Getting humbled in Week 3 has us more focused for Cleveland

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Every week of the NFL season, Nestor Aparicio will be making his football picks with Hollywood Casino sports book manager Christian Horton in Perryville. After a torrid start in the first two weeks, the third weekend wasn’t a charm as the fellas try to sort out the Ravens on the road for the next three weeks with injuries.


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Christian Horton, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back wn S, T, Towson, Baltimore. And Baltimore positive it is week four of the National Football League. We’re going to be taking a little hiatus and early crabcake tour with our friends at the Maryland lottery and win donation as well as Jiffy Lube. We’re going to be doing it on the 13th of October. I don’t think there’s an Oriole game that day, we’re trying to figure things out work out the schedule. We’re going to be drug city from two to five, hence my fountain shirt. I’m going to invite this guy and everybody else down it is my 55th birthday on October the 14th Jim Palmer’s birthday on the 15th and on the 15th We’re gonna be celebrating Jim Palmer’s birthday at Hollywood casino in Perry Ville, where I’ve been making these picks and things were going well I don’t know how it’s gonna be by the time October 15 rolls around but the Ravens will be on the road this week in Cleveland next week in Pittsburgh and then in London and Tottenham. We’re going to be doing a breakfast a British breakfast proper and maybe play British rock and roll and maybe we’ll do that at Hollywood casino in Perryville. all morning long I’ll be there watching the the Ravens take on the Titans. I don’t know whether they’re going to be two and three or three and two or four money who i That’s why we pick the games. Christian origin joins us now. He manages the sports book up in the aforementioned Hollywood casino Perry. You got rid of the hoodie, dude, you got like the casino behind you. You look like you’re you’re winning money. It’s what it looks like. I’m going into the Magic Kingdom up there in Kerrville. How you been? How were your pics last week? My pitch stunk.

Christian Horton  01:32

Yeah, no, no, I’ve been good. We both Yeah, we both won 79. You know, we’re just we’re struggling. We’re trying to figure this out. And week four. And hopefully, you know, this week is a little better. And we’re both on the right side rather than

Nestor Aparicio  01:46

having a nine puts me a 2719 How many push me at two to four. So that’s a 2719 and four. Yes, correct. What do you gotta go to make money doing this Christian, you know, and I want it. We talked about the half point spreads last week. I just week I have a different theme. This week’s theme is Who the hell are these teams? I mean, we weren’t a cowboy. So what what are the Ravens do with losing the Colts? Who are the Texans at this point? What about the Jaguars? I mean, I think we know who the bears in the Broncos are but they’re playing each other this week. So we got to figure that out. So it’s this league. I mean, I remember saying that with balding or 23 years ago, I was nationally syndicated Baldinger and I would sit up the NFL film studios up in New Jersey with Steve sable and those guys we’d say this league this league I you know I guess they say it’s a week to week league here I am in places but the injuries and how they affect the line. That’s something I definitely wanted to talk to you about this week because once you get a quarterback or like that they’re really plays value differences for people who do this to make money right?

Christian Horton  03:04

Yeah, no 100% That’s why they say the league is indicative Sunday, you know, anything can happen, anytime. Injuries are definitely huge. You definitely have to do your research on who’s the backup who’s coming in to replace the injured person as you know, just like the Colts you know, everyone written the Colts off and you know, Gardner Minshew comes out and has a big game and wants him to be get some upset you know in Baltimore so you know injuries definitely have a huge effect on the line. You definitely have to watch out for those don’t we?

