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Ravens will navigate a treacherous holiday slate this season

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Luke Jones and Nestor discuss the bombast of the NFL schedule release and unfurl their thoughts on opening against the Super Bowl champion Kansas City City Chiefs on the road and the journey ahead with short rest and a late bye week.


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Luke Jones, Nestor J. Aparicio

Nestor J. Aparicio  00:01

what all we are W N S, T, Towson, Baltimore, Baltimore positive we’re positive we’re going to be at fade Lee’s on Friday. Not just this Friday but every Friday we were going to do the Maryland crabcake tour there before the mariners game but instead just crab races real crabs merrily crabs, not the mechanical crabs, but I’m sure they’re nice crabs. My favorite crabs that want to BWI that big class crab Hackman scratch offs will be given away. Crab cakes will be eaten beer will be had by some of us without precedential Symbolists are working. I’m trying to corral Luke into being a crab jockey along with BJ syrup to you don’t want to get into any competition with BJ syrup. But if you do, come one come all there is a crab picking contest as well it fails and of course are merely crab cakes were brought to you by our friends at Liberty pure solutions, delicious clean water, as well as Jiffy Lube multi care, this guy is multi-dimensional not just covering the Orioles each and every day that they have walk offs and sometimes not walk offs, and hope they don’t leave as many guys on the sacks this weekend against the mariners. The NFL schedule is out Luke Jones was monitoring that. Luke, you do know I used to be obsessed with this right? So like we’re I’m going to be tongue in cheek II a little bit. We’ll get through this together, you and I. I’m just trying to figure out whether I have subscriptions, which games I’m going to have to go to the casino to watch. Times have changed Luke I don’t know what to say you know what I mean? Like but nonetheless, it the schedule is out. And it’s it’s a first place schedule. It’s a schedule that you get when you’re an AFC champion. And it’s also for the, for the ravens, I looked at a bunch of the games and like, Oh, that’s a $250 get in when the bills are here when the Eagles are here. I don’t know about the commander’s. But I mean, when I think of the stadium being empty sometimes and not empty other times, and whether that’s a good night or a bad night and what the draw would be and who the other quarterback is. You know, it’s a schedule. But I think from a fan’s perspective, the Christmas thing, that the the fireworks part of it is very fireworks see? Yeah,

Luke Jones  02:16

I mean, as we joke about every year, it’s so funny to think about this in the terms of what this has become. And I mean, you alluded to, trying to to find all the leaks, right, and trying to figure out all the games before it’s actually announced years and years ago, I mean, what it’s become in terms of hype in terms of all these teams with their social media videos, and some are good, some are not so good, but it’s a big deal for everyone. And it, as I’ve always said, even though the hype for it, to me has kind of spiraled to be too much, especially when we’re at a point where we’re just leaking games, and having a whole week long build up to it. It is great to finally know, it is good to kind of be able to plan out not just from a media standpoint for you know, for guys like you and me. But for fans and understanding what weekends you’re going to be home, what weekends are going to be away. What are the road trips that you potentially want to take, you know what time of the year do they fall, but we that was certainly

Nestor J. Aparicio  03:16

one of the reasons I chose, by the way, with my press credential was that I lived my life around this, right? Like I defined my life every minute of every day that you’ve known me. And that’s one of the reasons I always sought it out. And I pissed them off and I broke the news and wheats and we sent that text that all the kids can Google that anybody that’s been around here knows, I was obsessed with getting the schedule before anyone because it really was kind of like that important to my real life and to road trips and to fun and to whether I could be at friend’s weddings and stuff like stuff like that stuff that like that’s how seriously I took it and I respect that and that’s why it’s a big deal right? That’s why you know the comedians doing videos with John Harbaugh running around it’s like they’ve recognized that the fans have a real appetite for this because fans live it eat it sleep it breathe it travel it hotel, it will hook up with relatives friends, they the guys booked their golf trip like all of that, right like, and because I’ve lived it I’ve seen it. It really is a big deal. I mean they and they’ve found a way to make a buck on it put like fancy love it I as a traveling guy. First thing I said to my wife is they’re playing in LA Thanksgiving week. And I’m like, oh Thanksgivings later, this is like before Thanksgiving. So I look at it, even though I’m not going on these trips. And I know people make memories around this. It’s really important to people. It’s important to me.

