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John Martin of Maryland Lottery gets Nestor ready for football season and Ravens scratch-offs for Labor Day. Plus, the big $5 million chance hits the Maryland State Fair in Timonium as we get ready to kickoff the fall fun.


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John Martin, Nestor Aparicio

Nestor Aparicio  00:01

W n s t, Towson, Baltimore and Baltimore positive we are positively into a beautiful Labor Day weekend hope everybody enjoys yourself and parties responsibly and college football wagering responsibly. Everybody out there know that we were wagging our fingers at them at Pappas on Tuesday and Rowan county executive store picking and joined us as well as Leslie Schrade, my friend from productive day talking about how to be a little bit more productive and strategic in your work. And of course right Bachmann our longtime producer, we’ve been here 25 years celebrating our 25th anniversary. The Cupcake out front tells you so right Bachmann was one of our original producers here so it was a lot of fun to catch up with him down in Glen Burnie we take them out of the crabcake Tour presented by the Maryland lottery back on the road on September 15. It is a Friday the Ravens will be one and oh by then the Orioles will have clinched by then I guess Tampa is in town. We’re going to be down to fade Lee’s in Lexington market. We’re going to be joined by Coppin State President Dr. Anthony Jenkins, as well as new head coach Larry Stewart, who was an old friend of mine. I’ve been on the air so long. I remember he was a player for Fang Mitchell back in the day. And also our friends at window nation. 866 90 nation. final reminder 10% extra off this week for Labor Day. You buy two you get two free 866 90 nation. It’s been a week since I’ve had this guy on. We taught Maryland lottery and gaming and sports wagering and all of these things as football begins. John Martin, welcome in How are things at the Maryland lottery here? We decompressing a little bit here and sort of ramping up.


John Martin  01:29

There there is plenty going on Nesta, there’s plenty going on here. Yeah, plenty thing going on Maryland lottery. You know we have more fun than as I say people should be allowed to have we Winter’s coming in every day. We’ve got events, we’re out in the field talking to the players. We’re enjoying the sports calendar and our sports wagering efforts. And always breaking news. Last night, we had a Mega Millions drawing, we had that one but two, tier three winners, which means they won $10,000 They had four of the five balls and the Megaplier ball. So are the Mega Ball. So that means they get $10,000. But in both instances, they chose not to play the Megaplier which is a multiplier. Talk about wagging fingers, you know, for an extra dollar. They missed out on $20,000. So they get a $10,000 prize. It could have been $30,000 How they spent the extra buck on the Megaplier we have two winners and one of my Gummer County at Camp mill, beer wine and deli and the other in St. Mary’s County, add vino to wine and liquor. So congratulations, both of them. Hopefully there’ll be coming their way shortly where they’re moving as we speak. They may be working their way here

Nestor Aparicio  02:46

to Delhi and it makes me think about crabcake I think Man, maybe they got one there. I you know, I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. All right. So stay fares coming up here next week. I want to get into that a little bit because this is a your 50th anniversary, it says so right here with your wishbone on it. We’ve been giving these away. I don’t say it’s coming to a conclusion. But there’s been going on for six months. Believe me, John, by the time I get to my 25 stories of glory by Tommy gets, there’ll be happy that the 25th anniversary of mines over with by February. But but I’m gonna I’m gonna lean into it. Because you guys leaned into this. It’s been been a good six months since you kicked off the promotion. But you had the opportunity next weekend to just give away a ton of money. A lot of 5 million is that the right number one lucky

John Martin  03:29

player Nestor will be playing for the potential to win $5 million. And it goes like this. We have 10 finalists already determined. So don’t show up at the fair thing and you’re gonna win $5 million. Those 10 people have already been identified and selected, they will show up on Friday, September 8, right before 6pm and all 10 will join me on stage. And we will go through a lottery, if you will, a little game that will play that

Nestor Aparicio  03:54


one kind of big, right? I’ll tend to these people.

John Martin  03:57

Five people will win $10,000 That very night. That’s pretty good start. That’s pretty good start. So the next five would advance to the second round four of those people will win $25,000 Not bad will be wealth with one lucky winner on stage who will then play a game and hopefully choose a prize from $100,000 to $5 million if they’re lucky enough to to match the right configuration. So a lot of excitement starts at 6pm Friday September 8. If you’re going to be the fear that night stop by watch it check it out how many times you get chance to see somebody when potentially $5 million at the state fair or anywhere for that matter. But it’d be a lot of fun. We’re looking forward to it a lot of exciting

Nestor Aparicio  04:42

100 1000s The floor on this? They can if they are the one

John Martin  04:47

left standing after nine people have gone by the wayside. Their minimum wind is $100,000


