Feeling the momentum of a Baltimore baseball pennant race

Finding Orioles Fever all over again Leonard Raskin
Finding Orioles Fever all over again Leonard Raskin
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Are you headed back down to Camden Yards in the heat this week? Dennis Koulatsos and Nestor look forward to the Orioles second half pennant race and a summer unlike any in recent memory for Baltimore baseball fans.


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Dennis Koulatsos, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Looking back at wn St. Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive it is all star game magic here this week even though I’ve been wistful about 30 years ago this week and the all star game at Camden Yards for Orioles on display out in the western timezone at the rutschman Dad Home Run Derby and then the birds come back home this weekend. That is go out so she’s here he will be here on Thursday doing all things post all star game. And really it look it’s summer you’re gonna be fishing we’re gonna be vacationing I’m gonna have my feet the Atlantic ocean before the maybe even the Pacific Ocean before the month is over. Football is like a little bit away here. But this all star game that feels like I want to watch it. That’s nice that that feels more like reminds me my dad Dennis. Yeah, it feels very nice.

Dennis Koulatsos  00:48

And you have a father whose son combo with Le rutschman. His father pitching to him at the All Star game. How great is at Oreos doing well or had their own they had their own homerun Derby against the the the twins the other day right the bombs left and right all over the stadium. And I even watched I even watched the the first round of the MLB draft for the first time my life thanks to God like you saw the Orioles pick a centerfielder Well, their 17th pick overall, very fast young man. So

Nestor Aparicio  01:19

they used to do it on Morse code. Like in a closet while the NFL was making billions of dollars on it. They’ve at least sort of caught up to the fact that we should get organized here. Yeah. Sunday made people they have the attention of the world and my attention on Saturday night right like, like Adam Jones is playing in a softball thing and the young guys holidays, playing you know, a curse that they’re all playing out in Seattle. And then it used to be celebrity rock and jock it used to be the Home Run Derby was embargoed. 30 years ago they had the Home Run Derby here, Dennis it’s true story I’ve ever told this when I sat in the dugout with Mark McGwire that day. They didn’t throw me off the field because everybody in Baltimore knew me. All the guards all the police everybody knew me. I sat in the dugout when Griffey was wearing that hat backwards. Nice. Like all of that. I was literally if you watch the footage on I was in it. But it took me to talking to Luke about it to remember this. The Home Run Derby happened in daylight, go watch it. It was not telecast live, it was taped, delayed, and it was truly embargo. Now there was no internet. So the word couldn’t get out. Web al went on the news at six o’clock that night. And didn’t tell anybody who won that you know what I mean? Like it was over with, but we were embargo to say right? Let’s not tell anybody until they watch it on ESPN and Chris Berman goes back, back, back, back, back, back, back back back and all that different time different place right as to what baseball has become. And now we get to drinkin and a little bit right like having players in this being independent race having a you and I were talking about slumping last week and they haven’t lost since like literally.

Dennis Koulatsos  03:03

Well, maybe you and I should talk about them slumping some more but it was it was great to see them select and make it Bradfield the kid from Maryland Matt Shaw. Shortstop 1/3 Keith overall to the Cubs. A lot of exciting things with baseball the Orioles made a couple moves right put up a couple of young guys from the minors. Jackson Halladay now playing double a ball and I’m telling you man this this team’s future is very bright they continue to impress the pitching staff has been able to hold it together they’ve been able to to get past the slump the bat to come alive at the right time. And I’m really sad to see the the all star game at this point in time because the team is hot right now.

Nestor Aparicio  03:40

What’s amazing to me is and I talked to Luke about this a little bit this week. We’ve talked so much here it’s rutschman, watchmen watchmen and when it’s not rutschman it’s gunner gunner gunner and it can mal Castle come back and look at that Cedric Mullins can’t live without him and Aaron Hicks and all this. We don’t talk much about Austin Hays do we? I mean, yeah, you’re on the show twice. I’m on your show. Like a couple hours on Thursday and Sunday. It’s like Austin Hays. i He’s been here forever he sort of part of the furniture he’s part of all these losing teams he’s heard a little bit he never struck me as like an all star game starter. Get here we are amongst all these people. He is as become a bit of a rose in that garden. Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  04:18

He has whenever I hear of Austin Hays, I think a marquee Sadie’s of the of the globe product. Remember that? And Mark has Hades to show you how rondalla Repeat take a bow. So that’s my my shout out to Austin Hays and it’s great to have him in the lineup looking forward to seeing him participate in the All Star game but it’s great to have participation by four Oreos and it looks like we have many young rising stars and we should have some all stars in this game for many years to come.

