An education on education with Nancy Grasmick


We love smart people at Baltimore Positive. That’s how we learn.

And no one makes a better case for the importance of education than Nancy Grasmick, who is a legend by any measure in local leadership and the power of public schools.

Our first of three chats at Jennings Cafe in Catonsville sets the stage for a broad discussion about women, teachers and educations and how they intersected in the life of Grasmick.

We are on vacation from live Baltimore Positive events but will have a full schedule next week for August and beyond with guests Chris Van Hollen, Ben Cardin, Johnny Olszewski and many others coming to our podcasts and videos.

Next week, Baltimore Positive will feature Matthew Gallagher of Goldseker Foundation discussing the role foundations have in making our city better.

Stay cool. Hydrate. Enjoy your summer!

We’ll keep the Baltimore Positive mojo coming with more guests and sponsors coming aboard to support our efforts!