Nestor Aparicio  04:53

What’s gonna be a good weekend antimonium Oh yeah, until that’s a lot of crabcakes that too many that’ll give you indigestion that’s a lot of grief at any price. That’s a lot of crap. John Martin here from the Maryland lottery. Alright, so I will get back to lottery stuff. But I guess what the sports side of this. This is where you as the Executive Director of the Maryland lottery would talk to people about look, football season starting. My son admitted to me the other night that he has been betting on baseball. And as a parent, I was like, Oh, that’s right. It’s legal. And I endorsed it. And we talked about it and just whoever responsibly just beat you know, don’t be doing crazy things with this. But I had my first real super super winner happen. A girl I dated 30 years ago. Still my Facebook friends. She’s a huge baseball fan. Just doesn’t go to a lot of games. She went to the game the other night with her husband, they’re from Pasadena. They went up to the game. And after the guests all met the game drink and having fun. They love the Orioles, the whole deal getting squirted at the outfield. And the next morning I wake up and it was at the top of my Facebook. She’s like, I don’t bet much but like my husband and I we went to the game. We wanted to have a little extra fun. And they bet a parlay. Oh boy, Connor Henderson and Ryan mountcastle. Were both hit homeruns in the game. They’ve long shot little bit, put a couple bucks on it. They want 853 bucks. So she put the whole thing the first time somebody in my world and my timeline has screenshot a winning and put it into my timeline regarding baseball, football. You know, people are betting on football since Mom before you made it legal. But the baseball thing I’ve said it for a long time. Like who was betting on baseball years I done radio 32 years, the enticement to do it has reached my son, friends, people that don’t consider themselves. Yeah, maybe they’re a blackjack player, maybe they play a lottery ticket. My wife’s a lottery player, we I played horses for 35 years when I go to the track, you know, I’m not anti gambling, it’s just the opportunity to bet on baseball was never there. And you want to let people know that. Especially one 853 bucks, slow the roll a little bit here. But it is really, it’s ubiquitous now in a way that a year and a half ago, I never even with you and I doing this together every week. I never felt like it would be that ubiquitous that my son would be in the house. And yeah, I downloaded an app. You know, when I’m bored, I put five bucks here. 10 bucks there, whatever. It gives me a little interest to watch the game. We’re all watching the games now. So even my son’s been on it. And my son I don’t think he’s he’s ever admitted he’s gambled. And I’ve never heard him go to Vegas, nothing. But he’s enjoying it a little bit. You

John Martin  07:21

know, five years ago 2018 When it became obvious that the the opportunity to get into sports wagering was going to be pervasive and run coast to coast. There were people in the industry, veterans of the industry at that time, who said that it’s a low margin business, you know, the whole is 5%. It’s no big deal. Nothing to see here, move on. And because they were building on a model that they had grown up with in the 70s 80s 90s That’s the way the business was. And then as the states come and started to come on board, and the fan duels and the Draft Kings and of their like, started to get in on it. They started to offer things like parlays and offer more creative wagering and it wasn’t just hey, it’s the Packers and the bears this week. udia god I’m getting I’m laying five on the pack. Well,

Nestor Aparicio  08:16

let’s talk baseball. John, I’ve gone to Vegas 100 times every time I’m in Vegas, half the time it’s summer, I go in seven and a half the pictures are up there. The only thing you could bet on was win or lose in the picture. Like that was baseball betting. And no one did it because I didn’t even understand it. My last name is Aparicio. Yeah, I still don’t really understand baseball wagering when all the numbers pop up in the TV cast and plus 175. And I just it’s not my it’s not my parklands. It’s not my vernacular, you

John Martin  08:44


know. So it has certainly become an industry that our forefathers never imagined. And and you know, they may have to affect say, Oh, sure. We saw it coming. Now. Not likely. You know, they were the ones throwing cold water on it. Say Nothing to see here. Move on. And now five years later, and today, you can wait, you’re on Pickleball did anybody know what the hell pickleball was five years ago? I learned

Nestor Aparicio  09:06

last year. What? Pickleball Wow, I’m too young to play it still. Yeah.

John Martin  09:11

But you’d be good at it. I can tell.

Nestor Aparicio  09:12

I have a competitive edge. Yes,


John Martin  09:14

I know. I know. So. So. Yes. You know, baseball, the spectrum of sports that can be wagered on the parlay betting the things and all of them have a cautionary tale. We preach responsible gaming, we preach education, know what the game is all about know what you’re wagering to, yeah, to watch a game and say, Hey, I’m going to I’m going to put a parlay and gunner and mountcastle hitting a home run. That’s easy to understand that it adds to the enjoyment of the game. You put a couple of bucks aside, and you see what happens. But yeah, when you get into things that are you know, plus minus and the variance in the first half second half, who knows? Sometimes people get a little out over their skis, so please play responsibly. Have a plan stick to it. I’m making social keep it fun and enjoy the games.