Luke Jones  04:48

It’s important to people and they eat it up. And we’ve talked about it you know whether we’re talking about Thursday games, whether we’re talking about Christmas Day, afternoon games on Netflix, and one of the weirdest things that when they He announced that the Ravens were playing the Texans on Christmas Day. And obviously Kansas City’s taken on the Steelers. Why isn’t there a Christmas night game? You know what I mean? Like that, that’s so odd to me that if you’re gonna have two Christmas games, you’re not putting one of them in primetime. And you’re, you’re just saying, Oh, we don’t care about people who have plans with their family, but they probably don’t like their family and they want to watch football. And that’s the NFL is mindset with all of this. I mean, they are going to continue to test the you know, whatever you call it, exclusivity, scarcity principle, whatever it is, whatever has made the NFL, absolute King in this country from a professional sports landscape, where they’re number one. And as we joke, the offseason, the NFL offseason is number two in this country. I mean, it’s nothing else is even close. But they are going to continue to test that and stretched that to its very limits. And they there are no signs of it slowing down to this point. I mean, it really, it’s just the truth. So when you have the schedule release, and you see what it’s become. I joked with you a couple of weeks ago, and even got some text from from some friends who thought it was really funny. I mean, are we gonna get to the point where we have host cities for the scheduled announcement party, you know, like they do for the draft? I mean, at this point, nothing the NFL would do what surprised me. And I mean that in a compliment in some ways, and not so flattering in other ways. But people eat it up, and people were excited about it. And it’s always I will say, you know, because I say a lot of this tongue in cheek and talking about some of these tentpole events that have just become so much bigger than what they actually feel like they should be that, you know, people want the context of knowing when these games are going to be played, you know, and we talked about it the countdowns on now. We’re getting into OTA starting next week, before you know what mandatory minicamp will be here, and they’ll be off for their five weeks, you know, between mini camp and the start of training camp, and then the counts down to Kansas City will be on but the point I was trying to make a few minutes ago was this is a challenging schedule. And I think if you look at it just through the lens of the home schedule, Las Vegas Raiders, one of the duds on the schedule, it’s the home opener, I mean, it’s the home opener, so there’s always excitement there. You look at the home schedule. There is one game on the entire home schedule where I say wow, I don’t have much juice for that whatsoever. Denver. I mean, you know, snicks the rookie gonna be the quarterback. I don’t think it really matters. I think the Broncos are gonna stink this year. And, and there’s nothing about that team right now that is appealing. But every other game on the schedule. And like I said, because the Raiders fall on the home opener, you know, you put the Raiders kind of in that same nondescript category. They’re not terrible. They’re not devoid of talent, but who’s their quarterback going to be right? You don’t have a quarterback doesn’t really matter. But every other game on the home schedule. You know, when you talk about the bills on Sunday night football in late September, the commander’s even though, I don’t know if there’s enough talent around him. I very much think they may have finally gotten their quarterbacks situation, right. I really liked Jaden Daniels a whole lot loved watching him in college, we’ll see. But there’s always some appeal with, you know, the geographic proximity when the commander’s come to town. Cincinnati goes without saying Thursday night football second straight year. They’re playing in Baltimore on a Thursday night. The Eagles I mean, not just the teams on the field but but the fact that Eric Koston Howie Roseman are widely regarded as two of the at least the top four or five general managers in the NFL, I think in many circles. So there’s that you have the Steelers right before Christmas, on a short week, and that stretch of three games in 11 days, which is going to be a major challenge for this football team is there at that point, hoping to win the division? You’re hoping that they’re in the race for the first round by and the number one seed, we’ll see. But then they close up against Cleveland. So I mean, it’s top to bottom. It’s, it’s an attractive schedule. And I think from a fairness standpoint, you don’t see any of those stretches where you have three straight road games. On the flip side, there’s only one instance of back to back home games when they played Denver and Cincinnati. In five days. You know, what that Thursday night game against the Bengals? So, you know, I don’t think there’s anything about the schedule that jumps out as patently unfair. But it’s challenging. As we said, there are a few pockets in that schedule where you say, okay, that’s, that’s a slam dunk. That’s a slam dunk. I mean, far from those, those stretches are very few. So, you know, that’s not to say that they’re not gonna be really good. I think this is going to be a heck of a football team again, even with some of the questions right now. But you look at the schedule, starting with going out to Kansas City for the NFL season opener. I mean, you know, right off the bat, Zach work, good luck. First game as an NFL Defensive Coordinator, you’re going up against Patrick mahomes and Andy, Reid and Kelsey. So I It’s certainly gonna be

