Jacobson of Save our Baltimore Sun discusses challenges and goal of saving local newspapers



We’ve had a few episodes where Nestor has fallen hard on the side of passion but perhaps none more than this one about the state of journalism, media and newspapers in America.

Both Nestor and Don have known longtime Baltimore reporter and author Joan Jacobson for many years. This is a history lesson about The Baltimore Sun and where it could be headed if the local “Save Our Sun” campaign isn’t successful for two local foundations with deep roots in our city.

This is a very important conversation about what happens if a town loses a newspaper.

Given the current state of America in the aftermath of the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis and protests on our streets and throughout the world, we will be focusing on race and the future of  moving forward in many of our upcoming June episodes.

Ben Jealous and Barry Williams are coming this week to Baltimore Positive.

Clearly, we voted this month. And we hope you voted, too!

We will have a lot more reaction to the recent election results in the coming days and weeks as well as some exciting growth for Baltimore Positive this summer.

We are all in this together and this is a time to educate, unite and keep each other safe. But we also have some extra time to read and learn and educate ourselves in many ways.

We will continue to produce high-quality, intelligent conversations with thought leaders as our citizens try to readjust to this pandemic during the summer at Baltimore Positive.

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