Nestor Aparicio  10:03

Well, we would always say here and I’ve been doing this 32 years you know, don’t chase bad money you lose on Sunday. going all in on that, that that’s the beginning of of a bad bad circle and we just want to let everybody know there’s help out there. It is very available now to download an app. I have friends doing it our friends at Hollywood casino and Berryville Of course our friends, Dave and Chris up at Greenmount station working with BET parks. So we encourage people to have a good time with this especially in the pennant race if you’re watching games, football starts college football this weekend as well. Just please, please do it responsibly. John, back wanted to what we’re talking about here locally and scratch offs in the ravens and ravens season. You’re now rolling out the Ravens scratch off I don’t have them yet. Ross sent me the email yesterday, literally in the middle of the night. I got it. Hey, we gotta get you some ravens scratch I’ll sit by the 15th I’ll have the fresh ones when we’re down to fade Lee’s but this is a game everybody’s familiar with. And obviously the prizes are really what sells it in that the affinity for the ravens and tickets for life. And this trip you have gone to Jacksonville later on this year. This has been your best scratch off ticket year after year. Right?

John Martin  11:09

It delivers year after year. And regardless of what the Ravens happened to on the field. And clearly when they have a great season, which they’ve had more often than not, it’s reflected in ticket sales. But you’re right what people play not only for the top cash prize, which is $20,000 on our $2 Raiders scratch ticket and $100,000 on our $5 ravens scratch off ticket, but they play for the experiential prizes, the second chance prizes, which could be season tickets culminate the end of the year season tickets for 20 years. That’s a big event. That will happen right around Superbowl time. But they can win season tickets for this year season tickets for next year. They can have an on field experience we call paths for cash, which is a whole lot of fun. That happens at each and every home game. And yes, it’s been this way for many years pandemic notwithstanding. We postponed it but now we’re post pandemic and we’re back with travel with the team and this year is game. Jacksonville, Florida. We hope that the folks in Florida today who are getting pummeled with with a hurricane are taking the precautions there and we wish them well. But in December with the Ravens in Jacksonville, two winters we’ll have a chance them themselves and their guests to be on the team plane and go down. That’s always a fun trip.

Nestor Aparicio  12:33


Well, the weather’s gonna be better there than it is here that time of year. So just kind of a wide strip. I’ve been down there plenty of times. John, from from the baseball standpoint, Homer riches that’s still going on for the rest of the month. Right on TV, you’ll see winners correct.

John Martin  12:45

We have matter of fact, I don’t have it here. But we just selected our final participants for the remaining home games for the regular season. And we also have selected and we’re in the process of confirming with that lucky winner, the individual who has won the second $50,000 homerun riches prize, as we’ve talked about before, the first one was on the day of the 50th homerun. And that was back middle of May. And we had a great winner for that. To Liz. She’s a lifelong Orioles fan. And it was great to see you’re celebrating all of that. And now we have a second $50,000 winner that we just selected yesterday confirming today there. The fact that they’ve won so we’ll let them know before we let you know I think you can understand that. And then we’ll be announcing who that lucky winner is very, very soon.

