Halfway through this football season, picking NFL winners is not easy

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Just when Nestor gets on a little NFL pigskin pick ’em roll, a nasty 6-8 campaign turned his football weekend sour. Now 73-61-4 on the season, he joins sportsbook manager Christian Horton from Hollywood Casino Perryville to try to get back on track as the Ravens play twice this week in Baltimore.


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Nestor Aparicio, Christian Horton

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

Welcome home we are wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive. All of this mess is getting out on the road, the Maryland crabcake tour. We’re taking it to the streets as the Doobie Brothers once said, gonna be fate these this week. Next week. Rick Costas on Tuesday. We’ll be at Pappas in Parkville. The following Tuesday in time for Thanksgiving, and we’re getting back to Hollywood casino we’re gonna be up at sports book. They’re on December the first that’s a Friday. Maryland’s playing Indiana and hoops that they might do Kirk McEwen is bringing the Tom Petty band up to do the the petticoat junction so I’ll be out there rock and I’ll put my Tom Petty hat on I’m gonna stay on like we’re gonna have Maryland lottery scratch offs to give away. I think on December 1 By then we may have the gingerbread scratching sniff I’m not allowed to say sniff scented and peppermint scented tickets to give away also our friends at window nation 866 90 nation I got the shirt on as well bringing the Maryland crabcake tour on the road and Jiffy Lube, multi care changing my oil and changing yours too. I was gonna duck this guy this week. My pics were not great last week. He is the guy takes my money this week at the sports book and Hollywood casino in Perry Ville. He’ll be with us. I haven’t know hopefully crabcake and maybe all those delicious BLT salmon BLT sandwiches that they have up there on the sports book. Christian Horton joins us here this week. You beat me this week. We’re in week 10. I don’t like losing you. I’ve only lost you once or twice here. You know, you’ve been sort of skating around 500 all year, one up, one down a couple down. Couple up. Whatever. This week I got, you know, I got my clock cleaned. I was six and eight this week. I have fallen to just 7361 and four on the year. Your Patriots are getting me every week now. Man. You got me on this train Christian.

Christian Horton  01:54

Yeah, no, I’m right. I’m right there with you. Yeah, like you’re saying I’m 500 all year seven and seven. On the year 6567. And four. So like you said around that 500 mark. Patriots, I’m ready for the draft. I’m ready for the offseason. Week after week. They’re killing me. Yeah, football is not that fun anymore. That’s I’ll say, Well, you know, they’re

Nestor Aparicio  02:15

underdog every week. So you take the point and then you find out why they’re an underdog. So we’ll get to that we’ll get to the Ravens who obviously Cleveland Cincinnati, a lot going on. You will now get together early next week. So we make sure we get that ravens game right on the front end of that. I will just say this. And as a general before I get to my pics here we got four teams went by the chiefs, the Rams, the dolphins and the Eagles all by this week and got the Ravens you’re gonna see the Rams in Miami in a couple of weeks. The Ravens get there by but I had a premise last week to you about bad teams and being bad. Like when two bad teams get together. I mean, there’s some teams that I think are bad that have four wins. And I’m thinking to myself, I don’t think they get to four all season. So some of the bad teams are better than you think. And last week, we had these matchups really, really good matchups. This is the worst slate of games ever this week, right? Like these games, other than San Francisco and Jacksonville. There’s not really a decent game in this whole bunch. So this is when it really gets hard when it’s bad versus bad and against me. And then there’s a couple of points and there’s no quarterbacks, right? I mean, half the quarterbacks in the league stinks so or just are hurt. So this becomes more difficult. So when you’re like, Oh, two games under 500 I’m like I’m talking to over 500 It’s really hard to pick games, man, this is a tough, tough thing to do.