Nestor Aparicio  04:44

I gotta tell you my Harlem Globetrotters story at some point. I’ll tell you on your show. Maybe later in the week. I’ll give you my Harlem Globetrotters. I have a philosophy on life about the Harlem Globetrotters. Early Neil didn’t come into the studio and hung out for an hour and I was very very nice.

Dennis Koulatsos  04:57

This must have been a stallion week and I saw I went back back and watch the Hagler Hearns fight for three rounds and I showed a good buddy of mine, the younger, the Ron Lyles George Foreman fight. That was an absolute five round slugfest, right so and what prompted it was I started watching the Creed series a creed movies. Got the Creed one and creed two and not not feeling dumb enough to watch creed three but

Nestor Aparicio  05:20

the last time you watch rocky one

Dennis Koulatsos  05:22

it’s been it’s been a minute, but then I’ll compare those Rocky movies were much better than what they’re what the road that will be.

Nestor Aparicio  05:29

That’s why I don’t watch movies if people ask me why don’t you watch movies? I’m like because I’m I talk to somebody about a movie. Like if the movies gonna be good like this wham movie I might watch before it’s all Yeah, I saw the previews. Yeah, I pick I pick my spots for movies and stuff like that. But the boxing thing like I see it now and I watch UFC and MMA and I it’s amazing how it’s been taken to a different level. I mean, really the savagery of it I’m talking about and you talked about the savagery of Hagler Hearns Are you know, this morning Sugar Ray Leonard showed up on my timeline beaten up on Duran and some other people for whatever reason, so there is a little boxing on the brain

Dennis Koulatsos  06:08

Yeah, there is whatever reason I don’t know I get and I started watching some some some of those creed movies and I said no, this is you know, even moderate that you talked about savagery box has actually gotten cleaner. They’ve cleaned it up a bed, it’s not as savage as it used to be. Whereas the UFC that cleaned up somewhat, but it’s still such a barbaric sport. I mean, the early UFC is when there were virtually no rules whatsoever. That was they were pure just BB

Nestor Aparicio  06:33

X rotten on here in Philadelphia, they had this crazy wrestling matches with the barbed wire and the bat he bought the freakin bad and with all the barbed wire into my studio went like I’ve, you know, been through all of that. It’s just not where my pleasure zone is. I mean, like

Dennis Koulatsos  06:47

you’ve had some characters in your studio, you have some props in your studio for sure. Over the

Nestor Aparicio  06:52

ask you this, because and I would do this off the air. But since we’re doing a segment, it’s all star game week, celebrate my 25th anniversary, and you’re back to a little getaway as well. So it’s good that I’m asking you this, I’m going to ask you on the air, you’re the first one I’ve asked on the air. I’ve told Luke to make a little side list. But you’ve been a sponsor for most of the 25 years. We’re trying to celebrate appropriately. And I know you’ve been through some celebrations cocoons with 25th, anniversary 35th, and all that kind of stuff. Right? Since 25th anniversary for small ham radio station, thanks to people like you. And so many people like you that kept us going here all this, how should we celebrate 25 years, I mean, the best idea I have. And I’m definitely going to do this. And this is Joe Enoch. Thank you, as well as Bill Cole, because they came up with this, I’m going to do the top 25 moments of wn S T. And I started to put the list together, right. And I don’t want to be a spoiler but like the March in New Orleans with 10,000 people that was great. Okay, free the birds. That was like road trips, we’ve done all of these things, right? Like just all of these events, none of them the top 25 had anything to do with a radio segment. Now that’s not to say that I’ve not done great radio segments, or that’s sort of the backbone of all of it was making the radio station interesting and compelling enough to make people want to come to it be a part of it and making intelligent for people. But like, I don’t even have my top 25 interviews, or guest or moments. And I don’t even mean like Joe Nemeth or, you know, whoever the celebrity would be right. I mean, if you had the Secretary of State on here, right, like we’ve had all sorts of people on the air, Bill Cosby called in Henry Winkler called into this. And we’ve had all of these people over the years call in be a part of it. But I think we’re me with the people when I bring it up to people. A guy this morning said, I had so much fun on your Belmont bus. And I’m thinking I wouldn’t put that in my top 25. But it’s number one for Hayden. But he did. It’s number one for him. If you went on one road trip with me to Cleveland and went to the Hall of Fame or went on one Yankee bus trip or you went on? I mean, my God, how about the road trip to New Orleans with five buses in my wife out of the Whitemarsh parking lot with 250 Super Bowl tickets. Like, we’ve done amazing stuff here. But like, I want you sick if I die tomorrow, what do you think of it? What would you think of when you say 25 years?