Nestor Aparicio  13:34

50 grand for playing homerun riches. So get out there. The Maryland loud response is all that we do here, including our crabcake tour we were passing Glenburnie this week, we will be at fade Lee’s in a few weeks. We’re gonna be a CoCo somewhere macoco shirt, new spots. We’re gonna be there later on in the month as well. Getting around eating delicious. crabcakes having great conversations. We we had store Pittman and Rhonda county executive on talking about Bay bridges and talking about Richie IWAY talking about Anna Rondo kids going back to school. We also had a Leslie Shrieve on talking about being more productive as kids go back to school to get a little bit more normalized especially after the plague and re Bachmann telling stories of glory around here we have 25 stories of glory. Our first is this week we’re releasing I don’t have the signs in here. But our famous purple signs, John it is the 27th anniversary of the first ever purple sign on Friday, September 1. It was the first ever Raven game as a as a northern Ohio native I know you’ve raised this from your memory but we did steal a football team. We brought them here. They played their first game. It was against the Oakland Raiders. The Oakland Raiders are no more either, but this was September 1 in 1996. We had signs and you’ll appreciate this because your Cleveland guy but you don’t remember this at all because you weren’t here. I wish I had one in here to hold it up. Once I’d say get nasty because that was like my theme and this what we did is with the van said and all that. The other side said dump Trumpy Bob Trumpy you’re familiar with longtime chairman for the Cincinnati Bengals. Were they never won anything. He was on television and he was one of the broadcasters. He was quoted as sport magazine to funk sport magazine. This is the summer we finally get our team back after 13 years and are saying all that he wished us empty roads, cold hotdogs and warm beer in writing, as we were just getting our franchise started. So you can imagine the 27 year old version a little nasty Nester half a lifetime ago for me because I’ll be 55 next month, decided to burn up 25,000 signs take him out to Memorial Stadium. And literally the broadcast began when when kickoff had a picture of this. I’m gonna be sharing it this week. He had to dump Trumpy get nasty signs everywhere on September 1. So that was the birth. Really, it’s sort of launched us getting the radio station two years later, but we’re going back into the Wayback Machine and word. You’ve inspired me John the mural. Oh, wow, you did with I don’t have wishbones. But I have gotten nasty thump Trumpy signs. And I have proper Cleveland signs which you have seen. And I have spent the Yankee signs. So we’re celebrating 25 years here of doing this. And I do need to ask you this. And this is my chance to give you a kick in the groin before we go ahead. Yeah, sure. To the Guardians this year. I looked up I thought that like, what what happened last six weeks? Was it like I thought they were like a good team?

John Martin  16:17

Yeah, well, no, they were masquerading as a as a 500. team all year long. And yeah, it’s unfortunate they pitching staff was decimated by injuries all year long. So they had to the good news is they had to really bring up three rookies from from AAA to anchor the rotation. And they’ve all done very well. And it’s great experience. And as you know, here in Baltimore, if you can get young pitchers pitching Well, that’s that’s a good thing. So, you know, the optimism reigned supreme for 2024. But this year, you know, Terry Francona has announced that he may be moving on and I think there’s, there’s some of that I think it’s probably time for him to move on. He’ll still be with the organization they have never had any offense and they stuck with with with the Guardians lack that the Orioles have an abundance is a pipeline of hitters. They don’t have that they tend to groom pitchers better than then position players. So they’re, they’re going to have to get some help outside, whether it’s free agents or trades to really shore up that those position player lineups. You know, the Ducasse thing was grow


Nestor Aparicio  17:29

the arms by the bats. That was like 15 years ago, right here and what we did, I guess my cautionary tale is not even the like, kick the Guardians fans, it’s the tell Oriole fans and my wife and I were talking about just doing dishes the other night. I’m like, There’s 35 games over 500 Like, I’m 55 years old. This hasn’t happened often through Ripken Murray Weaver, like you know, all of the years that we’ve had all the players he bought 96 and 97. I mean, even your Indians of that era 9590 Really, really good teams. You got to win. Because like, you know, there ain’t no tomorrow. There’s just right like next year, the optimism will be crazy for the Royals. That’s when that sophomore slumps, real and it’s hard, really, really hard to be 35 games over 500 On September 1, like, like, it’s just never been done. And that’s why I say it’s sort of rarefied air. And the reality is, there’s a whole lot more guardians, and Padres and even as an Oracle fan disappointing teams that had promised in the late 70s. Let’s say as an Orioles fan, it’s really hard to be as good as the Orioles had been this year, you know, and it came in from out of nowhere, that makes it even more enjoyable. But that makes me feel like it’s that much more important, especially with Batista going down that they maximize their October, you know, I don’t know you have to be face pressed to the glassing next year, not when you’re 35 games over 500 You can’t be thinking about next year and I don’t think the fan should be thinking that well.

John Martin  18:45

Absolutely not. And I think most fans are I mean I’ve got a shoebox full of tear stained memorabilia of you know what, you were this close? No, if you get that close you have to seal the deal and we could be doing the show in Los Angeles with the angels or in New York with the with the lovely Yankees and where would we be and a moment of silence for the for the New York Yankees. I couldn’t do it. I couldn’t do it. Yeah, you can’t do it. No, you can’t do it. So yeah. For the Steelers if they go Oh, please. Hey, no, I feel good about what do you feel is our is our winners are winners come in here on a daily basis. We’ve got some great winners stories and go to MD And read up on them. And when you do, going back to our ravens kickoff, we had our very first $100,000 ravens winner come into our humble offices here, a grandma from Hagerstown, so when you go to Mt. You’ll love the story.

