Making our Week 1 picks and giving a dime to Houston for Ravens to cover

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Our newest weekly feature for football season has Nestor Aparicio returning to his Friday Football Frenzy prognosticating roots with Hollywood Casino Perryville sportsbook manager Christian Horton. We’ll be picking winners in every NFL game this season against the spread and talking football gambling and knowing your limits to have fun all season long.


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Christian Horton, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

What about W and S t test the Baltimore, Baltimore positive in its football season around here. We’re excited about a lot of things. First things first, we’re doing the Maryland crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery conjunction with our friends at Jiffy Lube. And when donation 866 90 nation make sure you’re finding them here in September as well. We’re gonna do that on the 15th That’s next Friday. Ravens will be wandering Oh by then going off to Cincinnati and all that good stuff. Next Friday. We’re gonna be joined by our Coppin State partners. We are their flagship had been their flagship for decades. Dr. Anthony Jenkins and basketball coach Larry Stewart will be joining us at Bally’s. I’m going to have the shrimp salad. It’s fried oysters because that’s the way I roll. You can get a crab cake because they’re delicious. The Maryland crab cakes will be out all year long we’re getting to this place going to be going up to Perry Ville in the Hollywood casino and the sports book up there where I have sat much shorter baseball this year. I was there for the Orioles opener on the road. And now that the Orioles are like 40 games over 500 and having fun and everybody’s wagering on it including my kid. It’s time to talk some gambling. This is gonna be a new segment we’re gonna do here every week. I don’t do a lot on gambling. I think anybody just listen to me for 32 years knows that it is legal. We have a great partner up at Hollywood, Hollywood sports in Perry Ville Hollywood casino in the sports book. We have a sports book manager Christian Horton is going to join us every week. And this is this is my favorite part for my audience. This is where I get to make a fool of myself each and every week by making my pics against the spread, which I used to do with Vito Selena and Spiro in the SWAMI back in the 90s. We are celebrating our 25th anniversary here at wn st with all sorts of fun things. One thing that I can tell you is that when I used to pick football games, I was pretty good at it. Like I’m not lying, I’d never bet but like on a weekly basis. I was so good at it that people would actually call me and ask me who I like back when like I was in the locker room not supposed to like anybody. Christian I just want to say welcome I hope we get to know each other pretty well. Your you know in the in the coming weeks. I want to send everybody up. I love your Casino. It’s a lot of fun. When my wife and I have gone up there you have great bands, great music, great food. I was up there for an Oreo Podrick game a couple weeks ago late at night with a friend just having that salmon BLT. How are you man? Happy, happy new year to all of you. sports book manager types, man?


Christian Horton  02:22

Yes, yes. Happy New Year. I’m good. I’m good. I was I’m excited for the football season. See what happens. You know, it’s always a great time. You know, we had a great exciting college football week one, you know, so hopefully the NFL follows up with that. And we see how it goes. I’m

Nestor Aparicio  02:38

younger than me right? And you got that Bella check image behind you someone out you right away as a Patriots fan. And that’s fine, because the ravens are gonna have a better season the Patriots. They were clear on that. But you know, you’ve had more parades, and that’s okay, shouting and hardball. And the caster can chase their parades and all that good stuff. But bring me up to speed on on modern sports wagering as you see it. I mean, you’re young guy, like, I’m an old fart. I had a credential for 26 years before they threw me out. You can read my letters at Baltimore positive this week about all that but the number one thing that would have gotten me thrown out would have been wagering, right like just asking Joe Flacco how his shoulder felt this week because I was going to bet 100 on him or against him. 10 years like that just didn’t exist. We’re in a whole different world now where all of my 32 years, this would be like talking about weed, or murder or anything else that was against the law. You know, for years and years and years. And now every single day, my son’s betting on baseball, people are winning, it’s out there. The taboo much like cannabis and other things. Alcohol 100 years ago after Prohibition, this this is the new world and you sit here and you’re making your living doing this and so many other people and everywhere I put on a TV everybody’s a gambling egg. Everybody’s gym fights with grease in your hair now trying to give you their 900 number. It’s so ubiquitous and available. What’s your advice as a sports book manager in doing this because obviously, you have Gambling Awareness, we want people to behave responsibly, but like you literally sit there every day this you do this professionally where you’d have been Vegas 20 years ago to do this.