Nestor J. Aparicio  10:00


nothing about it when I look at it that makes me good gives me warm fuzzies you know what I mean? Just in a general sense of, we’re better than them were, you know, I look at the tough parts of this and say, there stretches here, including if you lose the first game, you win the first game, you’re smelling a whole lot different for a period of time. And everybody sees that game already saw the lions, you know, play well, that, you know, you remember when when that happens? Because it’s a defining game, and certainly, are you you’re not shocked they began this or you are like, if I’d have given you $1, we were together in Sarasota, if I would have said, It’s the game of the year, I think we’d all agree with that, right? It’s the best game they’re gonna have on their calendar. And Kansas City’s gonna host the opener. I would have thought they would have brought hardball in there and done some something different. I didn’t really think I thought they would save this one for Christmas. But there is a point where if one of the quarterbacks is injured, a lot less likelihood where these guys are babied into August that they can make it to the field, and they can get their stars on the field, which I still think maybe it’s morose of me or morbid of me. But when the schedule comes out, I do look at it and say, I wonder if herberton Jackson will be on the field that night. I wonder in Houston, you know, to quarterbacks, that’s what they want. They hope they cross their fingers. It’s always awful when it can be a hamstring that need to be anything catastrophic. Just like something that keeps the player out. That’s always the worry that the earliest part of the matchups I think they get that. But they sold out on this one, right. Like I mean, biggest game of the year. First night it that’s the that’s the modern NFL NFL. Right. I mean, maybe I maybe I should have bet more heavily on that. Yeah,

Luke Jones  11:42

I mean, I for a minute. I thought it was possible. You could see the chargers and horrible and you know, playing off of Michigan, you know what kind of fan base there is there with them with him leaving college and going back to the NFL. But look, I mean, you told me back in January that ravens chiefs would lead off the NFL season. That’s not surprising, right? I mean, the ravens are on primetime five times, you know, seven national television games. And all when you count the Netflix game on Christmas and their Saturday game with the Steelers immediately preceding that, then you know, that’s a national TV game on Fox, even though it’s a late afternoon game,

Nestor J. Aparicio  12:20

only surprising. They didn’t play the game in Brazil so they can make more money on it and punish the people of Kansas City for not giving them a stadium. Yeah,

Luke Jones  12:27

right. Right. So I mean, it’s look, it’s it’s a challenging schedule. And you know, the point you made, were you, you know, no one’s trying to be pessimistic or to jinx anyone or anything like that. But since you brought it I’m talking about the injuries and where teams are late in the season. It dawned on me the other day, looking at this, so Joe burrow entered the league in 2020. Right, so he’s been in the league for years now. We know Lamar beat him by a couple years in terms of entering the NFL. But since Joe burrow entered the league in 20, there has not been a season where both Lamar Jackson and Joe burrow finished it healthy. Think about it. Joe burrow, ACL and 20 Lamar hurt and 21 and 22 Bro burrow wrist injury last November. So just forget about the rest of the league. And we know that quarterback attrition was a major thing storyline last year with cousins and all these different guys going down with injuries. You know, Aaron Rodgers, what three snaps into the season? Yeah. And


Nestor J. Aparicio  13:30

then they come back and put them on Monday Night Football 1000 times. Right. Well,