Christian Horton  03:32

Ya know? 100% like it like you’re saying, the injuries, you know, the injuries that you have the matchups, you know, if you’ve run towards a week of bad games, like you’re you have now in last week, you know, it’s tough, you can definitely go on a cold streak, because you’re just picking bad teams, and it’s not great matchups, or you can go on a hot streak kind of like you’re like you were on. But um, yeah, like I said, I was looking at these games. The schedule was wasn’t that great. I wasn’t happy with it. But like I said, it’s a week of football. So I am happy and we’re just gonna roll with it. Well, I

Nestor Aparicio  04:02

felt better about my picks last week than I’ve ever felt that when six and eight and I stunk you know, let’s get going here. We got to react games Carolina Chicago’s Thursday night game, Chicago’s a four point favorite in this game. I mean, again, these teams stink. I’m taking Carolina. I’m taking the points. I just think the bears really stinky. They want a couple of games and Carolina is in line to get the first pick at this point. I guess. I’m just gonna take Carolina because they’re given me four points. And I think the I know the bears stink. I’m just not sure how bad the Panthers think. But I’m gonna go on their side. Yeah,

Christian Horton  04:36

no, this is a coin flip of the game. But I’m gonna go over Chicago with this when I watched Chicago play against the saints on last week a little bit. They actually could have won the game kind of gave it away at the end. I liked their rookie quarterback that they have running around over there. So I’m sick Chicago with the points on this one.

Nestor Aparicio  04:51

I haven’t been allowed to say this out loud. Because my my wife was keeping it a secret. So maybe you don’t know this but so my wife had her life saved twice on the bone marrow registry 2014 and 15. My wife had leukemia horrible leukemia almost died twice, spent 155 nights in the hospital fighting for a life. There’s a man in Germany who saved her life twice on the bone marrow registry. I encourage everyone to go out that there goes my hero.org Learn how to swab get on the registry, she can save a life. True story, my wife it’s a miracle. People in my life know that story. But the miracle continues because we know him. We know him. Well. He was here at Christmas last year. It’s warm, fuzzy stories. Big six foot seven German guy who loves soccer, loves basketball and loves the National Football League. Like a lot of Germans. He knows all the words that take me home country roads. So my wife is surprising him as long as you can listen to the segment this weekend and meeting him in Germany and taking him to the Patriot cold skeins. So yeah, so they they’re going to be sitting in the upper deck of Frankfurt. I went to that stadium over there I saw Billy Joel play was fantastic. I kept telling her really good pretzels and bratwurst and really cheap beer on the walkway into the Frankfort stadium. So get there early. I’ll be up early watching the game. Dude game stinks right like last week they get Miami Kansas City and you know and like they get mahomes and my homies and Kelsey they didn’t get Taylor Swift but she’ll be on tour soon she’ll play over there play that’s the culture two point favorite. This is where I get to you on this Bella check thing and I’m like, it’s hard to look the other way on two points and Bella check and traveling abroad and all that but I’m taking the Colts I’m taking the Colts I’m spreading the point. I think your team stinks and I don’t mind saying it out loud.

Christian Horton  06:34

Yeah, no, I’m right there with you. I think we stink too. It’s just it’s just a bad bad the air. You kind of wait from the turn turn that corner and they’re just week after week. Disappointing disappointing. You know Bella check.

Nestor Aparicio  06:49

They didn’t bring back Patriot Pat is what they need to do. Yeah, they need to bring

Christian Horton  06:53

back somebody but not this team. But I’m just gonna ride the wave the Patriots all week. I mean all year so I’m right there with the Patriots. I have no

Nestor Aparicio  07:03

games under 500 against them every week you’d be five games over 500

Christian Horton  07:07

I’d probably have a better record than you to be

Nestor Aparicio  07:13

alright to Sunday’s games. Speaking of a team that we all think sucks that doesn’t is Pittsburgh. I am never the one to shovel dirt on them. This is one of those little funky things so when I wrote this down literally an hour ago an hour ago the spread was three by the time the segment starts here It’s now three and a half I literally I wrote it down I literally made my picks before we did the segment I looked down now the spread is moved a half a point that’s a lot in this game that’s a lot for the Steelers who aren’t won’t beat anybody by a lot. I think we all agree the Packers stink here against the Pittsburgh giveaway the other half point I’m gonna go ahead and stay with my pick. But it does bend me from a push to a they really get to win bye for now and that’s a different thing for the Steelers. But I’m I’m on the Steelers train to thinking like you can’t pick against them. You never shoveled dirt on Mike Tomlin

