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With lots of baseball on the mind, John Martin of The Maryland Lottery talks about the latest Home Run Riches big grand slam money and the rules and ideology behind the new “Cash Pop” daily game and its simplicity.


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John Martin, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:02

Welcome home we are wn st am 1570 Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are getting ready to take the Maryland crab cake tour back out on the road in earnest. We’re going to be going to Pappas I got dates here Pappas, I’ve State Fair in Catonsville. I have a cost this and I’m wearing the cost of shirt that’s going to be in early June, as well as Coco’s we’re starting things off at fade Lee’s again this Friday. We’re there before games been there all season long to until five. Luke will be joining us we will have PacMan scratch offs to give away. These are fun, because if you get the little cherry guy there, you get a bonus just like the game. It’s fun. You can also use the little barcode there and use the app and the download that app our friends at Jiffy Lube, multi care as well as Liberty pure solutions, keeping my water clean sending us out on the road for the Maryland crab cake tour. This guy joins us every week except when we hit grand slams, and he’s got to figure out how to pay for all of this. He’s the Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. I do know some folks were asleep. When the orders were giving the Cincinnati Reds a beat down over the weekend. I know some people were not there when Anthony Santander not Santander went went long Bly long fly ball bases loaded. When the bases get loaded John Martin, it now piques my interest in a different way. And I think of how much fun it must be for the contestant that every time somebody comes to the plate, they can win 500 bucks. But when the bases are loaded, they’re thinking it’s not gonna happen to me not in the ninth inning of a seven to one ballgame. But as you know, being a former Ohio resident Ohio native, the red state bad things happen to the reds, and that doesn’t make a Cleveland guardians fan. Feel pretty bad, does it? It feels good when bad things happen to the rats.


John Martin  01:49

Well, you know what? Yeah, that’s a time and a place for another another session on snake versus Cleveland. But you know, who was very happy to happen. Brian Lindsey of Baltimore. Maryland is very, very happy because Brian 160 $500 $5,000 for the Grand Slam, as you mentioned, but there are also you may recall two other homeruns hit that game. So he gets us $500 For being contested in the game, he gets 500 each for the first two pops, five grand, I ran out of fingers and toes or Nestor add them all up that $6,500 for that big win on Sunday

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:25

is gonna pay for all this. I mean, let’s have an executive meeting. John, let’s watch budget this out. What happens if they hit? I mean, is there a budget on this? Do you say well, they’re gonna hit six or eight or 10? What if they break the bank? What happens when this happens? Well,

John Martin  02:41

we we sit down, we huddle up. And we say okay, someone’s not getting paid this week. Who is it? Well,

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:50


what happened? The vernacular and you remember Kunal Cleveland guy, you remember indoor soccer, they will kick the kick the soccer ball on the site in the Cleveland crunch or the force out and they would have the little hole. I have been told the story of the night that the Baltimore blast spirit get it and they buy the insurance on the car that you win. Yep. Yep. It was brought to my attention that there was an occasion where the insurance was not properly purchased. And the ball it didn’t go in, but it almost went in and almost sort of freaked out ownership over $25,000 car. Now I think the state of Maryland will be able to afford this. We have a lot of Grand Slams, but it is it is a fun little activation. And I think if the person who’s there staying up late or whatever, to pick it up just gonna be a ninth inning Grand Slam and a seven to one game. I mean, that is a real that’s a bonus on top of a bonus because we didn’t bet it was runs. You know, it is

John Martin  03:50

we certainly had three you want to bank more where you could have banked a few of them. The other night

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:54

dad would say you need some of those runs tomorrow. We couldn’t use them on Tuesday night in Washington. That’s good.

John Martin  03:59

But you know, that’s that’s all budget, it’s, you know, it’s a fun promotion. We enjoy it. And you know, we’re gonna think about the dollars and cents we think about player engagement. How can we draw more fans to be both fans of the lottery and fans of the Orioles. And here’s a nice way where we kind of, you know, combine our forces and have a lot of fun with it. We get great coverage with our friends at Masson, who promoted heavily during the game. And they do a great job for us on the broadcast. But they can go to MD At any point of the day and stop and see what’s going on there. And if you’ve visited today, for example, as we speak, you find out that the $5 homerun riches fast play ticket which is really the catalyst for all this that progressive jackpot is up over $100,000 so


