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Wally Williams and Donnie Brady share early Ravens and Memorial Stadium memories on Radio Row

Original Ravens Wally Williams and Donnie Brady share those early memories from 33rd Street with Nestor and Luke on Radio Row in Miami ahead of Super Bowl LIV.


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Nestor Aparicio  00:00

Welcome back, WN st Towson, Baltimore and wn St. dotnet. Only here, could I have ravens Super Bowl champions heckling other ravens from various eras here, you know, Luke Jones say I don’t know how much you know about this era you were you were such a young puppy back in 1996 97 in the early era of the ravens, but Vinny Testaverde sat right here in this chair yesterday. I haven’t seen Vinnie in 20 years and we caught up and I know you guys want the war with Vinnie Wally Williams here Donnie Brady from the original purple bar OG ravens the lifter RW Frey Lewis

Wally Williams  00:46


because we didn’t stay long enough to start collecting those rings that’s why we get helped by the other guys you hung around at least though for the Cajun you know,

Donnie Brady  00:57

he didn’t mind What ticket gave

Wally Williams  01:00

up. Hey, Don. Hey. And they just brought the market up for them for the center man. That’s what they did. They wanted to make me a market player. So the rings always better. Don’t get that twisted.

Nestor Aparicio  01:10

It’s always good to see you, man. That was good. What’s it like to see Zeus his little boy run around for you guys.


Donnie Brady  01:18

We were talking about when I got when I got into play off the plane. It’s It’s unreal. We’ve seen him when he was an infant.


Yeah, yeah. I mean, literally a little bigger now.

Donnie Brady  01:29

Yeah. It’s unbelievable. And I was just telling Wiley, just the story of the storyline. You can’t make that story up. He made the Pro Bowl playing for his dad’s team couldn’t make something like that up.

Nestor Aparicio  01:40


You know what’s amazing for me all these years into this like five minutes ago and you were on a tight schedule, right? I’m losing my voice. I’m doing this. I see him I haven’t seen him in like eight or nine years. Look up. He looks at me he comes over any alarms with the Ravens. It means a ton to me. We’re gonna call Richard Simmons over here heckling you, Billy Davis was behind you. And whatever. But 25 years into this, we had the fan Teneo when Brian Billick went and Ring of Honor, like 100 guys back of all the errors. I mean, your era, middle era that Kim herrings and then we have another championship. I’ve been looking over his shoulder, the Superbowl 47 programs there and 30 fives there. And then there’s five over there. Man, we got off the boat from Cleveland. I mean, you guys got to speak to what we were and Ray Lewis and John coming in to what we are right now where everybody sits down and wonders why Lamar is not here. I mean, ravens really become something you guys were there when it launched. And it could have gone anyway. You know, look what happened the Redskins? Right.

Wally Williams  02:42

Well, you know, I think the thing that is was different with us, and is relative to a lot of other successful a really programs that have been here for a very long time that, you know, art will be always to me look that as the focal point of laying down the foundation of what we see today with the Ravens. You know, he was one of those hands on owners. It was a family run operation. And he brought that family concept over from Cleveland. And that has really been the mantra of consistency to keep guys like Ozzy and to keep those guys that for a very long time to build that kind of stability. And when you able to maintain that for a long time. Well, that’s success. You can parallel that to the Chiefs with the hunt family. Okay, you can parallel this with the Rooney family in Pittsburgh that you build with consistency. And you build it with a family foundation of browns were really a family run organization because it was run by art. That same thing with the ravens and that’s the fundamental thought process that Steve shot he has kept and it really ramps up printed his

Nestor Aparicio  03:49

body. What are you doing yourself, man catch up. Not everybody sees Wiley brown bag. Sometimes I show up charity events.

Donnie Brady  03:56

All the time. I’m still doing the same thing. I still got my athletic training company changed the name. That’s professional sports training. Now


Nestor Aparicio  04:02

where are you in New York?

Donnie Brady  04:02

Yeah, Long Island, New York. Lynbrook New York Long

Nestor Aparicio  04:05

Island. Long Island guy Hey, my dude Barry trots is coaching the islanders. So I gotta get up there, man. Yeah,

Donnie Brady  04:10


absolutely. They build a new arena for them to Yeah, well, they needed one. Yeah. Another thing that long, but while he was saying about all those cities, he said the thing that gravitated to me that made me play the hardest was the fan base in Baltimore. The fan base was second to none. And from what right when we got there, they supported us. And they made us feel like champs Oh, so you couldn’t you know, I mean, they made us feel like Sam so you can wait to play for you couldn’t wait to go out on Memorial Stadium. You couldn’t wait to open up the new stadium when it was being built because we knew he was part of something great. And that’s something bigger than

Wally Williams  04:44

you guys wanted a football team here bad. Oh, yeah. Okay. And we could feel it coming from Cleveland, right? We can feel the change of being somewhat ousted and that fan base, you know, what we were dealing with there, and then coming and feeling that love there in Baltimore. All right so to have that combination there oh man

Donnie Brady  05:03

the fans was like when I let this team go correct there’s no there’s no more team that’s gonna leave in the middle of night pack that things I’m gonna head out right this team’s gonna be here

Nestor Aparicio  05:12

and it feels like 24 minutes ago was 24 years ago now you know and all in the Super Bowl programs and the fact that everybody thinks it should be here gives us a feeling that maybe in Tampa next year hopefully soon we get back to this Lamar put on the show this year. Yeah, yeah if anybody loves football I mean you had ran around trying to chase guys like that you were trying to block for guys like that. I saw it a slobberknocker going on the front line the whole line guys love getting downhill and blocking Oh yeah, it was a fun ride this year.


Wally Williams  05:41

Definitely that look we we had plans of coming here before the year started but it made it even better when we knew the Ravens were having a season they were going to have so we were expecting this whole thing to be a black and purple weekend baby we liked it drinking

Donnie Brady  06:02

from people that wasn’t decided to come but we saw a lot of ravens jerseys here they said we’ll come in anyway right because we the ravens are going to be back this was just the start I think they were supposed to get to this level and now the next year things it’s gonna be the different they get to experience that you got to get a taste of it. You know this the Superbowl you just you just can’t walk in it’s not as smooth as it always looks all the time you

Luke Jones  06:22

guys come down here for Sunshine right? Well, we’ve already said next year Super Bowl in Tampa ravens 2000 Oh, this Tampa was tasked with 1/8 anniversary of the Ravens coach Billy I don’t know that sounds pretty good.

Wally Williams  06:35


Is that’s a pretty good one right? This a pretty

Nestor Aparicio  06:39

Tylo bat the bat the cuckoo and nuts and put those on tomorrow. Oh yeah. Same. Same locker room and everything. So

Wally Williams  06:48

just just bring it right back, man. Just bring it right with the whole scenario. It has to be ceremony

Nestor Aparicio  06:53

I bring people together man togetherness, man, that’s what you do. Man getting up on me. Guys making a quick stop in here. We’re gonna have some more ravens from all sorts of eras. Some of them like Donnie Brady and nine Wiley Williams. And we got some champions coming through here as well. Anquan Boldin gonna be joining us this week that have any test diversity. Brian Billick rod Woodson Who am I missing? Am I missing anybody? Yeah, plenty check it out. Via All you have out there all of our thanks to our friends row farms real fresh, real fast, the tasty coffee knocking the cups over we’re playing tip the cup around here. Give me some Western fries when I get back as well. We are wn st dotnet am 1570 wn st Towson Baltimore and we never stopped going horse on radio row.

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