Picking more winners in Perryville

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Sportsbook manager Christian Horton of Hollywood Casino in Perryville is on fire with his impressive NFL picks over the past three weeks. Meanwhile, Nestor will make recommendations you shouldn’t take in Week 15 of NFL selections and fun as the Ravens go to prime time on Sunday night in Jacksonville.


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Christian Horton, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

Welcome back W en st Towson Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are a positively into the holidays and into my crappy football picks. But thank goodness we have the Maryland crabcake tour to keep us occupied here. I’ll be giving these out. I have like a whole litany of really cool usually just give me one but during the holidays, man it’s the holidays you know overindulge. Whether it is the unwrap the cash, the peppermint payout multiplier or the scented oh snap gingerbreads. We’ll have these on Friday at Farr and Dr. York Road just south of Timonium road. Come on out we got a great show ahead. I have the hex CEOs, longtime lacrosse player who gets the smarm out of my stinky hot yoga and Planet Fitness clothing from hacks. A guy named Drew Westervelt is gonna be joining us Gina shock Rock and Roll Hall of Famer from my homeland at Dundalk. From the Go Go’s gonna be joining us a foreign daughter on Friday, we’re gonna learn about cannabis holiday gift giving and we’re going to have a crab cake at the mystery crab cake. And then on Monday, we’re going to finish off our pre holiday celebration of course, at the supermarket. We’re going to be wise markets at honey go talking to former professional wrestler Garrett Fraser. I’m gonna have ham sauerkraut, mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole. All things I love on Christmas eggnog. We’re going to do it all on Monday. And we’re also going to have former Maryland stadium authority chairman Tom Kelso joining us finally, off the shelf. There still is no lease even though we’ve sent out two texts, embarrassing ourselves. And Luke, of course is monitoring all things football. This guy joins us every week. You know, I used to look forward to these segments because I was doing good and I could brag and like all that. And now he’s doing all the bragging. I’m doing all the crying Christian Ortiz. Here he is because he’s the professional. And I’m the hack on the radio and the internet. He’s up there at Hollywood casino in Perryville. Take care of everybody get the sports book up there. I would highly encourage folks to go up there. We got New Year’s Eve, big dudes with YouTube music and journey music and all that stuff happening. But dude, I went underwater again last week. Thank God for the one push you know in the three to nothing game my God. You know, I had friends that actually attend to that game of both the Vikings and the Raiders side. I’m like, worst football game ever. But thanks. Sure nice around here. 10 and three, right. I mean, even the Eagles fans it matriculate down 95 into Perry Ville. Everybody’s happy here right now. And I was happy because I picked the Rams last week to cover and they did.

Christian Horton  02:27

Yeah, no, no. Last week were very well for me. Like I said I was 11 Three and four one with the with the push. But um, yeah, everything went well. The Ravens game was really exciting. You know, despite the rain and the wind blowing everywhere. We got some free football in there. So last week went really well. I enjoyed the games. Yeah, it’s

Nestor J. Aparicio  02:45

581 but we’re gonna get right here this week. One thing I want to say I was in I was in Toronto since the last time we chatted, I was up there seeing Geddy Lee and I’m in a in a really nice steak house with a buddy of mine. And these are all Canadian people right so they get a little different get same stuff. They’re a little different. But with Brad ganja Oh, my buddy from Bleacher Report to longtime football guy, go read his work. He’s a good dude. We always drink together and hang out and eat food and talk sports and whatnot. And we get together Toronto, but one of his buddies was there that I actually know from the time I’ve gone to Toronto, he came over and he was so tickled with himself that he had a sixth event parlay and he was convinced he was gonna win 900 bucks that night. So you know the parlay things great. I’ve asked you sort of off the air Do you have anybody that actually is good at this as I start to stink because that’s pretty good. If I take my money and walked out a Hollywood casino at Berryville and Halloween oh my god I was 20 games up over I have I don’t even know what to call this. This isn’t a slump I’m about to be relegated here. But you have friends that make money doing this people you know, because you’re in a casino all day every day. And you say like this person actually does okay with parlays I’ve always heard their poison. Yeah,

