The many complexities of managing Baltimore City government


As Matthew Gallagher of The Goldseker Foundation points out in the early going of Episode 30 of Baltimore Positive, this was a robust conversation about leadership in our city and the significant changes that need to be made.

Gallagher is not a stranger to anyone who has followed local politics and the trail of Martin O’Malley over the past two decades.

Mohler and Aparicio go through the successes – and current failures – of local politics, policies and the future of Baltimore government with a true expert and insider.

This is the first of three lengthy episodes with Gallagher. We are attempting to release one episode of Baltimore Positive every Monday, Wednesday and Friday and will try to (mostly) adhere to that schedule heading into the late summer and fall.

A special thanks to everyone who has shared Nestor’s Facebook video on how to properly clean and eat a Maryland steamed crab, which includes a cameo with Matt Gallagher at Faidley’s Seafood at Lexington Market. It is about to pass one MILLION views this week so please catch it if you haven’t seen it so you can clean your crabs appropriately this weekend!

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