Nestor J. Aparicio  04:44

it’s gonna make this $6,500 thing look like you know, like throw it back and you don’t even have to hit a home run nobody has to hit it large for that this is a progressive jackpot. So what has to happen or when

John Martin  04:56

you have to first of all purchase a $5 bag test flight ticket homerun riches Bases Loaded is the ticket that contributes to that. And when you make that purchase, you can win cash prizes. But if you’re lucky enough to win that progressive jackpot if your ticket has to be the next one up, and you’ll get another message on the top says congratulations progressive jackpot. And you check to make sure and in this case, it’s over $100,000. Every ticket contributes to that pot until it’s one people are pretty familiar with progressive jackpots and how they work from going to casinos and other similar events. And we have a number of progressive jackpot games in our fast play lineup. So if $5 homerun riches Bases Loaded is not your cup of tea, feel free to check MD Or when you go at any of the 4400 retailers and take a look around the rest of the fast play lineup. And maybe there’s a game at a different price point different play style that appeals to you. Maybe it’s a progressive jackpot game, maybe it isn’t. But whatever you do, please play responsibly.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:53

I think my mom would probably call that the kitty or the pot. How much is it? How much is in the kitty? They would ask that on homerun riches. I do want to ask this because this has gotten to be fun in the Orioles. We’re having been talking all week. This is as good as it gets. The owner splashing people out and left field on for him. We’re all having a good time you were first place at least don’t tell the Yankees that but I certainly don’t tell the guardians that because we might be running into you. And when the autumn falls and the bunting is on. It could be the Cleveland guardians for it’s all over. So I’m going to be gentle with you because it’s my get rivalrous much quicker than probably the browns and the Ravens ever will. There’s my cheap shot for you. But I would say this, if you play now, you have a chance to play in July, August, September. So anybody this is a reason to get in early because Doug pulls these names right at the end of the month. And we decide who’s going to be the contestant on June the 14th or July the 18th down the seat. But there’s still plenty of time for people to get involved this and be that person that is rooting all night long for a cheap Grand Slam at the end to make big five grand I go to Disney World. Go

John Martin  06:58


to MD To see all the rules and regulations. Yes, we do draw for the next month at the end of the month. So for example, at the end of May, we will pick the calendar for June. And then we post those folks online on MD So you can actually see your name pop up, you can see the game that you are the contestant of the game you already won $500 for being selected. And then when that magical day comes you’re you’re hanging on every pitch and because again, a home run get your $500 you turn around that the O’s hit, and if there happens to be with the bags juiced a grand salaam Yeah, that would be the $5,000 and so far just as we speak again 52 home runs hit by the Orioles, two of those being grand slams. Total price is given out $53,000 So yeah, this is going to add up through the season. We have a lot of fun with it.

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:50

Well, I went to the game last Thursday I got hot I it was 100 degrees I was out in the sun. My friends carrier gave me these beautiful seats where I could talk to every visiting player. I don’t know if I’m getting it for the guardians or not. I don’t think this would have flown against other teams because there were more Yankee fans there. But the atmosphere in the ballpark and the fever pitch for baseball. It’s a fun fun year. The eighth Ave homerun Rich’s beat at the Grand Slam part of it. But even better when I’m complaining to you bet that moving the fences back and this not being completely fair to the players. Even the Yankees got upset that we moved the fences back and some of their fly balls fell short. No homerun riches for Yankee homeruns which I loved last week that was fun to plane.

John Martin  08:33

This is a Maryland lottery promotion only we do not offer this outside the borders of

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:40

the state of Maine they don’t hit homeruns in our ballpark because they fall short and then they then they cry we move the fences back John Morris here he’s gonna you know who else crying


John Martin  08:48

tears of joy Hoosac happy we have a winner then we have a very first big spin winner. And again, go to MD For all the details including a video from our own Mike Powell who who is our video host for this

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:05

video yet now I feel bad like I’m doing the segment with that. Watch it like I got to get this person on. I talked to Doug i Last week I told Seth I’m like, This is literally you guys have done and I don’t want to like compare it to Bob Barker or Drew Carey or the prices right? But you literally have that kind of wheel the big circular wheel like you see on the prices right? Right. Yeah, it’s