Christian Horton  04:12

Yes, yeah. No, my advice would be especially when it being responsible gaming month in September but just start off slow you know, we have a lot of sports going on with baseball you know, yeah, baseball starting or ending football start in college football. Um, start off slow. See what your niche is. You may want to pick money lines, which are just straight teams to win rather than against the spread. Obviously, you don’t make as much money on the money line because the odds might favor for a team to win more than the spread. So my advice is start slow. See what see see what happens. See where we’re good way to get hot. You also can do player props. That’s something I like a lot, you know, in time, touchdowns, yardage so on and so forth. But I’m like you said sports betting just became legal in Maryland two years ago. So, you know, it’s new to everyone. You see it everywhere on commercials everywhere. So, I mean, you could do it on your phone now just just got passed last year on the phone. So, you know, just start off slow and you know, have fun with it.

Nestor Aparicio  05:13


Don’t I would say that the minute you know you’re in trouble is when it’s not fun anymore. Exactly. Is it? Really I mean, there’s a real barometer on this, if you’re losing too much money, you gotta you gotta stop, you know, and, and if you’re winning too much money, slow down a little bit.

Christian Horton  05:30

You can get greedy because I see that happen a lot of time in the sports book is people get greedy, they get hot, and they you know, want to put it all

Nestor Aparicio  05:35

in four o’clock, you’re feeling good at eight o’clock. They’re feeling like what why didn’t

Christian Horton  05:39

they lost it all? Is that many times? Yeah, yeah. So start slow. Have fun with it. You know, you know, that’s all that’s that would be my advice.


Nestor Aparicio  05:47

Well, listen, we’re gonna pick games this year. And I’m gonna have fun with it. And I know there’s so many exotic ways to do this. And I’m going to leave this for you. And I’m not a real gambler. And I’m not going to pretend to be one on the radio after 32 years. But I know many of them. And I would encourage them to do it responsibly. But also with our partnership. And I love your Casino. I love coming up there. How can people sports wager with you right here right now? What should they be downloading? How should they be doing if they want to sort of play along with us?

Christian Horton  06:17

Yeah, so if they want to come in person, they can do that at Hollywood Perivale. Casino, they come up to us, we have eight chaos, we also have counter betting where they can come up to us if they don’t want to use the chaos and tell us whatever teams they want. And we can help them out. We also have a sports book at, you can do it online, if you don’t feel like coming in. Or if you feel like you know, the game is about to start, I don’t have time, you can download our sports book app and do it on the online there. We also have a great Frequently Asked Questions section where if you don’t know what you’re doing, you can go there and kind of get your questions answered before the game started. And you know, figure out what you’re doing. If you don’t

Nestor Aparicio  06:55

know what you’re doing, you shouldn’t bet so learn first, because it’s your money. You know,

Christian Horton  07:00


exactly know a lot of people I’ve never done this before, I just want to bet the rate, you know, so if it’s for fun like that we understand.

Nestor Aparicio  07:07

So you know, in teaching me this, and I will go through the games here in a minute. But as an example, I’m going to pick against spreads that are as we sit here, and we’re going to do this segment on Tuesdays or Wednesdays most weeks, right, and it’s going to hold up people are gonna hear this on Thursday or Friday or Saturday. And that’s cool lines can change. And there’s a Thursday night game, but I’m trying to pick all of these before the games played. And I’m doing that. I promised that if when the Chiefs win, and I pick them that you know, we didn’t pick it on Friday, but so we’re gonna go through all these games and pick them against the spread. But there is a way to just pick winners and take your winnings, even though if it’s a 13 point spread and you pick the favorite, it’s it’s gonna cash like a, you know, a four to five horse or something like that, right? Like it’s a little different taking long shots and like, I’m very familiar with betting on horses. That’s something that’s been legal that we talked about here for 32 Preakness is on the air, like all of that, but but when it comes to football, and even listen to baseball wagering, I made fun of it last year when it’s on every night, because I’ve been doing this professionally for 30 years. I’ve never met anybody that’s ever called me in 30 years on the radio and talked about betting on baseball, because it was such a weird starting pitching. Now it’s I can bet on Gunnar hunterson to hit a homerun that night if I want right like so it’s a different way that we talk about it then I’m gonna pick the games against the spreads that’s really not the probably the majority the way people wager anymore right like that’s not the it’s not my dad on a pool card picking winners right?