Christian Horton  08:06

Yeah, no, I’m right there with you. I’m with the Steelers on this one. I’m not a big fan of Green Bay especially going into Pittsburgh. Like Like you said with Mike Tomlin like the Bella check you know, eventually they’re gonna figure it out. So I’m definitely I’m gonna ride with Pittsburgh on this one because they are they they struggle together a few wins the past few weeks. So what Pittsburgh points be careful

Nestor Aparicio  08:28

when you’re getting out half a point at half a point a makes cry sometimes Christian origins here he’s seen the Patriots cry and celebrate come up cash tickets. He’s up there at Hollywood casino in parallel. He got a promotion what’s going on before I get there because there’s a lot of a lot of concerts you guys have happened. I’ll talk about all that. We’re going to be up here on the first owner crabcakes where it’s it’s it’s a beautiful little boutique cool little casino right next to the freeway 95 You cross up into Cecil County. They got the Great Wolf Lodge up there now but I’ve been going up for a long time and I love your little place and I’m looking forward to coming up there and telling your story on the first ya

Christian Horton  09:03

know like you said a special little place right off 95 exit 93 Like you said we have daily promotions going on for tables, slots that we have but at sports book we have our monthly promotion going on. Called the plan eat promotion where if you come to our sports betting counter you have your pin play card you bet over $50 and college football or NFL you’re able to get a dining credit at our restaurant there so you can go there to $15 dollar dining credit use it at the end of the month you have to the end of the month to use it sorry and you can eat there since you know I was off your

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job I this card right here this is the one you’re talking about says my name on it. I see this this card I there’s an am out in Vegas pan has casinos in other places you know across the the entire company. So I have a card now I’ll be up there on the first come on up secret q&a. I get up there on Fridays and Saturdays always great music. You can find the whole calendar at Hollywood casino Perry Ville and their website let’s get back to our picks Chris Norton is here. He is 6567 and four on the season I’m 7361 and four but but but falling back we’re quickly here if I don’t straighten myself out here this week, New Orleans and Minnesota we talked about teams without quarterbacks we saw Dobbs two weeks ago he has this miracle when it’s why oh six and eight last week because I picked against the quarterback that just got off the boat. You watch the saints in the bears last week I you know, there’s some reason to recommend the saints here maybe on the road two and a half points. I’m gonna go ahead and take the saints it’s really really hard for quarterbacks to make an adjustment in the middle of the season and win football games.

Christian Horton  10:37

Yeah, no, I’m right there with the with the saints, just for the caliber of a quarterback. I mean it’s not great, but you know, he’s he’s better than what what the other team has. So I like the saints in their defense. I say that every every week they come out show out and they call it a few Turner. Turner was always that’s why the bears lost the game last week. So I would say it’s the with the points on the road. We’re

Nestor Aparicio  10:58

gonna have to deal with the Bengals in the aftermath of their home game at one o’clock with the Houston Texans, all the Ravens playing the browns. We have the Bengals in the Steelers all playing at one o’clock. So everything’s happening there. And then we get the Thursday night game. This is just a huge week for the division. I think the way we’re going to feel about the Ravens before the game here and how we would feel on Friday morning next week. When we get together. Nine to 748 and three you know wherever it’s going to be but certainly the Bengals feel like they’re coming and if they’re going to be coming next Thursday they better be coming off a victory the seven point favor going home. They’re playing good football. I mean I sat and watched the game the other night. There’s nothing to not recommend them is coming and we’ll talk about the bills a little bit later on but bangles seven points I’ll spread it but the Texans are better than we thought they were in week one. This kid is the next thing in the league now he’s good enough to win. I saw a piece this week saying he’s already a top 15 quarterback in the league. I agree with that but I just think the Bengals are coming back and I’m as a Ravens guy I’m worried about the Bengals

