Ron Jaworski breaks down magic of Lamar Jackson that led to 2019 MVP season

Ron Jaworski talks magic of Lamar Jackson with Nestor and Luke on Radio Row
Ron Jaworski talks magic of Lamar Jackson with Nestor and Luke on Radio Row
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Former NFL quarterback Ron Jaworski discusses the greatness of Lamar Jackson with Nestor and Luke on Radio Row ahead of Super Bowl LIV in Miami in 2020.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, wn, st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. Good thing I am caffeinated with our friends from coffee today. Because this guy, he’s He’s working his own style. Ron Jaworski is here in the Polish rifle to say, you know, first thing you want to do, you came to me and like, I’m all wired up. You wanted to hug me. So I’ll give you hair. We

Ron Jaworski  00:23

go on cameras. Oh, no, no, no,

Nestor Aparicio  00:27

because you’re for meal guy, you know, and for meals, you know, you’re a hugger. So it’s good to see you. Good to be with you and all good. Yeah, man. I mean, we did what about 1112 years of Joe Flacco is the man he’s the man. I’ll draw it off. And now we got the whole next era of what this is going to be. We’re we’re disappointed. You know what I mean, this Montana Super Bowl thing here. I mean, obviously, we’re licking our wounds. But we know there’s a window here in Baltimore. But Lamar took us a long way this year.

Ron Jaworski  00:57

He’s an incredible talent and John Harbaugh has done an unbelievable job making the transformation from a Joe Flacco offense, prototypical NFL pocket passer to this wide open running gun NFL led by Patrick mahomes. And Lamar Jackson, maybe Deshaun Watson in the mix. And by the way, Jimmy Garoppolo. Outside the pocket is about as good as he gets as well. He’s kind of the Forgotten guys. We talked about these mobile quarterbacks and plays outside. We bought three

Nestor Aparicio  01:25

and a half days of radio and his name never came up I had built here, and I said, let me just gonna throw it out. Because no one’s mentioned. No one has said Jimmy Garoppolo does. You’re the first one to mention it in the beginning of a segue. Well, I

Ron Jaworski  01:37

look at the tape. Does that live? Come on. We know that.

Nestor Aparicio  01:44

Well. Are we not talking enough about him?

Ron Jaworski  01:47

We’re not We’re not in fact, I mean, I’m working radio row and everyone’s first thing is my homes, the homes, you walk down the street buy homes at Patrick. It’s phenomenal. Don’t get me wrong. He deserves all the acclaim. But Jimmy Garoppolo had a magnificent season. That way you could play off they ran the football because they could they’re gonna have to make some plays in the passing game this week if they’re gonna win the Super Bowl, and I think Jimmy Garoppolo clearly can make those plays. And he’s gonna have to make them because they’re in need explosive plays, but he’s been a pinpoint D passer, he’s been very good on third down, which is to me the money down in football. If you’re good on third down, you move the chains and outside the pocket. He’s made plays and not TV tape. You look at plays that are made when I look at the coaching tape all 22 he’s made some plays that have Patrick mahomes made them it’d be, you know, highlight tapes. Garoppolo makes them it’s almost like the man made a play. He has not gotten the attaboys that I think he deserves her his play this season. He had a 102 passer rating this year. And I know that’s not everything. But that’s phenomenal. And he’s an afterthought.

Nestor Aparicio  02:49

Oh, and they were really good. And they want and they want it home and they held cert and they won the two games and Lamar couldn’t win and Tom Brady couldn’t win. Right. So I give him all the credit for all for being here. But but they are a little bit of a sleeper team, the 40 Niners you know, yeah. Well,

Ron Jaworski  03:04

if you look at their defense, I wouldn’t say they’re asleep. Or if you look at the way they’ve run the ball in the playoffs, I wouldn’t say they’re a sleeper. They just haven’t been this dominant team. I mean, the dominant team was Baltimore. Yeah, that was that was the team hey, let’s let’s be realistic. Everyone thought it would be the Ravens. The way their regular season played out. Not only tomorrow, but they ran the ball explosive plays defense was much improved. That was the team I think if you’d asked everyone that said radio row now who do you expect to be here? I think most people who said the Ravens

Nestor Aparicio  03:34

my man post rifles, Ron Jaworski, here talking all things wounded wars. We have the Mueller folks here I want to give them some love and sports medicine please do and I want to give the a people shout out as well because they’re the ones that bring you by here. This year. This thing’s been going on forever. We talked about veterans coming back where the country is where the politics but guys left behind that they gave all and y’all come down here and play football game and

Ron Jaworski  04:00

football game. So we do a wounded warrior game and a man if you want to get some tears in your eyes, you know and watch these guys with blades on there for legs and run around playing football and they sacrifice that for us. For us so we could do what we do so we are deeply indebted to the wounded warriors and their game and Muller sports medicine has done a phenomenal job supporting that game. And you know as a guy that’s been around sports his whole life for NFL teams, Youngstown State Lackawanna High School 10,000 golf courses seven you go into locker room to see you know, Mueller tape Muller wrap everything else so they they’ve always been a part of my life and they support this game and now they’ve got this this tape now this typhoon kinesiology tape,

Nestor Aparicio  04:44

which I eat it up in the back

Ron Jaworski  04:48

over there that’s your Ivan uses tape because I like to play golf a little bit. You mentioned my golf courses. i It relieves pain. I wrapped my elbow my shoulder was hurting that morning. It’s always something different. These guys have a great product you can get it’s available everywhere. Alex why actually use that stuff and it works.