Christian Horton  04:04

no, they are they definitely are. They’re they’re a sucker bet for sure as we call it, but you know, it kind of gives your $10 a shot to make 100 bucks that’s why a lot of people get it you know, you don’t have to bet a lot to win. But also like I said, it’s fun to you know, tour your legs when and you have two more legs at four o’clock you know you have you got to get some assignments for the four o’clock games, but it’s pretty tough to do. But it’s fun. It’s fun like I said we all we’re all doing this for fun so why not have a little fun? Yeah,

Nestor J. Aparicio  04:33

I took a picture at the bar of his screen to see the bets that he laid and I’m like what like it’s crazy Redwings minus the these are Canadian people I got it You know what I mean? So Redwings minus appoint a half against the sharks kings money line over the Montreal Canadiens under six and a half Columbus Blue Jackets in the New York Islanders. And then because it was Thursday night Like he decided to do some NFL too. So he took the Steelers five and a half match spread. And he took the Lakers on the money line over the pelicans. I have no idea if you want or not, I really don’t know. But he was convinced he was gonna like he was gonna vacation on it.

Christian Horton  05:15

Ya know? And that’s, that’s the thing you can combine different sports you know and kinda you know, you don’t have to place $10 On each on each bet you can just place your $10 and combine all the sports and you know hopefully win 900 bucks but ya know, it’s, it is a good it’s, it’s, it’s hard to win, like I said, but it’s a fun thing to ride out, especially when you’re not 100 bucks on the line.

Nestor J. Aparicio  05:37

All right, let’s go let everybody know how your picture great. Am I pick suck. Hey, dude. I love you, man. I love the casino. I loved it. I loved our partnership. It’s almost better that you’re kicking my ass, don’t you think? I mean really?

Christian Horton  05:50

Yeah, no, no, I think it definitely shows something to my craft. You know, like, Oh, this guy actually knows what he’s talking about in the casino. You know, he sees things so you’re just getting warmed up. Exactly, exactly. Yeah, that’s what it was trying to

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:05

think of what team has behaved like that this year? Cleveland Browns. You know what Joe Flacco? Alright, let’s go through the games Thursday night. This one’s gonna be played by the time we get there and nobody’s gonna watch it. You know, the Las Vegas raiders who should have been in LA are playing the Chargers who are in LA as opposed to the Rams who are in LA but probably should be in St. Louis. Raiders in the what’s the Chargers lose their quarterback? There’s to me. I can’t take them. So I’m going Raiders on this. I know you love the coach. I know Marvin loves the coach because Marvin worked with the coach at Arizona State so I have sort of a soft spot for Antonio Pierce. I’m going to take the raiders in this. Yeah,

Christian Horton  06:43

no, I’m right there with the with the Raiders on this one. Chargers are just the pleated team you know, especially we know Herbert I’m not sure if hecklers still banged up that Allen guy came in now and actually got announced out yet yesterday so yeah, like the rate is one three on this one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  06:58

All right now we got a weekend wall wall football they begin Saturday the end like Tuesday and start up again on Thursday. Cincinnati Minnesota tip started at one o’clock games. I you know for me I’m not ready to bury Cincinnati. I mean, look, look talk real dirty about them. You know, right after the burro thing happened, like are done there Doa are over. And I’m thinking I may feel that way about the Steelers now even though like I’ll get to that in a minute because I’m gonna pick against them even though I know I shouldn’t. This is where you start to kick my ass and start picking against Tomlin when they’re gonna fire him. But in the case of Cincinnati, I’m I’m on there. But I mean, I still think this is a really good division. I think these teams were better constructed above and beyond just we lost our quarterback. We stink clearly. brandings been better than that. I’m going to take Cincinnati here.

Christian Horton  07:46

Yeah, no, I want you on Cincinnati. Also, really just the pedigree of the team Minnesota, you know, are a team full of second string players. So yeah, like Cincinnati. They played well on last week. Steelers

Nestor J. Aparicio  07:59

go into Indianapolis, a one and a half point dog. They’ve looked like dogs for a couple of weeks. I mean, Colts are fighting for playoff spot. I mean, all the seven and six is bouncing around in the AFC tells you just how mediocre it all is. I’m gonna take the Colts I just I think the Steelers have real offense. I mean, I just I don’t know how they count the 13 or 14 Most weeks.