Dennis Koulatsos  09:17

I think for for me for a number of reasons. The the more New Orleans that that really stood out because I was there with Bruce Posner and his family and

Nestor Aparicio  09:26

we don’t even know you were in that. I don’t think you’ve ever mentioned it to me.

Dennis Koulatsos  09:29

Yeah, in fact, I was. I was on your boat cruise. There was Brian Billick that year, too. I was there.

Nestor Aparicio  09:36

There’s another moment and an event that when we went by in the NFL Network put us on and we were all cheering off the boat. That’s pretty good. That’s and that was a moment. That was a moment.

Dennis Koulatsos  09:47

It was a pretty cool moment. Yeah, Billy was there on a boat and a lot of a lot of fans phenomenal memory but that’s what really stands out for me and that’s because it was like small town where everybody was there. It was what close to 20,000 of was conversion on the on the Superdome down there and it was just the march and then the game and the trip back and would have been would have been a long long trip had the Ravens deep what’s not held on in that those last four downs right in the endzone.

Nestor Aparicio  10:17

That was a willingness. I was a moment. So it was with my pal Jason Papist during the blackout because he was sitting, he was near me near the press box where I was. And I went down and like it just felt like forever and ever and ever. You remember where you were when lights went out when he went back?

Dennis Koulatsos  10:34

And the people around it like they’re like terrorists were like not Vegas. We figured Vegas was trying to do something to slow the Ravens roll they did I mean, it took 85 minutes for Joe Flacco to touch the football again. And I think that was instrumental in the Ravens corner jets although Jacoby Jones did return the the opening kickoff for the second half for touchdown we just thought the rat was on and it was and it was a phenomenal comeback by the Niners and phenomenal finished by the Ravens defense it was a complete team victory and to be a part of that experience that as a fan and as an analyst was just fantastic thing Nestor

Nestor Aparicio  11:08

Well, I’ve written a book on both of them. So come on out to costus on the third truck city and the fourth. I’m just giving the books away what I’ve got left out a couple dozen left. Anybody that wants to read it come on out. I have free stuff to give away to everybody on the third and fourth for the 25th anniversary that is go out so says here. Oh, he’s over Coons, Baltimore for making things up. Give me a little summertime look at the car industry. And finally, give me give me the elevator speech on that because there are plenty of people when it’s 100 degrees out there thinking I need a different vehicle.

Dennis Koulatsos  11:38

Yeah, we have we have phenomenal incentives right now, here coons Ford of Baltimore. We have a lot of 0% on most of our 20 twos. There’s some 0% for 20 threes, Mustangs, Mikey’s escaped edges, Broncos expeditions, you name it. And the other thing is we have a lot of inventory we have 250 plus, brand new vehicle just saw two truckloads come in today. Lots of pre owned vehicles over 200 of those and a business is very good, Lester seems like there’s demand a pent up demand out there. That’s flushing and again, we have more inventory than most so people don’t have to settle they can find something real nice here. Our second third and fourth best choices are superior to our competitors first choice so that’s what happened to the bulk of what people can save money here. And the selection is second to none.