John Martin  09:28

it’s a it’s a custom version. So it’s not as enormous as what people see on television but know what it does the job. You stand in there and our lucky winner is coached ahead of time. So he or she will know when they stand in there next to the wheel how they’re supposed to act with it or how they’re supposed to spin the wheel. It has to go round three times before it’s a legit run. So you know the little

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:52


I hope it doesn’t weigh as much as that price is right. I would see people watching on TV and I’m like, That thing looks really heavy for For, you know, you know, for grand mom to be Shannon, I hope yours has a little bit less torque in it that you can get it around three, how many did the guy spin it that it’s been like eight times? Is it like that kind of thing? Or no, you know, you

John Martin  10:11

lose track once you know, and they’re a little they’re little color codes on the bottom. So once it gets that revolution, you know, bing, bing, when you get three lights up, you know, you’re good. And then your flakes on worse are going to be worse. You’re going to be so funny. The guy went, Oh, me. Oh, yeah, yeah, well, in this case, $100,000. When it’s all

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:29

Wow, how much could he have one was is that the ceiling, the

John Martin  10:32

the the player, we are gender neutral here, Lester, the player could win from 50,000 to $250,000. And this was the first of our potentially eight big spin live in the studio contestants. And so if you’re happy, and if you’re lucky enough to get a spin on your ticket, again, the way the game is played is a $5 scratch off ticket. If you reveal a cash prize, great if you reveal something that says spin, you then go to any Lottery retailer or use your phone app and scan the barcode and you’ll see a reveal on your phone are in the store on what your price is. And you could win anywhere from 10 to $250. Or the big spin. And if the big spin comes up as it did in this case, you’re then invited to come to our studio, you have to make an appointment, you come here, we’ll get you in there all primed and coached up, and you’ll spin the wheel off to win anywhere from 50,000 to 250,000. If I’m


Nestor J. Aparicio  11:37

coming to see you, I’m at least 50 That’s the worst place and I don’t meet people for less than one 100 grand, they came thick and 50s the bottom and I got 100 That’s a good day. That’s a beaut that is

John Martin  11:50

very good day. That is a very good day. And again, you can see it as it played out at MD And see our big spin, as

Nestor J. Aparicio  11:58

I said to Seth last week, and I just want to ask because we’re gonna get the cash pop here in a minute. Because a lot of the times like, alright, Pac Man, scratch off, I get it, you come up with a game, it’s brand new, we all played Pac Man, you know what that is? The spin thing like I understand put like games where you bring people in and turn it into a game show that environment, probably couldn’t have done it during COVID. Let’s start with that. So some ideas that come out after COVID after 51st anniversary, I’m trying to figure out what I’m doing for 26. And I don’t know how I’m going to top that video released last week, I’ll figure out something next year. But these games cash pop is the next thing that is a single digit set was trying to explain it to me and I’m like, it’s so simple that like I should get it quicker than I do. But you’re trying to come up with these games that make it fun that making history and I said I want to meet the I want to be in the room when they bring these ideas. Yeah, we’re gonna spin a wheel sort of like a price is right. But it’s gonna be this. And we’re gonna invite people in and, and we’re gonna do it on video. And I’m like, That’s a great idea. Why have we done that before? And then there’s a single digit thing. And I’m like, how did it take us 51 years to come up with cash pot?

John Martin  13:06


Well, you know what? This the beauty about the lottery industry in the gaming industry. And I hope I’m not kidding. Getting talking out of turn here and telling secrets. There are no original thoughts anymore, done tapped out nothing. We steal, I’m sorry, we borrow from other state agencies, other lottery jurisdictions, things that they tried that work, or maybe they don’t work and we think would work here. But typically, you pick the things that work and you improve upon it. And that was the case with the cache pop, cache pop. His game has been around now for maybe five years. And a handful of states have done and we’ve looked at and said, interesting. And then as you see it take hold and maybe a second state doesn’t a third state you think boy, that’s really interesting. And you see how people react to it in those other jurisdictions. Maybe you actually visit a state do a little road trip and play it yourself to get a player experience. That’s all legal. That’s all ethical. And then we determined in our product planning. You know what the time now is calm to add a new game, we’re going to call it cash pop in here’s how it’s played. And that process starts 18 months. Oh, it’s just

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:15

like changing a jersey in sports, right? Like it’s way down the line to get the same to market. Right? Yeah,