Christian Horton  08:24

Ya know what this one I’m gonna go with Pittsburgh on this one. I just saw a pedigree of the defense on the Colts a little banged up a little bit still no Jonathan Taylor. I think it meant you it’s serviceable, but I like TJ watt to get to him a few times and cause some disruption. So I’m gonna take Pittsburgh,

Nestor J. Aparicio  08:39

you take it Pittsburgh, okay. All right. Good, good. Good. Then for Detroit. This game is in Detroit. So the inside to be nice. Detroit looked okay for a while till we got a hold of them here. And they they really look quite the same sense. I was picking them for a while feeling good about it. And Lord knows I had Barry Denver. I thought Denver Denver, Sean Payton. He’s going there to get a check. Oh, no. They look awakened to me enough that they’re going to play to the finish line. You know, Denver is not going to quit. They’re going inside. weather’s going to be nice in there for roster you know, cook and bake and all that stuff. I’m taking Denver give me the four points on the road for the Broncos. Yeah,

Christian Horton  09:18

this was a tough one for me, but I’m gonna run the demo wave also, I was with them in the beginning of the season. Like I said, Sean Payton was gonna get those guys together. So I liked them with the plus four also on the road.

Nestor J. Aparicio  09:28

Kansas City here I come. Let’s move to the Sunday games. By the way. Those are all Saturday games just so you know. Vikings Bengals, one o’clock, Steelers colts 430. And the Broncos and the lions eight o’clock on a Saturday night. So I’ll be doing that with my child’s play boys from Gandak. Good ol boys rocking it down there. It’s downstage on Saturday night. So a shout out to Nick and John and my fellas down there. One o’clock Sunday Kansas City goes to New England. Every time I say New England and I No You know that I know and our fans that have been there know that Dan fogal and the light go, I haven’t heard much it actually much of that lately. Boy the Chiefs everybody’s shoveling dirt on them. Seven and a half kind of a weird number on the road. Not a lot of confidence in the chiefs. I’m gonna go full confidence on the chiefs from here on out. I think the whining the crying the memes richly deserved I might add rich let me like they look Joan. She was a big wrestling fan, Christian.

Christian Horton  10:35

Yeah, I really was but I’m more of the, you know, triple Eight’s the rock.

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:40

Right? But you would say that mahomes is a babyface, right? I mean, nobody hates mahomes Really?

Christian Horton  10:47

Yeah, no. 100% Yeah, no, he is. I mean, even when

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:49

he beats Jacksonville beats teams, beats us. You know, like borrows got the cigar and like I know people that hate burrow. We all hated Manning, Roethlisberger Brady was all nobody hated Phillip rivers though even though he was the mouthpiece of all of them. But one the lease by the way, but like if all the quarterbacks and stuff. How do you hate on Andy Reid? He’s a Mormon. He’s a nice guy. He’s jolly. They make commercial they get scammed double check. Else. He’s got a girlfriend. I don’t know if you heard about that. And I mean, they’re, they’re America’s team. They went and and they got to beat Tom Brady. That was the other part of it. That would kind of made it fun, right? Boy, they get the sharp Jump, jump. He’ll turn That’s Hollywood. Okay, now, right, like it’s over for them. You got that reference? Right? Right. Yeah. Who? Hey, yeah, I got to see I’m old school. Ya know,

Christian Horton  11:46

like I said, since week one, you know, the Kansas City Chiefs might be in trouble. You know, they’ve been struggling. Ever since the lions game. You know, it’s copycat league. I think defenses are kind of just, you know, doing a copycat of every week. And given the Chiefs trouble, I’m actually going to be at this game. So I like New England, with the plus seven, seven and a half on this one.

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:05

So you’re doing what I’m gonna do with Joe Flacco and you’re just gonna root for the Patriots. So you’re gonna take them that’s good. That’s gonna get Listen, I don’t have I only have a couple of weeks to catch you. And then we’re gonna they do play a lot of playoff games, I will have a chance to catch you. You know as you do is since it’s my show on the make new rules. All the playoff games are worth five points. And that’s the only way I can catch you right off the bat. You know, it’s playoff time. Don’t do that, by the way. Be responsible don’t even think about that. Like you’re kind of what chase you a little bit this way. Miami in the chats. By the way, I took the Chiefs just to you know, Miami and the Jets, eight and a half. Dolphins score a lot of points and I you know, the Jets, I was on them for a while at least on their defense because I got a soft spot for CJ Mosley. I think we pointed that out here. I’m taking the dolphins in this one.