Christian Horton  08:44

Yeah, yeah. Okay, you have many much more options on now with with what they’ve been online and it’d be illegal like if you said the player props anytime touchdowns, a guy to score two touchdowns. You’re gonna have to send the hit two home runs, you know, you have so many options that you can do to make your money go a long way. So you kind of get bang for your buck. And that’s what makes it fun. You know, especially if you’re attending the game watching the games, following the games. You have many different ways that you can win rather than just one way against the spread or the over and under.

Nestor Aparicio  09:15

G NFL your game. Are you more NBA baseball. What do you do?


Christian Horton  09:18

I grew up a basketball fan. I grew up I played in college. Love, love the NBA. I’ve followed ever since I was young Allen Iverson is my one of my favorite. Well, he’s my favorite player. And yeah, so NBA is my niche. And obviously, you know me growing up in New England, football it was the second was one day I was

Nestor Aparicio  09:34

saying, you know Dan Shaughnessy and Bob Ryan would just vomit when they hear that you know, that the Red Sox have have moved to the bottom of the ocean amongst New Englanders but, and the bottom of the standings if not for the Yankees, which I think we can both appreciate that. Christian orange is here. He’s up in Hollywood casino at the sports book in Berryville. We’re going to be up there this season. We’re having a crab cake tour up there and they have some great bands. I’ll talk about that but I want to It depicts here, because I’m going to do this every week. I’m telling you, I used to be good at it. You know, it was back when I was credentialed and all that, but we used to make pics on the air Ray and I would make them on Fridays. And in my old days, I have been doing this 32 years I would come in on Friday, Tony della rose and and the sea bass Richmond would come in the studio and our first our, we would always pick the ravens, because we love you know, it’s late 1990s 25 years ago, and we pick all of our picks and keep track all year. And I always did pretty well. That being said, and this is full, well shoot interview here for your wrestling fans. I bet on to sporting events in my life. I was in Vegas with my wife 20 years ago on a by weekend. And I think we bet on her against the Patriots and I put 25 bucks on the Broncos and it was just some we were sitting in a casino. And we were actually watching baseball, it was 2004 The only time I’ve ever made a sports bet. Because I had at a press credential. It just wasn’t what I did. But I picked games all the time. So these spreads and where they are, how about your spreads moving these days? Now it’s based on an injury to the quarterback. But when you come out on a Monday or a Tuesday and it’s six points, Can it move to nine or can it move to three? Or are we still shaving a point point a half? Most of the time? I’m

Christian Horton  11:17

kinda like you said it really depends on on injuries. If guys are going to play it depends it doesn’t move too much from six to nine that’s a major drastic online teams that would have to be like the quarterbacks our running backs.

Nestor Aparicio  11:30

Seems like there’s more money than Vegas money now. Right? Like, like there’s a whole lot more in the paramutual system to say everybody’s bet and eagles. Right? I mean, it would seem to me that if big money comes in, and that’s I can happen any minute, for any number of ways, which for all of this I shutter for the NFL, that they’re in on on this and adjudicating this and you’re paying backs and it can seem like it. It’s unbelievable. One Pass interference, how many billions of dollars it pushes on a Sunday on made or missed and so it it really is crazy. But picking these games and where the lines are, do you have any solid advice for people to say get it early if you feel the value because if you see the value, everybody will see the value and all of a sudden, you weren’t getting six points and now you’re getting four and a half.