Nestor Aparicio  03:33

You know when Patriot fans like you come on and start talking about the outcome of the former Baltimore Colts coming back to Baltimore, and to railing the Ravens this week. This is when I turn the conversation tour. How about those Orioles? Game one right next week? So alright, let’s get into the pics here. Christian Orton is here you can find him at Maryville up at Hollywood casino you can find strikers posse, they’re on my favorite local reggae band. They’re playing Friday night. I’ve seen them with John Spurrier over at the at the Peabody heights a brewery fantastic Get on up to Hollywood casino see them Friday, bad alibi. Also some friends of ours Saturday night playing some rock and a whole bunch of things. And then my buddies from cold gin doing a kiss tribute on the Affer mentioned October 13. There’ll be a drug city. Your heels are being the American League Championship Series we hope and all star purple party going on with a prince tribute on my birthday. That’s October 14. I’ll be there on the 15th in the morning and awaken Olivia Reynolds band other great band on the 21st of October at Hollywood casino in Perry Ville where you can go in and get a delicious salmon BLT sandwich and some fries. Have a proper British breakfast with us on the 15th All right. We’re gonna pick the Ravens last because that’s what we did last week. That didn’t work out so well. I thought the Colts were pretenders I was all in on the Ravens winning by three touchdowns with Sherwood I know Detroit Green Bay Thursday night people may be laughing at us. i This is my theory this week Christian and you I’m gonna go We’re there for week four, and we’ll see how it goes. Okay. In my mind, there are good teams and bad teams, good teams, meaning 910 wins. 11 wins possible. Bad teams, meaning they’re only going to win 567 games and maybe the Texans got lucky last week, and they’re not a good team, right? And maybe the dolphins aren’t as good as 70 points, right? Or the Cowboys aren’t as bad as we right. Okay, so that’s my theory. And I’m gonna, I’m gonna, if I’m gonna bet with you this week, and you’re not gonna steal my money up there. I’m gonna get value. I’m gonna go with my good team versus bad team. Not that I don’t care about the points or the home or the way. But I’m going to make a case for some good teams stepping up and getting their second win or their third win this week. All right. Good Team Green Bay. I don’t think a good team. I’m going with Detroit. I lay them the point and a half in the witness one. Yeah.

Christian Horton  05:50

No, with Detroit on the road, for sure. I think like you said, the choice is the better team, even a Green Bay strat and a lot of people you know, they came back with saints. You know, Jordan Lyons is showing that, you know, he’s, um, Aaron Rodgers placement, but I like Detroit with this one on Thursday night on shore week.

Nestor Aparicio  06:06

Jaguars and Falcons flying over to London. I mean, the Ravens found out when you play the Jaguars they know how to do it. You know, they’ve done it before. I think it’s always a little bit of an awakening for other teams. Even if the organization’s done it. They got a bunch of young kids that Davin sometimes don’t have passport. I mean, it’s just it’s just different people drive on the left hand side of the road. It’s a little weird when you get there and folks are gonna go over and you know, I love London. I love the UK. I love the series. I love the fact that the game is international and you get on the tube over there and see all this. I gotta go with the Jaguars there and again, I think they’re a good team. I I don’t know what the hell that was last week. I have higher expectations for them than they showed last week. So I will I will take them I will I would lay the three points with the Falcons this week.

Christian Horton  06:51

Yeah, no, I’m right there with the Jaguars too. I think they’re gonna kind of show that there are good team like you said, they’re gonna be in that 910 One range, and they’re gonna show it in London this week against the Falcons. So I’m right there with you at

Nestor Aparicio  07:05

one o’clock games here. Steelers a little bit short. Resco went down to Houston. I don’t think the Steelers are a good team. I’m pretty convinced the Texans are a bad team because I saw them play here a couple weeks ago against the Ravens. I don’t again last week to me has screwed up my ability to gauge any of this for you this week. Because some of these teams that like the Steelers may have had a little awakening maybe and I don’t think they’re bad and I know their coach and I think so I’m gonna take the Steelers on the road here just on pedigree spread the three points down in Houston

Christian Horton  07:37

ya know, right there with the with the Pittsburgh like Pittsburgh, especially what the Houston’s line being on the injury has injury bug. So I think TJ watt gets to the quarterback a few times and I like Pittsburgh covering the three

Nestor Aparicio  07:49

rams saw them running around in those whatever banana outfits they were in the other day and the Colts. The Affer mentioned colts of Gardner Minshew another injury report there with Richardson all week to know he might not even be there a better quarterback right now and he meant you sort of ran around and did did what he needed to do to win the football game here they come home now rams on shorter rest coming across the country I get other fought to take the Colts here I still fit the culture very good. So therefore I’m going to take the Rams although the front seven of the Colts I mean it can wreak havoc for the Rams I think