Christian Horton  12:54

Okay, no, I like the jets on this one. Just so off base office, a divisional game, you know, teams know each other, they have more film than, than than before than other teams and set roles and finally back, you know, being that quarterback that I think he needs to be. So I like him with the eight and a half.

Nestor J. Aparicio  13:11

All right. Well, this is good that we’re the only way I can catch you is if we literally we have to pick the I have to think about what you’re picking. Nobody asked you to you know have my say love because I know Joe real well and we text the other night and from the very beginning from the day he was drafted he and his his father and I hit it off because we’re almost the same age and it’s father play ball was a good good man is a good man raised a good kid. Flacco is wearing a Browns helmet Believe me, we stole their team. I don’t know if you know this or not. And I’ve been dealing with that for 28 years with all my Cleveland friends and I deal with with John Martin every week. He can’t believe that I’m actually rooting for. I like Joe Jimmy Schwartz is one of my best friends in sports like little over life. And his family, his wife, they’re all Baltimore people. So I can’t hate the browns. So this is just a heart thing. I’m watching them and I’m kind of just rooting for him to do well. And for Joe to do well. Even though it’s a Browns jersey, I’m willing to feel good for Ralphie and the Christmas story and all of my my Cleveland dia friends who want to see Joe Flacco win a playoff game as a Cleveland Brown. I just want to see him climb the mountain to get there. And part of that is they gotta win. But part of that is he doesn’t look like an old man. He looks like a guy who went home, collected his toys and got real pissed off for greatness. He looks like he shot out of a cannon right now. He looks good. Yeah, no, no, I

Christian Horton  14:41

agree with you. Who are the brands playing

Nestor J. Aparicio  14:44

the Chicago Bears debate? Okay. Yeah, no, no, I’ve gotten better. I mean, like, they were an easy stinkum team back in October. They’re really not anymore. They’re okay. They’re competitively

Christian Horton  14:54

Yeah, no, they are. I agree with everything you said about Flacco? I think he got some breasts you know, got the neck right. Yeah, and he does look good, but I’m gonna go with the bears on this one, just to Justin fields thing. You know, he’s been playing well over the past weeks, you know, he’s got to show the bears that he’s the quarterback for the future not Keller Williams, you know, because they might have been the one pick. So I like I like the bears with the plus three on this one. It’s interesting,

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:17

you would say that does a really interesting observation. You said he got his neck right. And I thought, I haven’t thought about that. You don’t I mean, like, Yeah, I haven’t really, really, really thought about that in the way that when he got hurt here, Lamar took the job. He was thrown the ball that year that Lamar took his job when he got hurt. And Halloween, he was still on the ball better than I mean, I went back and read my notes and you know, I write about this stuff professionally. I’ve done that for 39 years. So I went back and just check my notes and I actually wrote a letter to Joe Flacco that I republished as my column this for the week this week, so people could go back and read what I wrote about him when he left for Denver, and you know, not a very good team they’re not a very good situation and then then really a backup and won a game as a backup last year beat the browns, right? So I’m capable to some degree but not broken down and not slow and not sitting there like a water buffalo it back in the pocket where he could get teed off on, but smart as a whip and competitive as hell. And a just a good human, a good man, a good teammate, like Did you see him take the game ball in the locker room and his speech to the team?

Christian Horton  16:26

No, no, I didn’t. I didn’t see it at work. I

Nestor J. Aparicio  16:28

put it up on our Twitter, yet your homework, I mean, Stefanski gave game balls and they gave Flacco the game ball at the end. And Flacco took the ball and they’re all rah rah around this old guy that wasn’t on the team two weeks ago, who’s washed up old slow, and all they seen is this guy who’s pissed off and going out there to win. And he was just humble. And, and he said, You make me feel like a 10 year old kid on the playground again, I’m just you know, I’m honored that you’ll have me that you’ll have me here. You know, like, like, and I take Schwartz and I text my Cleveland media buddies when he signed and I’m like, you’re gonna like Joe Flacco. You’re gonna like Joe Flacco. So, you know, I have a soft spot for Joe. All right, Christian orange here. Hollywood casino in Perry Ville. They got stuff going on Christmas, New Year’s football games. They start Thursday, they end Tuesday but they don’t end at all because there’s bowl games and his basketball and all that. Give a little speech for your, your neck of the woods up there in Perry Ville Christian. Ya know,

