Fry says GBC and local leadership have eye on future of Charm City


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This week’s guest is Donald Fry of the Greater Baltimore Committee, whose group has for years inspired and enacted positive change in our city for business and development and jobs.

In our first of many installments from legendary Faidley’s Seafood Market at the World Famous Lexington Market, former Baltimore County Executive Don Mohler and local media pundit Nestor Aparicio tackle many of the issues involving the downtown business community and its future with the GBC.

This is the third and final leg of our chats with Fry about the future of the city.

For six decades, the Greater Baltimore Committee – the region’s premier organization of business and civic leaders – has been a leading voice for the business community on issues relating to economic growth, job creation, workforce development, transportation and quality of life.

The GBC was organized on Jan. 5, 1955 as an action committee designed to mobilize the commercial, industrial and professional leadership of Baltimore to bring about tangible and rapid improvements in the community.

Mohler and Aparicio caught up with Fry to see where the GBC is in 2019 and how it can continue to be a part of moving Baltimore forward under its next leadership.

Be sure to join us next Thursday, June 20th as we return to Faidley’s to discuss the future of Baltimore with current Mayor Jack Young.

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