Christian Horton  08:21

yeah, no, that’s that’s that’s a good observation for sure. You know, defenses are definitely strong on both sides. But like you said, I’m just gonna take the better offense and hopefully the Rams come back on the short rest from Monday night and shock the world. So I like the Rams I like starting

Nestor Aparicio  08:36

quarterbacks over backup quarterbacks. I like starting quarterbacks over rookie quarterbacks. I like starting quarterbacks that are veteran on the road. I mean I’ll take all of that I go rams there as well Vikings at Panthers the Vikings they disappoint me you know what I mean? Like I have a soft spot for the Vikings because of Billick and some friends of mine that have worked in the organization up there you know I friends up there i i want those people to win at some point. I mean Eagles fans at one you patriots we rave and a lot of people want I mean I don’t really want the Browns fans to win at this point. I don’t need the Steelers fans to win again. I don’t want us to feel nine don’t feel sorry for the commander. I don’t want but but there’s a point for me where like I want the Vikings to do what the Chiefs did. And finally like when and this doesn’t appear to be the year I don’t know they’re on the road lay in wood there’s nothing to recommend Carolina here in my opinion. I’m gonna take the Vikings again thinking like somehow they’re a 10 win team even though they might be a four loss team by four o’clock and you might be laughing It makes

Christian Horton  09:38

Yeah, no, I’m right there with you. The Vikings are in a weird spot right now. Where are they? Are they in contention are they going to sell are they going to take you know, especially with Justin’s Epson, you know, they’re they they can’t waste his crime right now. You know, they got kirk cousins in there. So I think he steps up and finally gets their first one with them being one and three. So I liked the Vikings also.

Nestor Aparicio  09:59

These Three and three and a half points. They don’t mean anything to you look up on red zone and it’s 22 to 19 with 40 seconds left and you’re like, Yeah, am I gonna brag about a winner? Go back and say was it three and a half or was he three you know to make me laugh or make me cry at this point. Christian Orton is here he manages a sports book, Hollywood casino parable. He’s coming on a plane fun with me every week on picking games. I’ve gotten back to this. You know, I’m doing okay. 2719 Four. So far here through three weeks. I was bragging it’s 2110 and two after last Thursday night’s game, and then I got my, you know, Sunday. Speaking of losing big I’ll get to the dolphins game in a minute Buccaneers in the saints in New Orleans. Talking about quarterback issues and having a backup quarterback. The Saints appear to have one we’ll find out. Certainly Vegas believes in them. Three points at home Buccaneers Baker Mayfield, the Bucs haven’t looked great. Sort of a low number on this game as well. You know, I’m inclined to just go ahead and take Tampa on the road. I think they’re the better team and I am worried about the saints in the backup quarterback situation there.

Christian Horton  11:06

Ya know, I’m gonna go against you with this one. I like the saints. Especially, you know, James, kind of Jameis Winston, you know, revenge game, especially, you know, he’s played for two bucks. So I think he goes out there and shows the organization that they were wrong for letting them go. So I’m gonna take on the saints on this one.

Nestor Aparicio  11:23

commanders and the Eagles. Here’s what that seven and a half comes in. Right? Because you’ve looked at and say Eagles no problem here. Seven and a half. So a lot of wood there’s there’s a point to maybe take the commander’s, but not in Philly. I mean, I my my better wisdom just says take the Eagles here. They’re the better team by a lot.

Christian Horton  11:42

Ya know, I was looking at this one earlier, these efficient games are always tough, you know, they’re never a blowout or you know, they’re always 23 to 20. So I’m going to take the commander’s on this one hopefully they squeak it out. You know, definitely definitely take take the the Eagles out.

Nestor Aparicio  11:58

Yeah, start writing these down now and I circled the ones where we disagree. Yep. Because those are the only place I can make any wood here with you. Right. Yeah. I mean, the rest of us it’s a push really so this is really about getting to the nitty gritty of where we disagree. not agree, right. No offense in the bills. I listen, I liked the dolphins and I like to and I like his brother and for now with the Turks on Saturday. We had a day Preston on as we talk a little Terps week two. I mean, it’s Christian dude, it’s been tough this week, right? I mean, even my lottery partners got to 850 billion million dollars. You know, like all Brooks dies, the Orioles magic numbers, the Ravens law. I mean, it’s crazy, but the Terps can’t get out. I want to give a little love to them while we talk about the dolphins but three points. Home in Buffalo almost sort of a push kind of thing. I mean, have we given up hope on the bills? And are we buying the dolphins and buying the dolphins in Buffalo yet? Not yet? Not yet. I need to see it this week. I’ll take buffalo spread the three points here.