Nestor Aparicio  12:26

Get on over there and and get a new set of wheels if you need that. I’m thinking young MC got no money got no car. Yeah, I’ll sing that. It’s funny you would mention super 47 and those memories because most of my closet cleaning involves Super Bowl 35 Right. Like most of my stuff, talking about shirts, hats, memories, pictures, tchotchkes, things under glass in that era, I put stuff under glass in the modern era, all my 47 stuffs in a box. I haven’t I never put it up and turned it into a five foot by eight foot mural. But I have all the super 35 stuff. Boy that I start to think about it I have this thing on the wall with all of the covers from the magazines that week. You’ve been in the studio Sporting News ESPN Sports Illustrated Rob Burnett goose arm wrestling with Michael stray hand all of it autograph Ray Lewis tackling like all you know all Sports Illustrated did their urine review were raised on the cover. And I you know, I think back 22 years ago right like I’m thinking to myself the you know the the birth of the radio station and how far back that is. And this I start to see you know, people like goose leave us and these these memories we have of him at the barn and different stuff like that. This is one summertime when you start going through old things. You’re like wow, times passing, but the Orioles are good again. And the ravens are good again. And there might be two miracles here. I you one thing I saw going through archives, I saw a picture I had that. It’s got Wes Unseld in it. And it’s at the arena or the civic center and they call it by its God given the empty bank arena, but the Baltimore Civic Center and there was a banner up during I guess it was a 72 year 7172 That said Baltimore City of champions that he shooting the jump shot and you can see the banner behind him and I think to myself, I just want to win once either way. Either one of these teams it’s been a decade. I mean poor Luke always comes on reminds me he was born in October of 1983. And I think to myself, you know where is the next one? Where are the pile divers? And certainly this time right here, all star game and I had Robbie Jr. Run for Robbie’s first base this week talking about their Babe Ruth museum event going on this weekend the card show you know he said this is the most prosperity the Orioles Have you ever had because it’s homegrown. They’re there but they need to grow the business side of this to support it certainly put their games on television on Friday night so we’re not all looking for them in bars it wherever we are or Luke could watch the game and wow, that’s terrible. So but but I would say for the football team to have that prosperity built in and have been through Lamar Athan these couple of weeks, August, September, October, we’re gonna have a pennant race and the beginning of a football season that has hope. Planes gonna take off around here come Labor Day tennis, it really is. I mean, it’s gonna feel from a sports perspective different around here than it’s felt. Maybe ever. And maybe it’s not as big as it ever was. Because we, we had some large s with sports here were ravens tickets were 200 to one $50 to get in. It’s not that anymore. But there is a buy in level for everybody who wants to love these teams, that this is a good time. It’s good time to be on a bandwagon.

Dennis Koulatsos  15:44

It’s a fantastic time to be on the bandwagon. Even on my show. We’ve talked 99% of the time about the Orioles and very little to speak up with the ravens and

Nestor Aparicio  15:54

15 years here. And that has never been the case. Never been the case. Right?

Dennis Koulatsos  15:56

I mean, I’ve been to six games, which is probably I haven’t been to six games in the last decade ever since blackout. It’s been a long, long time. I mean, it’s been a long, long time. But look, give me good product. I’m all in bad product, I would support the Ravens. I mean, I’m a hardcore diehard football fan. But with baseball, you got to give me something to cheer for. And it’s nice to know the players. It’s nice to grow up with the players. It’s nice to watch them go from, you know, a ball to double A to triple Eight’s up to the minors and you follow their careers. So I’m invested, I’m bought in and I’m very, very glad that my attention will be split post Labor Day versus in the years past. The Orioles have been done for a long, long time since Memorial Day. Right? So it’s nice that they have the best record of things. What since 1997

Nestor Aparicio  16:41

It’s Memorial Day. I mean, they were dead on arrival. It’s for training. Being mean I mean, never any prospect was five No but I mean that’s part of the have or have not right right. And there’s some Habs in the NFL right now that really are have nots. There’s some teams that think they’re I mean the Jets you already got the jets in the playoffs I don’t know maybe they will be but if they’re in somebody else will be out and you know somebody

Dennis Koulatsos  17:07

I liked I liked that decision. I liked the Jets and the bills and the dolphins banging heads and the Patriots and still the Patriots and some further notice I liked that division could be hyper competitive and like I liked when he beat each other up. It’s good for the Ravens

Nestor Aparicio  17:19

they get to sign a pass rusher or a corner before camp again. So

Dennis Koulatsos  17:23

one would think they need both. They don’t need one they need both. They need some depth for sure. And that’s what scares me about this team just injuries right they’re gonna miss class Campbell. Yeah, they are. class was a he was a dude. He was what Walter Payton Man of the Year. What 2019 2020

Nestor Aparicio  17:41

I put him in the Hall of Fame just because he played so well here at the end of his crummy these last couple of years. I mean, I go back to Arizona like Jacksonville. Yeah, fine, but like dude, but I don’t know how he’ll play this year. I mean, time will tell we’ll find out. But he would have been would have been better to have him than not having oh he the

Dennis Koulatsos  17:57

Hall of Fame human being said there’s only a few guys certain guys you want in your locker room. He’s definitely one of them. You know, he’s he’s one of those guys salt of the earth type of a person and phenomenal athlete. Do I think of the Hall of Famer? Absolutely do Hey, by

