Make a Weis choice and join us at Heritage Fair in Dundalk this weekend

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Weis Markets manager Bill Volz joins Nestor to invite all of Baltimore to Dundalk for Heritage Fair weekend


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Bill Volz, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

wn st Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we’re positively into the Fourth of July around here. You’ll be hearing all sorts of things on AM 1570 Hope you set your dial to us. So on the am radio side, and of course at Baltimore positive we’re doing I’m Maryland at crabcake Tor. We’re gonna be fadeless this week on Thursday morning down at the old Lexington market. All that brought to you by our friends at the Maryland lottery giving these away the throwbacks, the 50th anniversary for the Maryland lottery as well as our friends at winter nation 866 90 nation, I’ve got the fun floppy hat you buy two you get two free anytime here during the month and Fourth of July means one thing if you’re watching on the YouTube, you know, I only wear my straight out of Dundalk shirt for a certain occasions. It’s sort of like sort of like you know, proms and things like that. I am a proud member of the Dundalk Hall of Fame and right down the road will be the heritage fair. I don’t know how many years because they don’t like number Roman that way for me, and I know that I’ve been to 40 of them. And I know our friends, wise markets had been big, big supporters. Certainly with so many wise markets within walking distance to the heritage fair. We welcome in the manager of store number 84. It is my original Mar store. Now a wise it literally would win. Mr. Khan, to be honest, would tell us you got a job today at Halliburton Middle School, we would have to jog down around the back of where his store is. And it’s so good to have you on Bill vols joins us now from my homeland of Dundalk where you all need to get over this weekend at support the heritage Fair, which is the longest going celebration in my community. But what’s going on? Let me guess hotdogs, hamburgers, bonds. Everything’s red, white and blue in the bakery section.

Bill Volz  01:43

Absolutely. We got cupcakes, getting ready to sell a bunch of ice cream sodas, ice. You name it, we’re ready for it.

Nestor Aparicio  01:51

You know, I got friends over in Kaysville I you know, I’ll admit that this week, because it’s Fourth of July. It’s their big week. My wife and I were over to Beaumont over in Kingsville about two weeks ago. They had the chairs out already for the parade. That’s how they are. And I keep saying y’all got spearing Forgeline on that. We got the heritage fair. We’ve had Joan Jett come in and play. We’ve had Dennis the young come in and play. We’ve got great shows this weekend cracked, this guy’s going to be a part of this for your association with Dundalk and Mar supermarkets. And now why supermarkets all these years later explain to people that aren’t from Dundalk what the fairs all about.

Bill Volz  02:27

It’s like the most patriotic place you could end up in the whole country. When it starts on Friday night. They have the opening ceremonies and they have every patriotic song you could ever think of they play their the national anthem, God bless America. They bring the Armed Forces walk across the stage, they have the course of the Chesapeake there. I mean, it’s like middle of America patriotic. You couldn’t feel any more patriotic if you if you wanted to be

Nestor Aparicio  02:59

like alpha tonto. I could celebrate patriotism, but it’s best done with real freedom, which means the beer garden and it means music. And it means fry go and it means rides on Thursday night. They’re doing all sorts of things here this year. But your involvement as a community supermarket as a community gathering place as a place where people go out and shop. I know how important this was to wise. I’ve talked to lots of people about when they took over from Mars and Mars into the ANA family always the trenched with this particular event for all of my lifetime and Mars went away wise comes in and says hey, we’re going to be a part of this too. This is a really big community endeavor for the supermarket for all the wise is on the east side.

Bill Volz  03:39

Absolutely. I mean we’ve we take a lot of pride to be involved in the communities wise is basically a locally focused company. We actually this is a first year we participated in the St. Patrick’s Day parade, which walk through door knock and we do things with the schools throughout the years. So definitely like to be involved with the community. It’s a big part of what we do at wise markets.

Nestor Aparicio  04:02

Well, the most important thing I can do is get the scheduling and invite everybody over to Dundalk and now we’ll talk a little about supermarkets and food and all that good stuff. But don’t on Friday night it’s going to be the McCartney experience the ultimate tribute to Sir Paul Saturday and and this is you know I’m Dundalk. I’m rock and roll. I didn’t come from the countryside at Dundalk bill. So this is a country night. Everybody. My family saw George Jones and Tammy Wynette at a painter’s mill. At some point. You can see the daughter of George Jones and Tammy one at the love child doing country music at 8pm Dean Crawford Dunn’s River Band I know Dee Dee Dee side as well. We will have been there for 30 And then there’s a double wastage with other bands as well. Lots of local bands jaded love and already report free range blue, but on Sunday night crack the sky at eight o’clock on the big stage. I will definitely be there for that Ain’t Misbehavin playing a 430 23 piece big band also got DJs and Jean Vinson and a Cadillac? Is there ever been a Dunder Okay, it’s fair that Jean fits into Cadillac cruisers in play. They’re gonna be there on Sunday night as well. So a big doin speak to what’s in the park beer garden. My friend Kathleen Timpson has decided she’s going to accompany me on Friday night down the Dundalk and doing big things for you with Dundalk and it’s I guess its place in the community and how many people live there and my dad working at the point and supermarkets and your background and supermarkets as well. It’s a pretty special community and I we get kicked around a lot that’s why I wear my straight out of Dundalk shirt i i saw the rap song circulating animal Tiktok last week as well but don’t don’t get a kick out of like it Bill was i I’m here to stand up for my homeland