Christian Horton  12:22

I don’t believe in picking early I think that can come back to hurt you because like you don’t know all the info. As a team Windows such as on Saturday nights, more info comes out. You find out weather conditions, obviously you know, in football when it’s football season, anything can happen it can snow in Green Bay and they didn’t expect the snow so anything can really happen. I’m big on weight and waiting it out and getting all the insight that you can so unlike

Nestor Aparicio  12:50

what I’m doing right now just making my pics you know, I would say to you and I love to I love to tell my Clem Florio story Clem was an old racing sage and he was a boxer, you know, from New York, you know, so, but but Clem was the racing guy. And I would go out to the and this was where you could wager I always love having Marty meet Mickey on addicts are already talking about their degenerate gambling habits as horse racing guys as real burgers. And as writers, I mean, they wrote for papers and stuff, and they just went up and wagered and they put their pics in the paper. And, I mean, this is, this is the root of everything you’re doing in regard to being a tout or being an advice person or, or having chips or having insights or, you know, analysis, whatever those words would be for. Beat X. No, but Clem would never bet on a horse until the horse came on the track. He would get his binoculars out, and he would go I gotta get out there and that’s I gotta see what he’s got. Oh, look at him. You Baby dolly sweat and he’s ready to run. He’s ready to run. Yeah, so So you know, he would never make a bet until two minutes before the race he he’d see the horse gallops see the jockey see the field and say, Okay, I was gonna bet I knew I was gonna bet on his horse Thursday when the form came out. But I need to see the horse. I mean, I hear where you are that like 1245 on Sunday is not a bad time to be making your wagers injuries and like, you know, all of that’s, that’s why people wait for the injury reports at 1130 that we text out of courtesy of our friends recruits Baltimore for

Christian Horton  14:22

exactly, you know, and especially, you know, with a COVID You know, the snow COVID going out, you don’t know if guys are gonna get sick, or anything like that. I’ve missed out on best like that so many times where I thought team was going to have a certain player and that guy in the paddock. COVID He had to sit out, you know, so


Nestor Aparicio  14:38

I remember when Lamar was supposed to play in Chicago did the press conference, I showed up Chicago, there’s no Lamar. And then we asked about it in the press conference. And the PR guy steps up and says, Dan, we won the game talks about something else. And I’m thinking to myself, hey, you know, I don’t I don’t know how much the line moves that day. But Jamar is playing or Lamar is not playing. There’s probably no bigger factor in sports that wouldn’t We have a line more than Tyler Huntley starting this week right

Christian Horton  15:02

no 100% 100% Christian origins

Nestor Aparicio  15:05

Here he is at sportsbook up at Hollywood casino in Perryville. They are our friends right across the bridge are easy to find. Right next to that big fun park that they built up there next to the water. Hi, let’s make some pics here. Now you’re gonna make some pics and I’m gonna make some pics right. Okay, cool. Yeah. Lions chiefs Thursday. I kick it off the season. The Kelsey thing right? That’s what I mean about moving alive. I don’t. It’s five. I don’t know if Kelsey moves it from six to five. But I’m getting five where I am right now. But that’s it. The Lions are going to be a better team. They’re on the road. i It’s very, very hard to pick against the Chiefs at home against Andy Reid against mahomes. Five Points doesn’t seem like too much delay. But this is this is a real coming out party for the Lions not if they cover they need to win the football game. But this is this a good game to start the season because the Lions have always won one playoff game in my lifetime. Right. So since Plympton so they’re always a doormat, they don’t ever get this opportunity to have bright lights. This will be interesting, but I think they’re gonna lose and I think they’re gonna lose bigger than you think.

Christian Horton  16:08


Okay, yeah, no mindset. I think the lions are gonna go out with a fighting chance. I like Dan Campbell as the head coach there. I think they kind of adopted his culture and kind of what he wants to do with them. I’m a big fan of Jared Goff. I don’t know why guys have written him off. But I think he’s so he’s kind of rejuvenated himself from last year. And it’s going to take this team somewhere, you know, I think they make a playoff run. And I think they went tonight, kind of like you said, I don’t think they cover if they plan that cover range. They they might lose but I think it’s gonna be a shootout tonight. And I got the lions winning cover.