Nestor Aparicio  18:09

the way, by the way, the last thing I ever did as a media member, when after I got thrashed at Pittsburgh, the last human I met in the NFL. I walked up to class Campbell and Heinz Field, dac for sure whatever they’re calling it now. And I introduced myself and he remembered me because he had sat in at Super Bowls and radio row. And he remembered me, and he’s, you know, polite because I had not met him through the plague. And we had no access to players called Chad steel on that one. But I did go up to Calais since the last thing I did in the locker room in Pittsburgh was say hello to him. I walked out. And I think I think I’ve gotten my last NFL press pass. So if that’s my goodbye, we’re saying hello to clays Campbell who’s going to go into the Hall of Fame. I’m okay.

Dennis Koulatsos  18:56

It might have been my story with Ben Watson met him at my old gym and it talks about another really, really good man. Oh, yeah. I’ll put them then Watson way up in the same category as Coleus Campbell.

Nestor Aparicio  19:08

I saw Ben Watson give an unbelievable speech with his wife at Fellowship of Christian Athletes. Shout out to a friend Kelly and Kelly associates in the Kelly family. I was a guest every year hardball spoken at that and they brought in Lou Holtz one year. So it’s a great year, but Ben Watson was the centerpiece one year and his family just you know, and I got to know him a little bit when he was here and then he got injured. But hey man, no wait, let’s talk injuries here. I’m going to be on your show on Thursday afternoon. But it’s a Sunday Sports boys should be back on Sunday. He is out wheel and deal and selling cars in air conditioning, they’ll sell you the car in the air condition the car will have air conditioning just for everybody this week. And I hope everybody enjoys the the all star game this week. And then I will I’ll reconvene with you here later on in the week. But, man, it feels like we shouldn’t talk so much football because we got like two weeks and we’re gonna have to talk football and be into it. But I’m sure up into the pit I’m getting there you know once we get through the all star game and I’m gonna get a couple games, Marlins and we get the Dodgers in here next week, then all of a sudden yo Luke could be putting on his. I found you know, I’m gonna give Luke to where I found that Brian Billick straw hat. Ah, nice. That was hard knocks. I’m gonna give that to Luke. That hat. Do

Dennis Koulatsos  20:19

you have the hat?

Nestor Aparicio  20:21

I have. Yes. I have one of Brian’s hats.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:23

Yes. That’s awesome. That’s great. That’s that’s gonna be a lot of money one day that already? Well, it’s

Nestor Aparicio  20:28

it’s too big for me because his head is bigger than mine.

Dennis Koulatsos  20:32

Oh, he’s a tall man with thoughts in

Nestor Aparicio  20:34

there. Too bright,

Dennis Koulatsos  20:35

a lot of brainpower a lot. A lot of gray matter up there.

Nestor Aparicio  20:37

I’m gonna call Brian get him around here to hear me say you know what he’s doing. And this is the reason I’ve left him alone. He took up golf. Did he really? At 6067 years old. I think when he first called the golf club, like something crazy. And he’s become like obsessed. He’s playing like five six days a week and

Dennis Koulatsos  20:55

yeah, not not surprised there but I still remember when he walked through Akunis for to Baltimore to meet all the other all my team members and showed off the ring. You know, he was a very gracious man. Very, very, very good, man.

Nestor Aparicio  21:07

Yeah, I don’t want to play golf. So I saw him take a tee shots at his own tournament and he couldn’t play so me but he’s an athlete. And he’s got all of that baggage. It’s six foot you know what he’s got all of that the big guy open swing. Alright Dennis go out. So if you see a guy out there and a fishing cap that looks like my window nation add add on one of the ponds around this area. It’s probably a dentist training some fish before the end of the summer. Correct. I am Nestor. We are wn St. We’re taking the Maryland crabcakes. We’re back out on the road, the Maryland lottery. We have a handful of these left. We’re gonna be giving these away. Coco’s gonna be Coco’s on Thursday the 13th and then at the Beaumont, right near Kreutz, Baltimore afford security Boulevard. We’re gonna be over Catonsville at the Beaumont at Frederick and Beaumont, in the heart of music land Maryland, next Thursday, the 20th and then we’re off to Costas and drug city to celebrate 25 years on August 3, and fourth, we are wn St. am 1570, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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