Christian Horton  17:28

like I said, Hollywood casino, right off 95x and 93. Small little casino but fun. Always daily promotions going on. You know, from from Monday to Sunday, on this Friday, we actually have our VIP party that we’re hosting in our restaurant. So that’s going to bring out a big crowd sportsbooks always having different promotions. Monthly. Our promotion this month is planned eat still we come up to the sports book counter, you wager more than 100 bucks you receive a $15 dining credit to our own restaurant there. You can go there, watch the games, get a crab cake, get a burger that guarantees

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:02

you don’t lose even if you lose what you’re telling them. Even if you lose it you will sandwich out of it. Right? Is that

Christian Horton  18:07

Exactly. Yep. And I’m really just enjoy it. Enjoy it up there. It’s a fun, fun, fun, casino and fun place to play. sit

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:14

around and watch the games. Lots of games on when it’s not football. There’s basketball going on this weekend, as well as bowl games in addition to the NFL. Did you take Chicago or Cleveland?

Christian Horton  18:23

That’s in Scotland.

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:27

Oh, Joe Flacco brownie. I’ve never done that in my life. I just want to do that one time. Here we go brown.


There we go. Hang on sloopy. Hey, hey,

Nestor J. Aparicio  18:41

Tennessee and Houston. I just did all the Cleveland stuff. I’m not going to eat the mustard. Anybody knows me knows I’m not eating that crap. But it is you know why shoot your eye out. I love Cleveland. Everybody knows that. Houston, Tennessee two and a half to make you laugh. You know, I’m an oiler fan. Right? So this is always a little weird for me, especially when like, they start wearing this stuff. And it looks good again. And I mean, lord knows the way the ravens are treating me but I’m not about to become a Tennessee Titans fan. Even though I have known that put the derrick on from time to time. Boy, the Texans man, like a young team with a young quarterback and a young coach. I mean, one week it’s good when we get to not good, you know, and that’s one thing I always say in praise of John Harbaugh was they always are ready to play. Yeah, you know, and I don’t know when I see like the Raiders have an a new coach and all the instability in some of these teams just don’t have the horses for the courses. It feels to me some weeks like the Texans can be a playoff team and some weeks it feels like they’re, they kind of need to do some more losing. And this might be that situation where the Titans have some veteran capabilities in addition to a young quarterback that plays like a linebacker, which isn’t smart. He’s got that Brett Farr, I’m going to run you over thing, which is weird. I’m going to take Tennessee spread the two and a half points. But that doesn’t mean I don’t believe Usually I just bleed a little bit more Tennessee this week. Yeah,

Christian Horton  20:03

now this one’s a 5050 game. Like you said the Texas got with the rookie quarterback, you know, Stroud, you know, I think he’s gonna see a few different defenses with the week that’s going to cause him to struggle. So Alevis, you know, but the the Titans actually played well against Miami on Monday night, but I like Houston on this one. I like Houston for the bounce back game. Especially with the two and a half I’ll take the plus two and a half. Hopefully they they lose but they moved by one so I like us.

Nestor J. Aparicio  20:29

I mean, they’re gonna go bigger go home at some point we cheer because like we’re just disagreeing on every pick this week. You have been touring really hot. I have been awfully cold and we’ve just picked five five out of the first eight we’ve picked separately so that’s fine New Orleans and the Giants please take the Giants Christian six points here the saints at home I don’t what can you recommend the Giants your other than the quarterback with the agent guy?

Christian Horton  20:58

Yeah, no no no I’m actually what the giants on this one I like to veto the veto it’s been grown on me he meat might squeak might have a quarterback of the future you know him being Italian you know from New Jersey and

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:09

he got French up era.

Christian Horton  21:11

Exactly. You know, I liked the connection there. So but I like it, what the plus it’s done. It’s up and playing well, and I don’t know who the saints quarterback is. I don’t think they’re they want to put Winston out there and they keep putting car out there and I think cars just broken down at this point. So I like the giants with a plus six.