Luke Jones  13:34

you know, I mean, it’s the Jets. It’s New York, it’s Aaron Rodgers. I mean, they do they do have a talented football team, if they can get decent quarterback play from someone, whether it’s him coming back or whatever, you know, fine. But but the point is that, well, he might be playing in India, if Anthony Richardson can stay healthy. But but it is really wild. When you think about that just for the AFC north, the two teams that if you you have viewed as the top teams in the division, you know, with Pittsburgh, being a quarterback away from being in that conversation in recent years. But to think that four straight years either burrow or Lamar had been on the sideline at the end of the year. I mean, that right there. I mean, you’re talking about two of the consensus, top five quarterbacks in football, and one of them had been hurt each of the last four years at the end of the year. I mean, that’s just, you don’t want that. So, you know, there’s a perfect example to go back to your original point as far as mahomes and Lamar who knows what’s gonna happen to any of these teams. So when you have a matchup that is that attractive, and you have the Chiefs opening up the season as the Super Bowl champions, and you have the team that faced them in the AFC title game, the team that was the best team in the NFL during the regular season. Yeah, I don’t think that was shocking. You know, I for me, it was more so. Okay, to your point. Do you try to save that for later in the year like, like a Christmas game if you’re trying to make net Netflix really happy? But Netflix ended up Get both those teams anyway. Well, on Christmas day, they just facing different opponents. So, but it’s, you know, it’s a challenging schedule. At the same time, the Ravens had ended up having a really challenging schedule last year, you know, I mean, let’s look at, look at how the end of the season played out and how they ran that gauntlet in such emphatic fashion. So through that lens, yeah, you got to stay healthy. And one point we haven’t brought up yet that I’d be remiss without mentioning, thereby is not until December 8. You know, this.

Nestor J. Aparicio  15:29

That was my second point. The first point was the first thing that jumped out to me first thing was one of the plan in LA, that’s kind of interesting. And is that Thanksgiving, it’s sort of the kickoff to Hey, Thanksgivings coming up, because you knew they were going to do the Thanksgiving thing with that, because that’s who they are, as well getting the hard balls together, they market, the Christmas night game and the Pittsburgh thing. And the chunking. of real really key games on short ish rest. At the latest time of the year, they do give them a buy to kind of get it together a little bit. But I looked at that, and I’m like, Dude, that’s putting the bumper cars on late, you know, I mean, that’s, that’s when you put the pads on on Friday afternoon practice, you’re like, what are we doing? There’s a big boy games late in the year, where if you are, oh, man, I don’t know, nine and six, eight and 710 and five, and you say we were nine and five. And you say, man, you know, if we’re gonna get to 12 or 13, we got to win three or four of these. Right? And I looked at those games and thought that’s treacherous. They that end at the end of the year, and when everybody and it’s not about is Lamar gonna be hurt, or you always say, Lamar is what it is, you know, if he’s hurt, they don’t matter. Right? And yeah, but what if he’s banged up? What if other guys are bad? You know, the bang, not what if they’ll be banged up that gets that’s my point. They’ll be banged up, you’re like, by I’m thinking it and listen, schedule comes out. In their mind, they’re loving and one at the FBI and feeling real good. And they’d like to go get these games. And they’re the best team like they were last year like the Orioles are almost every night. They’re the best team. And they would say, you know, everybody’s healthy. And we’re good. And that’s optimism. And I’m all for that. Realism is I’ve been watching this for all my life for 30 years of the Ravens now and to your point, I mean, the quarterback lives on the edge. That’s why they got Derrick by the way, Derrick Henry jersey, hold on, I gotta write Oilers jersey. I found it. It’s I got one that was damaged in some way. I think it’s like a mascot or something like that. It was only like 48 bucks. It’s an Euler blue. I mentioned this. It’s Euler blue. Yeah. So I was on E so I’m looking, but because there are cameras gonna be probably my all time favorite Raven at this point, right? You know, because I’ll never meet him one way or another. But I’ll dig him from afar, that he should keep Mullaghmore healthier. That that’s part of this right is believing Lamar won’t be box card. Um, and we’ve moved beyond that to something more traditional. He’s not running 18 times a game. So or ever, ever, ever, no matter what, they have a guy for that. A guy has done it. And the guys go to the Hall of Fame probably for doing it and wants to end it with a parade here, which is all good, good, good, good, good. But the bad Bad, bad, bad. Bad is scheduled out and they got boxcars at the end. They really do. I mean, this is this is a tough schedule. I think in my own mind. It’s a tough, tough road. It has to be will teams get better? Yeah. Will they move back to the pack? I don’t know. I mean, they came to look after code to your point. They took their coaching staff, they’ve they’re missing players, the offensive line, we have all these. It’s May Harbaugh thinks they’re gonna be loved and wanted to buy or whatever the math works out to be And there’ll be okay. But it didn’t look at the end of the schedule and thought, and I saw the internet thought That’s unfair. They hate us. But I get to play tough when sometimes but short notice Thursday night. Christmas. Yeah, I don’t love that week.