Nestor Aparicio  16:43

Whoa, we’re already at RG and I it’s probably that Bill Belichick thing behind Chris. From Hollywood. Alright, so let’s go through some one o’clock games. I’m gonna keep the Ravens for the end most weeks but I’m going to start with them just for because like, I think they’re gonna win. I think they’re gonna cover I think detection stank. I think it’s gonna be a nice little coming out party. You know, I think they have a lot to prove a lot to play for. I think they’ll went 34 to 14 I think they’ll just I think they’ll destroy the Texas Oh, yeah. Yeah,

Christian Horton  17:11

the Ravens I mean, yeah, that’s that I think Lamar has to prove himself to coming off to the contract extension you know, has proved himself to the fans you know, so I think they also the offensive coordinator to you know, obj has to come out have a big game. You know, and really when the fan is when the fans over and I think the Ravens cover to buy what the what the minus 10 I think he

Nestor Aparicio  17:34

gets a bad defense a flower is gonna have a big day as well. All right, quickly through some games here. Carolina Panthers at Atlanta. Atlanta is a three and a half point favorite in this game at home. I mean, the Panthers are still to me under rebill I’m gonna be one of these guys this week and you already went against it with the lions but I like home teams in week one. You know I do like I just do and at three and a half points. I have no problem laying that against the Panthers. I’ll take the Falcons.


Christian Horton  18:03

Yeah, I like the Falcons too, especially in Atlanta, like you said, both both young quarterbacks there, but I think the Falcons have more talent on their end. The Panthers kind of in a rebuild mode that first year head coach not really known to figure it out. So yeah, I like Alex was also

Nestor Aparicio  18:19

browns in the Bengals. We’re gonna see all of these teams on the road here this month. Obviously the Joe burrow factor is a factor in all of this when you’re talking about lines, but two and a half point favorites on the road up in Cleveland battle of Ohio got in the eye and hang on sloopy all that stuff going on. I’m inclined to take the Browns I don’t you know from the Bengals perspective, I was there when they almost won the Super Bowl a year and a half ago up in the upper deck and all that Zubaz going on and all that jungle stuff happening a lot of momentum in Cincinnati. I think they’re a team that takes a thud this week. I’ll take the points at home with the browns, like the

Christian Horton  18:55

browns. The Browns, historically it has always led me down you know they just always been the Browns you went to Cleveland you know I’m not gonna hop on that porch this year. I’m gonna go with the Bengals. Like I said more talent, also a team with something to prove. Coming off the Superbowl two years ago, I think they want to establish themselves in the AFC as being the main guys for Kansas City and the bills. So

Nestor Aparicio  19:20


when your quarterback wasn’t in camp, I just think that’s tough, especially when you just go to Yes,

Christian Horton  19:24

that’s true. That’s That’s very true. You know, that’s something to watch. Also, you know, that’s a bet to see if he’s actually going to play we don’t know yet. You know, if it was me, I want to keep them out. But yeah, I still I still like the bagels I think they have a great head coach and a great system there.

Nestor Aparicio  19:40

We don’t know anything about the Pittsburgh Steelers right like other than they’re figuring it out and they have the pedigree for all this. They are at home this week against San Francisco 40. Niners 40 Niners minus two and a half nobody likes us the Steelers get no respect here right and at San Francisco playing with the seventh round kid and and trading eyes off and and listen to 40 Niners as a roster stack I think we saw that all last year and it was always about whether the quarterback could be there or not stuff trip coming up I’ll take the Steelers at home give me the Steelers at home and week one with points I’ll take it

Christian Horton  20:17

I’m right there with you. I like to say it was also especially being in Pittsburgh you know, I guess West Coast team you know, they gotta fly across country you know I’m sure they’ve been there for a few days but I think it’s gonna be rough on them even though their roster stack I think they still have stuff to figure out in house with their quarterback situation and I’m gonna take the sailors right there with you,