Nestor J. Aparicio  21:27

Maybe Jameis Winston could come rescue them at some point. I know. You know, Atlanta three points over Carolina. I’m taking Atlanta in this one. They’re playing better football than I thought and it you know, there’s I saw the feature with Coleus Campbell and the kid that’s killing everybody in the secondary or excuse me on the on the line for the line or on the line for the Falcons. Let’s get that straight. And I saw there a little piece and I thought I class Campbell’s like Man of the Year. Kind of awesome dude. He’s the last Raven I ever talked to in a locker room as I walked out of the Pittsburgh locker last year, she’ll have a special place in my heart because he was kind to me and remembered me from doing stuff. You bring that kind of leadership in because I think this time of the year you want to grow your team. And they’re you know, they’ve been competitive. And I talked about teams quitting toward the end the coaches getting fired and your patriots and you know some other teams that have really kind of the Steelers, I mean, going the wrong direction right now. The Falcons feel like they’re they’re fighting are and I’m gonna take them and I’m gonna spread the three points on the road in Carolina, where there’ll be nobody watching the game. Now,

Christian Horton  22:28

this is a tough one, but this is the one we’re gonna agree on Carolina. I’ve seen them play a few times. We’ve watched them play last week. They’re just as bad that I think Bryce young might be the worst draft pick for a while. I think it’s just too small to run around, run around out there. So I think Clay’s cable actually gets to him a few times causes a few past eruptions. So I like the Falcons on the road on this. Alright,

Nestor J. Aparicio  22:51

we’re gonna agree there Tampa Bay at Green Bay the Battle of the bays I’m sure it’d be really balmy in Green Bay at one o’clock or noon kickoff on Sunday there for Central Time Tampa coming in. I Green Bay three and a half. I’ll just take Green Bay and home based on Green Bay and home and Tampa getting off a plane and it being cold and I love the three and a half and unlimited. I love the Packers as much as everybody did two three weeks ago. But give me the power. I’m surprised that it’s not five or six to be honest with you.

Christian Horton  23:20

Ya know, the Packers had to let down on Monday but I like to have a ban on this one I just because of the Packers let down I think they they were riding high off of Thanksgiving when but it gave me Tampa Bay with the plus three. All

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:33

right, 405 40 Niners and the Arizona Cardinals playing out in the blimp. What nothing so in the 40 Niners down right and the Ravens have them next week on Christmas night. I mean, we’ll get to the Ravens game in a minute. And the Ravens have it all set up here with national television a chance to shine and a chance to pull away and have a double bye because they wouldn’t have to feel the team against the Steelers at the end if they’re that far ahead. And they can play themselves into that position by winning boy the 40 Niners are doing it on the other side and they are the big bad wolf 12 and a half on I can’t find a reason to just not think that they’ll beat anybody by whatever they want to beat them until the Ravens show up next week and then we’ll see and that’s gonna be an interesting line next week too.

Christian Horton  24:15

Yeah, no, no, definitely interesting. Um, this is a tough one but I like San Fran like you said they’re just a powerhouse and team you know ever since they got Chase young and Nick Bosa back back there. I think they’re gonna give Kyler Murray some problems so I’ll take him up to 12 and a half.

Nestor J. Aparicio  24:32

Chris Norton is our guest he is at Hollywood casino apparently you could stop up and see him any time and and say hello and make a wager and to get a $15 voucher certainly go up there on New Year’s Eve. Make sure you check it out. The band’s all sorts of entertainment, everything available on the website. We talked about it all the time, about the bands up there on weekends and how it’s such a good time and certainly for sitting around and watching football. No better place to do it. The rams and the Washington come Manders at this point. Boy, the Rams were playing hard last week could have should have would have won, right? I mean, a lot of things happen, the breakdown on special teams, Harbaugh given them flags and timeouts and all sorts of crazy things that happen there. They come home now it’s six and a half points. I mean, I think the rams are playing hard despite their record. I’m gonna spread six and a half year old the Washington commanders and I’ll take the Rams at

Christian Horton  25:23

home. Okay, yeah, no, no, I like the Rams at home. Also, I think Stafford and Cooper cup kind of show they’re coming out party that they’re actually healthy against the Ravens last week. So I like the Rams also ready? You really just have a pedigree. So I’ll take it with six and a half also, man, the