Luke Jones  19:10


Yeah, I mean, that week’s challenging. There’s no question about that. I mean, as it pertains to the other Thursday night games they have I mean, Cincinnati, you know that they’re at home. So the Bengals be on the short week too. And the Bengals have to come in to Baltimore Thursday night game to kick off the season. That’s not a real Thursday night game because you get you have plenty of time, right? I mean, third preseason game is August 24. Now so you have plenty of time to build for that. But going back to the buy, as I always say the buy come when’s the best time for the buy when you need it. Right so it could be Week Six depending on the season. You know, if Lamar tweaks his ankle in week two or or you’ve got three starters on defense that are dealing with three or four week injuries right off the right out of Jump Street, you know, right out of the gate, then Week Six might be the best time for your bike. I’ll say this So we talked about this last year Nestor, if you can stay relatively healthy, up until week 14, when they finally have their by, then it does set up to give yourself an advantage to have your break that late in the season. And yes, that is a bear of an 11 game or 11 day stretch when you play at the Giants, which I don’t think the Giants would be any good, but it’s the more road game. And then you play the giant or the Steelers on the short week. And then you play Houston on the road on a very short week, right? I mean, Saturday to Wednesday, it’s just like Sunday to Thursday. So when you on the flip side, they will have some extra rest after that game. We’ll see what that week a team game against Cleveland when they’re going to one when they’re going to play it to wherever the Browns be, where will the Ravens be what will either those teams be playing for at that point. But you will get some rest there on the back end of that terrible stretch. So, you know, the late season by potentially can be very, no bear, it can very much be an advantage for January. But it is a long way to that point. So can you stay relatively healthy? And like I said, early season by mid season by late season by it all comes down to when do you need it? You know, when are you when are you at your most banged up over the course of the season. Sometimes a week six by can be exactly what you need, sometimes middle of the season. Makes sense. But if you can navigate the schedule, and be mostly intact, come the second weekend in December, then that by week could really be fruitful for them in terms of giving them some rest giving them a chance to heal up before. Yeah, they have that 11 Day gauntlet. And then you’re looking towards what I think we all expect, which is this team to be back in the postseason, regardless of whether it’s number one seed or taken down Cincinnati for the division or wildcard, whatever it is, I think even if on even if you’re on the more pessimistic side, I think you’d have a tough time looking at this football team and not thinking they’re gonna be in the playoffs at the minimum. But you have to stay healthy, you have to go out there and play the games. And as we said, challenging schedule. They play 10 games, and I’m not too big on this, but I think it’s interesting nonetheless 10 games against teams that were in the playoffs last year. So you know, there are not too many cupcakes on this schedule. And even the ones that you think are you never know. I mean, Houston was a great example of this last year. Week one felt like they were getting a, you know, a layup. And the game ended up being a relatively easy win. But they ended up playing that team in the divisional round, then come January, so you never quite know. But certainly John, Harbaugh’s team is going to be tested and in terms of winning percentage from a year ago, again, it’s interesting now doesn’t mean a whole lot come the fall. Probably not. But second most difficult schedule, in terms of opponents winning percentage in 2023.