Christian Horton  12:59

Okay. And no, I’m definitely buying the dolphins train. I think it’s time for you. Yeah, I think it’s time I think they have guys, you know, that they kind of showed that showed it putting up 70 points. You know

Nestor Aparicio  13:12

how many dolphins you’re a lot younger than me. Right? I have dolphins fans that are my age in the late 30s. who’ve been at this for 40 years or more. I’m telling you going back to like greasy and Shola. My dolphins fans are just long, long suffering. I don’t care if they win or not. Because as long as Mercury Morris and those guys act like jerks every year, they get to win their little title every year when somebody goes 11 And oh and loses but yeah, I don’t hate that offensive mean they’re benign to me and they were pretty colors and they have cheerleaders and it’s a good time but I’m not buying in on all that. I’m not I mean I 70 points they had your party last week as my dad would say save some runs for tomorrow night. We’ll see how that works out. I’ll take the bills we got a couple of diff disagreements so it’s it’s good Cincinnati and Tennessee. In Tennessee. Um I think the Bengals are coming back to life and look we play the titans in a couple of weeks. Not much to recommend them right now. I mean, I like rabl a lot. I don’t know how I feel about Danny Hill and the rest of this I’ll take the bet I think the Bengals are good. I mean despite what happened with us and I think burrow their work into this they weren’t very good beginning last year either. I I’m gonna buy on the Bengals for a couple of weeks until they show me they’re a second tier team. I don’t believe that I believe the Titans are second tier team

Christian Horton  14:35

yeah no definitely I’m what you on that one I think Cincinnati’s kind of their backs against the wall. They’re kind of going to try to struggle it out. And and I think they’re gonna I think the over this weekend for sure. I like Tennessee. I mean, sorry, Cincinnati. Cincinnati. Okay, well,

Nestor Aparicio  14:50

I’m gonna let the Ravens game go. We got to talk about this. Has there ever been a worse game in week four than the Broncos in the bears? I’m gonna wrap there as there been two franchises, quarterbacks, coaches, the ones that aren’t arrested or in jail or off the radar. What do you know? Like, yeah, what a what an ish show. And I say this all the time. I mean, you’re up at a casino handling money for people betting it all in like, there are 32 of these organizations. How in the world can a couple of them consistently be so awful? Whether it’s Cleveland, Cincinnati, Arizona, for the Washington zoo, right? Like all of these franchises, that they when they fall they keep the Orioles were that way forever. You know, it smells nice now, but it really is amazing to sort of bootstrap yourself up with the bears and the Broncos these storied sort of franchises to be fighting for the first pick overall it’s week four we know how bad they are. And we’re wondering like how are they going to get the three how how are these teams going to win three or four games in this calendar year?

Christian Horton  15:59

Yeah, no, I’m right there with you. Both teams are struggling. I think you know Denver definitely has to make a change at quarterback sooner or later when rather they want to have you know Russell Wilson as the backup or not, you know $50 million quarter exactly. You can’t can’t put 50 million on the bench you know, so they’re gonna figure that out. But I think the Broncos they squeak it out I think they’re gonna figure it out. They’re gonna be they’re gonna be eight nine at the end of the year and Sean Payton kind of you know, gets that team to just culture so I like the Broncos on this one.

Nestor Aparicio  16:32

I don’t bet on much and you bet because that’s what you do for a living. Yeah, not take that action. I mean, you saying foolishness on my airwaves like that, that they’re gonna win eight nine games? Why?