Nestor Aparicio  20:36

man, all these cord cutters and all this direct TV YouTube you always want o’clock games going on. Like, you know, I’m gonna be clued in on the Ravens but if they’re up 21 to three I want to keep an eye on what’s going on with the Bengal the Bengals in the browns. And then you always want to keep an eye out and it was all played the same time. So Christian origins here from Hollywood Casino. We’re gonna be doing this every week making our picks. We hope everybody wagers responsibly has a great time with the NFL season. We’re going to be doing week after week having fun I’m going to be up in Hollywood and we’ll talk about the bands and the pianos going on up there next week and all that good stuff happening. The Washington commanders I don’t know what the hell their names gonna be next year the year after that they got the owner and all that seven point favorites at home. I mean this really speaks to how screwed up Arizona’s and how they feel about the kid out there and Stephens a big big number for the Washington football team at home I you know I’m inclined to take Arizona in the points and I don’t know much about them. This is just the gutter about you know what happens after dance night or whatever maybe you have a coming out party went by a couple touchdowns down there but I need to see that I’m from Missouri in this one I’ll take Arizona and seven points

Christian Horton  21:45

Arizona Yeah, I mean your your insight is true. But I however I do love the commander so last year you know towards the tail end they they showed a lot they they came alive I love their talent on defense with Chase young still see if he’s gonna play or not. Also Maclaurin see what’s going to happen to him with his turf toe. But I’m gonna go with the commander’s here. I think they’re gonna come out and put it on

Nestor Aparicio  22:09

for sure Buccaneers in the Vikings also one o’clock game up in Minnesota where they can’t get out of the runway, their six point favorites at home against the Bucs. I’m inclined to take the Vikings I like six probably more than I would have liked seven. So I’ll take the Vikings out spread six points against the Buccaneers. I like the Vikings head coach. I spent some time with him at the NFL owners meetings last year so I have sort of a little bit of soft spot for him and sort of rooting for them. Plus I have all this purple in my closet here at this point. So I’m gonna take the Vikings spread six points against the Bucs

Christian Horton  22:40


and I’m gonna go against against you on this one

Nestor Aparicio  22:44

are you yeah

Christian Horton  22:46

no no no not a baker guy. I just think I like the butts defense you know they still have their core attached. A lot of veterans on their on their defense. I think they give kirk cousins of our first money they pressured them a little bit to force him to throw a few pics. The Vikings also figuring it out to you know no more Dalvin Cook no more Adam Thielen you know so I think they have stuff the workout so so I’m going to take the bucks with the six

Nestor Aparicio  23:09

tomorrow one o’clock games Indianapolis Colts come here a couple of weeks now the taking on the Jaguars Jaguars five point favorites on the road Indianapolis. I don’t think much of Indianapolis and if I were to come into your casino right now and put a nickel on a team that might you know might be a better a much better team the Jacksonville Jaguars this year. Look out for them. I don’t know what the over under on wins is on them. But I bet the Oh, okay. Yeah, no, I


Christian Horton  23:35

like to actually go to last year they went to the playoffs got a playoff win. To play the Chiefs a little hard to get towards the end. They kind of fell off but yeah, like the Jaguars to come out and lay it on the Colts with a rookie quarterback with not much experience and the Johnson Taylor thing. They’re still trying to figure that out. So I’ll take the jacks two

Nestor Aparicio  23:54

fives not enough so yeah, yeah, I mean, give it to me. Titans in the saints last one o’clock game. We’re gonna see the titans in a couple of weeks over in, in in London. Three point favorites saints at home against the Titans. Feels a little pushy to me. I think the Titans are gonna win the football game. I’m gonna take the titans in this one. Give me the three points on the road.

Christian Horton  24:16

Yeah, this one’s a tough one. This one’s a toss up for me. It’s more of a pickup for me. The saints at home and it’s just their defense in the dome. They always show up whenever they play at home with their D so I’m gonna go with the saints on this one. And hopefully I’m wrong but states I think saints squared out

Nestor Aparicio  24:35


budget for 25 games 32 teams playing this week no buys obviously the kick season all Raiders at Broncos Broncos three and a half point favorites really speaks to how bad people think the Raiders are where Sean Payton and Russell Wilson might be but I saw Russell Wilson play lead. I mean, maybe like maybe I don’t know but I’m inclined. Ready to take the Raiders at three and a half points here for some reason.