Nestor J. Aparicio  23:00

All right, let’s go old school here. You know, I used to spend a lot of money on the NFL so Chad Steele told us we couldn’t sit together. I took my seats back about $3,000 So that’s back on my side of the fence. There were flights it would have been to LA worlds we fly in Kansas City, Houston. Look, you tell your family no go on Christmas this year. You and I are leaving on the 23rd We’re gonna do three days in Houston. We’re gonna park we’re gonna eat Mexican food. It’s gonna be delicious. I’m gonna take you over to Papa sceetos we’re gonna get you some crawfish at you and I did spend a week together and Houston didn’t we like it? Hey, we did we you and I’ve been also speaking to that. I want to drop this on you because this is why I’m putting all this money together gotta spend any of this money that’s my point. Right and this is the point I was making the Mr. Rubenstein’s representatives like I’d like to start spending money like I’m you know I stimulate the economy I went down to CFG Bank Arena the other night and had some fun at the heart and cheap trick show and um, Mr Baltimore positive and like all that stuff, so I have all this like money I used to spend on the Ravens I don’t spend any more so I’m going to add this fair question for you. How much is too much to spend on a gamer jersey to where if you don’t go to the games if you sit on the couch with 15 st Bernard’s like your body down there in Orlando, and you’re going to walk watch the game with proper debt proper pizza spot. We’re gonna do it up right? Good wise markets get me some of that rice putting it I love Mr. Ron’s rice pudding. And I need to have a jersey to where right like you. You famously when I met you wearing a hello Dnata jersey. I don’t know if there’s a picture of you and I before that may be something you’re wearing the Hello Dnata gamer. Um, so at this point in time, knowing that, you know, I’m not as affluent as I was once perceived to be I Not, and I’m a I’m a cheapskate, but I’m not a jerk. But I have claws. You know, I have your this reason I asked you this, your Mr. Fashion tweet guy like this, you know, this is this is your stick, okay, so I’m giving you your stick here in a segment, we really don’t want to talk about the schedule anymore. And we’ll have plenty of time to talk about the football team later. So I’m getting in the mode of I would have put $1,800 in the credit card last night, booking flights to Kansas City, LA, I still would have my companion pass, I would have figured it out my wife before she got thrown out and was told she can no longer fetch sound for us as as an organization. So all of the things that I used to do for years and years, I mean 26 years or however long it was. So I have how much is too much for me to spend on a jersey that I like that I would actually wear that would fit me hopefully fit me. That’s the most important part. And I have this jersey up here and I want to know if I’m being a cheapskate or not. So what would make you click? what’s your what’s the good because I don’t do $200 On jerseys, you know? Yeah, I don’t even do anything three digits that Louis Aparicio. White’s I paid 70 bucks for that. It’s 300 ollar. Jersey. But like, that my dad passed away. When I told Dan, I got it for 25 bucks. He felt dirty. He felt like that’s not that’s not enough for that jersey. And I said, that’s why I bought it. So I’m still waiting on Earl Campbell white, because I haven’t found it at the right price at the right size. And you know, when I’m a discerning shopper, so I found something here that I think I can click Can I show it to you? Yeah, go for it. This this is the Derrick Henry Euler through it. So it’s a travesty. It’s so dirty. I mean, I almost don’t want to touch it. But it’s so beautiful. I want to wear it. I’m kind of like how Mike Tomlin felt about me in the video. So this is available and it says it has a flaw. And it’s willing to accept best offer How much should I offer for that? I mean, I’m thinking it’s worth 30 bucks for me.

Luke Jones  26:57

I mean, do you know what the flaw is? I feel like I feel like this is the episode of Seinfeld where there’s the cashmere sweater. There’s a red.on it which you won’t get that reference because you

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:09

know, it has a stain it doesn’t have a flaw and as a stain. The the to one of the two says a little bit of Derrick Henry’s blood on it. That’s not Derrick Henry’s blood. That’s, that’s Houston. Texan blood is what that is. You know, that’s not all our blood.


Luke Jones  27:23

I’m, I’ll be honest. Dude, I don’t want to say I’m disappointed in you. But I’m surprised because we talked about this and

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:34

it’s, yeah.

Luke Jones  27:35

The huge.

