lamar, more of everything else and more of air Lamar and more of decoy Lamar, and keep them healthy. Keep him fresh. I love the King Henry thing if there’s a reason I think they can win a championship next year. I’ve always been a fan of his Yeah, I’m thinking about

Dennis Koulatsos  22:29

this Have you no ifs and buts again, if we look at it from that aspect, if King Henry was in the backfield at halftime in the game against the chiefs, you wouldn’t think that would have given him the ball more than six times I think having a running back a player of his caliber does force the the coaching staff to think a little bit clearer in terms of what is our best option of winning here. And that’s handing him the ball we saw with the impact he had in 2019 in the playoff game against us. So if they use them in the same manner and fashion which the Titans did against the chiefs. I think their break was have a good shot at advancing, given the fact that have a lot of pieces back. I like what they did on the defensive side of the ball. This team should be competitive again, deep into the playoffs this year.


Nestor J. Aparicio  23:15

Yeah, look, it always gets sideways on the Mark Ingram thing too, because I really feel like Lamar was never it was never operated at the same level without him and I agree we could talk about Marsha Jana, too. I mean, like and take

Dennis Koulatsos  23:29

dogs out of the offense or defense and expect to be the same. Mark Ingram should have been active for the playoff run. Not sitting on the bench.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:37

Dennis speaking harsh words here in the aftermath of all this. any room for baseball for you? I mean, what do you what’s going on? I have this fancy fish in.

Dennis Koulatsos  23:46


I have a late birthday present. So I’ll be attending one of the Yankee games. First time at the stadium this year. So yes, absolutely love the Orioles and been been very intrigued by their start ups and downs.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:59

Well, I’m also intrigued, just in a general sense to them dominating the conversation everywhere I go, right. Like, you know, doesn’t matter what room I go into. It dominates the conversation that it’s Kimbrel until it’s not its holiday, and then it wasn’t, then it’s Hey, that rutschman guy, he’s pretty good. I mean, they’ve just got a it’s a fun team and have fun every day waiting for the games to begin. And as you saw in my documentary, it is sort of the root of all of this, right? I mean, it sits it sits in the middle of everything I’ve ever sort of began and wanted for 40 years, which is the baseball team to be this good a going concern on the lips of people waiting for the game every night. I grew up that way. I spent the first 25 years of my life that way. It’s the last 20 last 30 that have been a little messy.

Dennis Koulatsos  24:53

Yeah, yeah, absolutely. Look the they’re very talented, they’re hyper talented, they’re young. They’re fun to watch and I do think that the new ownership has energized the city. We’re hopeful that we will be able to retain some of the stars were under the Angelo’s ownership. It was a foregone conclusion but the bulk of us that they won’t be able to sign rutschman or Henderson or any of these super rising young stars now, hopefully then you ownership has deep pockets, and you’re able to retain some of these young stars well into the future called

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:22

Couser. Baby, the newest Star, that was hysterical. That is


Dennis Koulatsos  25:26

great stuff. I mean, you know, you can’t make this stuff up with the with the MOU with the stadium nowadays. Well, yeah.

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:32

You know, with Charles, he’s not a one one. So we don’t, you know, it’s like casting curse that we’re only the second worst team that year, you know, so anytime you get any of these, we’ve just projected a 30th pick that you know, go to the Hall of Fame for quarterbacks. You get these guys to the field and they can play and they’re healthy and they contribute and help you win whatever they are. They help you win. That’s what makes it fun. So hey, man, enjoy the spring weather. I don’t know what’s going on or for you selling cars given

Dennis Koulatsos  26:03

where we’re swinging away. We just do what we do what we do a lot of repeat and referral business. I want to thank our customer base for continuing their business here with Cummins, Florida, Baltimore and security Boulevard Nestor you know, I’ve been here for coming up now. 19 years. So we have a lot of friends that come in to talk sports. It’s our extended family. It’s a pleasure to serve the community.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:23


Well, I want you to get to 25 so you can have a really cool video like the one we made you call Greg Landry over Blue Rock at Towson transfers, and he can he can whip out all those pictures you Penrod bass fishing, talking lefty Cray, and get me to break out my bill Burton stories here. Feeling all guilty about Mr. Burton? You know what?

Dennis Koulatsos  26:43

Call me Bill. One day at a time, brother. That’s all we can ask for. Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:48

every time you drive across the Cambridge bridge, the bridge of Cambridge, you see ocean Odyssey is the bill Burton fishing pier. And you know, I want to see you holding what do you catch on the Choptank down there? I don’t know whatever you

Dennis Koulatsos  27:03

I’m a freshwater fisherman. We’ll have to check that out. Probably sea bass I


Nestor J. Aparicio  27:07

would think all right, he did my show on Friday. Oh the other sea bass not Richmond Okay. The other sea bass married into the bay Cafe family you know so like everybody it’s small to more dentists.

Dennis Koulatsos  27:23

What what high school did you go to Nevermind the college right? What high school did you go to that? That’s all about I just

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:28

keep thinking with Mr. Rubinstein buying the team and I’m not going to call him that. I’m just doing that to like get a press credential. David or Dave call me I don’t know what what Mr. I don’t know what to call them. But there have been more Luis Aparicio, shout outs, even Palmer told the story of Louis binning a player in the head on the second second base break up because Louie had been spiked before. So like I gotta get my press credential back just so I can talk to Jim Palmer about this stuff, but like the whole movie Aparicio thing I’m holding on that I’m a real media member then I’m hoping they let me back in Well,

Dennis Koulatsos  28:04


that’s the reason why they shouldn’t Nestor the the Angelus regime and your relationship with him that should be water under the bridge and hopefully everybody can be a adult and move forward.

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:14

Fresh Start with a new chapter next chapter is the Orioles

Dennis Koulatsos  28:18

are better than with with Nestor. Aparicio covering them with press credentials and not that you know, I? I swear on that one. Absolutely. You can’t argue you know, you can’t argue that fact. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:28

appreciate that. That’s very nice. You stand up for me Dennis. I


Dennis Koulatsos  28:30

say the same thing with the Ravens the Baltimore Ravens are better when they have you covering them. They’re not in depth. Not peripherally

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:38

jazz steel didn’t think so. But that’s you know, here we you know, it is what it is, hey, we’ll have plenty of time for that. You sell cars, you sell fish. I’m catching up on some concerts, I’m catching up on two ballgames. Get you up get ducky derby. That is his attitudes Baltimore forward, we’re going to be bringing the Maryland crab cake to her back out the fade leaves in the Affer mentioned lakes in the market, the new lakes in the market. We’re doing the crab Derby in the crab races on the 16th. We’re back down there with our Pac Man scratch offs. I am Nestor. We are WNS da 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive whether they want us to or not

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