Nestor Aparicio  19:45

She’s playing ravens ticket,

John Martin  19:46


playing a Ravens tickets in

Nestor Aparicio  19:48

Hagerstown. I had to Mara Hagerstown on last weekend, Steelers fans out there, you know go

John Martin  19:53

to things and Hagerstown. You can’t buy a Steelers ticket, you’re still on this side of the border, that’s fine. So but if you want Football and I don’t know that grandma initially does but she loves $100,000. So she’s going to share it with her five children and 12 grandchildren and then have little leftover for their retirement. Boy, Grandma, you may want to get an accountant to help you on that because I think that that may be spread a little thin but but that’s okay and great story. Great story.

Nestor Aparicio  20:18

First thing she’s going to do is go to Crump he’s and get a doughnut after 7pm tonight. They have a donut joint there that opens at 7pm. And when I was on the road, what a great idea. I googled it. I’m like, that’s gotta be a typo, right? I showed up at 645 There was a line around the block. alleyway. Understands Great. State. You said to me at the 80s crabcakes everywhere. It’s been the greatest thing ever. I love this state. I really do.


John Martin  20:45

So we have winters who is stories again, I have to go to envy just to read them to believe them myself because

Nestor Aparicio  20:51

the royal farms of 50 grand I’m looking at this in Pasadena. New Year’s program. You had a winner at my old friend Whitemarsh Plaza liquors. Fritsch dicer sold a $50,000 winner of cash multiplier over there only go Boulevard so you got this. You can’t get any more local to me that people I know actually selling the tickets.

John Martin  21:11

Absolutely. Your friend does a great job out there. Unfortunately. He’s an Alabama Crimson Tide fan. Do you know that about him? Okay, so I do my job. What I do. What do what I also

Nestor Aparicio  21:21


tried to correct that with him since the night please, please.

John Martin  21:25

We had a young lady, Baltimore County woman who won $50,000 on pic five, but that’s not the story. The story is she was leaving our lottery headquarters after claiming a second chance prize from a previous ticket. decided she’d go right across the street to the ROFO as you know, well.

Nestor Aparicio  21:47

Boulevard buys her pick

John Martin  21:49

five ticket there. Bam. $50,000. Now that happens once in a blue moon. Speaking of Blue Moon segue tonight, for those of you interested in things that happened in the atmosphere. Blue moon tonight,


Nestor Aparicio  22:03

I got the Perseid meteor shower about three weeks ago, I looked out the window and saw one I did that in Montana, but I was like, staring at the sky. I’m like it’s awfully clear. And then I saw one go and I’m like man, nature is beautiful, you know. So enjoy the blue moon. Please go out and play responsibly as you are sports wagering here this weekend because I know if you’re inclined you’re all in on the college football here this weekend the Terps playing Towson and all that and you and I you tell off I’ll tell off when we get together next week. It’ll be football season again. You and I can do the Browns ravens saying we can hate on the Steelers we can all make fun of Cincinnati again. And we got like five months of that. Isn’t that awesome? It’s

John Martin  22:43

beautiful. It’s the most wonderful time of the year some people think it’s the holidays. No, no no. kickoff of the NFL and college season is in fact the most wonderful time of the year.

Nestor Aparicio  22:51

All right, we got home run riches. We got the Ravens scratch offs out there, potentially 5 million bucks next week. antimonium at the State Fair, and of course, downloading and playing responsibly with all of your sports wagering including Oreo parlays. He is John Martin. He’s executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming. This might be the last time you see my little my little 50th anniversary scratch offs because we’re gonna have some Raven scratch offs getting in here next week as the Ravens take on the Houston Texas Luke is in Owings Mills all next week. We’re up late with Oracle baseball this week and next week as we go to Arizona and to Anaheim. And we will be back on the Maryland crabcake tour trail on the 15th and fate Lee’s going to be celebrating recompensate our partner we are the flagship of compensate Eagles have been for a decade. New basketball coach Larry Stewart gonna be joining us as well as Dr. Anthony Jenkins. I love having the doctor on he runs the joint over off North ave a compact state and we’re gonna have a full preview for the season kids going back to school and the the leaves are changing Jonathan to leave anything out. Do we? Can we have any other winners in wise markets or any other place that I need to slide in here?

John Martin  23:53


You know what? I think you’ve covered it all faster. We’ll have more winners next week.

Nestor Aparicio  23:58

Maybe a $5 million winner next Friday night John Martin, the executive director of all things Maryland lottery and gaming along with our friends at win their nation they put us on the road for the Maryland crab cake tour. Make sure you’re listening for our show from Pappas this week. Read some great guests including my old Kimo Sabe. Ray Bachman, it was just like old times, except I don’t let him come on the radio. I am Nestor. We are WNS TA and 1570, Towson Baltimore and we never stop talking Baltimore positive

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