Nestor J. Aparicio  27:37


It’s him. The fact that it’s it? Sure. Gotcha. He is a king. Right sported kings are racing here this week. He’s a kid. He’s king Henry. I’ve you know, I’ve always had like the world’s worst man crush on him, right? Yeah. So my story with my man crush on him goes back to him at Alabama, where I was out having my wife was fighting for her life in the hospital. It was that fit? It was 15 and stanza Blonsky, who’s been on the show, one of my childhood friends was home, taking care of his parents. And he wanted to go to squires we went to Squires and I’m sitting in the bar and Squires and I’m looking up and this dude, she’s running in less than a week. I probably could go back because you know I’m like very learner. I could figure out what weekend in October of 15 it was or November because those were dark, dark days. I left the hospital to go over and have a pizza. He was trying to cheer me up keep me alive. And this big dude from I’m like, I watched the like the third fourth quarter of I don’t know who they played. And he’s just running. It reminded me the central Fast Times at Ridgemont High and I’m not you know me, I’m not an Alabama guy. Although I’m a Phil savage guy. I’m a CJ Mosley guy. You know, I’ve always liked a lot of the Alabama guys, but like, I don’t know, Nick Saban guy, and I certainly actually three of my cousins went to Alabama now that ultimately Aparicio cousins with Alabama. All of them. So I had bloodlines. I dated a beautiful British girls mountains that I had, but I always went against them. I never really rooted I was rooting for Auburn. Certainly always rooting for Ole Miss. Um, yeah, I’m always rooting for Georgia. I hated Alabama. I know I’ve tried to think Miami Notre Dame me so teams I don’t like or Padley don’t like Duke but they don’t play football they’ll tell Paul thing I said that he’ll kill me. I take that back, edit that out stop. But if all he hears that, it’s all over between us. But you know, I guess the the greater point in all of this would be you know, I prefer 50 bucks. I can have a jersey to where I don’t think you can do it. I don’t I don’t know. But it is a beautiful jersey. You know?

Luke Jones  29:52

I was gonna say I mean if it’s truly legit, other than a stain on the number I thing 50 bucks is a terrible price, but I don’t know if it’s truly legit. I mean, you mentioned my Hello Dnata jersey from way back when I was the king of going on eBay at that point in time. I mean, again, this was 1520 years ago, when did you buy the baby blue jerseys that look fake perm, not the baby. No, if you knew what you were looking for, you didn’t buy the baby blue, you would actually buy something that looked as legitimate as it could possibly look. And I was successful. I got a white Ray Lewis One, that the only thing I didn’t love about it was the position of the TV numbers, you know, the numbers up on the shoulder pads. It was a little bit those were a little further back than they should have been. But it was something that to to the casual person, it looked perfect. I have a black stitched alternate every jersey that someone would think I paid $250 for and I think I paid 64 and the Hello de nada one which was the purple. And again, I got that for 60 or 70 bucks and someone would look at that and think that was a $300 jersey. So I was very good. You know, there are plenty of that I would have in my cart and then say nope, not getting that not bidding on that. So I

Nestor J. Aparicio  31:17

paid like $10 too much for my Tony Gwynn out on the baseball tour.

Luke Jones  31:21

I mean if it’s only $10 That’s not really no no, but like I paid like


Nestor J. Aparicio  31:25

119 When I thought like I didn’t want to go over 80 or 90, but I’m like I could wear it because it feels nice. If I could put that on over my skin no t shirt no nothing. And it doesn’t give me the heebie jeebies. The eight cheese that I’m on fire through the Aparicio orange one. It was not made for 98 degree day that I wore the shirt. And that’s why this one I’m only going to have this one on literally in my house when I’m working from like, it’s just going to be a goof and I might put it on with you on the show. It’s a goof that’s my point is I don’t care if it’s flawed as long as doesn’t smell bad. And as long as it fits. Because like I’m really not goofing I love the Euler thing. But I loved him right so like and you’re gonna be all over my ass if he runs the ball 18 times for 42 yards and fumbles twice and he’s a bomb because like he’s my god. Come on dude. You know me two decades who have I jumped on the table more for this guy that once we get into this and he starts rolling pin people mom’s gonna be the one that chats deals going up to listen to on Monday talking about them winning the Super Bowl, because of that guy. So there is a point there for 50 bucks. I went through the math of this right PSLs five, Thirteen’s Rawan, how much money I’ve saved, where I’m not going, how I’m not invited. Add Super Bowl. That’s another thing we don’t do anymore. Now I’m doing it for charity. It’s all good. Because people do like to catch up with what I’m doing around here. I think it’s 4998 right now, and I think I could bid 30, maybe 35. And just get it and just take a chance that maybe it doesn’t. I mean, if it smells I think I could wash it. The stain. I think my wife shouted out. What do you think?