Nestor J. Aparicio  25:39

weather was bad. And that took an Akula and like, you know, just guys running around it there and I’m like, and they got Donald and for the ravens to sort of survive that a little bit. Lamar showed me a lot last week and I talked at length this week about that. Dallas and buffalo you know Where’s where’s Leon let when you need him. And you know, I think about those old days and big Super Bowls before you around tots like you out there. Bills are still trying to figure it out. I landed in Buffalo two weeks ago, when I went up to Toronto I flew through buffalo is like all the flags are kind of half mast. And it was the week that the McDermott 911 thing from five years ago where this stuff comes from, who knows clearly somebody had an app for Sean McDermott. And now they’re favored against the Cowboys. And I know it won’t be warm in Orchard Park at four o’clock on on Sunday afternoon, but I’m taking the Cowboys in two and a half points here. I know the bills are sort of revitalized and maybe they are maybe I’ll lose this if you go the other way or whatever. But I like the Cowboys. I think the Cowboys are going to make noise in January when it in regards to San Francisco and in regard to Philadelphia to some degree. Dallas to me feels more tools than then people are giving them credit for I’ve seen them win big.

Christian Horton  26:56

Ya know, Dallas shocked me last week, I guess Sunday night I guess the Eagles and I’ve always said they haven’t won the Primetime game yet and they won a few actually this year so I like Dallas also with the plus to actually think they’re going to win I think the bills are going to have problems with CD lamb Brandon cooks they just don’t have the corners to to handle our challenge those guys so I’ll take Dallas plus two. I’m

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:20

gonna do the Raven to Trevor Lawrence last but we’re gonna do the Monday night game eagles and Seahawks Eagles a three and a half point favorite going out to Seattle. always kind of a tough place to play. Seahawks are one of those teams much like what we saw here wasn’t a good version of them in Baltimore couple of weeks ago but you know, they’re also Pete Carroll like I don’t see them rolling over this time of year. Everybody playing for jobs and you know, playing to win and eagles have kind of fallen a little bit last couple of weeks this is a show me game for them to get on a plane go out there sit around all day wait to play. Weather’s usually kind of icky you know, crowds always crazy and I’m sure the Eagles fans will take some people out there do for the holiday week but I’m going to take the Seahawks at home and take the three and a half points here.

Christian Horton  28:06

Okay, yeah, no, um, this was a tough one for me. The reason why I didn’t take Seattle was because I don’t know if Geno Smith playing I’m not a big fan of July but I’m I’m gonna take Philly for the bounce back game. I think they need this game to really show the NFL that there they are the NFC you know camps for a reason. So I like filling up the monster laugh. Alright,

Nestor J. Aparicio  28:27

Christian orange. My duty is up at the Hollywood casino at Berryville. We did the show there a couple weeks ago I had Christian on I had Amy on as well. We had a really good time. And we’re looking forward to going back might be New Year’s Eve with the YouTube journey tributes going on there. I’m gonna be doing the Maryland crab cake tour out on the road just like I did in Parafield just like we did at gertrudes we’re gonna be doing it on Friday and father and daughter in Timonium in York Road stop on Bob we’re gonna be there about one 130 until about five genius shocks joining us at three o’clock drew Westerfeld from hex and not hex I will take a hex like the department where he acts the detergent company that’s based in Baltimore that gets the stink out. Also Michael Bryan fine and Wendy Brown from curio going to be sitting talking about cannabis gifting for the holidays, all sorts of things we’ll be giving away Maryland lottery scratch offs in the front also going to have our friends at window nation I’ll have the fun floppy ad as well as the gavel. I call it my Richard share gavel my square off gavel from Rascon global and our friends of course at Jiffy Lube multi care my little orange light went on I gotta go get my oil change. Done. Doc. I’m coming for you. Why is markets I’m coming to honey go on Monday all afternoon. We’ll start at noon. Tom Kelso former Maryland stadium stadium authority Chairman joining us as well as Derrick Fraser former professional wrestler and John Martin, Executive Director of the Merrill a lot of stuff by wise I have a bunch of scratch offs and they’re all holiday Christmas oriented so I gotta get rid of all of them before Christmas, so I’m gonna be having a ham I’ll be having some eggnog since you ever had sauerkraut you Boss on your holiday Christian that’s East Baltimore Polish day. Oh


Christian Horton  30:03

no, no no no I’m more of a ham macaroni and cheese mashed potatoes that that that type of guy you know