Nestor Aparicio  05:07

Ron Jaworski here we were licking our wounds with the Ravens he talked about Lamar and let’s, let’s go big picture as to what, what transpired here for an X’s and O’s guy that may or may not have looked at this and said, This is doable most most football people looked at Lamar Jackson and said, I can’t rip my whole team up for a kid that’s going to run into linebackers because that’s not going to everybody past the Ravens decided to be as John Harbaugh said revolution. And it certainly looked that way. You know, until it wasn’t.

Ron Jaworski  05:42

I mean, there’s a movement, you know, I mean, Lamar Jackson is trans transforming the NFL, and it took the courage. It took the courage of John Harbaugh to say, You know what, we’re gonna change what we’re doing. He had a hell of a run with Joe Flacco. You guys got a Vince Lombardi trophy in the showcase because of Joe Flacco? No, no show more than you had chosen a dear friend and I don’t know what his future holds, because he’s concerned about the neck and is he going to play anymore? Only time will tell but, you know, when he brings a world champ to your city, you got to respect that I know people respect Elijah, Elijah Joe Flacco. But it’s hard to make a change. You know, it’s hard. John was very loyal to Joe, the organization very loyal to Joe, but they saw the evolution of the game. They saw this movement going on in the game. And Lamar Jackson was was available there two years ago for them. They made a gutsy call to bring that guy in. They worked him they trained him the offseason. His repetitive actually was so much better this year than it was two years ago. And John told me that himself that the guy has gotten so much better because of his work in the offseason. And I love hearing that Nestor, I love you and a guy putting the time in the offseason to get better.

Nestor Aparicio  06:50

Well, that’s probably what we’re gonna see here, right? Like, this kid’s coming down here as a 22 year old picking up an MVP trophy around, you know, downstairs.

Luke Jones  06:59

He’s 2323 Once a year, two weeks ago, he turned 23

Nestor Aparicio  07:04

This was his Super Bowl, right? I mean, this was a hometown Miami hometown for Hollywood Brown. Those guys are gonna have that opportunity. We didn’t get hometown and buffalo Superbowl. But but, you know, I think he’s gonna come down to and this is gonna piss him off even more than the Chargers.

Ron Jaworski  07:20

It will It will probably motivate him I think that you know, there’s there’s an evolution not only in scheme and all that but there’s an evolution in the mentality of your team. And I think this team is probably in Baltimore’s probably pretty pissed off right now of what happened this year getting knocked out. They I thought they were the best team. They should have been the Superbowl they weren’t this will serve as motivation for next season. Jaws when

Luke Jones  07:43

you look at last year, Greg Roman talked about the Chargers playoff loss and how they use that as kind of a learning experience as they they went all in on the Lamar offense and rebuilding it from the ground up. When you see what happens in against Tennessee in the playoff loss. No one’s discounting what they did in the regular season. It was a record setting offense. But when you look at that, and now when you try to take this thing moving forward, John Harbaugh loves the to quote Bo Schembechler you’re getting better, you’re getting worse, you’re not staying the same. If this offense is going to continue to stay a step ahead. What what do you see that might be the next step in the evolution of

Ron Jaworski  08:21

Gregor Allman will continue to evolve the offense and kind of an oh, by the way here when the job at Penn State was opened a few years back when Bill O’Brien got the Penn State job, a good friend of mine headed up that committee by the name of Ira Luber. He was the chairman of the border at Penn State and a good friend of mine. And he reached out to me with some names to recommend that they interview. And one of those guys was Greg Roman. Well, that was a tough time for Glenn state. It was a tough time he was on the Stanford staff and a 40, Niners and I just, you know, being in his business like I am and doing Monday Night Football, to get production meetings to talk to coaches, he could get good insight. And I told him to INTERVIEW GREG Roman and they did. And because I know this guy can coach Greg Roman can be a head coach someday. He’s a phenomenal coordinator right now. I don’t know what he’s gonna come up with next year, but there will be something because he will change he will study he will the running game concepts. Not everybody does what the Ravens did. He brought those running game concepts. He brought Lamar Jackson to that offense and made a running quarterback, an integral part of that. So Greg will come up with something that will change this offense for next year. Ron Jaworski

