Ravens lose 24-10 in St. Louis (Live Blog/Notes)

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I’m going to write an in-game blog tonight. Any comments will be posted with thoughts from the game…

By now, you know that Joe Flacco will get the start in lieu of Troy Smith, who has a viral illness.

It’s already more interesting than most preseason games. A memorable night either way, really…

8:11 p.m. — St. Louis is moving the ball down the Ravens’ throats and Frank Walker looked like he might’ve gotten away with one on the play with Drew Bennett. Of course, with this crappy signal I’m getting it’s hard to tell. (It’s kinda like Gerry Sandusky is calling the game through an old Jack In The Box drive through where every other word is audible!)

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8:21 p.m. — Nice job by Ray Lewis and the Ravens’ defense on the 3rd and long in getting Marc Bulger to the ground. Holding them to three on that long drive was a win. It’s 3-0 Rams and Joe Flacco overthrew his first pass of the evening. I’m still going to buy stock in Flacco and hope for the best. But tonight is HUGE, when you consider that he has a chance to “wow” everyone with a strong effort. It’s going to turn the heat up another notch no matter how he performs but this is his first big chance. I’m sure he’ll have plenty more opportunities.

Like I said, this had turned into a pretty interesting evening. P.S. Nice return by Yamon Figurs! He’s exciting and makes every kick fun to watch.

8:31 p.m. — Beautiful block of that punt by Tom Zbikowski! Horrible replay by that crack MASN team (or Ravens TV, whatever it is…I have no idea anymore as Scott Garceau hands off to Gerry Sandusky?). Speaking of the broadcast, I don’t have anything positive to say thus far this evening so I won’t say much other than I don’t have anything positive to say. It’s being broadcast like a funeral. The Flacco story is exciting. I have a feeling he’ll be running for his life a few times tonight.

Stover just banged one through after an errant Flacco pass. Tied, 3-3.

8:39 p.m. — Ray Lewis is out of the game. Trevor Pryce is out of the game. Sandusky just said that the broadcast will now be watchable thanks to the midwest storm leaving downtown St. Louis.

And now Terrell Suggs just left the field holding his arm. That’s not good.

8:42 p.m. — Joe Flacco just just double-teamed on a blitz from the right side (Adam Terry was the tackle but who knows whose responsibility it was). Flacco grounded the ball. There was never a replay. I had to use the old Comcast DVR to see what happened and it was a good call no matter what Stan White thinks. 

Special teams have been especially impressive thus far. Good punts. Good coverage. Good kicks. Good returns. What more can you ask for?

8:56 p.m. — I keep wondering if Ray Rice could really wind up being the opening starter and whether he’s an “LT-type.” His speed could be a difference maker. Meanwhile, Flacco continues to run for his life and just took another thud.

So far, I’m glad we have Sam Koch.

9:06 p.m. — Tory Holt is a helluva football player. The Ravens scouting staff was in love with him but had to opt for Chris McAlister during the 1999 Draft after the Rams nabbed him. It’s worked out well for both teams with Super Bowl rings. But I think Holt will be a Hall of Famer. CMac won’t get that honor.

The Rams have just driven the ball down the Ravens’ throats again. Sandusky just pointed out that Lewis, Pryce, Gregg, Reed and many others aren’t in the lineup. I’m convinced the team would be a helluva lot better if everyone WERE healthy but I’m beginning to wonder if we’re going ever see a full compliment of defensive players.

It’s tough watching this team play tonight and realize that two weeks from now it might not get a whole lot better.

BTW: Any coach who calls for a  replay in the preseason should be given the death penalty.

I think the referees just gave the Rams a touchdown on the replay in the end zone, but the MASN feed isn’t helping things. The picture just went to hell again.

Good grief!!!

9:14 p.m. — Pretty bad when your two best offensive plays have been when a special teams block got them field position and when the Rams kicker just put the ball out of bounds. Flacco is 1-for-5 for 14 yards. And Le’Ron McClain looks like Bam Morris in his prime!

Flacco is calling audibles near midfield and throwing for first downs. He needs some protection to play.

P.S. Corey Chavous is filthy!

9:20 p.m. — I don’t know anything about Adam Bergen and I haven’t met him yet, but he looks like he’s going to make this team.

On cometh Sam Koch…

9:27 p.m. — The secondary has once again proven suspect tonight. Jim Leonhard’s little forearm was nice, but for the most part Bulger has had his way with them as they’ve again marched down the field in a textbook 2-minute drive. Ronnie Prude, Frank Walker and company have been less than impressive thus far tonight.

I gotta hand it to Rob Burnett. He’s had no problem roasting this defensive effort on the drive. This kid Avery looks good for the Rams.

Travis Minor just caught a 3-yard TD pass from Bulger. It’s about to be 17-3.

I need to go for a walk at halftime. This is painful!

10:01 p.m. — Joe Flacco seems to have come to life here in the second half. A little more touch, a little more poise. And McClain looks like a cannonball.  Flacco’s touch pass into the endzone to Derrick Mason was a thing of beauty. Good to see No. 5 put an impressive drive together. We need more!

Go Bazooka Joe!

10:14 p.m. — It’s definitely starting to feel like garbage time as guys are playing for jobs in the NFL with the careers at stake. It’s kinda sloppy on the defensive side for both teams and the Ravens’ secondary has been particularly exposed.

The score is 24-10 and it hasn’t felt that close.

It’s impossible to rip the Ravens defense because most of the starters never walked on the field tonight. But this effort as a whole has done nothing to encourage me to the point of believing this team can win a lot of games this year.

Flacco is now 9-for-18 with 103 yards. Respectable, I suppose.

But he just threw one he never should’ve thrown.

Ah, youth!

















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