Bill Volz  05:42

i I fully agree with you Nestor I’m I’m born and raised in Essex. My wife’s from Dundalk we married her our lady who right down the street and wise avenues so where is done not because you can come and I’ve worked in there many years in my throughout my career. Definitely proud to be a part of the community down there. It’s a it’s an old blue collar neighborhood definitely where my father in law work at Western Electric you know, everybody works. What Bethlem steel

Nestor Aparicio  06:14

worked at Bethlem steel they worked at GM or or they worked at at at GE or Western Electric. Excuse me. What?

Bill Volz  06:23

Absolutely that’s where everybody was. I mean, it was just That’s it was a white collar neighborhood. I mean, everybody worked hard and just

Nestor Aparicio  06:32

your Essex guy married to a Dundalk girl right? So that says that’s an Eastside that’s, that’s you know, that’s a Romeo and Juliet is what I’m thinking.

Bill Volz  06:39

She was a Dundalk high graduate. 1983 So right around right around your wheelhouse.

Nestor Aparicio  06:46

I’m 85 So don’t get me started on singing the Dundalk high alma mater because I’ll do it right now. I do it on command, because Mr. Miller taught me that back in the early 80s. Bill Bowles is here. Mr. Miller taught me right up the street from your store. Your store is number 84. I don’t want to get that confused. I mean, you mentioned you said something that’s rubs me wrong. Wise Avenue. That’s the Patapsco side. That’s not even a Dundalk side of Dundalk. But you mentioned wise out of your store is not the wise Avenue store but you also have the hollyburn store. We got stores in Essex Middle River all over the place on that side of town but you’re right down the street from my high school and I’m very proud of Dundalk high. I was proud before they ripped it down and they rebuilt it as this new museum. They your store is right down the street. Have you been inside the new Dundalk I?

Bill Volz  07:35

I have not I’ve just driven by it. Definitely haven’t been

Nestor Aparicio  07:38

lievable what that does to a community though just from just from the drive by from the curb appeal of going up del Valle right right where your store is and seeing the new school and saying hey, thanks for cooking here at Dundalk right


Bill Volz  07:52

Yep absolutely pretty fancy pretty fancy.

Nestor Aparicio  07:54

Well we’re going to football state championship games since we built the new high school so I’m I’m all about getting rid of the old jock lat write down where your places right up the street they’re from Harold’s bill for for you with Fourth of July and specials and things going on this week the wise we’re always rounding up at wise markets I tell people about that all the time. I am a candidate to do that. I wasn’t wise couple hours ago during the rainstorm picking up some fruits and some stuff for my wife um, your source a little smaller and I I didn’t I feel like I’ve been in 50 Different wise markets over the course of my spokesman ship and working with you guys for now going on for years. Your stores one of the smaller ones what’s popular and Dundalk what does your store after Have you have to have like King syrup or ECI things I know you guys do squires pizzas, you do pizza John’s pizzas. There’s something about wise when I’m in there. There’s a local feeling neighborhood the neighborhood that you’ll see things in a Perry Hall that you won’t even see in a Dundalk.

Bill Volz  08:50

You pull out Johnny’s sausage with the works. That’s a popular item. Mannings harmony is one of those old fashioned things that people still look for. You hit it with the king Sarah, that’s a popular item.

Nestor Aparicio  09:05


You know what my wife’s from New Hampshire? She had never had King syrup. And it turned into quite a fiasco because she didn’t like it. And because it’s so different, right? I mean, have you had you’ve had King syrup? Absolutely. It’s very lately different than it’s got a viscosity about it, that I tell people if you’ve never had it, try it. You might my wife didn’t like it, but I love it. I grew up on it.

Bill Volz  09:31

Roma’s sausage Stravinsky’s Polish sausage, I mean you you can’t beat it. That’s all part of the Dundalk tradition.

Nestor Aparicio  09:38

Bill there has never been an anyone in my family will confirm this because they’re all little younger than me for the most part on my older relatives are dead. There hasn’t been a Christmas in my life in my adulthood. We have not had Ostrowski kielbasa and sauerkraut that’s fact so that I punch my Dundalk card honest to where am I straight? You have to in order to wear this shirt you have to have Ostrowski stick to Boston sauerkraut on Christmas Right?