Christian Horton  25:03

Ya know, I like the Raiders also like the guy in the back, you know, Johnson Daniels, you know, he’s a disciple of Bill belcheck. So, you know, I’m gonna follow the Patriots West with the Raiders.

Nestor Aparicio  25:12

So dolphins chargers chargers are three point favorite at home and LA is their home game for the LA chargers. That’s probably not London at this point. But the dolphins coming in, you know, the injury to Ramsey and you know, where the dolphins are and the unknowns for them. And the fact that the chargers in Erbert are considered you know, he’s the gold boys and every commercial like all of that you can see him all day Sunday. Nobody even knew what he looks like. They know the flashy jerseys. Nobody knows. Nobody can name another charger. Right. But that being said, I think the Chargers i mean i i folks have been very bullish on them. I take him because they’re home. I’m more inclined to take home teams I’ll spread three points on the dolphins this week.

Christian Horton  25:54

Yeah, I’m right there with you with the Chargers too. Especially it’d be in that home the dolphins also figuring it out like I think rather than losing rams he’s big. You know like I came out and Mike Williams on the outside so they still have things to figure out I’m gonna take the chargers to


Nestor Aparicio  26:08

rams go on the road to Seattle. It’s five and a half points up in Seattle. And you know when I guess the Seahawks trying to find some sort of resurgence here in the Rams feel like they fallen off the face of the earth and you know, F those pics. Yeah, it’s nice to have a Super Bowl that then then what do you do you know after that, but five and a half points at home up for the 12 man. I’m inclined to take the Seahawks and spread the five and a half points at home just because it’s a home game. And I’ve said that all along Week One.

Christian Horton  26:35

Ya know, Seattle definitely 100% at home with the five they they call it up there the 12th Man, you know, that always has advantage up there. So la they’re they’re figuring it out. Their picks injuries, guys that want to play they don’t want to play. So yeah, I’m gonna go with Seattle and Pete Carroll with the five

Nestor Aparicio  26:53

no more interesting team than the Green Bay Packers suns Aaron Rodgers. And you know, Brett Farr is not even in jail yet. But the bears are one point favorite at home, right? Which almost feels like well, you’re really an underdog and we’re trying to. I mean, these are two teams. I don’t know how to figure out I would be inclined to take the Packers just from pedigree because the bears always thinking even though they’re home, so I’m going to take the Packers with the measly point. But these are these are two teams we need to figure everybody loves the lions. Nobody loves these teams.

Christian Horton  27:26


No, last year I called the bears beaten seeing our friend week one when they win their Chicago so I’m gonna go to same thing. The bears vs packers I’m gonna the bears at home. I think Justin fields has a coming out party DJ more they added some key additions, you know, so I think I think they surprise a lot of people would be in the Packers

Nestor Aparicio  27:45

were always on the quarterback in Chicago, right? I mean, you know, right. And we’re waiting on the quarterback and a lot of places and for you waiting on your quarterback in New England, the Patriots at home against Gang Green, the Eagles win. I don’t root for the Eagles too much. But you know how you probably want to hear this week. Four points. You’re a patriot fan, you’re bleeding. I mean, you’ve seen them be as good as any team could ever be. Where are you in this rebuild as a fan and believing that like, Bella check still gonna be here the next time it gets really good again.

Christian Horton  28:17

Oh, I choose. I don’t believe he’ll be here. To be honest. It’s gonna be a tough rebuild. I think we’re about five years away from adding the guys that we need to I think he’ll he’ll kind of mentor whoever who’s next up in the head coach, but it’s a tough rebuild right now. You know, especially with Tom. I knew once Tom left, it was going to be tough, but you kind of can’t replace a guy like that. So yeah, it’s a tough time. But I think this year we make the playoffs but we don’t make much noise

Nestor Aparicio  28:45

for points taking or giving it


Christian Horton  28:47

I’m gonna take the take the points with the Patriots. I’ll be there live terrine with the Tom Brady in retirement. So I think with them I think they actually went to I guess the evil side that I think they squared out and they get they get the evils on, on upset.