John Martin  14:21

without the see through pants. It’s exactly like that. But it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:25

it’s these like city connectors. Now come on, and not gonna go that far. And that has not been good for us, by the way, this thing. And I understand that it’s been lucky if there was such a thing. You know,


John Martin  14:36

that’s a great example. There’s a concept right that just started at some point years ago with one one city who did it and another and another next thing you know, you got a thing going on. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t. We think cache pop is going to work and it’s very simple. The tickets, you have a 15 numbers are selected four times a day. Each one is independent of the other so you can play one A round where you can play multiple rounds multiple days depending on how you want to play that. But you determine which number you want of the 15. So your odds are one and 15 pretty good to start. And then how much you want to wager $1 $2 $5 $10 The amount you wager, then we’ll put you in a multiplier tier, or I think eight or nine price levels. So if you bet $1, and you bet number six, number six comes up on each ticket, when you purchase it, you’ll get a random prize. So you buy the ticket $1. For number six, your price might be $5 on your ticket before the drawing, I buy it. And it might be $50 We’re both playing the same number, but different price structures. But that’s unique to you when you purchase the ticket. And so six comes up, it wins, you win your $5 I win my $50 and you go on from there. So each price here then if I bet $2 The prices are doubled, if I bet $5 times five, I bet $10 times 10. So the prize range will be consistent with how much you wager it’s a lot you know like when you simple you

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:21

pick one of 15 numbers right this is what it’s it’s not

John Martin  16:24

that different from from the the Preakness the Kentucky Derby. Right opinion, of course, right? I was thinking number and you can put $2 on it, you can put $10 if whatever you’re on it is a multiplier then of what they they bring in. And boy, was that a derby?

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:40


I was gonna say, Wow, I had picture already on last week. And I was with David Richardson and Alan form and we did the crabcake tour of the Greenmount station in Greenville bowl with them talking about the changes. I mean, look, you’re running the lottery all these years, I’ve been 32 years 40 years of doing this. I remember casino slots racetrack this that where we’re going to do what’s gonna have the brakes, we’re gonna lose the Preakness. What’s Laurel and buoy and then it’s ammonium and all that. i We finally just at least on the show, have some structure that the Preakness is here to stay, we are going to build a new trailer like I love that we have finally it’s like new ownership for baseball. Finally, we can move forward with this next week’s a special week here and I know you have racetracks year round, but this is a special week, I think for Marilyn and I, I hope we re embrace it, reengage it and make it even more beautiful. Because the to your point, seeing those horses last week, and knowing that we have that every year, I love the Preakness

John Martin  17:35

It is a fun time, you know, you think about it to back historically. I don’t think people consider it right. I mean, running a race every two weeks or three weeks. Okay, fine, ship them up, go to the next boy today it is a different environment. Right. And is there a plan to put a lot more distance in between these races and

Nestor J. Aparicio  17:54

it’s also the case for 10 years, you know, Bob Baffert comes on we all talk about in the Belmont and and really it’s about organizations, one governing body for the Maryland lottery gaming, and you’re sort of responsible for that, but man, it’s almost like like boxing like there’s different divisions and different factions and, and Churchill and all that. But that being said, it was a beautiful day. I mean, it’s really promote racetracks for me. I know, this is a big month for you to promote that. You guys have lots of games whenever I go into Costas, if anybody has seen the game, if you were to go into the OTB it Greenmount up in Hampstead. They look like real horses. Your game looks like real horses. It’s it’s it’s it catches my eye. And I’m like, is that real? Let’s race tracks but you can bet on

John Martin  18:37

it. It is a game we’ve had now for before I got here. So it’s been here a little while. And we do a promotion every Triple Crown season where you get a little bit of a bonus, you get $6 of value for a $5 bet. So that that makes it a little more intriguing. And right off the bat. You’re you’re you’re getting a little bit of a promotion on a


Nestor J. Aparicio  19:01

math that’s 20%

John Martin  19:03

Yeah. Close enough. Yeah. Yeah. Give or take. Yeah, yeah. So the premise again, you have verses from one to 12. Now each one has a set. Number of odd so you know, the favorite is always number one and the longshot is always number 12. That just because the math has to work, simply but you can pick a favorite color. You can pick a favorite name, you can pick a favorite number, same thing i’ll be doing next Saturday, same thing Exactly. Exactly. Or you could look and we actually put up some of the results you know previously set G number four hasn’t won in a while. I’m going to bet on number four. And while you don’t have the full complement of all of the the bet options you have a fair number of them you can do Trifecta and superfecta is and and you know when and and show and you know lots of things you can bet on and then the race goes off and pretty Exciting stuff. Almost exciting as the real live