Christian Horton  12:02

yeah I’m I’m not sold on the Bengals yet I didn’t think they played that great against the bills I think they just ran into a bad bills team you know that’s not performing well at the moment but they’re coming into a red hot Texans team so I like the Texans on the on the road with this one with the seven not saying necessarily you’re gonna win but I think they covered the seven points and play Cincinnati tough they have tough defense and the murky QB showing out he’s just showing that he’s a topic for a reason. So I like

Nestor Aparicio  12:27

to this is where you get into trouble for both of us we we look at last week and we think that that’s going to have something to do with next week you look at the Ravens where they were Arizona the whole deal right we could talk about that it’s a week to week league as we always say around here alright Tennessee and Tampa are more one o’clock games. I always gotten in on Tennessee and it’s not because I’m an oiler fan or I have my dad passed or anything here right I’m pervan Old Euler stuff out on eBay to buy I’m gonna take them because I’m getting appointed a half in Tampa and I’m not really sold on the buccaneer so I know the Titans quarterback situation is is what it is and I mean heck, Derrick Henry could have been here last week and I certainly would have changed how we feel about the Ravens even though I keep Mitchell’s father on this week as an old buddy of mine I’m going to take the Titans here at a point and a half

Christian Horton  13:14

okay, you know I’m against you on this one. I got Tampa Bay on this one. They lost close game against Houston last week you know, but I like Tampa Bay on this one just just the caliber of teams more talent on Tampa Bay. So I’m gonna take the boy

Nestor Aparicio  13:28

the more we pick against each other the more I can really open up a hole on you or you can just come catch me you know so that I’m a little worried Jacksonville and San Francisco in Jacksonville one o’clock game 40 Niners three point favorite on the road I’m more sold on Jacksonville I mean I’m higher on Jacksonville a lot higher on Cincinnati I’m I’m high on Houston a little bit but not high enough to take them with the seven points against the Bengals. In this particular case, I’m not anti San Francisco. I just think it and I think Seattle proved this I think these 10 o’clock in the morning games are always tough for West Coast teams and I think Jacksonville is a different team and I’m I’m I’m more bullish on them to be an improving team given where their quarterback is given who their coaches because I’m a Peterson guy. I like Jacksonville at home with points in this game. Yeah,

Christian Horton  14:18

I’m right there with you on this one. I like DEXA with the points especially San Fran coming over from the West Coast to the East Coast. In San Fran is going through a lot of injuries right now. I think they have an identity issue can party really be the guy I think he kind of has to figure that out confidence and what a winning a Super Bowl is I don’t think necessarily that the talent around them is going to bring them there. I think he has to play well. So I like Jacksonville home and possibly the upset

Nestor Aparicio  14:45

four o’clock games. I watched the Chargers duke it out the other night into the night and and making Robert Solow older than he already is but lions after two weeks ago what they did here right don’t know but there were two and a half point favorite on the road out in LA in that quiet stadium when the Chargers don’t have any fans the lions always bring fans and there’s been some certainly some enthusiasm for the lions at this point that make them a favorite in LA I’m gonna take the lions because I think I’m not sold on the Chargers chargers are a team I bet against every week because I’ve just I don’t believe in them

Christian Horton  15:22

yeah no I’m the Chargers shocked me last week they actually played well in New York but I was shocked too especially on Detroit going into LA especially being an East Coast team or Midwest team you know again being the favorite so but I did chargers on this one I’m gonna take them home with points

Nestor Aparicio  15:38

all right minutes for we picked against each other Atlanta Arizona boy to stinky teams Arizona probably stinks more you know put up a little bit of a fight against getting the quarterback back. You see what that’s done for Cleveland we’ll see as raving fans what that’s gonna mean this week. i It doesn’t mean enough for me to not lay a point and a half out in the desert for the Falcons. I’m gonna go ahead and take the Falcons and spread the point and a half