Bill Volz  10:06

Absolutely. You get horseradish you gotta have that that have tie in with it that’s popular item.

Nestor Aparicio  10:11

You know you know when you manage it Dundalk wise you know what the people want. We they want the heritage fair this weekend wise is a big sponsor big appreciation to them I make sure to make sure I give them a shout out here this time of the year and I want to give a shout out to wise markets for an item that I love that’s elusive. I’ve been in your store and other stores you guys do rubs on meats and it’s not out in the open they’re prepackaged and a lot of times they’ll be Cajun teriyaki, the pepper garlic garlic peppers what it’s called garlic pepper chicken that you guys sell. I’ve never had it anywhere else. We have we moved out to the County last year we didn’t have a grill for like 18 years because we lived in a place without a deck in a building without the ability to grill once we discovered the garlic pepper chicken at in the wise we’ve never gone back but I have to hoard it when I see it I get it because next week it might be caged and it might be a different spice but the garlic pepper chicken wise is the best thing I’ve ever add on a grill ever. Yeah,

Bill Volz  11:17

absolutely. You thought made me think of another thing obey that’s like is done that because you can come I mean anything obey you is put on chicken put on corn, Shrimp, shrimp, anything you can think of it’s

Nestor Aparicio  11:32

potato chips Bloody Marys. We’ll do it on all that it’s a holiday weekend.

Bill Volz  11:38

Cheese curls.

Nestor Aparicio  11:41

pitfalls the manager store at four Eastover and Oliver Avenue. I would call it my wise because it’s a Dundalk store and it’s between my middle school and my high school. But my wife is actually the one on Belair road it’s closer to but Harford road as well. And of course the one that when I call you to what they call it Towson Commons or something now I will always call it you would but I love my my wise Mark it’s a couple of things for you when we start getting these gold watermelons in in the next couple of weeks. You need to save me one day and at Dundalk Bell all right because I know that’s that’s like peach cake he comes in he goes and you have to grab it while you get it. But Fourth of July and Dundalk there’s nothing quite like it. I hope to see you either Friday. Or Sunday. I don’t know I’m going Saturday with the Country Music I’m a little a little wishy washy on that but they’re playing rock and roll Friday rock and roll on Sunday. I’ll be down at the Heritage fair as I am. You see a guy in the beer garden with a straight out of Dundalk, a shirt and long hair. That’s probably me. And if your dad at Halliburton Avenue wise markets and you’re looking for hotdogs, sausage, he’s already made me hungry talking about that Roma’s sausage on my grill and some rolls. Make sure you get some peppers and onions and mix slice those up mix that in there too. It’s a beer bras as well. Really a pleasure to have you on the program. I love having all the y’s representatives on but when it comes to heritage fair, and this week, it’s a special special week in Dundalk. I know it’s a special week in your store as well.

Bill Volz  13:02

Absolutely. Thank you for having me. Pleasure to be here.

Nestor Aparicio  13:05

All right, get down there. Get a tomahawk CHOP for Bill down at Dundalk. Put it on the grill. Enjoy yourself for the holidays. Wise markets a proud sponsor all we do here you always hear me talk about the wise conversations we do. We’re gonna be taking those on the road all summer long for the Maryland crabcake tour. My and Bill you’re invited. I’m telling you right now before you go, August 3 is my 30th or 25th anniversary here at wn St. So the third of August. It’s a Thursday and Friday. We’re going to be in Dundalk all day. I’m a cost this all day on the third. I’m going to be a drug city. Yes, the real drugs city must wear my straight dog shirt and see if I can get Jean Jacques to come by. We’re going to be drug city the whole day on the fourth celebrating 25 years of Radio Free Dundalk on my friend Lana raskins. Putting that together. He’s giving me that bill, you’re gonna appreciate this because you’ve already dropped all the Old Bay and the east side and all that stuff. This is not just the Rascon global crab claw. This would work in the beer garden because it has a beer bottle opener right on the side and it’s just a two for one item. I’ll have this with me on August 3 as well as my fun flappy half from window nation are their sponsors and our friends at the Maryland lottery be giving these away it fails on Thursday. The whole schedule is up at Baltimore right now. We just signed up by Anna Rhonda county executive Steuart Pittman is going to join us at the end of August and Pappas in Glen Burnie also going to be at Coco’s eating the delicious Coco’s crab cake in the city. Three weeks from now on July the 13th. So make sure you put all this down on your calendar, get on out and join Maryland crabcake tour with us and a great great summer of Orioles baseball getting ready for ravens as well. And heritage fair. It’s gonna be a wet weekend and Dundalk. I’m looking forward to it. I’m Nestor we are wn St. Am 1570 Towson Baltimore, and for 25 years, Radio Free Dundalk. Stay with us on Baltimore positive

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