Luke Jones  33:06

Yeah, I mean, honestly, if you’re willing to spend 30 or 35, I’d say go to 40 then, I mean, there’s no

Nestor J. Aparicio  33:12

bad day to wear a Houston oil, a throwback, except, except when you’re playing the Houston Texans in Tennessee. That’s a bad day to wear it for me. Oh, yeah. Yeah, right. I mean, I’m not in any way condoning that act, and McLean and I went back and forth. Passerini some players loved it. Some players hated it. I was appalled by it when I actually saw it, even though it’s beautiful. But that being said, Do I want to wear this? Do I want to wear King Henry’s Jersey all year long, to sort of somehow show my support for the fans of the Ravens. While not necessarily even as a journalist supporting Eric Acosta, John Arbol. I said hello to Pat Moriarty the other night. He was glad he saw me. I bought I bought him and his wife Lynn drinks actually. So I love Pat Moriarty. You know why? Because he’s art. And so I you know, had some fun this week. So it’s Raven season and the schedule is out. And it’s very, it’s my life’s changed dramatically by the act of one person dramatically. And I’m making the most of it to me. 49 bucks, maybe on the King Henry Jersey might be fun for me. But that’s the fun of doing this, right? It’s the fun is of I’m going to get a jersey and I’m going to wear it to Kansas City. And we’re going to eat ribs and I’m gonna ask Nestor where the best ribs spots are because he knows and I do. Also I find you some really good Korean shaved ice on that LA trip. And Houston. I got a breakfast place with catfish and grits. It’ll kill you. It almost killed me almost got killed walking out of there last year. Luke Jones is here. He is Baltimore Luke. It’s Preakness weekend. It’s scheduled week. I’ve been a little fun and irreverent here this week. Because it’s been an interesting behind the scenes It’s party this week as well around here but it’s Bob Baffert. Donna brothers. I made friends with Kenny rice. I brought on picture already this week. Lots of old friends. We’re gonna be doing the crab races at fade Lee’s even though we’re in the CoCo shirt because we’re going to be Coco’s Marcelo doesn’t know yet but we’re going to be there in June. I’m trying to just get these dates together. I’m going to be accosted in the middle of June. We’re going to be state fair, early June Pappus. In a couple of weeks. Pappas, by the way, is like they’re doing all sorts of cool stuff and I need to go over get Jeannie and grab her and talk to her about things because they’re like doing some catering stuff that’s cool. And doing events as well. Our friends at the Maryland lottery give me these Pac Man scratch offs to give away I’ll be doing that at the crab derby. I had my don’t pay any attention to the date the dates now Friday the 17th the crab Derby, it’s at the Lexington market plaza. And you don’t want to thought Luke so why didn’t they do it? If rain Wednesday do it inside the market? They’re like, that’s not the point. The point is we do it on the plaza outside. It’s an outdoor event like the horse races and out and I’m like, You’re right. As long as PJ sir offs there. I’m there. Are you going to jockey a crab or are you not? Because we can’t?

Luke Jones  36:06


Probably not.

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:10

I’ll tell you this. So disappointed. Listen to me. I was as good at crab jockeying as I was chasing the Northern Lights.

Luke Jones  36:23

So that’s not very good. That’s been

Nestor J. Aparicio  36:25

a long week. We are wn sta and 1570, Towson Baltimore. We’re done talking ravens until they show up in Kansas City and show me the barbecue.

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