Christian Horton  16:43

Yeah, no, I think I think so. I mean, he has

Nestor Aparicio  16:46

to get to eight or nine wins. They get to his eighth when they’re on chill with their dad. Oh, right now, right. So they have 313 games. Fine. Halloween next year. What is his ninth game? All right. All right. All right. This is no show that you you want. Oh, man. Oh, I gotta start waving money around on a program here. I mean, how much you want let’s go now we’re getting to know each other. All right. Yeah. What were you taking in this game? I mean, you’re taking the Broncos Yeah, I’m

Christian Horton  17:26

on the Broncos. Broncos. Yeah, well, I’m

Nestor Aparicio  17:28

gonna take Chicago because I’m stupid and they’re home. Raiders and the Raiders. You saw my picks list. Raiders in the Chargers chargers six point favorite at home. I don’t know where to hell home is for them. The Raiders playing in LA as a home game to me. I’m all about the raiders here. I mean, the Chargers are one of those. If they get the 12 wins, like the cute cute boy that throws the football and the pretty uniforms and nobody cares about anymore. That did San Diego dirty, which always kind of sort of rubs me wrong. I headed Frankfurt or London or whoever’s gonna buy him. Um, I you know, I said that I’m anti charger. I just think there’s something about the Mojo there that tells me they’re not any good, and they’re gonna have a hard time. That’s it. That’s what I’m gonna say about them.

Christian Horton  18:14

Yeah, no, no, they’re another team. Also, like we’re saying I’m dealing with injury. But you know, they just lost their receiver Mike Wallace, or I mean, Mike Williams, you know, so I’m definitely with the Raiders with you on this one too, as a home team for both. Both teams, you know, like you said, it’s in. It’s in LA. So I think they’re both gonna bring out a big crowd. So I like I like the Raiders to cover on this one and potentially when

Nestor Aparicio  18:35

your patriots going down to Dallas, if you get the version of Dallas and last week, you’ll you’ll love their seven points down there, buddy getting seven points on the road. Plan responsible football. You know, you mentioned those NFC East games be tight, tight, tight, tight, tight. That’s the belt check. Traditional Tight, tight, tight, tight. And you know, Dallas got already going on this week of biblical proportions. Right. And coming home. Seven points. That’s a lot of what I’m you’re gonna like this, but I’m taking I’m taking New England and your seven points. What do you think

Christian Horton  19:08

of that? Nice, nice. Yeah, no, I love it. I love it. I’m Dallas. You know, they stuck it up last week. And I think they’re gonna have a repeat. You know, Bill is definitely a person of, you know, going in and going in and seeing what happened last week and kind of doing the copycat. You know, it’s a copycat League. So I think the way one definitely covers the seven and sweeps that out and a close one.

Nestor Aparicio  19:27

How bad all of this would in the San Francisco game, right. Like, everybody loves them. Right? Yeah, 14 points at home. And you talk about, you know, Kyler Murray and Arizona and what Trevor Lawrence did last week and where the borough’s gonna be right there questions about Lamar Jackson again, mithral behind receivers and, you know, the stinkface he gave when you ask them a legitimate question. So, which I’m not a part of anymore after 26 and a half years. I just Arizona, I mean, that nobody’s in on them, right? I mean, he lives Then the Broncos in the bears could have a three way party come out in all three loops, I think right? I mean, they’re really some stinky franchises here this early in to be 14 points of wood on the road that that really speaks volumes not just about San Francisco it speaks volumes about Arizona.

Christian Horton  20:15

Yeah, no, you’re right right there along with them. But Arizona you know, they were I think 12 Point underdogs last last week and they came out in one that and beat the Cowboys. So I kind of think that I don’t think they’re gonna win. I think they’re gonna cover the 14th You know, what a Garbage Time touchdown at the end, you know, just one of those old things and I think they covered the 14th All right,

Nestor Aparicio  20:35

Garbage Time, the 40 Niners don’t like garbage time they play defense around there. So we’ll see how that goes. You know, I see that when more along the lines of like a 34 to 12 kind of thing. She’s into jets on Sunday night. These poor bastards that put these two jets in primetime, right like, Roger. Now it’s, you know, chiefs 10 points on the road, the chiefs don’t run it up and you put can and, you know, I think the Jets are trying to be credible in whatever way they can be, with this quarterback and with the sort of the hangover of all of it thinking that the other 52 guys would be good enough. And now are the other 52 guys good enough? You know, it’s a gut check time for them. I mean, they certainly showed up played against the bills a couple of weeks ago, and I could see the place get a little raucous. If the game is a touchdown game in the second half up there on a Sunday night game, but you know, pedigree I’m going with the chiefs on this attends a lot of wood. It’s a lot of wood, but I’m going with my theory of better team this week. I’ll take the Chiefs I’ll lay the wood.