Christian Horton  16:03

ya know this this game jumped out on paper to me when I first seen it I was like, wow, they were saying that statement but you know they get calimary back you know, it’s his first came back with an injury. I think it’s overreaction Atlanta is actually a pretty good team. You know, they’re not bad they have some talent there. With Hi Nikki especially him being the quarterback now. So I’m gonna take Atlanta on the road with the pointer

Nestor Aparicio  16:24

point and a half now, but that moves to half a point as well. I am picking Atlanta as well. It’s four o’clock AM Seattle, hosting the Washington commander’s and now the Seahawks coming off his awful beat at 37 three worst thing Pete Carroll has ever seen. Gino? What are we thinking? What do we know? Whatever and, and here comes this cream puff Washington team coming in six and a half to make you laugh that feels like it’s might move to seven, seven and a half? At six and a half. I’ll take Seattle and spread those points. No problem. Yeah, no, I’m

Christian Horton  16:56

falling off the Seattle train on this one. They disappointed me in the past few weeks. They just can’t pass luck. Like it just I don’t know if they refuse it’s a bad fundamentals or whatever it is. But I’m gonna take Washington on this one. Surprisingly, with the six especially going in Seattle, I don’t think it’s a great spot. But like I said, I’m not sold on Seattle. So I like Washington, the points you

Nestor Aparicio  17:15

know, the past blocky thing for the game with the Seahawks in the in the Ravens this week, the ravens are stunting like you wouldn’t believe and they’re multiple and the amount of motion that’s going on. Luke and I talked about this at length as we just felt like it was a confusion factor that this defense has the ability because it’s so hybrid. It’s so not a 3443 it’s so not traditional. They have so many of these moving parts and bodies whether it’s Gino stone, whether it’s Kyle Hamilton, but all of the linebackers I mean ro Quan broke wants 45 yards down the field playing a wide receiver or he might be blitzing you, or he might just be playing to run like a traditional Ray Lewis style. A you know, off ball linebacker i, i this. It’s so multiple that it’s confusing. And we’re going to talk about Cleveland’s defense and the Ravens defense in a minute. But that’s what I saw from Seattle last week. Dallas in the Giants. What’s the last time we had a 16 and a half point spread in this league Christian or

Christian Horton  18:14

I’m gonna have to look that one up for you. I have that one. I have. I mean,

Nestor Aparicio  18:17

it’s tough to lay that much lead especially on the Cowboys, but it really speaks to just how wretched the Giants offensive situation is right now. Right?

Christian Horton  18:27

Yeah, no, it does. But I mean sixteens a lot of points. This is still NFL teams, regardless of quarterbacks. You know, these are still there’s still NFL talent. But I just I can’t give Dallas the 16 You know, no matter how bad the giants are, I’m gonna take the gamble with it with all the points and hope for a backdoor cover. You know, so I’m gonna take the giants on this one. Backdoor

Nestor Aparicio  18:48

cover. I got 16 and a half to make you laugh on my number. I hope it’s not 16 But I got 16 and a half I’m taking Dallas and you’re taking the Giants man we are may we’re gonna make some great that’s six games we picked against each other. I thought we liked each other Christian origin is here from the Hollywood casino up at Berryville will be with him on December the first two in the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery I’ll have some ravens scratch offs to give me I may have some some scented tickets from mother mare lottery, the peppermint or the gingerbread by the time we get up there. Jets and the Las Vegas Raiders what a good one for Sunday night football. I guess this will just be one big advertisement for the Superbowl being out in Vegas or have the YouTube show that I saw a couple of weeks ago as well in the sphere. Jets and Raiders jets. repoint a half favorite on the road in Vegas and Antonio Pierce look like you know he belongs to some degree and I actually chatted with Marvin Lewis this week. He and Marvin are very close. We’re part of what was going on in Arizona state so he’s got Marvin in his corner. They’re going to half they’re getting it home in Vegas. I mean I’m inclined to maybe take the points but I get the Jets are one of those teams I give them more credit and give them the heart and they’re gonna go out to the desert defend their honor. Right? But I can’t believe I’m spreading the point and a half on the Raiders at home. That’s how bad we feel about the Raiders right now.