Nestor Aparicio  09:28

here for a Mueller and the fantastic kinesiology therapeutic tape as well. You can find it as well the Wounded Warriors game. All right. So relationships here. I know Andy a little you know, Andy, Ally, obviously John Arbol is involved in all of this. I love me some Dave tobe some thoughts about the emotions of all of this for people around Hey, man, y’all got your Super Bowl in Philly a couple years ago, right. I was wearing heskins With the middle let me do it. But you got Andy hasn’t gotten his and I had Brian Billick by your everyone loves Andy maybe no one loves Andy more than John Harbaugh, you know from a from a togetherness standpoint for what it meant for his career for Andy to get a ring here this week i i want to stick around to watch the confetti fall for I think

Ron Jaworski  10:22

there are a lot of people that have been around this league for a long time that want to see Andy Reid win the Superbowl. He Andy Reid is good for the game. There are no codes that are bad for the game. But Andy Reid is a special guy. He’s won 207 games 200 was

Nestor Aparicio  10:40

necessary. ordinator Yeah,

Ron Jaworski  10:42

I mean, yeah. But you know, I mean, what about coaches? I mean, we can tell stories about Andy Reid till the cows come home. But he is such a good person. And I got to know Andy, on a personal level. We’ve actually been texting this week. And I don’t know how he’s finding time to respond to my Texas, but he gets back to me. And he’s well respected around the league. He is what he is. And what I learned in Philadelphia when he was coaching the Eagles is, you know, he would go in front of the media, like every Monday, like all the coaches do. And you know, the Philadelphia media can be vicious if sometimes, Randy would never crack, you know, times years. He never gives us anything. Well, his job is not to give you something to write about or talk about. His job is to win football games, and protect his players. He wasn’t Chip Kelly going up in a press conference throwing players under the bus, and he was protective of the locker room. And I think that’s what you have to be. You got a guy in Baltimore and John Harbaugh that learned that from Andy Reid, you protect your players. Those are the guys you got to battle with. You know, you can’t throw guys under the bus like there are coaches around the league that do that. So I think Andy has ultimate respect of all 31 Other head coaches in this league, as well as assistants on their staff.

Nestor Aparicio  11:50

You don’t want yours. You got one more, we

Ron Jaworski  11:52

got more.

Nestor Aparicio  11:55

Good to see you guys. The

Ron Jaworski  11:55


best man always good. You bet. Thank you for working

Nestor Aparicio  11:58

here for the wounded warriors and the friends at the Mueller as well as Give him some love, who got jobs, get out of here and move along. He’s got to go to Philadelphia, he talked about how they lost this year. So good seeing all of our friends around the only about 24 hours a day from anywhere in the world on your mobile device by downloading the tune in radio app Big thanks to our friends at sports culture for making our set. A lot of folks have commented about

Luke Jones  12:25

so many comments. I mean, think about it. Everyone’s got some some swag that they bring and you walk around here you’ll see different products and guests are coming on with different things but so many people Hey, these are pretty neat. These little planters I mean, you know people have compared it to the old you know, the old bloodbowl thing

Nestor Aparicio  12:43

he did years ago rod signed the 49 or one which is really weird. Because he played like five minutes for the 40 Niners right but yeah, one season Yeah, but right before he came to the ravens, I gotta find somebody to play for the Kansas City Chiefs to to to sign the the magic chiefs one Neil Smith is going to be running around here as well. So you know, I I’m trying to find, you know what, I thought Jaworski was a chief torski was a chief 1989. Should I have Jaworski sign chiefs would it’s just that’s weird. It’s so

Luke Jones  13:21

odd if you’re going to have chiefs at 40 dieters. Oh 1400. Rod Woodson it gets Chief Ron Jaworski. Just what everyone thinks of what do you think 40 daughters chiefs are just like Joe Montana when you think of Joe Montana at least was yeah, we took him he played a couple good seasons, they made the playoffs and they got to an AFC Championship with him. But you know, if you’re going off guys this one year it’s tough.

Nestor Aparicio  13:46

ROFO makes the coffee the Western fries and the fried chicken happened down here as well. Some great sandwiches as well. I’m wearing my Ruffo shirt my my I love ROFO shirt and everybody thinks I have some Floridian thing because it looks like one of the programs up here it looks like Super Bowl 20 Over there. But I am wearing my robe. Fisher Eisley for the big thanks to them as well as Raskin global and Raskin and our friends find the Rascon Oh look he’s got the rescue global shirt on as well. I’m gonna get you in the sport culture hat for it’s all over. And Liberty pure I’m drinking the water tell Doug to send more resources than I’m getting low on water and the water does suck here and they don’t give us enough and I think Luke and I are gonna wind up doing a little bit about not having water on ready to hear our world problem either diluted gave me 12 waters to bring down that I packed and you’re like why are you packing the water because they have no water here. So I want to thank Doug workman and our friends at Liberty pure because without them. I gotta be very, very thirsty. We are wn st dotnet I am 57 Eight wn st Towson Baltimore. We never stop talking to folks like Ron Jaworski and Baltimore sports from here it’s Super Bowl 54 in Miami

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