Nestor Aparicio  29:02

Well, I mean, that would be something Eagles wake up, you know. And that’s the thing about this week, right? Like, everybody gets their feelings hurt. I mean, half the league’s like, oh my god, we waited nine months, we got our ass kicked or we lost my field goal or the refs screwed us or whatever the complaints would be. Christian Oregon is here. He’ll be here every week for Hollywood Casino. We’re making our picks. You’re keeping track of these at home. Three and a half points on Sunday night cowboys at the Giants. You know there’s always hype on the Cowboys year after year and it’s probably only stupid money on lines on the cowboy side of things. I don’t know what there is to really recommend the Giants in this case, but I’ll take the Cowboys I’ll spread the points. I’ll do it on the road. I’ll be the sucker for the star this week.

Christian Horton  29:47

Yeah, no I’m seeing thing right there with the with the Cowboys. I seen a crazy stat Dak Prescott was the last eight or last eight meetings with the Giants. He’s eight now. So I’m gonna ride that wave out until I die. I said I’m gonna go with the capitalist the minus three.

Nestor Aparicio  30:02


You know, we used to call those on the radio we call them fun facts. Fun Facts. Okay. Okay, last game for you here. Bill’s at the chats on Monday night jets two and a half points when people love Aaron Rodgers, but when it comes time to bet on him now we’ll take the bills on the road, you know, like that. That’s people stacked up on the bills and the Jets have a lot to prove Delta platform than the for them to prove it on Monday night, though. I will take the bills I’ll spread the points. I’m I’m I’m not necessarily a believer in people give me a hard time that Lamar to like, do I think Lamar is going to win a Super Bowl with this outfit. I probably bet against it more than on it. And that’s not being mean that the odds would tell you that, but in the case of Aaron Rodgers, I’m not necessarily sold on this turnaround for the Jets. I’m not I’m not convinced he’s worth six wins to them.

Christian Horton  30:55

I’m right there with you. I think Rogers I think this is kind of a named team, you know, a team that just has a bunch of names and they make it look good and they’re hyping them up. So I’m right there with the bills. I think the bills still have a lot to prove. You know last year they kind of didn’t do well when the AFC Championship actually got blown out. So I think they come out and show the league that they’re actually the the main guys this year. They were the best team there were record wise Yeah, and they the three games they lost two games of the last word by three under three. So you know, I’m gonna take the bills.

Nestor Aparicio  31:31

lotto hope up there in western New York also a lot of hope up in in Cecil County Perryville a Hollywood casino Christian, Orton’s run the casino up there youth sports book manager he will be a recurring figure here that I will be giving a very very hard time to next week he comes back from Foxborough hung over and Owen one at the hands of the Eagles fans who you know, I mean, come on eagles, you know. Hey, man. Good luck this weekend. Can’t get off right? Wager responsibly take a lot of bets. They have a nice handle and get that salmon BLT out there and Hollywood casino and sports book. All right.

Christian Horton  32:05

All right. Sounds good.

Nestor Aparicio  32:06

All right. We’re gonna be cashing tickets here all season long. Our friends up in Hollywood Casino. And I do want to give a shout out for everything going on. Berryville the flying ivories are gonna be there for six to nine next Friday night on the 15th That’s a rousing happy hour. They have dueling pianos. They’re doing all sorts of fun entertainment up there on a nightly basis friends of mine and different bands are going to be there all month long. Strikers posse, who I love great reggae band. They’re there on the 29th Surreal is they’re playing some classic rock on the 22nd this month, and bad alibi. And that’s just a whole bunch of stuff. They do everything on the 30th of the month. That’s up in Hollywood casino in Perryville. They are our partners and our sponsors. And we hope that that you wager with them if you wager and when you do, do it responsibly Slow your roll a little bit. All right, I am Nestor we are wn SDA and 1570 Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore, positive in our 25th anniversary cupcake.

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