Christian Horton  20:11

Yeah, no, no, I mean, like, like you were saying that Antonio Pierce, I’m seeing all the videos come out after a win. And he definitely he impressed me. You know, it seems like he has a good hold on that team. You know, leadership. I was wondering when we was I was like, we’re not hearing his name from an eye. He was a linebacker back in the day, I think for the Colts, you know, so he was a

Nestor Aparicio  20:29

linebacker for the for the Redskins originally. And I wondered the same thing. And I wikid him after I saw him talking about practice players like you did, and you know, and I remember him as a giant. I remember him on those good teams with the Giants. But he was a Redskin with Marvin, in the beginning, Marvin was the offensive coordinator the Redskins for five minutes at 2002. And he was on that team because I’m like, How did Martin and Antonio Pierce get close? I googled it to figure it out. So there you go.

Christian Horton  20:57

Thank you know so yeah, no, he impressed me but I liked the Jets. I think so I was gonna figure it out. Like you said it’s just a bad team or bad teams playing against each other. Not not a great game, but I take the jets on this one.

Nestor Aparicio  21:11

I got the Jets too. So you’re not gonna give me some freebies on that. Monday night Broncos and the bills are you I believe in in the Bronco I mean, I’m not yet and seven and a half’s a big number for Buffalo didn’t look good last week. I think there were a different team at home. I’m gonna believe in Buffalo even though like Cincinnati five weeks ago, we didn’t believe we do believe in the Ravens five weeks ago, like in the way you feel about them now. I mean, they’ll stack a couple of wins here. I think you feel differently about them and Thanksgiving because of their pedigree because of the quarterback because of the coach because they’ve been good. Seven and a half a lot. I don’t feel good about it. But I’m gonna go ahead

Christian Horton  21:52

and do it. Okay, sorry, I missed this game. Where’s the Gambia? Bills?

Nestor Aparicio  21:56



Yeah, where’s the game?

Nestor Aparicio  21:58

It’s in Buffalo.

Christian Horton  21:59

It’s in Buffalo in Buffalo. That’s tough.

Nestor Aparicio  22:04

Topic seven. I wouldn’t bet on there’s no way I would have no real action on this game.

Christian Horton  22:09

No, no, no, no, no. You’d be sweating it out. Um, I’m gonna take buffalo with this one. I’m thinking buffalo with this one. I think they have a comeback game. Like you said I think this is one of the games where Denver doesn’t necessarily show up especially off a bye week so I like buffalo seven in there.

Nestor Aparicio  22:24

Yeah, let’s see we got seven games we picked apart here Chicago, New England Houston Tampa chargers Washington giants. Well we’re gonna have some talk about next week you and me Christian Orton, he will talk to you come on up to Berryville and see him at the Hollywood casino get your your your your pen play card, which I have in my wallet always. With me here. It’s purple too. So come on up. Join us on December 1 as well have crabcake Oh, we had such a nice event up there for the breakfast. When the Ravens played over in Tottenham a few weeks ago successfully, I might add. So we do appreciate the victories more than the defeats thus far. And you can obviously follow everything on our pics I’m 7361 for Krishna 6567 and four but looking to make up lots of ground on me as I’m starting to scuffle here and week 10 Because I can’t I have to figure this all out. As long as we figure out the ravens and the browns. Alright. Are you gotten this one ravens and brown she tells me gonna take the Browns right?

Christian Horton  23:21

No, no, no, I’m with the Ravens on this one.