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:04

Tarapoto finish. Yeah, I learned last week I asked stitcher already about this because he came on for a betting service. He’s promoting this and that. And we talked about things exotic wagering and what you could do. You can bet on the horse that finishes last and Kotaki Derby right. And he told me this crazy story about Andy buyer in 1989, having the horse to finish last and it wasn’t finishing last and and I’m thinking to myself, exotic wagering, sports wagering all these options that are made. And to me like, the more I read the form, the more confused I get, I am way better playing racetracks and getting the extra 16.6% and five for six, and just saying, I like red and the number three today, and I can like number three, if I want to cash pop four times a

John Martin  20:50


day. Yeah, yeah, no, exactly. And I think part of the appeal with racetracks is because it is a three digit or a four digit number. If you buy the superfecta we have we get a fair amount of crossover from our pick three and pick four players, because those are people that are really into numbers. Your neighbor being one of them from from your stories of of your childhood. Yeah. So if somebody’s got a lot of numbers do well, yeah, no, sure. If they aren’t, they are. If someone’s number is eight to six, you’re gonna bet that regardless of the horse’s name, the color of the silks, whatever, that’s your pick three number you made then just apply that to race.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:25

That’s why I put you into shock in my 25th anniversary documentary. So Miss Ed would be represented because Gina Stan is just a way miss, etc. That play my numbers. You know, so that’s it. So Gina, appreciate that, too. I told Gina the reason she was in because she had my mother’s voice my my maternal mother who’s no longer with us. She had thought Dundalk accent that you know, to be the Dundalk accent. So, first, and I hear that voice, right? You

John Martin  21:53

talked about coming in last and the Kentucky Derby and I personally did not know there was such a bet, but I don’t doubt that there you can bet on anything anymore. In sports wagering, we will have sports wagering numbers come out at the end of this week, and they are pretty darn good. So I’ll just tease you with that. Previously, when we last left our heroes our year to date contribution last month, was right around $42 million.

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:16

Now, last month would have been the march month that included March Madness. Right. Right. Right. So April is more like draft and and I guess masters, right? Like, well,


John Martin  22:28

we had we had the the finals actually was in the month of April, the NCAA finals. And that’s evidence when you look at the handle, or the the end the hold in the retail locations, very low hold, which means how much money does the casino keep after they pay out their winners. But in retail, in the casinos in the sports books, a very low hold, which tells me that people went and watched in person the NCAA finals, and bed heavy on the favorite. Which kind of makes some sense because then the favorite one, and the whole business as much were conversely people are using their mobile devices are maybe not watching it in the same social setting. And you’re all over the place on that. You saw more variable double digit hold like we’ve seen traditionally. Again, vast majority 97% of the handle coming in on the mobile platforms only 3% coming in and retail seven

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:28

and you thought it may be 85 to 88. Like in the beginning. Maybe?

John Martin  23:32

I did I missed it by that much. Well, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:35


mean, listen, there’s nothing like convenience. I mean, I was hung, I was anchored to Modesto to my wife, can we just DoorDash and salsa. And no, we can’t do that. But you can. And this is why we tell people slow the roll. Take it easy. It’s a long season. Don’t do what I did on Derby Day. Let me tell you my mistake. Because you say how do you bet on a horse and that’s when I say why not to read the form I was taught by Charlie Ekman Vinnie Perone. And even picture already last week, but I tend to like have more fun with it. And I don’t know if you know but my name is nest Tor and it’s really a weird name as we pointed out in the documentary, and it took me till I was 40. To realize nests is a is a suffix. So like Greek nests. I blew it like in promoting this. But you know nests can be anything you mentioned the favorite the favorite Kentucky Derby was fierce Ness fierce nests. Yeah.


