Maybe Aubrey Huff rubbed it too much?

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Am I the only one in this city who is still outraged by Aubrey Huff’s comments about Baltimore?

And outraged that spring training is five weeks away and that they’re planning on bringing this loser back here to play baseball again this summer?

Some poor female broadcaster makes a foolish faux paus this week with the Tiger Woods’ “lynching” comment. Woods said it was no big deal. His agent called it a non-story. Now, her career looks wrecked. A shame…

Meanwhile, the Baltimore Orioles’ $8 million a year first baseman has called our city a “horses**t” town and we’re going to welcome him back with open arms and a full paycheck on Opening Day?

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Rest assured, those of us who are still outraged won’t be allowing that to happen.

Meanwhile, The Sun’s Dan Connolly wrote one of the funniest lines in recent Baltimore journalism history this morning:


“Club officials knew that Huff had felt discomfort in his groin during offseason workouts but hoped he would be able to avoid surgery.”


Maybe he rubbed it too much during those long afternoons of hangovers in those $300 a night hotels with the Spice Channel.

Or maybe he has too much time (not to mention money) on his “hands” from October through February…

Insert joke here…



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