Nestor Aparicio  23:25

Because I’m taking the Browns Hold on. Oh

Christian Horton  23:29

no, no, I like I like the Ravens. There’s surprisingly honestly, I think they might come out of the AFC you know Lamar is playing well. Their defense like you said it’s playing well with Worldcon Smith. You know, my old guy my old friend back in the wing Calvin Noy you know, I’m still mad you guys got him. You know, you got cloudy out there running around. So I like the Ravens. Jim

Nestor Aparicio  23:49

Schwartz and I did a lot of radio together. Jimmy and I’ve been friends for for the beginning. 9096 27 years. He’s a Baltimore’s finest Arbutus never Hale Thorpe never lands down always are Butis. Never paradise. Never Catonsville always Arbutus. And there’s a million Schwartz’s out there. One of them is listening to this without question because there’s always a Schwartz listening here. You know, six points for me. This is the offensive game. I just feel like in the division six points where the Browns are offensively where they’ve can move the ball a little bit lately and defensively where I think it’s going to be a game of turnovers. And the Ravens turning the ball over worries me a little bit. And the fact that the Browns forced turnovers and Miles Garrick and can blow some things up a little bit. I want to see Keith Mitchell run the ball. I want to see the Ravens prove me wrong. I want to see him win by 18 points and laugh about and have Lamar out of the game in the fourth quarter. They’ve had a couple of laughters and they’ve had some real clunkers along the way. I mean, they I mean the Arizona game wasn’t great and that was in five minutes ago. I don’t expect style points. I expect them to win. When I just don’t expect them to cover six points to your point, they get paid over and Cleveland to and Schwartz is just, he’s really good man. I mean, I don’t wanna brag on him because he’s my buddy or whatever, but he changes things. And and this and I know Jim real well, this is a game that he’s pissed off for greatness. This is a game where he is personal for him with the Ravens is personal with him. When he comes back to Baltimore, it’s personal for him when the playoffs are at stake. I just have a feeling that the Browns will create trouble defensively for for Lamar on the offense. And this won’t be Olafur. And if it’s not Olafur, and it’s 21 to 17 in the fourth quarter, I won’t be shocked by that. And that will cover me, I think it’s a closer game than six points. I don’t think the ravens are necessarily going to lose. I just think it’s a show me game. It’s a show me week for the Ravens in both of these games and show me for the browns and the Bengals. But I just think this is where the league sort of separates and things come back into order to some degree. And I don’t think the ravens are going to be nine and two two weeks from now because it’s just really hard to do. And I think this is it. They made it look easy. beaten up Seattle beat up the lions and I think we get a little overconfident I think the line reflects that a little bit.

Christian Horton  26:13

Okay, yeah, no, no, no, you’re that’s that’s a good that’s

Nestor Aparicio  26:17

my words on Sunday night and that’s fine. That’s the way this works right? I mean, that’s why I’m 12 games over 500 Getting all cocky and you picked eight games against me now this week so it’s gonna be good Christian you may now right

Christian Horton  26:27

yes sir.

Nestor Aparicio  26:29

I’m excited Gobelet checks gonna break you dog gonna break you.

Christian Horton  26:35

It has he already has look ma’am.

Nestor Aparicio  26:36

My wife will be sending me pictures of her and the guy who saved her life and the upper deck and her sister who loves the Patriots and has real Tom Brady Jersey so they’ll they’ll all have a good time over there and watch a bad football and then it’ll be lunchtime here. Christian Orton he was there for breakfast and lunch sometimes dinner too often Perry film at the Hollywood Casino. Get up say hello to him. Make sure you’re coming to say hello to us on December the first as we gather and do our Maryland crab cakes were presented by the Maryland lottery with our friends at wind donation and Jiffy Lube. Multi care. Good luck to everybody out there. I want to say this loud and clear. I said it to John Martin. Just we play responsibly, know your limits. set the tone. So this can be fun. And that’s something awful. I can’t say it enough as I sit here and talk about gambling and an open forum after 32 years of not doing it. Just be careful. Be responsible, have fun and realize follow my pics are especially Christian and realize it’s really hard to do. You’re not getting rich doing this as some fun. I’m Nestor we are W nsda and 1570, Towson Baltimore, and we never stopped picking winners. We were Baltimore positive.com Stay with us.

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