Christian Horton  21:39

Yeah, like the theory with the better team. Kansas City. I mean, I think they they’re due for that big win. They had last week, you know, they beat the bears. 4110 the desk just trying to figure it out. I don’t think Zach Wilson is the answer. I was a big sack Wilson fan for longest but after watching him with the Patriots, you know, he’s just kind of, you know, he has the hips, you know, as they call it. So I like the Chiefs covering the 10

Nestor Aparicio  22:03

Can they get you know, back in with the jets from Seattle, maybe? Monday Night Football Seahawks and the Giants 815 game, they’re sort of the rim everybody waiting for all these wildcard games on Tuesday, Wednesday, maybe tuesday wednesday gonna be a bet and house up in your joint right? I mean, all day long. You got baseball going on. Great place to watch the games. No bigger screens all next week including the Orioles. There’ll be a little sold out next Saturday night. You want to go watch the games Hollywood casino in Perryville. Christian orange, my dear. Alright, so Seahawks giants. One point. They’re playing up at MetLife. You know, another weekend where the cameras don’t have to move saves NFL a lot of money. Sunday night, Monday night playing football up in New York. Seahawks come in. I you know, I like the Seahawks. I you know, I like Pete Carroll. I like the 12th. Man. I like that they I won last week because of that. So I’ll take Seattle on the road here. Get the point.

Christian Horton  22:59

Yeah, normally, I’m a big fan of West Coast teams coming to the East Coast especially. It’d be in a Monday night I think that has a play in their in their play in the performance. But um, I like Seattle too. I think the giants are just a bad team. You know, theory, I think Seattle is a better team in this situation. So I like Seattle. So to cover and when,

Nestor Aparicio  23:17

you know, I give John horrible hard time because he’s had some ethical and integrity issues personally with me. And so I’ve written about that. But he’s a hell of a football coach, as I wrote in that thing, and you know, this is one of those games where the odds are stacked against them. I’ve seen them win with Ryan mallet. I’ve seen them win with you know, I mean, Huntly last year almost won that one the playoffs right like they kept it close enough that one one f up one mistake. Last week. It was six f up right last week it was we were gonna feel the punt with 203 lefty go we’re gonna give them the ball back with I mean, did everything they could to to lose the game last week. And Harbaugh’s had to Mia culpa all week and communicate the all the puja that he’s sort of become famous for here. You know, in regard of the fan base when they lose and it is clock management or coaching decision or he has a timeout let’s Billy contigo shank a kick. The cost of Super Bowl I mean, things have happened here, right? But three point underdog in Cleveland backs against the wall. Everybody’s injured Lamar is under siege. Everybody’s all goofed up about the Orioles and whatever. This is a spot where the Ravens historically will show up and show out and say we are the better franchise. We have been since 1999. Every minute of every day for 25 years, we’ve breathed the rarefied purple air of excellence, and You’ve tricked in the river water of the Cuyahoga. And that you know what I mean? Like, I don’t know if it changes this week. But if the Browns win the game by decimal points, right. And the Ravens win oh two and two and the Browns go to the top and then Steelers take care of their business you know and their favorite on the road we talked about that. And the Bengals are dangerous if nothing else, they have the best player. You know they had the best quarterback when he’s upright his cast not screwed up. Now whether they can protect him and Orlando brown being that guy on his third team, we’ll find out. But I believe in the Bengals. I believe the Steelers are dangerous. I don’t believe they’re a third team win team because of the quarterback. But I believe they’re gonna win eight, nine or 10 There’ll be seven and eight or eight and seven or nine and seven or there’ll be whatever fighting to kick your ass in after Christmas, and screw things up for you. I believe the Steelers are gonna be there. I believe the Bengals can be a notch above. I believe the ravens are 1112 13 one team. And if I believe that part of believing that is at Cleveland at Pittsburgh going to London, they better not come back two and three, right. Like I’m figuring this out. And this is the best spot for them to win. I mean, I love them in Pittsburgh next week. I don’t love them flying over to London, but I don’t love them this week. And I don’t I don’t love Marlon Humphrey, Tyler Linden, Opie, Jatoba of any of these guys even coming back from an injury, enough to say they’re gonna play well, and I certainly watched the backups run around last week. And I think all things being equal, they’re gonna have a hard time winning this week. I’m picking Cleveland.