Is this going? Yeah, I

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:31

went in on because of the name didn’t go so well for me favorite laws. But here’s the mistake. My father in law’s name Dan disco de Ford, by the way, not that Dan Ford the other day and for my wife didn’t go mystic Dan. And had we been at the derby. She totally would have bet on that horse because like, It’s my father’s name. I gotta be you know, because that’s the way people are. And I got sucked in. I bet the favorite I won’t do that and I won’t make the same. I’ll read the form next weekend. screw it up. Instead of just picking colors. John Martin is here He is the executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. He allows us to have these Pac Man scratch off tickets to give away and fade these out our Maryland crab cake tour. We’re gonna be out and about, you guys are out and about to it’s springtime. You guys are doing tons of stuff, ballpark. zoos, festivals, wine, lots of wine from what I understand, but this is the festival season. It’s also the sneezing season as you get outside a little bit too. You

John Martin  25:26

know, we’re doing something coming up this weekend that I’m not familiar with. Maybe you are called RAM fest. My


Nestor J. Aparicio  25:31

wife is going and she was wondering exactly where it was. And I told her you would tell me because I knew it was gonna be rumfest

John Martin  25:36

She’s gonna it’s in the city. It’s you know what, I think this is kind of a makeup on hunt fest is

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:42

what I told her. I think what Han Fest was in June, it’s in Remington for the rim.

John Martin  25:48


Right, right. So it’s right out here. 28th Street. And again, similar to hunt fest, they’re going to cordon off streets and vendors and food and music. And your friends at the Maryland lottery will be there. And that is coming up on Saturday, May 11. From noon to nine stop by our booth spin the wheel for prizes. If you are 18. Plus, stop by get a picture. Have some fun. But that’s coming up this weekend. We hope we get a nice, dry, relatively warm weekend for a change when That’d be nice.

Nestor J. Aparicio  26:15

Yeah, absolutely. I mean, the wet weather last weekend, I will just say this because everybody knows you’re in Ohio transplant. And I actually threw a note out to Thomas Dolby, my musician, buddy who’s going to be coming doing a crappy tour next week. I wrote him out. So you want to come to the Yankees game and he he basically mfx the Yankees to me and attacks and he doesn’t, you know, beat into the rules of baseball. He just talked bad about the Yankees. And I said, you’re now an honorary Marylander. If you talk bad about the Yankees, you’re real Baltimore. And so here’s where you could have punched your Baltimore card. Because i There’s a rumor and I am you know, I’m the king of Baltimore sports. If he asked me, I think if you go to flower mart, and you get a lemon with the peppermint stick, and you just do that you’re officially a Baltimore native. Did you do that? Have you ever done that? Because last week, you only get one chance a year to do that, you know, you must

John Martin  27:04

you might as well have been seeing a foreign language. I have no idea what you just said. i That made no sense to me. Well, next

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:09

year, I’m gonna make you an honorary Baltimorean jhamora We’re gonna take you down. And next year the weather will be better flower Mark was I live downtown for 20 years flower mart, Mount Vernon, you get a lemon, right? They cut it in half and they give you a peppermint stick with the lemon. So it’s sweet and tart. And it’s spring and it’s all flowers. And the Maryland lottery. We’ll we’ll talk about it next. That’d be next day. John Martin is here. He’s lost. It’s fine. How’s your baseball team doing?


John Martin  27:35

Not well. It’s going to be it’s going to be a difficult season. They have no pitching. They’re burning up the bullpen at an alarming rate and they still have some holes in their bats. So other than that things are fine.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:50

The Browns will give you hope. I said that out loud. Looking I talked to a bunch of AFC North this week on the program because the Ravens aren’t doing anything and the Orioles are doing everything we’re having fun around here. Sports is back. It’s irrelevant. The auras are on this week and we’re gonna be down at Bally’s giving away Maryland lottery scratch offs our Pac Man scratch offs this week are friends at Liberty pure solutions keep my water clean as well as Jiffy Lube. Multi care, please do all of this fun stuff responsibly. Go out support the racetrack next week. Let’s get involved with the Preakness. The Orioles are home all week were given away scratch offs come down get lucky have a crab cake have some shrimp salad, and enjoy spring springing out and I’ll see you at ren fest John Martin. Good see you. I’ll see you next week. Take care. John Martin, Executive Director of all things Maryland lottery gaming, bringing the Maryland crab cake tour to life. Lots and lots on our mind here this week. We have the owner splashing people on Friday night. The birds are home we have fun stuff. We have an election going on this week. I would highly recommend every please vote. Please, please vote. I always say that it’s important for all of us. We’re all in it together. I am Nestor. We are wn st am 1570, Towson, Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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