Nestor J. Aparicio  30:10

what I’m gonna do? I’m I’m saying this right now and I’m going to finance it and I might even take my own crock pot. I’m going to call Derek right now over wise and here’s what we’re gonna do. Anybody comes out the honey go wise. I’m gonna have sauerkraut and kielbasa and I’m gonna do it Gert Gibson style. And Kurt was my mother’s best friend lived up the street Stan Gibson from Stan stalks mother to great Kirk Gibson, a curtain stand. Gertz husband used to make us Mr. Sam, he used to make us these giant vats of kielbasa and sauerkraut on Christmas and on Thanksgiving. So I was flatulent throughout December in January, I gotta tell you, but it was delicious. So we’re gonna have some sauerkraut, Koba, that’s what I’m gonna do and why because they have legitimate Ostrowski they do it the right way, I mean, completely the right way, just the way Gert Gibson did it on Bank Street and Dundalk in 1977. So, that’s gonna, that’s gonna be making the spirits bright for me, you know, I’m saying so that’s gonna be like chestnuts roasting on an open fire Krishna, you know, I’m talking about what’s your tradition? What has to happen for your Christmas next week.

Christian Horton  31:18

I’m not a big Christmas guy myself. But really, really just family time. You know, just sitting around, you know, ever since you know, now that we’re older and stuff, we’re bringing it to the NBA. So we sit around and watch the NBA games, and really just just hang around cook eat nuts. What do

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:35

you got to eat, though? What are you eating? What’s the thing that you have to have bacon Christmas day?

Christian Horton  31:40

That’s a great question. I would probably say macaroni and cheese. I’m a big macaroni and cheese guy.

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:45

I hope it’s good. I mean, I’ve had such good. I had this debate with my son and my daughter in law literally last night. We were discussing macaroni and cheese and like how it’s either really good or it’s not you know who has great macaroni and cheese and you’re invited you can come down you can do your picks that day if you want. How about this? On the 27th Two days after Christmas. I’m doing the show at fade Lee’s downtown. You want to get to in the morning. So come on down in the morning. I will get you some of the best mac and cheese you’ve ever had. I’m going to give you a crab cake that’s legendary. Not that the Papist one wasn’t because it but the fade leaves me Nancy sort of the originator Nancy the vine of the jumbo lump crab cake at Lexington market. It’s the last day they’ll ever be in the market. They’re moving literally. So if you want to come down, make your picks on that Wednesday. Feel free REMAC and cheese for you. Okay, I’m just saying like, it’s really you know how good it is my daughter in law and son were like, Who made that mac and cheese at the holiday party. I’m like fatally. They’re like that was it. And you know how I know it was good. This is crazy. Okay, this is really crazy. This is a legendary crabcake fade lease that we’re going to be having on the 27th. Right. She gave me 60 of them. For my party that had 40 people. And they weren’t the big ones. They were like more like mini crab cakes. They weren’t little they were more like six ounces. Not like 10 Right. But more like crab balls. They were bigger than that. We serve that we serve the mac and cheese. We ran out of mac and cheese before we ran out of crabcakes Wow. Okay, that’s hard. That’s how good the mac and cheese was. The Mac. People were like scraping the cheese off the tree. And there’s so full crab cakes in there. I’m like, Y’all just looking at the crab cakes and you’re trying to eat with them. Eat the just the burnt cheese the way Yes. The best part. You know that right like that? But yeah, so that’s gonna make you want Christmas better? Yeah, of course. Of course. Yep. You and I are going to have a mac and cheese tour next year is what we’re going to do, I think, because I got I got some places I had the best mac and cheese I’ve ever had in my life in my life in my mother’s hometown. Six weeks ago, I told you about the South Carolina you did the show earlier that week, I went into my mother’s hometown into this little diner, and they made it just the way she made it. So I went out in the square and I’m eating and I’m crying. I entered the mac and cheese was so good. And it reminded me so much of my mother that it made me sob that’s good mac and cheese. Okay, all right. It’s mac and cheese and it’s your heart. You know I’m saying? Yeah, it’s come down to babies. Their mac and cheese isn’t like my mother’s it’s similar, more more sharp chattery than my mother’s was but but nonetheless delicious. Christian orange here mac and cheese. He gives you good football picks. I give you crappy football picks we do it every week. Least it’s been that trending that way. Ever since Halloween. There wishing to put that costume on. You can find me on Friday at foreign daughter you can find me on Monday at wise market up in honey go and you can find me anytime at Baltimore positive.com Stay with us.

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