Christian Horton  26:28

Okay, you’re in Cleveland know, we’ve seen this movie before, you know, two weeks ago with them in Cincinnati, you know, them being the road underdog and the show coming to show out so I think they do the same thing. You know, Lamar kind of takes over the game. And they squeak when out was against the browns. So I like I like Lamar in Cleveland to cover not just to cover but to win against the browns.

Nestor Aparicio  26:49

I not. I mean, I think it’s a great games close game, I think. But I just I’m not loving that diminished version of the Ravens. And look, they should be three, you know, right? Like, I mean, they did everything they could do. They played I’m not as poorly as they can play. I didn’t think they played as poorly as they can play on Sunday kicking the ball around in the rain. Look, I’ve been talking about it all week. I just think there are fundamental issues with what they’re trying to do with the offense and what the offensive line banged up the running games suspect they’re running this suspect that this because of the line in the running back and that creates down in distances that make him more of a real passer that he’s never been and to give him the time that he needs to be the passer that all these first round draft picks and all this eye candy that they have there’s a lot of things that have to go right to get the wide receiver the ball and I’m not sure they’re fundamentally right now without Stanley without letting you live Morgan got a little banged up last week now what’s like Bateman? Right so like I’m this isn’t about horrible or about who they drafted. This is just flat about who’s on the field this week in The Purple Helmets and and it is a diminished version of what they’re capable of.

Christian Horton  28:11

Yeah, no your observation is definitely right on you know their lines being up their offense they’re still figuring it out you know, but hopefully they do figure it out and they’re not they don’t become that team of just you know fun just a bad fundamentally sound team but um we’ll kind of see what happens I but I like him to kind of see who they are and show themselves and especially against the sorry, who they get

Nestor Aparicio  28:35

round. Second Team Yeah, looking I’ll be talking about that look, we talked about with Dennis as well from three to five on Thursday and again on Sunday morning. If you’re not on a wn S T tech service you should get on that brought to you by our friends at coons Baltimore for our friends at the Maryland lottery putting the Maryland crabcake tour back together I said we were hiatus thing in October but it’s my birthday and there’s a Friday and I’m gonna plan it and I have F after putting move it because the Orioles are doing something and it rains or whatever. We’ll figure it out October 13 It’s already it’s Friday the 13th and I’m planning a show. It’s good thing I’m gonna be a Dundalk with friends. We’re gonna be drug city. It’s my fountain shirt. It looks a little bit like the weird Keebler elf guy that runs around with the Browns this week. It’s all brought to you by the Maryland lottery in conjunction with our friends at when donation 866 90 nation as well as Jiffy Lube, multi care our newest sponsor into the fall here a Hollywood casino is also with us reminder strikers passing on Friday night bad alibi on Saturday. We’re gonna be there on the 15th doing breakfast with the Ravens. Get there early. Grab a seat, big screens football all day. Bet your heart out, play some table games, eat some great food, have some cold beer cold Jen’s gonna be there on the 13th I’ll be picking up the confetti leftover from jubbaland gene. That’s the 13th and then the 14th the all star purple party on my birthday. Maybe I’ll go back up there for that. That sounds like fun. Hollywood casino Very bill, they are our partners. They are how I’m picking my picks week for Evan embarrass myself right Christian I’m doing okay.

Christian Horton  30:08

No, no you don’t doing better much better than me I would say you’re above 500 So that’s always good

Nestor Aparicio  30:13

2719 And for Ray for me this week is I tried to take good teams to cover half point spreads. I am Nestor. We are wn sta and 5070, Towson Baltimore. And we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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